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Role of accreditation in healthcare

Role of accreditation in healthcare Accreditation stands for a process aimed at continuously reviewing participants in healthcare practice to ensure that they meet and adhere to set standards. Without accreditation, people seek healthcare services would easily fall for quacks, and in the process endanger their health. The second role of accreditation is that →

Be part of something that counts: rehabilitative probationary services

Thus, it should be part of the decision-making in policies on offender re-entry programs. Rehabilitation is beneficial to everyone. They get to take part in the policy-making process.

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Society is dead, we have retreated into iworld by andrew sullivan

Editor of Andrewsullivan.com, an essay writer at Times and an analyst, Sullivan in this essay describes his visit to the once known as city of lights and life, a city which never sleeps, New York and record his observation in a beautiful way by describing how the city has changed with technological advancements and generally →

Train go sorry: inside a deaf world by leah cohen

These challenges are portrayed in this book " Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World", through the application of the New York City School Lexington School for the Deaf as the case study, by Leah Cohen, who grew in a deaf people's environment and states, " our family's home was a school for the deaf". →

Chinese indonesian people discrimination

This memory is remembered even today as an extremely livid nightmare in the minds of all Chinese Indonesian people, victims of discrimination. As a 6 year-old girl, I remember feeling helpless as I saw my parents shaking when the mob was in the vicinity of our house. This of course can lead to deeper hatred →

How australia helps refugees

The purpose of this research paper is to find various policies the Australian government has in place, to ensure the well-being of refugees. Objectives The aim of the research is to establish an orthodox analysis of various policies employed by the Australian government to help refugees. It is in this regards that the government →

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Select a code of conduct to revise

In addition, the communication language in which the code of business conduct should convey the message should be understood by the employees. Corporate companies like Diageo and Coca-Cola prohibit their employees from taking for themselves or directing business opportunity to other people that business opportunity that the organization has turned down. This is because of →

The course of young women’s christian association

Through donation towards this course, I believe that it will put a smile on the face of the victims. The initiative is also instrumental in supporting the lives of victims of violence through the provision of emergency shelter and counseling services. Through donation towards this course, I believe that it will put a smile on →

Ethics article summary

The author seems to create this sort of injustice by imposing unfair burden on the South African employers. According to the Belmont report, the question of justice is created when the people conducting research fail to give the credit where it is due or impose an uncalled for burden on one party.

Quiz 5

Political science Domestic issues in the forefront of national agenda in the USA elections differ according to the yearly changes. Trade Policy in the Asia-Pacific the Role of Ideas, Interests, and Domestic Institutions.

Spiritual development in bless me ultima by rudolfo anaya

He concluded that the mind should not be dominated by beliefs of a single religion and should not remain blind to the realities of the world. Instead, he was inspired by Ultima to integrate the forces of nature with the faith of Catholicism to formulate his own opinions of the world around him." The tragic →

Analusis of what is it about 20-somethingsarticle by robin marantz henig

Instead of following a course of life in stages, people are beginning to find confusion in the fact that stability cannot be defined during adulthood anymore in fact an increasing number of people are going back to school regardless of the age. People ages 18 to late 20s have similar actions of continuously seeking their →

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Youth political engagement

The dynamics in the education system require the application of the current affairs in the political field to create a firm understanding of the structure of government and democracy process. This will increase the interest of the youth to participate in fulfilling their civic duties and connect with the political class.

The article jihadi john and london’s culture of gang violence

The author reckons that gang experience, Islamic identity, and the alienation faced by young Muslims living in London motivates young British men to join London's gang culture and later radical Islamist groups that offer a sense of brotherhood. Description Recently, many young Muslims living in London had joined ISIS. The radical Islamist groups seek →

Inside the walls of isis: the making of a radica

Social media has been a may drive and an instrument that in draws the youth and women around the world in joining this extremist group. For a group of radical Muslim extremists, ISIS has been successful in luring youths into its ranks. Issues of youth Muslims joining extremists groups such as ISIS is a threat →

