Genuine Statistics Project Examples

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Implications and limitations of economic feasibility

One of the implications of the study is a target-specific approach to management of operations costs for greater profit margins. This also implies that profitability of hospitals do not depend on type of locality and with consideration of competition due to concentration of facilities in urban areas, I would locate a hospital, especially for a โ†’

Data interpretation practicum

Hypothesis The correlation test will test the level of association between injury rate and number of hours worked will be investigated consequently, our hypotheses are as follows: Null Hypothesis, H0: Injury rate and hours worked are correlated Alternative Hypothesis, H1: Injury rate and hours worked are not correlated A scatterplot of the data is shown โ†’

Interpretation of statistical tables

The Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin and Bartlett's tests are preliminary tests to evaluate the appropriateness of factor analysis as a statistical procedure for the given data set. Meanwhile, the output of Bartlett's test of sphericity from Table 1 has a value of 694.

English as lingu franca in arab countries : a conversationl aanlysis

Maha: I love to teach and Ive been to one of your classes and I fell in love with the method you use thats why I decided to er, get more er, how to say er, get more um, [claps] ideas from your method of teaching and apply them maybe in my future lessons [2: โ†’

The prevention of id theft against women while shopping

The prevention of ID Theft against women while shopping Affiliation Characteristics Total Identity Theft Existing Account New Account Personal Information Multiple Types Female 15 13 4 3 5 Male 14 12 4 3 6 Age: 16-24 years old 55 41 16 16 22 25-34 years old 29 25 8 7 13 35-49 years old 19 โ†’

Santorini – climatic onditions and economic factors

Similarly, the number of tourists also vary from one month to another.the main prominent seasons in Santorini are summer and winter. Summer begins in May and temperature peak measurement increases to 22 degrees Celsius as the rain drastically falls to an average of 7mm.

Phone calls made home by undergraduate students

Because a significant main effect for the class was demonstrated, a post hoc test testing the differences between levels of this factor is necessary. A Bonferroni post-hoc test was chosen and is included in the appendix of this document.

Communication method preferred by workers

The study was effective since the population at the company keeps growing. Based on the information gathered, the following results reflect the position of the company and the results obtained by the study. According to the graph, many of the employees rather supported the use of formal means of communication rating it than using the โ†’

Genstat analysis of variance of two seed

Therefore, there will be more seedlings there will be more seedlings with unaged seeds as compared to aged seeds Anova: Single Factor SUMMARY Groups Count Sum Average Variance Column 1 24 331 13. 17391 ANOVA Source of Variation SS df โ†’