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Statistical analysis – use spss

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Applying creative and critical thinking

The cause of the problem was the disunity and the consequent disorganization of the team members that jeopardized the research process. The next problem that I had to solve was the issue of new roles to be distributed to the group members.

Problems with instrumental variables estimation when the correlation between the instruments and the endogenous explanatory variable is weak

Task: Problems with instrumental variable estimation Introduction This work presents the summary of an analysis of the problems that instrumental variable estimation poses when the correlation between the instruments and the endogenous explanatory variable is weak. The number of variables is dependent on the scope and the nature of the problem being researched about.


This sampling plan results in a random sample, but not a simple random sample. This sampling plan results in a random sample, but not a simple random sample.

One-tailed test or a two-tailed test

The first step in any t-test analysis, according to Jackson, is setting both the null and alternative hypotheses so that it can be determined whether there is any difference in the two means under study. In this case, our main interest is to know whether there is a difference between the oxygenation levels of the →

Regression analysis models for marketing decision making

The research seeks to identify various regression analysis models being applied by businesses in trying to get information from quantitative data and the information being used in making a business decision especially in the marketing department. The major regression models available are linear regression model, non-linear regression model, logistic regression and multinomial logistic regression.

The said ” kobe [bryant] is the

In terms of statistics, Kobe is the better player. The last piece of evidence that proves Kobe Bryant is a better basketball player than LeBron James is this.

Statistics standard deviation in the form of

Variance: is the mean deviation of the values from their mean; moreover, variance value has important indications since if the value is high this means that data is stretched and if the value is small this means that data is squeezed. 2 , where X is my value in data set, X is the arithmetic →

Predicted revenue and prediction interval

From the plot of the Regression Line for lnRevenue vs.lnCirculation, it can be seen that the points are relatively equally scattered around the regression line. This is evident in the plot of the residuals vs.predicted values, as the points are randomly scattered about the center line.


C) Calculating the Correlation between Two Variables It is often required to compute correlation between two variables. When the correlation coefficient is close to zero, there is either a weak or no relationship exists between x and y.

Statistics in business

Statistics in Business Statistics is a field of study that describes collecting a set of data and inferring information from the data so collected. Flip a coin: the role of statistics in business decision-making.

Frequency distribution

In the process of measuring the work output of different people we could make use of mean and correlation to get the right figures. We could use of means and correlation analysis for the purposes of analysing the output of different employees in a company.

Survey on smoking

On the other end of the scale, the lowest number of times that a man smoked was twice. Similarly to the men, the most number of times that a woman smoked each day was 11 times.


The distribution pattern of the data as seen from the histogram revealed that scores given by peers to both the public schools and private schools are moderately positively skewed having skewness of 0. In this section, statistical comparison of the first quartile of SAT Combined score for students from public and private schools is carried →


As the emission is a sign of a developed industry, the industrially developed countries will be the main contributors of CO2 to the atmosphere. The group of countries is located below the trend line.

Correlation discussion

In particular, this may be applied when the value of r deviates from zero, in which case, the sampling distribution becomes skewed progressively and Fisher's z-transformation may resolve to normalize this condition. Evaluation of Pearson ' r', on the other hand, may indicate correlation between two variables based on tests to figure whether the ' →

Explanations of central tendency measures

Therefore, of the two diet plans, since they have same mean, the large dispersion of weight loss in diet plan B is an indication that there are credible huge variations between personal scores than in diet plan A. This is because individuals lost weight almost similarly in diet plan A, while in Diet plan B →


Methodology One of the most common methods to estimate inventory is the retail inventory method. Once the cost of the ending inventory is determined, the potential amount of sales for the next period can be calculated.

Data analysis

In statistics the accuracy of the results is positively correlated to the number of the data variables. In a nutshell; using the sample data the average weight of a football player is 192.

Case study your college week

Conclusion In conclusion, about half of the students never had a part time job and about half of the students had a part-time job. The results indicated that there is an association between gender and job experience for the students.

Case study

Case control is a design that uses two groups to find out the answers to the research question, for example, in this study, the case are the transgender people. The aim of the study may be to find out the difference in life experiences.

