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When hard work has paid off for you

I was happy for the hard work I had put forth. I realized that I could get a scholarship because of all of the hard work that I had done on an off the field.

Air cargo article critique

In addition to the source cited here, this article can be found in a variety of publications and sources includingGoogleFinance, since China Airlines is a publicly traded company. The barrels were kept in a warehouse from February 23rd to February 26th when the airline made →

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Ib chemistry summary- by paul li & silvia riggioni

Halogens and Halides o Halides are the ions of the Halogens o The more electronegative the halogen elements are, the more able they are to pull the electron off the halide ions which are lower in the group than themselves.E.g. There is a large increase in the energy as a new shell of electrons is →

Teaching statement for assistant professor position application

As their professor for this project, I make sure that students stay on task and that they are producing the results necessary for the project. Prior to my work at Cornell University, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Free University in Berlin, Germany. Many students have said that I am a very approachable professor in →

Ultraviolet light – lab report example

However, based on the effects of global warming, the penetration of the UV-B radiation through the ozone facilitates sunburn on human skin. The discovery of ultraviolet light owes to the scientific research by John Ritter of 1801 which showed that in the presence of ultraviolet light, blue photographic paper would turn black. Since most stars →

Coursework example

Following the flow of air from C as result of the Pascal's principle and forces the water in vessel or Basin B to move up the hose connecting B with A. Air in basin B and C is compressed and drives the water to shoot from the upper basin thus resulting in a continuous movement →

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Aircraft drawings

It shows the relationship that exists in various parts of the drawing. The drawing of Fokker IIV aircraft also has an installation drawing section. Installation section is the last in the working drawing of the aircraft.

The simple pendulum lab

Objective The objective of this experiment is to examine the simple harmonic motion and to determine the value of the acceleration due to gravity from the analysis of the period of the simple pendulum.[1] Background There are three equations that will be used to calculate the period of motion of the simple →

Important components of word processing software

Features like different font sizes and the ability to change the color that a phrase is displayed in, grant the user an avenue to express different emphasis on certain phrases with greater ease. Also this can help to organize and make the general reading of a paper more easy on the reader. By using a →

Newton’s laws of motion

Newton's second law of motion can be formally stated as follows: The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object. The acceleration is directly proportional to →

Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources

The alternative, renewable energy sources serve as a great source of energy; however, they also bear challenges in their usage. One serious challenge facing the wind as a form of energy source is its lack of adequate power to turn the turbines.

Research jupiter’s moon europa

There are a number of characteristics of Jupiter's moon Europa which appear to be very similar to those of Earth. Scientists believe, therefore, that Europa may possibly have the necessary qualities to support life, although so far there has been no way of investigating this in order to obtain any certainty one way or the →

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Follow these 5 steps

For example, for a +1 ion, subtract one electron, and for a -2 ion add two electrons to the total count.(For more information about how to count the number of valence electrons per atom, see the related questions link to the left of this answer).-Step 2: Determine which atom is the central atom and join →

The development of the atomic theory essay

Democratic was said to have excelled in all the branches of knowledge." His name was associated with the first exposition of the atomic theory of matter, according to which all matter is composed of single, indivisible atoms exactly alike qualitatively.His theory was different room the theory of early philosophers, who believed that matter was composed →


It has an objective lens in the front which serves the function of generating an upside-down image of the thing that is being viewed through the telescope. Both eye lens and field lens are present in the eye piece of the telescope.

A report on experiment (mud density test)

G, lb/ft3, psi/100ft for M1. Sample 2: Using the weigh balance, I measured 10g of barite. I added 10g of barite to the 35g of bentonite and 350ml of water I put it into mixer to mixed to get a homogenous mixture. I poured homogenous sample 2 into the cup until it was full. →

Decarbonizing electricity

The viability of using wind power as a clean source of energy is that it involves the conversion of wind energy into electricity without intermittent conversion of energy into states that pollute the environment with green house gasses. The wind energy or power is available in the central plains of US which has the most →

Soda bottle rocket

Soda bottle rocket Purpose The students will investigate the effect of the rocket length upon the distance of flight. The force of the rocket pushing on these gases is the action force.

