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Biomes of africa

The equator is a determinant factor for the climatic characterization whereby it divides the content into the northern and southern regions. It is found on the edges of the equator or between the desert and tropical rainforest climates.


Jerry Ciacho November 3, Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded British journalist, explorer and geologist Simon Winchester delves into and explores the lasting and the ever so powerful consequences and results of the disastrous and shattering explosion in the coast of Indonesia of the planet's most devastating super volcano island, Krakatoa. Winchester portrays the violent →

Geography of minnesota

Geography of Minnesota Spatial distribution refers to the phenomenon of movement across the earth's surface to different places. They immigrated to Minnesota in search of work, business and an education.

Migrant workers to saudi arabia

Migrant Workers to Saudi Arabia: Outline This paper discusses the following aspects about migrant workers to Saudi Arabia: Nationalities Migrant workers to Saudi Arabia are mostly from South Asian countries including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Cultures Migrant workers to Saudi Arabia generally come from conservative cultures, so they find it easy to adjust in the →

Latin america

Latin America: Geography and Ecosystem What happened to the ecosystems of the region when the people changed the environment? Where the changes made for the better or for the worse, for the region?

A)the hurricanes pauline on the cost of south pacific is caused for the climate changed or is human responsible( what causes and effects)

Such a disastrous and still considered one of the strongest hurricanes of the south pacific coasts was hurricane Pauline. Indeed some of the researchers have been able to prove that global warming has somewhat a role in this increased number of hurricanes and their disastrous effect.

Geography of minnesota

The state has North Dakota and South Dakota to the West and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba to the North. The North Shore The North Shore as referred by the Americans is the shoreline of Minnesota between the city of Duluth and the international border at Grand Portage.

Sedimentry rock topic

Sedimentary Rocks To the CBRM Council Definition of the Problem The CBRM Council has been experiencing a number of challenges when it comes to the erection of new buildings. Description of Sandstone In lieu of the above problem, it is quite possible that sandstone, a sedimentary rock, can help CBRM City Council to overcome its →

Afghanistan case essay sample

As the region lies on the border between the Western Asian and South Asia, conflicts have taken a strange cultural and ethnical turns. In conclusion, it can be safely assumed that Afghanistan is on the border of South and South west Asia.

San francisco climate classification

San Francisco climate ification San Francisco is a in the United s, and it is the capital the countyof San Francisco. Some people articulate this is the best occasion to visit The City in the year, and that the true summer here occurs in September and October.

Reducing your carbon footprint

My home and energy rates are above average and they account for 66%, the highest against the national average of 36.8 %. America is a heavily industrialized country and a lot of fossil fuels are used as energy in the industries.

Middle east geography

Middle East: Population Growth and Its Impacts, indicate that the region's population increased from 127 million in 1970 to 305 million in 2005. It is observed that high rate of population growth in the Middle East has serious impacts on the region's social, economical, and political landscape.

Conflict over water: the quality and quantity of the resource

Later in 2010, when the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council passed a historic judgment and declared water as a human right, in the favor of almost 900 million people in the world who do not have access to clean drinking water; the war was officially announced. But today, economies have begun →

Analysis of aircraft incidents caused by weather conditions

The ATSB stated that, the pilot downloaded the appropriate weather forecasts for the flight between the hours of 0511 and 0637. Which meant that the pilot would have to conduct a majority of his flight in the midst of cloud.

Human geography in action

Whether it is caused by polluting our environment or by deforesting the forests in an attempt to make more land available for agriculture or any other way, the planet is now bearing the after effects of these human interventions and this poses a threat for the survival of coming generations. Apart from these the human →

Globalisation as the enhanced cooperation

Acclimatising and adapting to a new area could have been easier if the heavy equipment operator could have been of a tender age. The movement of people into a certain area creates cultural diversity and the most appealing cultural practices from different cultures are adopted by all.

Geography – problem solving: flooding

By doing this, it will also disrupt the wildlife where the town could be moved. As a result, this saves the town from being flooded but the flood downstream will be worse.