Correlation does not imply causation proved by by amanda macmillan

Borrowing from this study, the article by MacMillan then claims that the drinking patterns of the 2nd-degree friends were the strongest influence on drinking behaviour. It is therefore scientifically inappropriate to conclude that the 2nd-degree friends increased the drinking habits in teens.

Scatter plot deducer

Scatter plot deducer of Height and Age It is often of interest to that the spread of the distributionof a variable. In the case scenario we are exploring the relationship between age and height.

Coursework example

The student he selects has a ticket with the number 10. Construct a probability distribution which shows the possible number of girls the family can have X 2 3 4 P 7.

Survey design

The sample is divided into two strata consisting of 50 employers and 50 employees to ensure the data is collected within the available time and the conclusions are all encompassing in terms of the views and opinions of the employees and the employers. Stratified sampling will be in the division of the sample to two →

Stat 2

Minimize Z= 8X12+4X1X2+12X22 Subject to: 6X1+X2 50 X1+X2 40 A statistical programming that uses a scale of 0-1 is a simple and powerful integer scale. Quantitative analysis of quality management literature published in total quality management and business excellence.

Test characteristics

Thus, when one talks about the reliability of a test, he refers to the scores and not to the content or the form of the test. The correlation between the scores of the examinees in the first half and the second half will determine the reliability of the test scores.

Cs 2 descriptive statistics part i: normal curves, variability, and plotting

The various measures used to describe a set of data, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion and measures of distribution. The made calculations usually cover central tendency, dispersion and distribution of the data.

Measurement and nominal b. ordinal

Quantitative Analysis for Business Final E Progress: The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to A.summarize data in a useful and informative manner B.make inferences about a population C.determine if the data adequately represents the population D.gather or collect data The general process of gathering, organizing, summarizing, analyzing, and interpreting data is called A.statistics B.descriptive →

Forecast exam test quiz

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Selecting relevant research that addresses the variables in the research question(s) of the article

With this increase, the mobile element of the social media continues to spread the adoption as well as the widespread of the social media and digital marketing. In addition to the marketer-directed roadblocks and other online ads, there were other consumer directed actions used via the digital media that increased reach and sales of the →

Measures and scale

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Inferential and descriptive statistics

There are a number of advantages associated with inferential statistics, one of the advantages is that inferential statistics will provide more information than descriptive statistics, for example, descriptive statistics regarding the gender variable will indicate percentages of male and female participants, inferential statistics will involve determining the percentage of male, and also will also involve →

Essay on the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology

The third step is the use of the formulated hypothesis in the prediction of other phenomena that are in existence or the prediction of the results for a new observation quantitatively. Collection of secondary data is less expensive and takes a shorter time to collect than the primary data collection.


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1 more than 3 nails for adults, or

For more severe cases in adults a course of Terbinafine may be recommended at a dosage of 250mg orally every day for 3 to 4 months, though it is worth noting that due to the nature of the drug the liver function should be assessed at a minimum of every 4 to 6 weeks throughout →

Relegion and marraige health

The relationship between religion and have a healthy marriage The research is about the relationship between marriage and religion. Different age groups, ethnic groups have been sampled so as to come up with the results the questions asked were the frequency of going to church, marital status and the health of the marriage.

Statistics chapter 12 solutions

If we wish to determine whether there is evidence that the proportion of successes is higher in group 1 than in group 2, the appropriate test to use is a) the Z test.b) the [pic]test.c) both of the above d) none of the above ANSWER: a TYPE: MC DIFFICULTY: Easy KEYWORDS: chi-square test for difference →

To attain such goal

The sample mean is considered as the most valid estimate of the true value that is considered in the course of the experiment. It is considered as the norm in finding the probable location of the center of the data set since it is the value in between the extremes of the data.

Week 4

90 R2 = 0.81 d.r = 0. R2 = 0.


To accomplish their objective, they set out to investigate the influence of ICT in the profitability of the hotels in the study area. Dana conducted a statistical research with the primary objective of establishing the role of information technology in the hospitality industry.

Lin article questions

In long articles do the researchers briefly summarize the purpose and results at the beginning of the discussion session? Are the results discussed in terms of their literature cited in the introduction.

