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An experiment on motor driver

So from the top part of the splitter a wire first leads a graph module to display the data and also into a " Tone Measurement" module to convert the proximity data into a numerical frequency. So after the data is multiplied by 60, the wire then leads into the part of the VI that →

Changing water cycle

Changing Water Cycle The research projections indicate that the current reduction in the snowpacks and streamflows remains a major concern to the American society with the prospects that the Southwest's population will hit 94 million by 2050. Further, the region's alternative use of substantial and eco-friendly energy production alternatives will reduce the rate of water-levels' →

Solar system formation – lab report example

What phase is the Moon in? _new_ Where is the far side of the Moon? Facing away from sun_ Where is the far side of the Moon? _facing away from sun_ Position yourself and the Moon so that the Moon is in its 1st quarter phase.

Chemical bond and crystal field theory

2 T-2: Ch 7 Page 358375 T-1: Ch 2 Page 58-64 T-2: Ch 10 Page 417429 T-1: Ch 2 Page 64-67 Section 2. 6 T-1: Ch 2 Page 67-70 Section 2.


There is a history of different phenomena behind the development of the whole range of mountains, volcanoes and the valleys we see on the Earth. I ponder over the state of equilibrium between the internal forces of the Earth and the external factors and forces that instigate them.

Florida evergldes

The first impact is that it has led to competition in terms of feeding with the lesser species in the environment. Hence, this reduces the number of frog species in the ecosystem as said by the commentator in the documentary video.

Financial assistance essay writing: how to sound persuasive

If you fail writing your financial assistance essay writing, you may put yourself under a threat to be deprived of a chance to buy necessary literature, to visit necessary places, and to communicate with smart people. Hope you realize how significant the process of writing a financial assistance essay should be for you.

Difference between processes of erosion and weathering in area undergoing glaciation

Weathering is similar to erosion in that it includes the breakup of rocks, just not the transportation of the materials formed as does erosion. The specific definition of weathering is the breakup of rock due to exposure to the atmosphere.

Market equilibrating process paper

The equilibrium price and quantity are those indicated by the intersection of the supply and demand curves for any product or resource. Microeconomics looks at the smaller picture and focuses more on basic theories of supply and demand and how individual businesses decide how much of something to produce and how much to charge for →

Geol – meteorology and space science

One of the lumps is called a hailstone. Atmos.Sci.

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Conservation is the exploitation and use of land in a more sustainable and friendly way, it includes the management of the ways that humans use the resources. From the video, I strongly believe as the people do, the state of the environment is very important compared to the resources that will come out of the →

Process mapping

A map of a patient journey is a visual representation - a picture or model - of the relevant procedures and administrative processes. Consider the views and perspectives of the people you want to work with to identify the problems and solutions.

Causes of porosity formation in laser pulse welding

The high-temperature gradient due to high laser power make a large aspect ratio of the keyhole and the heat loss conducted from the hot keyhole wall to the surrounding metal is very strong. Due to this quick temperature drop, the thin layer of liquid metal on the bottom of the keyhole solidifies very quickly after →

Working principle of photovoltaic device

The short-circuit current density is the maximum photo-generated current delivered by a solar cell when the terminals of the solar cell are in contact with each other. The fill factor is the ratio between the maximum power generated by a solar cell and the product of and FF describes the ' squareness' of the J-V →

Design a flow chart for a process

Factors that affect the process design Water temperature and water level are the factors that affect process of the design. If pockets are not empty, empty them then move to step 3 3.) Measure out the desired amount of detergent 4.) Pour the detergent into the washer.) Determine if fabric softener is needed.


Use the photogate timer to measure the period of the pendulum. Lastly for the Planet X there is a slower rate of thermal energy builds up due to lower value of gravitational acceleration compared to planet Jupiter.

Quality production process

The variances from the flexible budget computed above, outline that the operations of the company improved in terms of efficiency. Indeed all the variances are favourable with the exception of the direct labour cost.

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The third stage is the first quarter moon where 50% of the part of the moon confronting Earth is lighted on the right side. Last quarter moon is the large part of the piece of the moon confronting Earth is lighted on the left side.