The pampas: the temperate grasslands of argentina

Once Europeans discovered the potential the Pampas had to offer in the 16th century, they exported large amount of cattle to Argentina in hopes of making a monopoly of the situation to economically benefit their home countries. This increase in sea levels is what causes the increasing levels of rainfall that threaten the species and →

Globalization photo and statement

Essence of Globalization Photo The essence of globalization is mainly captured through the increasing trade in good and services. Understanding Globalization: The Social Consequences of Political, Economic, and Environmental Change.

Compare and contrast two indian states

Compare and Contrast Two Indian s Comparing Gujarat and Maharashtra Both Gujarat and Maharashtra are northern s of India and they are developed states with regard to industrialization. The infrastructure of Maharashtra is more sophisticated and developed than that of Gujarat.

Sa pa mountains, vietnam vs rainbow mountain, peru: where to visit

Nowadays however, the town has become a tourist attraction and is visited by tourists from far and wide who seek to see the magnificent sights of the mountains in the area and perhaps go for a hike up them, and also to experience what their culture feels like. All in all, the Sa Pa Mountains →


This is a time of considerable joy and anticipation for many, equipped with the knowledge, experience, and lingering positive impact of the dedication of well-trained staff members that ensured we could stand together on graduation day ready to tackle the challenges of new careers and other personal ambitions. I would like to compare my experience →

Southeast asia

If civilization was to clash, the westerners would not be interested in the culture of other nations. If a majority of the world is ready to coexist, civilization is on track and its benefit will be enjoyed in perpetuity.

Introduction to geography-montessori

However it's not uncommon for the child in Montessori schools to know the names of all the countries and counties of the child's own country/continent. At a later stage the child can also do a matching activity with flags, and later maps are provided with the names of the countries and capitals.

City states

Notably, the environs that form a city-state have the same culture and language, profess the same religion, lead the same life, adopt a unique form of government, and follow a definite law. In Pakistan, we have a city-state called the colony of Gwadar City.

Culture geography

Currently, due to the lack of treatment of measles once one gets it, as it is entirely dependent on one's immune system, quite a number of complications can result from it. Measles in Iceland is believed to have come from North of the country and infected the town of Reykjavic first.

Natural and houman life in mono lake

Alkali Flies in Mono Lake Mono Lake is one of the most visible lakes in the state of California, according to Nixon. Herbst2, David, Distribution and abundance of the alkali fly at Mono Lake, California in relation to physical habitat.

Latin america ( physical system )

Recently, the president of Ecuador has been in defense of the oil extractions plans in the Amazon. According to the president, the plans to carry out the oil extraction will have minimal impact to the people and the environment.

Latin america

The pacific coast, the amazon basin and the Andes are the three major regions of early development. This allowed the Incas to dominate the western part of the continent.

Remote sensing project

Hiltner proposes the advantages and ease of execution of police roles with the integration of the UAss, as highlighted by their manufacturer and mandated by the constitution of the United States. The document provides relevance in the use of police drones as a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Case study example

The business venture Dwayne and Fred started is currently in a tough situation due to the fact the bank loan they had approved for $300, 000 was reduced to $175, 000 by the bank. A second option is to incorporate the business in order to be able to sell common stock of the company in →

Geography: herodotus and strabo

It is not only maps that help us learn to travel but also the understanding of geographical elements like the weather that these scholars have contributed to the knowledge we all know of today that play a part in knowing how and when to travel. Often called the father of history, Herodotus was a greek →


While the anthropologist-cum-physician at the University of Texas strives to provide realistic explanations to his argument, he fails to provide realistic solutions and deliberately ignores the importance of family planning in the contemporary society. This implies that unlike in the traditional African societies where children were communally owned thus taken care of by all the →

Chapter 9

While centrifugal is the term used for those forces who work opposite to the centripetal forces i.e.split the mind of the people and decrease support for a nation. On the other hand, nationalism can also be termed as a centrifugal force as it can cause a group of people to place their needs in front →

What is the israel lobby

The success of Israel Lobby, as it was argued by Smith, is in tandem with that of Mearsheimer and Walt; the Israel Lobby focuses on influencing the Congress, the executive, manipulate media, and policing academia. Smith, Mearsheimer, Walt, and Frankel claim that the work of lobby make Israel gets direct foreign aid every year.