Initiatives hotel owners can focus to prevent environmental impacts

That is why we believe it's important to turn to every aspect of a business and establish how it can be greener". There are the things which can be done to reduce the effects and become sustainable in housekeeping department they are listed below: Need to apply upgrade energy saving technology: In the current context →

The striking issues that gave light to richard wright’s

It does not only come in handy especially in narrative anecdotes but it also serves as a " by hook or by crook" schema in the aide of social and political instances in the contemporary society. Numerous scholars even reprimanded Wright's works as to be a mere social document rather than that of a novel →

Types of thermometer

Gas thermometer A gas thermometer measures temperature by the variation in volume or pressure of a gas. One common apparatus is a constant volume thermometer. The bulb is filled with a gas such that the volume of the gas in the bulb remains constant.

Essays on sound and vision

The following points need to be addressed with regard to each film: how the music in the title sequence coincides with the visuals (i.e.how the sequence works on its own); what kind of role the music plays; how this can be interpreted in terms of its effects on audience expectation and manipulation; and finally how →

The specific heat capacity of aluminium essay sample

Aim: The aim of my investigation is to determine the specific heat capacity of aluminium. Theory: Specific heat capacity is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1kg of mass by 1degree Celsius.In order to calculate the specific heat capacity heat capacity of aluminium I →

Metallography essay

The parent metal in this zone was heated to the thaw point followed by chilling procedure.* The grain growing zone is right adjacent to the merger zone. Widmanstatten ferrite and pearlite are found in this part.* The grain polish zone is following to the grain growing zone.

Hooks law – lab report example

We will determine the spring constant, k , (K which is the stiffness of the spring), for an individual spring using both Hookes Law and the properties of an oscillating spring system. Apparatus 2 Extension Springs Compression spring Load to be used for long springs 2 Long Screws 2 →

Physics and rock climbing essay example

At the top of the rock, the kinetic energy of the climber is zero while his potential energy is maximum. The kinetic energy of a climber in the course of climbing is used to overcome gravity. It is essentially the ratio of the distance between the climber and the ground and the length of the →

Process design

I have created a proposal package that will address the new process design that focuses on all phases of manufacturing the electric fans from determining the number of parts and components to the materials needed in production. The present process of the Riordan Manufacturing electric fans is located primarily at the China plant.

Market equilibration process paper

An important characteristic of demand indicates that as price falls, the quantity demanded rises and as the price increases, the quantity demanded falls. The relationship between the price and quantity demanded is called an inverse relationship and this is what Economists call the law of demand. In conclusion, this paper described the concepts →

Temperature and equilibrium virtual lab

According to CDC, when under a hurricane watch, the following can be done in preparation: People should learn about emergency plans, warning signals evacuation routes and locations of emergency shelters. People should identify potential hazards and know how to secure or protect them before the hurricane strikes. Homes should acquire fire extinguishers. Having post emergency →

A glorious life of einstein

Albert Einstein had a passion for inquiry that eventually led him to develop the special and general theories of relativity. Einstein was not considered smart since the day he was born; during his childhood he was a slow learner to speak. Something deeply hidden had to be behind things".-Albert Einstein. At the age 16 Einstein →

Process paper on making snowman

Jim could not wait to show Sean how to build the perfect snowman so he begins right away. Now their snowman needs three main body parts his legs, chest, and head. Now repeat the process of molding the ball and rolling it to create the three body parts with one large and →


Star Polaris is still on the meridian and the position has not changed. The pattern of Ursa Minor had changed same as its position; it is almost at the meridian line and slightly below.