Why keeping data populations separate is crucial to the validity and integrity of process capability calculations

They could also know what they can do for them to be happy with their suppliers. How would one recommend the QMS for the company to describe the process to measure supplier capability? This can make them ensure that the processes are capable, and controlled. The company in need of suppliers could factor the cost →

Gulf cooperation council

As a result, the council engages in integration courses including peace campaigns in its member's countries. The council intentions are more visible in its political activities including the diplomatic campaign to reduce tension between Oman and Yemen and to a whole range of efforts and initiatives to bring peace in Qatar, Yemen, Iraq, Iran as →

The role of rand corporation in solving the soldiers psychological problems and other assistance

With RAND Corporation's dedication to high-quality service, objective research, and analysis, RAND engages the community to create knowledge, information, and solutions which are effective and enduring. RAND's community policing in Oakland was geared toward curbing the rising crimes. The community's participation has also been effective. Since the 911 terrorist attacks on the USA, the RAND →

Developing leadership skills through soccer

Even though it is traditionally a European sport and may not be the most popular sport in the United States, I think that it has helped me grow to be a better student and a better man. It taught me how to be a good sport and to accept defeat as a part of the →

Federal minimum wage

Opponents of the government's increase of the minimum wage argue that raising the minimum wage will reduce the competitiveness of the U. The government performs a fundamental economic and social role by raising the minimum wage.


The documentary mainly revolves around the topic of religion and the author trying to prove on the fact that the religion or specifically Christianity is similar or based on older systems of religion. The main concept that was utilized in this video by the director was to find the similarities between the religion of Christianity →

Interest groups

Politicians are well aware of the popularity of interest groups and their ability to sway public opinion, which is very important to their election success. The political process dominated by the political parties but kept in check by the presence of interest groups is more favorable than the reverse. Politicians are best positioned to lead →

Machiavellianism – dissertation example

He further noted that moral corruption assists in the realization of social benefits like security and stability. Machiavelli asserted that Private Morality and Public Morality must be evaluated differently in order for the Prince to rule effectively. The leaders should act immorally in order to eradicate resistance and political rivals.

The lesson by toni cade bambara

Though the Constitution of America guarantees equality to all its citizens, in real terms, the privileged society practices all sorts of inequalities, and the African Americans face hurdles at every turn of life. The story " The Lesson," by Toni Cade Bambara elucidates the situations of trials and tribulations in the life of blacks. The →

Open forum intelligence analysis

Open Forum Intelligence Analysis From the beginning of this I have been able to widen my scope on matters to do with intelligence analysis and the use of the structured methodologies. However, I do not seem to understand some aspects mostly to do with Analysis of Competing Hypothesis. To my understanding, ACH is an analytical →

Edward snowden: the inside story

Reporter's privilege or the protection given by the law to reporter's not to divulge their source or be compelled to give out confidential information must not be abused. Reporter's privilege should not be therefore abused because it is the reporter's defense against the tyrannical tendency of the government not to be mention that it is →

Why we are star stuff

The rocky matter on which the earth is made up of, the iron present as hemoglobin in our blood, the calcium present in our teeth and bones, the carbon that makes up our genetic matter have all come from the early emissions from the first generation stars. This is the basis of Carl Sagan's argument →

Comparison of non-vegetarians and vegetarians

Non-vegetarians and vegetarians are similar in that both consume vegetables, both see their diet as a means of staying healthy and physically fit while the two differ in the range of foods, perceptions about animals, and tendency to become overweight or obese. The desire to be a vegetarian comes from a myriad of sources which →

The three mile accident: what could have been

But the worst thing was that the people surrounding the area had no idea of the dangers that they are into. What if they asked for help instead of hiding the truth?

The history of my discrimination

I knew my spoken English was definitely not as good as my native language and other students may not understand what I was saying, although I could understand what they were saying. Sometimes, I wanted to tell them that although my spoken English was not good, it did not mean that I was stupid.