Reflection assignment for the intro to orienteering class

We did not have a map to guide us on the tracks and routes to use while in the forests. Notably, this helps the person to familiarize him or herself with the routes to use, the culture of the people, the nature of the environment, and the potential risks.

Discuss the factors between denmark and solomon islands that responsible for increased and decreased growth rates within populat

In relation to the case study of Denmark and Solomon Island, it is construed that the population growth rate is unique from one place to the other. The growth rate in population is the percentage increase in the total population of a given country; it is calculated as the ratio of the increase and previous →

The power of the us

The Power of the Us The Power of the US The USA is an economic, social and political powerhouse of the world. The US is also one of the countries in the world, which has the highest number of immigrants annually.

Te lawrence fundamentals of an insurgency

E Lawrence Analysis of the Taliban guerilla movement in Afghanistan The Taliban insurgency is an Islamic political movement operating in Afghanistan. In order to understand the activities and nature of the Taliban guerilla movement, it is vital to analyze it based on T.

The ways to improve older workers’ contribution to the workforce

This paper aims to encourage employers to hire older workers in Singapore to speed up the rate of productivity growth as older workers' skills when upgraded will be on par with the younger workers. Older workers tend to be less flexible and more challenging to train; especially in the more technical areas.

Top origin and destination locations

The poor conditions in Mexico have made many people in Mexico to seek other favorable conditions in the USA in order to attain prosperity and wealth due to the attractive facilities in the USA. PULL CONDITIONS Wealth: Most of the people in USA are admired due to the perception that the people live in comfort →

Middle east

This perspective mostly refers to a conventional Muslim female whereby according to the creed ought to conduct themselves in a decent manner, which is having veil. France: In this state, the regime barred full-face veil in public places whereby the president contended the practice was basically a way of oppressing the female gender, hence France →

Exploring exciting kathmandu

The old town of Kathmandu is what holds the true spirit of the city- comprised of Hindu and Buddhist temples, royal mansions, and narrow streets that take you to unexpected places- it tells a story that is felt and experienced rather than simply observed. Bright, colourful, noisy and busy during the day, the full of →

Colorado in searching for new oasis by lavender

The book thus linked my knowledge of Geography and Geology to sociology and the study of culture and history of this region. The way of living of people from Colorado has changed a lot over the passage of the last few decades.


The main point of the above reference is the emergence of a new concept of a region and the advancement of techno-science. The purpose of the article is the analysis of the offense pattern between two points in time on the border between Sweden and Denmark.

Example of definition of geography essay

It is through the interconnection that exists between people and the environment that helps in the understanding of the world and the changes happening in it Geography is the study of living things that exist on the surface of the earth. It is through the interconnection that exists between people and the environment that helps →

Sand and gravel (aggregates) operators in sault ste. marie sell most, if not all, of their products within the sault ste. marie area. why that case what conditions are likely to make it possible for sand and gravel from the sault ste. marie region to b

Marie is known to be naturally of a high quality and construction firms are likely to be more willing to buy the sand and gravel aggregate from these region even if they have gravel aggregate in their own region. Construction firms from the surrounding regions such as Chicago and the southern Ontario are now aware →

Golf essay

In our sports and athletics club called the " Hilltoppers" golf is a very active part of the club. In fact I saw on the club's website that there was an article entitled " WKU Golf to Host WKU/Kenny Perry Invitational" announcing that for the first time for several years the men's section of our →

Plate tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes)

From one of the theory, it mentions that the convection that exist within the earth's mantle pushes the plate in much similar way as air heated by our bodies as it rises upward and gets deflected sideways once it reaches the ceiling. From further examination of the globe, it revealed that all of the earth →

Strategic forecast and staffing formulation

Goals and objectives The goals and objectives of Bosch-Kazakhstan is for the Bosch Group HR manager to ensure that it takes the necessary management staff in place within the required time period in order to maintain efficient and effective operations at its four divisions at all times. Bosch HR manager had some time to plan →

Julius caesar

Through the many historybooks that people read, they get to know about the man that was Julius Caesar and some of the accomplishments of his time. New York: American Printing Press, 2011.