Automotive e-coat paint process simulation using fea

This method can simulate the formation of the E-coat film and can thus predict its thickness at any point on the surface of the automotive body. Operational variables, such as voltages and process duration, are used to simulate the time-dependent interaction among the automotive body, the increasing paint layer and the liquid thin →

Key notions in astronomy

Trillions of other stars of the same size as the sun and even bigger than it are scattered around the universe. Our earth and the remaining universe are also made out of these elements which came from stars.

Denver museum of nature & science

This picture indicates a number of people attracted by the skelelton, indicating that it could be a major tourist attaction in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Chances are high that there could be rearrangements made on the bone so that it gives a real picture of a dinosaur.

Atomic spectra – lab report example

As the electron return back to its lower orbit the photon of a specific wavelength is emitted, and the wavelength depends on the difference in energy between the two states. It, in fact, is a reciprocal of the emission spectra. When the light is passed through an element, the element absorbs certain wavelengths while the →

Essay on charge of the light brigade

He talks about the dangers the light brigade are up against as well as enemies, ' cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them, cannon in front of them' the light brigade are in a perilous position, the repetition of the phrase ' cannon' nearly creates a picture in the audience's →

Assignment example

The wave is shaped in such a way that the amplitude of the waves close to the origin of the wave is greater than the end of the wave. When the end is fixed and the damping is reduced to zero, the wave oscillates with gradually increasing amplitude above the natural frequency of the generating →

Deviant behavior in the light of conflict theory

Conflict theory is based on the idea that the main causes of crime and deviance are the economic and social differences among members of a society, prompting the have-nots to act out, if not to rob the haves. According to this theory, criminal law and the entire criminal justice system tend →

Environmental geology

22 Jan.2013. Galleries." The Mineral Marcasite". The Free Dictionary, 2013.Web.


The term polarization or polarized light refers to the waves that are travelling only in one plane, and this light is known as polarized light. The sun is a spherical source out of which a large spectrum of electromagnetic waves is emitted. Since the waves are travelling in all sorts of planes, the light from →

Rhetorical analysis of john m barry’s the great influenza

Throughout the passage uncertainty is repeated to emphasize what scientists deal with in the back of their head. Barry shows that everything they do, to the scientific process to the experiments, is a pioneering effort and that there is no certainty in science but a wilderness of uncertainty and discovery.

Making sense of the size of the universe

Even if there are other beings in the universe, one must still believe and trust that he is special in God's eyes. The universe, the stars, the galaxies are not the core of one's existence.

Mistakes of law enforcement on norfolk four case

" The Confessions" Response The case of the Norfolk Four illustrated the mistakes that law enforcement made to solve cases in the fastest way possible. The second option was to tell the truth and say that they were innocent.

Elastic collisions – lab report example

The momentum must be conserved for each axis. This means that kinetic energy is also conserved Energy is a scalar factor and therefore there is no need to break the express down into its components. Objective The objective of this experiment is to study the conservation of total linear momentum and the conservation →

Construction process

Therefore a survey is a part of the construction process. And these surveys can be of different types depending on the situation of the construction process for example the surveys done before the start of the construction and at the surveys during the construction and after finishing the construction varies hence the →

Environmental issues journal

Greenhouse gases are atmospheric compounds such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and aerosols that prevent infrared radiation from escaping to the space, trapping the heat and increasing the temperature of the atmosphere and ocean (National Energy Information Center, 2004). Methane from landfills, coal mines, oil and gas operations, and agriculture also add →

Intelligent life

This means that the artifact must contain a code of any three colors, and Earth should hope that the aliens can perceive it and can perceive our need for this artifact to be perceived. Thus, firstly, based on all the aforementioned ideas regarding human and extraterrestrial communication, the artifact should be something like a piece →

Interesting 15 process essay topics for students

The main aim is to present writing providing the reader with the step-by-step info describing a particular process. By the formatting of the layout, it reminds a guide or a list of instructions. The assignment by its structure and formatting remind a guide explaining the particular process as a step-by-step algorithm. The starting stage of →