Probability assignment

For the first member of the committee, there are 8 possibilities. Therefore, the total number of ways these 5 envelopes can be posted in the 3 mailboxes is 3*3*3*3*3 = 35.

Water leak and a pump failure

The probability table shows the probability for all states of the node given the states of the parent nodes.b) What is a joint probability distribution? Is it possible, in your model, to compensate for the lack of Mr H.S.'s expertise with a better pump?

Statistical survey

The main elements of entertainment that can be studies include the likes or dislikes on the various forms of entertainment, the role played by entertainment in people's lives and the impact of entertainment channels within a given population. The ratio of the sampled students to the whole population gives a firm ground to stand when →

An excellent analysis and methods with a pulmonary disorder

To provide appropriate medicinal care and education to the patient and then statistical analysis of individuals has to be obtained to relate to the type of medication he/she is to be with. Record keeping and data is very essential to assist the physician to know the progress of a particular patient with time.

Creative writing on information in speech making

The purpose of a speech in a very fundamental sense is to inform, persuade and entertain the audience. After all, we live in the Information Age and any incorrect information one might provide is bound to be pointed out or realised sooner or later, which makes the whole purpose of the speech invalidated.

What is an outcome

What is a probability distribution? How do we find the probability of two or more dependent events happening?

All graduate programs

All Graduate Programs The data indicates that the total number of students in the All Graduate Programs is 1, 390. In terms of their age group 311 are in the 25 years and under age group, 639 in the 25 to 34 age group, 249 in the 35 to 44 age group, and 191 →

The education program that thrives on children freedom

The Montessori education programis a well-known education program that thrives on children freedom of Choiceand group-based centers in the classroom.Dr. Based on the structure that enhanced hands-on learning, social interaction and independence the Montessori Education Program is a greatchoice.

Problem set 2 × 3 between s factorial

During the first half of the spring semester, 120 male students and 120 female students in grade 10 at a public high school in a large metropolitan area in the southwestern region of the United States were randomly assigned to one of three study environment: study in front of the TV, at the library, or →

Statistics study

Application of Statistics in Research A researcher may apply statistics in the planning and execution of research. Statistics helps give credibility to methods used, findings and conclusions of the research.

Correlation discussion

On the other hand, if we had two variables that were measured using a number scale, then the best method to use is Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient. The likely opportunity that this method would be used is a correlation between gender and height.

Using probability concepts to formulate a decision making for abc

The cost of production is currently close to the contracted price and ABC Ltd is considering the possibility of sourcing the product at a cheaper price as there is a 0. The probability of manufacturing corn cheaply is a mere 0.

Quantitative analysis of a data sample

The mean score for whites in English MCAS is 241. 10 The hypothesis is that race affect a student's performance in English exams.


However, in a bid to establish the most commonly engaged activity in the beach, I was able to count the number of people engaging in various activities for instance, swimming, surfing and others just went to the beach to enjoy the view of the ocean. On that note, the study was able to yield the →

Minitab work

To three decimal places, what is the p value from this F test? is it reasonable to assume that the two fertiliser yields have equal variance The null and alternate hypotheses are The selected level of significance, is 0.05. What is the p value of your test to three decimal places?

Discussion board question

Furthermore, in the case of the cheeseburger and doughnut, the graph did not specify the size or type of the burger and doughnut referred to in the graph. In the case of the beer and the soda, the type of beer and soda was not specified although the size of the beverage was indicated.

Basic statistics

Basic Statistics of Affiliate Research Questions Is there a significant correlation between age and depression according to the data available in Book 5 Pearson Correlation Number of Observations: 681 Table 1 Pearson Correlation Matrix AGE DEPRESSION AGE 1. The positive integer implies that there is a negative correlation between work and depression according to the →

Gap inc statistics on competitive advantage

Porter's five forces model is to be used in the apt industrial analysis of Gap Inc: Rivalry Gap Inc.strives to survive in a fierce and competitive industry through the aid of its competitive advantage. While Gap Inc.generates revenues and maintains a rate of profitability from its products, the company is compelled to allocate budget for →

M and m’s

The value of test statistic is = 0. This is because the test statistic 2 = 0.