Just answer the fellowing questions

According to the article, the government of China has taken this step because of concerns over British attitude toward the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. The author, therefore, leaves it to his readers to make a decision on whether the government of China is right to deny British MPs entry to Hong Kong.

Why people join an insurgency

Body One of the reasons due to which individuals join insurgencies is that they perceive that by joining insurgencies they can gain a better status within the society. Individuals belonging to a community may join the insurgency in order to prove that he/she is someone who should be respected as compared to other members of →


Cultural Landscape of Russia The cultural landscape of a particular geographical location provides a connection between the nature and culture of a people. The Kremlin The observed features: The Cathedral Square A huge clay wall surrounds the buildings The Grand Kremlin Palace with a green roof From the observations, the Cathedral Square represents a rich →

Coursework example

Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in orange can lay claim to a smattering of Midwestern and Western counties, while Mormonism is, unsurprisingly, the largest religion in every Utah County and in chunks of Utah's neighboring states. The debate as to whether the impact is positive or negative has been taking place since the inception →

Geographical differentials

Even a cursory overview of unemployment rates within the United States reveals the fact that unemployment is ultimately tied to a lack of infrastructure development, a lack of resources, and oftentimes a lack of educational achievement on the part of the individuals that live within a given region. In seeking to answer the what of →

Growth of the world’s cities

Growth of the World's Cities Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis ment 3 The Developing Urban Environment 4 Challenges & Successes 5 Conclusion 6 Works Cited 7 7 Introduction The cultural heritage of Paris and chronological events of its history have played a vital role in its development as ' The City of Lights'. In →

Economic geography

The article gives the benefits of the decision by the United States international trade commission to uphold the tariffs. The first aspect of economic geography is depicted by the presence of international trade of solar panels between the Chinese firms and the American customers.

Why global warming is considered to be a threat to the ecological balance in our planet

Global warming is a topical issue across the globe and is believed to pose a major threat to the ecological balance in our planet. Overall, global warming is likely to impact on the entire ecosystem as a result of the disturbances likely to be caused by extreme climatic changes that may take place in the →

Catastrophism or uniformitarism

The structure, the shape and the chronology of the earth has been studied for decades. The rock structure, the processes that explain the formations of soil from the dismantling of the same rocks are all based from detailed studies.

Geomorphology – lab report example

The Lab 1 Microsoft Excel worksheet was downloaded from the " Module 1" in Canvas.2. In the last column, the value 1.

Berkeley terre haute indiana water balance

Studying the water balance of the place is a sub-specialty of geology because of the importance of having an adequate water supply. The water balance in Berkeley is usually a deficit, as it cannot adequately replenish water from its natural sources and factors like a hot weather that causes a lot of evaporation.


Almost two-thirds of the people in Oceania and Australia live in the country of Australia. The people of Oceania take pride in their culture and history.

Geography coursework keswick

There is a large car park, with space for coaches, and public toilets but as peak times the parking provision is not enough and the congestion spoils the character of the village and affects its enjoyment by all. There has been an increase in Green tourism or sustainable tourism which the Lake District and Keswick →

Globalization of music

The of the artist is Ricky Martin; he is the singer. Ricky Martin mentions different places around the world in the song including the Sahara Desert, and the Himalayas and the props and outfits of the actors including himself in the respective places is in accordance with the norms, cultures, and traditions of those places.

Activity 10

The objective is to study the ways in which the facility promotes health of the fishery, and the ways it can improve the efficiency southeast region's fishery. Apart from these procedures, the centre educates the people on the importance of fish health and the aquatic ecosystem.