Definition of heat transfer

The larger the temperature gradient, the higher the rate of heat transfer PHYSICAL ORIGINS AND RATE EQUATIONS: It is important to understand the physical mechanisms which underlie the heat transfer modes and that we are able to use the rate equations that quantify the amount of energy being transferred per unit time. Because the molecules →


Experiment #3 observing the Moon's Phases Objective To determine the relationship of the Earth, Moon and Sun as the Moon orbits the Earth. Introduction In astronomy, determining the relative position of the moon, the sun and the Earth requires the study of phases of the moon at different days of observation.

Speed the light charity

Today his efforts have helped not only the vision of Speed the Light, but the enthusiasm of the young teens of the Assemblies of God. Speed the Light is an excellent contributor to the spread of Christianity.

Indian ocean tsunami

Communication between the authority, seismologists, and the society could have helped to improve the situation as well. Authorities in the affected areas could also have applied early warnings to the people.

Shyanne vaden

The second law applies to the mousetrap car because of the mass, and acceleration affect the force and how fast the mousetrap car goes. The distribution would have to be balanced on each side.' Discuss the major problems encountered in the performance of your vehicle and what did you do to solve them.

Process of judging

Software estimation is the first phase of project planning and it is the process of judging a software product and solving the problem associated with the software project. Show the deduction of the tables in your database to the different types of normal forms [Choosing a proper database Explaining the 5 normal forms withrespectto the →

Work,energy,and efficiency: pulleys – lab report example

The increase the efficiency of double movable pulley followed by single movable pulley the lastly single fixed pulley. Each pulley in the system cause friction and hence increases the total energy applied in the lifting of loads; double movable pulley has the most friction which has four pulleys followed by single movable pulley then lastly →

Gen chem study guide

0 g of Cl2 according to the equation: 2 Al + 3 Cl2? The specific heat of the unknown is: a.0.

Gas chromatography – an overview

Other parameters that can be used to alter the order or time of retention are the carrier gas flow rate, For example, internal standards it is commonly used way in Gas Chromatography to calculate the concentration of an analyte.for any particular detector, the relative response factor for the analyte compared to the internal standards must →

Journal of engineering science and technology

The study consisted in the investigation on a prototype of hybrid turbine characterized by a geometry Darrieus with 4 fixed blades and a Savonius, positioned internally at the Darrenius, constituted by flexible wings which vary in their extension, reducing the extension at the increase of the angular velocity to wrap completely when the angular speed →

Physics a – lab report example

47 0 0.1 0. 981 100 10.28 3.81 0.2 1.

Uniform motion lab

By having the same person read all of the measurements minimized the degree of uncertainty in position and angle of reading values.3. By having the same person read all of the measurements minimized the degree of uncertainty in position and angle of reading values.


In order to answer the following questions, imagine that you were able to measure the distance of the object above your hands, the velocity of the object, and the acceleration of the object, all as a function of time. Using the second grid provided on the following page make a sketch of what you think →

Letter from albert einstein rhetorical analysis essay sample

The purpose in this letter is to open Phyllis's mind to the world of science. The entire second paragraph is a counterargument to his purpose, but in the end he refutes this argument by telling of the success of scientific research.

A great man

His passion in optics andsciencewas manifested by his series of experiments in the composition of light which resulted to the discovery of the various behavior of light. In 1689, he was elected to become the MP for Cambridge University and in 1696; he became the warden of the Royal Mint in London.

Moment of inertia of a flywheel

243, hence the inertia of the flywheel was found to be 2. Error due to parallax when taking the readings of the weight.


The uplifting took place in a manner that saw the folding of the volcanic rocks in a relative design to the synclinal valleys. In the years that followed, fluid deposition and intracanyon flows accounted for the existence of basalt in the river channel.

Decision-making process

I recently started looking for a new job and discovered a Bachelor's degree is a requirement for the majority of the positions I wanted to apply for. I evaluated the decision and looked for the best school to achieve my goal.

February 25, 2013

We then had to determine the value of the weights w1, w2, and w3 that brings the system to equilibrium. We then had to determine the value of the weights w1 and w2, and angles 2 and 3 that brings the system to equilibrium.

Process of (research) investigation of geodetic engineering for the designing of high speed (train) main railway line – thesis proposal example

Since the world has been concentrating on construction of roads in most of their economic activities, reverting to construction of railway lines would be an improvement to the transport system. This is due to the development of the networking in these countries, especially in relation to railway transport.

The program is called python though – lab report example

Calculation 1: Data Collected Distance From the Rod Electric Charge 0. Calculation 3: Data Collected Diagonal Distance Electric Charge 0.