Hypertension and diet/exercise2

This report is not based on particular data collected by the authors; but on the results on a large number of studies; and it attempts to provide a scientific and precise understanding of the mechanisms that control the effect of diet on bold pressure across age, gender, weight, race and lifestyles. The report provides overwhelming →

The effect of computer in our daily lives

Most educators agree that the principal causes of failure are lack of basic skills, lack of study skills, and lack of motivation. A firm grasp of basic skills what are termed the three Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic is a must for college or university work.

Mini project

The graph points the trend of oil fracking as compared to the total oil and gas production from 2005 to 2015. Nevertheless, the difference or the ratio of the fracking to the total amounts can be easily calculated from the graph.

The sticky-priced condo essay

She also told the couple that if they refuse to sell their unit at a lower price such as $195, 000, they would suffer from sticky prices, in which there would be no buyer. If I were Wendy, I would persuade Jack and Sarah to sell their condominium at a lower price by using the →

Statistical reasoning summary

Statistical Reasoning Summary Statistics, if not handled skillfully, can lead to misinterpretation and incorrect results. At times, plenty of data are available but analyzing these data through critical thinking and reasoning skills requires a great understanding of the principles behind statistical techniques.

Implications and limitations of economic feasibility

One of the implications of the study is a target-specific approach to management of operations costs for greater profit margins. This also implies that profitability of hospitals do not depend on type of locality and with consideration of competition due to concentration of facilities in urban areas, I would locate a hospital, especially for a →

Risk assignment

Answer the following questions regarding each one of the risk sources you have identified.i)If you desired to follow a statistical approach in the assessment of the risk, what hard data would you need, what hard data do you think would be available, what near accident data could be used to support the available insufficient accident/failuredata? →

Interpretivists approach to suicide

He thus says that Durkheim's study of suicide is not useful in society because the statistics were based on coroner's interpretations and so his study was not reliable. In conclusion, there are many criticisms against Durkheim's study on suicide which suggest that it is not suitable to study the causalities of suicide and maybe the →

Final conclusions memo

During the analysis of the data given, it is remarkably clear that people believe of the finest basketball players is different from the real day occurrences. From the convinced interval data collected and analyzed, it is remarkably clear that the number of wins rarely affect the amount the player is paid.

Normal distribution

The reason why normal distribution is so important is because of the Central Limit Theorem. This theorem states that as long as there are a significantly large number of variables involved in the sampling process, then the average, or mean, will approximately located at the center of the curve.

Data interpretation practicum

Hypothesis The correlation test will test the level of association between injury rate and number of hours worked will be investigated consequently, our hypotheses are as follows: Null Hypothesis, H0: Injury rate and hours worked are correlated Alternative Hypothesis, H1: Injury rate and hours worked are not correlated A scatterplot of the data is shown →

Statical data in a business

Therefore: P = P + P P = P P + P P It is by now known that 40% of the detergent is produced by Florida plant and 60% from Texas. It is notable that P represents the probability of the faulty detergent.

Social research methods

Unobtrusive research is simply the methods of studying social behaviorwithout affecting it.- There are three types of unobtrusive research: Content Analysis Analysis of existing statistics Comparative and historical analysis Content Analysis - With content analysis you focus on the details of recorded human communications. The determination of latent content requires judgements by the researcher.- Both →

Statistical graphs

The article by Rampell, whose heading reads ' SAT scores and family income', shows the effect that family income has on the SAT scores of individuals. The line graph shows the change in SAT scores over change in income more effectively than the bar graph.

Random sampling in hypothesis

Random sampling does not portray bias to any part of the population. Random sampling gives a true representation of the population because it is not biased to any side.

Correct survey organization within research

5 In regard to the ways of minimizing mistakes in research, the following strengths and weaknesses can be deducted. Third, exploring alternatives to response strategies such as use of polite language may help in sustaining the interaction of the researcher and the respondent.