The two places

Task Introduction Marina Del Rey is a usually referred to as unincorporated because of the unique things found in the One of its closest towns is Santa Monica and all the areas surrounding like Venice Beach. Santa Monica is found on the southern part of California and has a population of about ninety thousand according →

Monsoons: monsoon and southern hemisphere

Strengthening of the Asian monsoon has been linked to the uplift of the Tibetan Plateau after the collision of the Indian sub-continent and Asia around 50 million years ago.[9] Many geologists believe the monsoon first became strong around 8 million years ago based on records from the Arabian Sea and the record of wind-blown dust →

Seahorse key, florida

The photos and examples of the snakes on the book are from the author's extensive research and work on snakes. The book has many drawings and black and white photos of the snakes that are in Florida.

Characteristics of bo-kaap

Bo-Kaap is a section in Cape Town, South Africa that was formerly known as the Malay Quarteron the slopes of Signal Hill and above the center of the city. A unique tribute to the inhabitants of this area to the scenery of Cape Town is the 1844 Nurul Islam Mosque (Wilkinson and Kragolsen-Kille →

Geomorphology 2 – lab report example

The radiocarbon age-based sedimentation rate is considered unrealistic and cannot relied upon because of the fluctuations witnessed in the rate of production of carbon 14 at the top of the atmosphere. What are the sedimentation rates for radiocarbon age-depth curve and calibrated age-depth curve From the gradient of the curve, The sedimentation rate for →


A Volunteer Disaster Response or Relief Organization of the organization The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies through marshalling the power of volunteers as well as the donors' generosity. Who may join the organization? The American Red Cross has administrative centers in every country. The organization also assists →

Immigration is tightly controlled by most countries around the world. why this case what strategies and requirements are used by canada and the united states to control immigration are there advantages and disadvantages regarding current canadian immigr

The reunification of families is crucial to the immigration policies in these regions, and they use this to select the immigrants to the different states present. New York: American Printing Press, 2004.

Assignment example

According to the west tries to depict they are much superior to the Middle East in culture since they view " Holy war" as act of terrorism which is associated with Islamic religion. The USA use Google earth to monitor the borders of Canada and Mexico. The border between USA and Mexico differs →


Tourism in the Netherlands Tourism in the Netherlands In Europe, the Netherlands is one of the countries with the most stable economies. It will also discuss the impact of tourism on the Netherlands. The Delta Project is recognized as one of the major tourist attractions sites.

World regional georgraphy unit 6

The word apartheid was used to refer to the separation between the white settlers and the black. The whites were the minority while the blacks were the majority but apartheid was introduced to ensure that the whites would continue to dominate the country. Before independence, racial segregation in South Africa was intensive.

Pre-colombian society and northern south american chiefdoms

The chiefdoms of the Pre-Colombian Caribbean were closely related to those of Northern South America. On the other hand, the Mesoamerican area extended from Chiapas and the Yucatan Peninsula to the Nicoya Peninsula. The intermediate area was made up of different societies that were ruled by different chiefdoms.

The beta group

The actual business model of The Beta Group is known as Business Engineering that refers to development of a concept and business strategy through comprehensive marker research followed by analysis of potential and scope of certain products and technologies. For instance, owning a company would also enable to market new technologies and products to existing →

Geography – lab report example

Additionally, Yellowfin Tuna's capability to reproduce quickly also aids in boosting their sustainability despite heavy overfishing especially in the unregulated regions. 3. Fish 1 Barramundi This is a US farmed fish reared in a sound and well-managed environment, hence it does not pose any danger to human consumption or other aquatic life. Fish →

African elephants

The validity of the report will be evaluated with reference to a scientific journal on the same issue retrieved from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140819155226.htm on 22nd March 2015. According to the BBC news, the population of African elephants had declined to a critical point. BBC reporter, Rebecca Morelle added that the primary cause of the increased elephant poaching →

Earth day

Earth Day Earth Day As the largest civic event in the world, earth day bears a very significant influence in environmental protection. At a time that there is rapid pollution of the environment, the day is used to highlight the effects and raise awareness about the consequences of the pollution on the environment. Earth day →

Difference between alain city and abu dhabi city

The growth and establishment of the city depend on the oil in the region. Presently there are about 568221 people in the garden city.