Types of buckling

Any load on the object that leads to the bending in it along the given strong axis, the object is shown to go out of plane and such buckling is known as lateral buckling. This combined form of buckling is shown to take place mostly in the objects that exhibit unsymmetrical cross-section with only one →


Topic: The articles presented for this discussion, Jellyfish on the Rise, have a central focus on the apparent global increase in the abundance of jellyfish and/or outbreaks of jellyfish blooms. However, as with the limited research available on the number of jellyfish, the limited research on management focuses upon human interactions with jellyfish in a →

My head is spinning

Reaction time increased as the the letters were rotated away from zero because there is a greater angle the closer you get to 180 degrees, taking longer to mentally roate the images. Did your results show a decrease in reaction time as the orientation moved from 180 degrees back to the vertical?

The problem with a clockwork universe

The development of Uncertainty Principle enabled the advocates of epistemology to widen their scope of learning. The theory states that the universe is like a clock made by God.

Fresnel lens – lab report example

Fresnel lens Fresnel lens is a thin plastic lens that is flat on one side and has ridges on the other; it is thick inthe middle and reduces in different zones gradually tapers to the edges. In comparison to the conventional lenses, Fresnel lens is much lighter as it reduces the amount of material required.

What happens when there is a silence in the mind?

Many times our thoughts get in the way of our reality and we do not really appreciate the beauty of the world around us. A mind that is not involved with any of the five senses leads to a certain amount of inner stillness.

A topic about any scienes

Additionally, all residents should be well-aware of the dangers of chlorine and must have an emergency plan in order to mitigate the risks. Furthermore, more research should be conducted in order to combat the effects of Chlorine.

Applying the background and methodology of the research process

Study Purpose The purpose of the study is to understand the decision-making of teens and why teen pregnancy is higher in the rural areas of the country. This is a contributing factor to the higher rate of teen pregnancy in rural communities.

The scope of physics chapter # 1

1 Select the correct answer for each from the given options: For the quantity, the number of significant figures is ___.* 3 * 4 * * 7 The dimension of G are ___.* * * * * None of these 2004 Q.1 Q. 3 Select the correct answer for each from the given options: The →

Conflict process analysis

Description of the Situation The owner of a branch of B & you, Flavor, two staffs, Julie and Sophie were involved in the conflict. At the end of August, I went to university and went to B, planning to use the two discount coupons.

The bending of a cantilever – lab report example

The deflection of the cantilever beam has a beam measured by varying load and the length of the cantilever beam. It was found that the deflection of a cantilever beam is directly proportional to the applied load and cube of the length of the cantilever.

Length, mass, volume, and density – lab report example

Method This part of an experiment outlines steps involved in the study of the said phenomenon. Result The outcome of the study is determined by the results.

Organizational process recommendation paper

The first is to identify and prioritize the customers served by the process. The cause-and-effect diagram is a method for analyzing a process.

Schrodinger equation and its historical background research papers example

The paper also highlights the historical background of the development of Schrodinger equation after which the paper also briefly touches the development of the same through classical means. The Schrodinger equation is mathematically described as a partial differential equation that is used in quantum mechanics and other fields to describe the quantum behavior and state →

The sound of my alarm clock started ringing

As I proceed to the kitchen, the smell of brewing coffee aroused my senses and captivated me to drink a cup before heading for the bathroom and prepare for work. Sitting in the train and recalling the instances that greeted me awhile back, I started to show a glimpse of a smile.

P5 sci

Continental Drift Theory Alfred Wegener is the German meteorologist largely credited for the foundation of plate tectonics and was the first to present scientific and diligent evidence about continental reconstructions; among of these evidences include the geometric continental reconstructions, the geological match of continuity of structure, and the climate, sediment and the mismatch of sedimentary →

Skills to pay the bills

I will Give You Some of Mine if You Give Me Some of Yours JUST THE FACTS: Part of becoming a functional member of a team is learning to understand what you bring to the group and what you might need from others. So, what do you do when you are part of a team →

Describe how a torque wrench relates to automotive physics

This force can be quantified as: In the field of automotives, the concept of torque is applied in the design of the car engine system and the braking system which is directly related to the car tires.1. This creates a torque which is in turn used to spin the crankshaft of the engine system.