Chapter 11 – the periodic table

Chapter 11 - The Periodic Table 11-1 Organizing by Properties Dmitri Mendeleev russian, published his element classification in 1869 - increasing molar mass - matching similar properties Mendeleev's periodic table included gaps - yet to be discovered - predicted the properties of missing elements repetition in properties of the elements was a →

The disturbance in the core’s natural motion causes the earth

The plot of the 2003 movie " The Core" is centered on the apparent ceasing of the core's rotation and the ensuing catastrophes that threaten to obliterate life on earth within a year's time. The disturbance in the core's natural motion causes the →

Coefficient of linear expansion time

Lo is the initial length of a material.c.t is change in temperature The constant of proportionality is called the coefficient of linear expansion of the material which is represented by.a.is coefficient of linear expansion.b.is temperature hot.c.is temperature cold. The coefficient of Aluminium is widely published as 23 x 10-6 per o C. Procedure →

Dating the rocks of the grand canyon (old-earth vs. young-earth)

Before we begin analyzing the Grand Canyon rocks to explain and estimate the age of the earth, we will begin by looking at the various types of rocks forming the earth's surface and which are the major types of rocks forming the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon and the dating of the earth The Grand →

Physics circular motion

If an object is moving in a circle it will always have a centripetal acceleration 4.ac = v2/r v= velocity tangent to the circle r = radius of the circle C. 00 x 10 2 m.find the following.a) the ac b) the fc c) the minimum coefficient of static friction a) →

Energy use in developing countries ((in indea ))

Energy section is of critical importance in associating the country that is developing with the limit of the energy sources. It is noteworthy that the energy situations are diverse in the developing countries, and this is evident in the analysis below. The factors that diversify energy include energy demand where energy consumption is in the →

Explain advantages and disadvantages of the process of amending the constitution

The first part of the process is proposing an amendment this can be done in two ways, firstly by having two-thirds of both houses of the United States Congress agree to the proposal, or by a national convention assembled at the request of the legislatures of at least two-thirds of the states agreeing to the →

Bright light innovations: the starlight stove

Whether the local government support or against the kind of products is the factor to affect the entering in the international market. The fourth hidden critical issue in this case is the " infrastructure" in Nepal. Finally, the stove can produce electric and the generated electric can be widely used in the →

The impact on americanization process

Parents and tribal leaders protested the brutality of this coercive Americanization but they were no way to stop it. Some Native American women earned English and other skills in theboarding schoolprograms they had. It is hard and some get abused on the way in crossing.

A question of electricity at madagascar

Nuclear fission is the splitting of a uranium atom by firing a beam of neutrons to the atom. This is be done by building a reservoir or simply using a cascade to build a turbine that will power the generator once it is spun by the running water. The efficiency of a nuclear power plant, →

Bani yas island

With regards to the potential of the island as a tourist spot, more consistency the maintenance of the island is needed, knowing that the island was a desert before. Ecotourism is not usual for regions particularly in the Middle East region but with this island, it would be possible to have a →

Density lab report

I then recorded the volume of the water plus metal to the nearest 0.1mL. Then recorded the total mass of the cylinder, water, and metal. And recording the data each time. Calculations: I determined the total volume of metal in the cylinder by subtracting the volume →

Power lab report essay sample

Like slippery materials, or if it is wet. I was wearing running shoes, for safety purposes. Observations: Name Fg Time Vertical Height Work Done Power Ranking Alanna →

Physics movie project

We have to admit that James Cameron really spent plenty of time on the causation of the accident.' physics side note: Pressure At the beginning of the movie, there is a group of people who want to find the invaluable " Heart of the Ocean". The answer is almost the same as what →

What does a pycnometer do?

In most materials, heating the bottom of a fluid results in convection of the heat from bottom to top of the fluid due to the decrease of the density of the heated fluid. In this lab, all the forces and weights are measured in the unit of grams using the triple beam balance, then the →

Assignment example

5 90 39 90 0 -90 -66. 5 23.