In africa

The workers undoubtedly have to deal with plague-like conditions in which pesticides are exposed, lack of accesses to toilets is hindered, drinking water is not available, and to efforts are conducted to protect the workers through a union. The majority of the current and former farm workers interviewed about these conditions said they had been →

Geography sba

100164 Topic: To identify and examine whether residence of Ensom City, Spanish Town are aware of the origin, development and the precautions to be undertaken during a hurricane. Strategy Sheet Table of Contents Page Aim of Study Location of Maps Method of Data Collection Presentation of Data Conclusion Bibliography Appendix Aim To identify and examine →

Cte 3

This paper discusses numerous activities and facts about Syria that threaten the US interests in the Middle East. Around mid of the year 2012, the government of Syria declined the access of the UN observers to a site where mass killing was reported. We cannot allow mass killing to become part of everyday reality in →

Empiricism in geography

Empiricism believes that the mind is a blank canvas and all knowledge arrives in the mind through the portals that are the 5 senses. He deemed that the human mind gained their knowledge only through the senses and that the development of the ability to free the mind of all biases and consciences that could →

Introduction to terrorism

Similarly, an overwhelming majority of the world raised demonstrations against the US invasion on Iraq by declaring it as the terrorism on the part of the western world; however, the USA and her allied viewed it as an act to destroy the terrorist government of Saddam Hussein.Criteria used to define Terrorism: The world blames the →

Congregation and the urban landscape of milwaukee

The concentration of the black in the area records the highest number of the families. b). Area A which is the first grade is with the white household, recording the highest number of people in the area. 2a).

Country size

It is found in French Riviera on the Mediterranean, has an estimated population of 36, 037 people and covers 1. Tuvalu covers an area of 26 kilometers square; she has a population of 10, 441 people, and it found in the south of Pacific.

The best measure of a japans progress

This is because many think that such an association will threaten the dominance of the US in the global market and political sector. This is because it is able to capture the changes that have occurred in the economic sector over a specified period of time.

The work world: perception vs. reality

As we got to know each other, I became curious and engaged the ex-soldiers, Joshua and Caesar, in a conversation. In our informal interview , I came to learn that Joshua had a degree in Law and decided to join military after graduation. I have come to acknowledge that military career, just like any →

Kosovo independence and kosovo facts

Teacher Kosovo Independence Until recently, Serbia still refused to relinquished its effective control over the northern region of Kosovo and still refused to recognize the 2008 Kosovo Declaration of Independence. The 2008 Declaratio of Independence of Kosovo was a product of a failed initiative of Finland's former President Martti Ahtisaari also called the Ahtisaari plan →

Population of colombia state

Somehow, it is estimated that European Amerindians, called Mestizo, make up three-fifths of the Colombian population followed by Whites, and the European-Africans called Mulatto, percentage of which is one fifth and one-seventh of the total population respectively.. Life expectancy is estimated to be 70 and 77 years for males and females respectively, were approximately one-sixth →

Analyses of articles on the theme of human geography

The number of women in India is decreasing due to the preference of men to women. In central Asia, Afghanistan is a land rocked country with a very harsh climate. The increase in avalanches can be attributed to climate change in Europe. East Asia comprises of four countries; China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Colonialism in southeast asia and the austral and pacific realms

Intermarriage of the Spanish and the Philippines led to the growth of a very strong community that became the most powerful politically and economically. In addition, the Spanish rule over the Philippines defined the modern state of the Philippines in matters concerning the social, religious, and ideological underpinnings. The Spanish rule over the Philippines had →


" Globalisation was the byword of the 1990s, reflecting the rapid growth of international financial transactions, the integration of developing countries into the world economy, and the information and communications revolution that brought satellite television, the cell phone, and the Internet to remote corners of the world," - Bordo et al p.533. The →