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The fault in our stars reflective response

The indecisiveness and confusion that Gus has at the time of writing his letter is a universal response to insecurity and hopelessness. In terms of the novel Gus' letter provides the reader with an applicable question to think about.

The motif of the moon in ishmael’s a long way gone

Ishmael uses the motif of the moon as a figurative language as well as the setting to describe his situations and emotions in a poetic way. Ishmael's words with the moon motif in A Long Way Gone enable the readers to explore his mind as well.

Solar nebular theory

What I liked about the video is how they used good analogies such as the pizza and the figure skater to get the idea of angular momentum across. What I liked about the video is the way they illustrated how the Doppler affect worked with visuals as oppose to the dog theory in the textbook.

Why men are from mars and women are from venus.

It is easy to assume that because English belongs to the person who uses it, men and women would likely to talk the same way but that may not be the case. In the essay " I will Explain it to you: Lecturing and Listening" by Deborah Tannen, she believes that even though men and →

Albedo in urban and rural temperature settings

Albedo can be defined as the ratio of the amount of light that a ceratin body reflects and the amount that it absorbs. If the surface that is it by the sunlight absorbs or takes in most of the light, it is said to have a low albedo.

Earth and yuri gagarin

The purpose of this presentation to know more about the life of Yuri Gagarin and his exploits. During this state of weightlessness I ate and drank and everything was the same as on the Earth.

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that allowed the first men to land on the moon. He was quoted saying in front of congress, " I believethat this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth." And →

Right stuff

For the intent of this essay, I will define " the right stuff" as the unspoken qualities a person possesses that motivate them to attempt/accomplish feats not ordinarily attempted as well as continue to challenge themselves to the point that few can relate and the masses are viewed as inferior beings. From the challenge to →

Minor members of the solar system

Halley's is one of the best-known and brightest comets others are the Oort cloud which are comets that appear to be distributed in all directions trom the sun, torming a spherical shell around the solar system. A few meteoroids are believed to be fragments of the moon, or possibly Mars, that were ejected when an →

Halley’s comet

In comparison, the earth has a diameter of 12, 756 km and the sun has a diameter of 1, 392, 000 km. This means that Halley's Comet is only about 4% the size of earth but because of its coma, it appears much larger to the naked eye. If Halley was once →

Back to the moon

Moreover, the program also intends to make up for the setbacks experienced by the United States space program, such as the Columbia shuttle disaster. The Columbia disaster prompted Bush and a group of administration officials to develop a new plan that would use the existing space shuttles →

Kalpana chawla: the first indian-american astronaut

Chawla was the first Indian-born woman in space, as well as the first Indian-American in space.(She was the second person from India to fly into space, after cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma who went into space in 1984 in a Soviet spacecraft.) On her first mission Chawla travelled over 6.million miles in 252 orbits of the earth, →

The soyuz 11 space disaster: a case study in engineering disasters

The primary use of this space station was to study the effects of long term space travel on a human body, as well as studying effects on growing plants. On April 19, 1971 Soyuz 10 was the first spacecraft to attempt a mission out to the space station however this mission was →

Commentary: moon tiger, 1987, by penelope lively

She talks about the history of language saying ' we open our mouths and out flow words whose ancestries we do not even know.' This shows that she cares greatly about words and their origin and it is important to her that more people care about it as well. The rhyming of →

Mars climate orbiter failure

The primary fault at hand was thefailureto programme and operate the trajectory of the spacecraft in the required manor, causing the space probe to enter a trajectory that took the spacecraft within the minimum altitude at which the spacecraft could survive and operate effectively. Furthermore, any underlying issues that could have led to failures in →

Effects of mercury on the enviroment

Mercury's Effect on the Environment and People Mercury is one of the biggest environmental problems that exist because it is hard to get of once in the environment. Another example of mercury's effect on people and the environment comes from the saying " mad as a hatter." In the 1800's, hats were made with mercury →

Life on mars essay

The evidences about the presence of water and oxygen on Mars have raised hopes about the probability of life on Mars. If I Get a Chance to Live on Mars While the scientists keep sending spacecrafts and rovers on Mars to conduct their research, I often dream about going to the planet to understand →

Apollo 13 communication plan

And above all would I have what it takes to bring the astronauts back home? This exercise asserted that the need to clearly define roles, responsibilities and objectives, and to communicate them to the stakeholders is paramount. Applying those right-brain concepts to the informationtechnologysphere of work would definitely put a positive spin on projects as →

Solar nebular theory

What I liked about the video is how they used good analogies such as the pizza and the figure skater to get the idea of angular momentum across. What I did not like about the video is how they did not go more in depth about the other bodies that are created →