The value of a capacitor

If the liquid is methanol with a relative permittivity of 33, calculate the maximum and minimum values of the capacitance, corresponding to the extreme liquid levels, and the value when the gap is half-full. A 250 V d.c.the shunt-wound generator has an armature resistance of 0.10.

Pin hole camera

The smaller the hole, the better the picture, he worked out, and set up the first Camera Obscura. The image outside the camera is projected through the pinhole where it is reversed and shown upside down on the rear of the box.


Most of the reasons is well related by the consideration of the attributes of the environment done by Ward and Brownlee. The radius of the galaxy is divided by the separation of the intervals.


Question: Your Response a) What is the luminosity of a 5 solar mass star compared to a 1 solar mass star? b) What is M/L for a two solar mass star? c) What is M/L for a 0. You will need to download the Red and Blue images of a simulated stellar cluster.


The objective of a refrigerator is to remove heat from a cold medium. The coefficient of performance COP for a refrigerator is given by the cooling effect divided by Work input.


The endothermic process whereby the system of KNO3 crystals dissolving in the water absorb energy from the surroundings and the measured temperature of the surroundings drops.2. The strength of the intermolecular attractions between molecules, and the amount of energy released when attractions form depends on the molecular properties of the substance.

Critical thinking

This is so because both the Earth and the Moon originated from one process formed together as a double system from the ancient enlargement of the Solar System. There is a possibility that the minerals in planets Mars and Venus could be similar to those minerals on earth.

Bright light therapy

Although light treatment can be dated all the way back to Aristotle, who suggested treatment for certain diseases by lying in the sun, modern methods began in the 1950's Originally, light was used as a device for the removal of skin acne until research on the subject of light therapy was conducted by Dr Lewy →


It is certain that both the scientist and men of religion do agree on the story of Noah and the arc. The scientist then went ahead to study the consequence that such a catastrophe might have left on the surface of the earth.

Ernest rutherford

On the other hand, the discovery of the nucleus of individual elements is the basis for the modern nuclear energy. Ernest Rutherford " The Newtan of Atomic Physics".

Charge to mass ratio (e/m) of an electron

Electron Charge to Mass Ratio This activity is conducted to better understand the effects of various parameters on the electron charge to mass ratio. This means that the electricity and magnetism directly affects the electron charge to mass ratio value.


Compared to the velocity of the first car before the collision, the velocity of the combined cars after the collision is A piece of putty moving with 2 units of momentum strikes and sticks to a heavy bowling ball that is initially at rest. Compared to the force of the car on the bug, the →

Nonrenewable fuel origin and formation of petroleum (oil)

As more sediment get deposited, the materials are exposed to tremendous pressures, and the through compaction, microbial action and chemical reaction, water is forced out material, and the carbohydrates, lipids and proteins are broken down to form kerogen which is waxy in nature. Oil and the society Regardless of the above environmental challenges, oil is →

Sun journal

The appearance of such colors is practically attributed to the way the sun's light is refracted during the day whereas the sky is preparing to welcome the morning light. The warmer colors of the sky during a sunset are attributed to the dimmer setting of the atmosphere as the night covers the surroundings.


British and European code provisions for shrinkage curvature are essentially the same Effective stiffness, calculated according to AS 3600, Recoded 2, BBS 5400, and BBS 8110, and with no tension stiffening, is plotted against bending moment for the same concrete section used in the crack width analysis. The cracking moment and curvature of cracked sections →

Physics of dance

Therefore, the " center of gravity" is used to determine change in distance and velocity over the x and y-axis. So even though the motion of the center of gravity follows the basic laws of physics according to the forces acting upon it, a dancer can create the illusion that he/she is defying gravity in →


Quantum Computer and the Qubit Quantum computers act as a computation device that utilizes the phenomena of on quantum Mechanical such as superposition and entanglement to perform an operation on data. It has a region that is active in the laser diode at the intrinsic region and carriers.

Properties of brick and block materials – lab report example

Basically, the smaller the pore the greater the suctional pressure, but also the larger the number of pores then greater the overall amount of water is absorbed. Weighing the mass of water absorbed by the sample when one surface of the sample is immersed in water does this.

Surface areas and volumes

5 cm? Height of the cone = cm = 12 cm Slant height of the cone = G O Diameter of the hollow cylinder = 14 cm 14 Radius of the hollow hemisphere = cm = 7 cm 2? Diameter of capsule = Diameter of hemisphere = Diameter of cylinder = 5 mm 5 Radius →


Consequently, the DAQ, photo-call, resistors, and the potentiometer construct two circuits that apply in this experiment. The DAQ measures voltage in this circuit.