Magnetic resonance imaging

An altered radio frequency is used to alter the directivity of the magnetic field and thus alter the directivity of the atomic nuclei. In the absence of external magnetic field the spin of the nuclei is random and tend to cancel each other's spin.

Process essay

Volcanoes are created whenever there is an excessive pressure inside the crust of the earth and the pressure of magma extends very high that it finds the way up, initiating an eruption." Sometimes the magma chamber breaks its sides and only reaches to the flank or summit of volcano and sometimes reaches the surface causing →

How has baz luhrman used sound effects to appeal to a younger audience?

The various sounds effects used to help us, the audience, see the Montague's 'Boyz' as cowardly and spineless and the music that they are listening too 'The boys the boys...' tells us that they are young boys not men this is reflected through their music. Whereas the sound effects with the Capulets are morebullyingand sinister. →

Lab report example

These concepts makes it possible for astronomers to estimate how big objects are, therefore, the purpose of this report was to carry out the apparent measurement of the angular size of the moon using the concept of angular diameter. Procedure: Materials A ruler Two index cards A pencil A paper for →

Lecture 1 analytical chemistry

The total number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom is known as the mass number. Orbitals and electronic configurations It is important to understand the location of electrons, as it is the arrangement of the electrons that creates the bonds between the atoms, and chemical reactions are just that to form →

Application of qualitative methods in a research setting

Ethnography: If I could, experience a different culture it would be to work in the organization in the case study to understand the company's culture. 4. The grounded theory- I would choose to discover the theory of social relationship in the organizations.

The outside of the solar system

The Outside of the Solar System In the May Issue of Sky and Telescope Magazine, Sue French wrote the article en d " Heavens Within Themselves" where she featured and discussed the neglected galaxies M88 and M99 in Coma Berenices. M88 is a Seyfert galaxy (named after American astronomer Carl Keenan Seyfert) and is →

Fundamentals of industrial instrumentation and process control

Improvements in accuracy, tighter control, and waste reduction have also been achieved. This book was specifically written as an introduction to modern day industrial instrumentation and process control for the two-year technical, vocational, or degree student, and as a reference manual for managers, engineers, and technicians working in the field of instrumentation and process control. →

The history of the atomic model by charlie ehinger

The plum modelThe Plum model was invented or made up soon after the discovery of the electron but before the discovery of the nucleus and proton, which rendered John Dalton's model obsolete (Dalton's model did not have electrons, protons or neutrons). Bohr's model is very good at showing and predicting the energy levels of one →

Draft process for major sports

Only upon completion of four years of play that a college player becomes eligible to join the NFL draft. In the recent decades, however, a growing number of players have preferred to enter the draft as underclassmen by going out of high school for at least three years. For teams that do →

Conflict process and management

CONFLICT PROCESS Stage 1: Potential Opposition or Incompatibility: * The first step in the conflict process is the presence of certain conditions that create opportunities for conflict to arise.* They need not lead directly to conflict, but one of them is necessary for conflict to arise.* These are the SOURCES of conflict. At →

Experiment 12: calorimetry and hess’s law

9 mL | Temperature of hot water | 550 C | Part A Calculations Mass of cold water | 49. By using | qHW| = | qCW |+ qCal, we can find the heat of reaction of the cup and multiply that by the change in temperature to find the heat capacity.

Explore your favorite object

The object is towards the low-left side of the screenshot. Glucose is a readily available substance. The image is of particular interest because it reinforced my chemical knowledge of glucose as a compound of three elements.