Discuss strategies these business owners used to manage their working capital

The aim of managing the working capital of a business is to ensure that the business continues to be in operation by having the ability to pay short-term debts and operating expenses anytime they fall due. The first working capital management that the partners used was ensuring that a large part of their revenue comes →

Homework: week 7, chapter 7

Out of the sample, 338 votes were in favor of an issue on the ballot. Confidence Interval The 95 % confidence interval for the proportion that favored the issue is the set of values within the interval, 0. 4299-0.5025. This interval defines the estimated range of the population proportion with a probability of 0.95. →


05 significance level. Cover-letter Type I II III Frequency 49 41 37 Step 1The null and alternate hypotheses are The variable has the specified distribution. (The true proportions of all returned questionnaires accompanied by cover letters I, II, and III are the same). The variable does not →


The points of the data include: -Number of weeks of severance pay -Age of employee -Number of years with the company -Annual pay Coefficients Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig. 95% Confidence Interval for B Correlations B Std. Error Beta Lower Bound →


The Factorial ANOVA with Random Effects emphases on how random the outcome's observations vary across within-subject variables. For example, let's put in consideration that you are in some way interested in the outcomes or effects of people with social anxiety' new therapy , as well as the number of the days they use yearly as →

Research questions, objectives and hypothesis

This requires a focus on the original research question and the ability of researchers to set aside additional questions that may arise for later research studies. A research hypothesis or alternative hypothesis is the hypothesis which researchers " want to support that predicts a significant difference exists between the two groups being →

Electronic gadgets

Our method of data collection includes both a survey of high school students in the Midwest area and an analysis of national SAT scores in the years before computing and in years with computing. In order to make our data comparable, we only compared the verbal and math scores for all the years we analyzed.

Statistics homework

The coefficient of carA on the other hand is -28463, this shows that the price of cars with no garage is much more, those with garage are -28463 cheaper. b) Properties with a one-car garage and properties with a two-car garage. From the figure below, R-squared value is 0. The coefficient of carA on the →

Discussion #3 stat

Although the website gives sufficient insight into the topics of probability and statistics and the contents have been made very easy to understand, yet the website does not have all components of the course taught at MIT. Advanced search is another option that can be used to find a particular topic. " Probability and Statistics in →

Research one of the formulas in that we will cover and discuss the relevancy and application to the program

This is because statistics provides evidence and an understanding of risks that are involved in nursing processes. One of the statistical formulas that are applicable to the nursing program is the concept of probability. Probability is therefore relevant to the nursing profession because it forms a basis for decision making in selection of nursing practices.

Confidence intervals

0%, So the sampling proportion will be the key to our ability to generalize from our sample to the population. Now, we know that the sampling distribution model is centered at the true proportion, p, of all home owners who use electricity to heat their homes. Now, We do not know exactly →

Business process model & notation (bpmn)

A well thought out BPMN provides the organization with the ability to synthesize internal business procedures in the form of a chart. 0: Introduction to the Standard for Business Process Modeling.

Example of essay on data visualization

Types of data visualization include scientific visualization, information visualization, and information graphics also called ' infographics'. Information Visualization is being used extensively by people in the fields of business, media, and engineering to aid in the analysis and understanding of information.

Analysis of variance

However, this violation of normality could be due to the relatively small size of the data sets. A linear model on the data is as follows; > MB summary Call: lm Residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max -3.8 -2.6 0.4 1.4 5. 583753 - Signif.codes: 0 '***' 0.

Good essay on abuse of statistics

The collection of fake data results in the bad statistical analysis. Researchers are showing the unwanted data for analysis.

Busness statisics

Under this kind of statistics, there is an estimation of an unknown parameter of the population to check the basis of the sample and to test if the sample data has enough evidence to show the population parameter. Statistics and Decision-Making in Business World In business, the knowledge of statistics is extremely crucial. For →

Argument essay

The fact that these incidents happen is truly heartbreaking, but as far as Alexander argument goes it is very well put together. His argument is solid because it does have statistics, but on the weaker side it does not maintain a reasonable tone and it also has fallacies. Finally, it showed me in order to →

The normal distribution and probability

In terms of central tendencies, it is to be expected that the mean, median, and modal value for number of words typed per minute would be most likely the same value. In this particular example, it is the percentage of participants that typed a particular number of words per minute.

Elementary statistics

Examples include: national identification numbers or social security numbers. 2. Interval Nominal Ordinal Ordinal Ratio 3.Continuous Discrete 4.FALSE FALSE TRUE TRUE FALSE 5.C) Systematic E) Random C) Convenience →