Global heat exchanger market

The new emerging technologies and the government support in certain regions will also act as drivers for the global heat exchanger market. The global heat exchanger market has shown remarkable progress In the recent years and Is also showing attractive global market potential In the future.

How renewable energy can change the world

One of the technology trends making a difference around the world right now is the more use of solar energy to generate clean, and non-polluting air electricity. The more that we convert to renewable energy the better we are doing to protect the planet, then using the other ways of energy that harms the planet →


Then, using the clinometer, the observer measures the angle a between O and the top of the object. Multiplying D by the tangent of a gives the height of the object above the observer, and by the tangent of b the depth of the object below the observer.

Polarizers – lab report example

Linear polarizers as a class of polarizers are made up of two sub-categories including absorptive and beam-splitting. An example of a linear polarizer is the wire-grind polarizer which is considered one among the simplest under the linear category of polarizers.

Drivers ed

Kinetic Energy- The energy of a body according to the motion of the body or of the particles in the system.5. Explain the purpose of the following A.

Visit to california science center

During the last week of May 2012, I got an opportunity to visit California Science Center located in downtown Los Angeles that was an extraordinary representation of human achievements in the field of science. Forward and backward movement of air in the pipe was responsible to allow the sound waves to pass from one end →

The formula for calculating radial speed is essay samples

When the radial speed is positive means the star is moving away from us a condition known as the redshift and when is negative it means the star is moving towards us, a condition termed as the blueshift.[ /Rest Wavelength] *Speed of light, where the speed of light is 3*105 km/s. If the radial speed →

The global shortage of oil

The world we know and love today is on the cusp of a global energy crisis as population has ballooned beyond what was previously expected over the past few decades and therefore intern so has the demand for heating, energy and transport. Robertson said in a statement to the US Senate that-" The world is →

Quantum dots as a platform for nanoparticle drug delivery vehicle design

Based on the article study, NDD is also reliable in reducing the toxicity of the existing drugs. The article also offers a clear evaluation of some of the main features of QDots.

Physics formulas: mechanics

Circular Motion The physics formulas for circular motion of an object of mass am' moving in a circle of radius 'r' at a tangential velocity 'v' are as follows: Centripetal force = mv2r Centripetal Acceleration = v2r Center of Mass General Formula for Center of mass of a rigid body is: R = Ni = →

Ib physics chapter 3 notes

It is expressed by the equation: c = Q/ m " T; where m is mass, Q is the quantity of heat and " T is the change in temperature. It is expressed by the equation: C = Q/ " T; where Q is the quantity of heat added and " T is the amount →

Software process

Design and implementation defining the organization of the system and implementing the system; c. What are the three benefits of incremental development, compared to the waterfall model?

Projectile – lab report example

The ball was then fired 6 different times and the distance travelled by the ball from where the ball leaves the launcher recorded. 82 seconds Since the motion was in a horizontal direction, the Thus the velocity of the ball was = 8.

Predictions on theme of globalization

Essayist David McNeill's piece " Out of the Shadows: Can Japan's Nuclear Power Renaissance Reduce Global Emission?" demonstrates Steger's theme that the global environmental crisis plays a crucial role in determining the future of globalization. Like Steger's view that the global energy crisis will shape the future of globalization, McNeill's writing exhibits the importance of →

Pre lab springs

Compare the standard form of the equation for a straight line and the result for part and determine the theoretical value for the slope in terms of constants and the dynamical spring constant k d. The spring equation, T= 2 , implies that mo=// = 0.8kg

Answers to conceptual integrated science end-of-chapter questions chapter 1: about science

The instantaneous speed at the ends of the tracks is the same, because the speed gained on the down-ramp for B is equal to the speed lost on the up-ramp side. The acceleration produced by a net force on an object is directly proportional to the net force, is in the same direction as the →

Atmosphere and clouds:

This absorbs the CO2 into the water and dissolves it, effectively removing and reducing the CO2 from the atmosphere known as sequestration. The encyclopedia of global warming science and technology.

Mechanical behaviour of polypropylene

For instance, the design and the life span of the products from two industries is one of the differences. Causes of tank failure The design of the tank is very important.