Henry moseley

Retrieved from: http://chemistry.about.com/od/novemberinscience/tp/november23history.htm In this short analysis of Moseley's accomplishment, Helmenstine basically summed up the most important facts about Henry Moseley and his discoveries. Retrieved from: http://www.physics.ox.ac.uk/history.asp? page= moseley Although some of the information has already been mentioned in other various sites, what many of them lack is a visual of Moseley's experiments, and that's →

Nuclear power

After mining, the Uranium is then enriched with isotope 235 and is then processed into pellets which are loaded into the nuclear reactor. Other uses of Nuclear Technology In addition to the production of electricity, nuclear technology is used in many their fields.

Density experiment essay sample

Discussion and Conclusion In this lab, a submarine Adventure: Density Saves The Day; I had made many of the calculation for the best result of the lab. My calculations section contains: the volume of the unknown metals, where I figure out the volume of each metal so that I will →

Process the battle to buy a car

Thesis: There is a method to the madness of buying a vehicle; you just need to have the right weapons for battle.A. Knowing this ahead of time will help you buy what you want and not what the fast talking salesperson wants you to buy. I have seen it.

Washing dishes process essay

If you are wearing a hoody or shirt with long sleeves now is the time to roll them up and put on an apron to minimize the chance of your clothes getting wet. As you take the dishes off of the table scrape allfooditems into the garbage can. Rinse with warm water →

The star: a new way to see them

Insert The stars new way to see them The new way to see them is a book that explains the different type of stars and their names. Moreover, the book explains the meaning of the constellation, and it describes constellations as the patterns formed by the stars.

Physics lab

Torque. In both tree cases different magnitude of torque are applied. This observation is true and can be explained by the equation where, is the absolute torque applied, is the absolute radius, the absolute force applied in the direction of push and is the angle of swing. Conservation of Angular Momentum As the →

Plate tectonics

The numerous studies of the earth's layers indicate that plate tectonic events can be predicted. Science should be testable Plate tectonics- The earth is layered. Plate tectonics is attributable to the steady movement of the lithosphere.

Study of secondary cosmic ray through extensive airshower (eas) simulation

Introduction Galactic Cosmic Rays , which aremainly originated outside the solar sys-tem, propagate through the galactic mediumwith relatively weak magnetic field and in-teract with the medium and magnetic field. While in the heliosphere they interact withthe electromagnetic field carried by the solarwind, which effectively modify their flux in-tensity up to the energy →

Extra solar planet

Extra solar planet otherwise termed, as exo-planets are planets that occupy different solar system besides solar system. They go round their stars closer than the other planet that goes round the solar system.

Bela bartok

It has been said that through this research, Bartok was able to free himself from the tyrannical rule of the major and minor keys, leading eventually to a new conception of the chromatic scale, every tone of which came to be considered of equal value and could be used freely and independently. →

Intriguing phenomenons of black holes

Stellar black holes are medium-sized black holes that can have a mass up to 20 times the mass of the sun and many of these can be found in the Milky Way galaxy. Supermassive black holes are the largest kind of black holes and they have a mass that is at least equal to one →

Has political ideology become irrelevant in the political process

Accordingly, it will be shown that whilst there is less political ideology within the political process than there used to be, it is still present and a significant part of contemporary party politics. Main Body Political ideology is a set of ideas representing the objectives, expectations and actions of a political party. Therefore, whilst →

Credit appraisal process

Scheme of the project It covers the objective and structure of the project which is discussed as follows:- Objective of the project The overall objective of this project is to under stand the current credit appraisal system used in banks. The Credit Appraisal system has been analysed as per the different credit →

Detection of rotor winding asymmetries

Among the types of induction motor most used are the squirrel-cage and wound-rotor, the latter being less employed, but with advantageous characteristics over other types of motors, among others, its capability to develop high start torques at lower start-up currents, making them adequate for industrial applications such as ball and sag mills, cranes, pumps, fans →

Kinetic and potential energy

Kinetic energy is the energy a moving object has because of its motion. The kinetic energy of a moving object depends on the object's mass and its speed.

An earthquake report

The words used in the reports appropriately described the effects of the earthquake and tsunami. Department of the Interior & U.S.