Governments balance law and order with individual freedom

Moreover, in case of protected rights, their identification and definition depends on a balancing of the concerns supporting the rights with the interests underlying the maintenance of law and order. Means of balancing law and order with individual freedoms The Government outlines the individual rights and freedoms in the constitution, which comprise a set →

Ethical decision making and ethical leadership

I understand your current dilemma, and I am glad that you are seeking further insight into the issue. The Kohlberg Model is of critical importance in this situation as it can help you analyze the level of ethics you should exhibit. Therefore, I hope you will reconsider the company's code of ethics as well as →

Cultural exploration

Hence, the US culture promotes equality among the gender and give them equal expectations. Similarly, India and US are different in terms of task relationship. For instance, women are expected to rear children and pay dowry to the husband.

Controversy analysis of the articles about abortion and gay rights

Of these 3 possible research questions, which one interests you the most and why? The research question that interests me much is the one that tries to explore the positive and negative effects of abortion (Do the pros of abortion outweigh the cons of abortion to support its legality?) The reason behind this is that →

Young childrens exposure to electronic media

The paper " Young Children's Exposure to Electronic Media" is a worthy example of an essay on social sciOverexposurexposure to television, video games and other electronic media give a negative effect on the children's behavior, physical and emotional health, academic skills and social development. The violence shown on TV and on other electronic media is →

Describe platos theory of human nature. in what ways does his conception succeed, and in what ways does it fail given your analysis

In the dialogue in the Republic, Socrates refutes the definitions of justices by the interlocutors. Strong and courageous people in a society who usually become soldiers are those ruled by the spirited part of the soul while appetitive part of the soul controls producers or weak in a society. Plato succeeded in his description of →

Interest and security lies

I intend to use the knowledge that I have gained in understanding terrorism in correlation to international relations to a more substantial application that goes beyond the four corners of the classroom. As a nation, it had been an imperative function for us to communicate and develop ties with other nations. I have been working →

English only: press no – editorial in los angeles times

Although proponents of English becoming the official language of the United States would say that it helps to unite a diverse group of people, the action of making English the only language to be officially used in the United States would only turn immigrants against native English speakers. Although forcing new immigrants to only use →

Week 4

It mainly focuses on the type of work they undertake, where they get finances and the target community. The united African transition is one community organization that has a focus on African Americans. The target community for this organization is quite different from the habitat for humanity and communities in schools.

Car accidents in saudi arabia

These figures show that traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia are a real tragedy. Research Question: owing to this alarmingly high rate of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia, the pertinent question is, what is the main cause of road accidents in Saudi Arabia and how can the tragedy of road accidents in Saudi Arabia be overcome? →

Impacts of the internet

The Internet is also used professionally as a tool for information management, sharing and receipting of information. The Internet would apply to my future career in many useful ways. The Internet will also be useful in boosting the general awareness of the public to the services offered and the quality of the service, thus offering →

Supreme court

Supreme Court Data of Supreme Court In the United s, the court is considered to be the highest tribunal in the land that is expected to exercise justice to all the citizens. It being the final arbiter, the Supreme Court is entrusted with the ability to provide equal justice through the use and interpretation of →

The saints and the roughnecks

The paper " The Saints and the Roughnecks" is a great example of an article review on social science. The article on Roughnecks and Saints created a general perspective of the modern day clicks and gangs. This may be the reason as to why Isabella had more success in achieving her mental prowess. From the →

Social cognitive theory

To enhance compliance with periodontal evaluations and treatment at the public dental health clinic, it is important for the female dentist to design interventions that increase the self-efficacy and self-confidence of African Americans and Asian Americans senior citizens to perform the behavior of visiting the clinic on a regular basis according to the tenets of →

Federal regulations and federal agencies

This suggest that even in the absence of legal factors, social factors such as moral principles can regulate organizations and I believe that in such an environment, pharmaceuticals would consider ethical manners for quality service delivery and for competitive advantage. The pharmaceutical industry identifies intense competition and its companies ensure measures for competitive advantage. The →

Political-economic resentments in gulf

POLITICAL-ECONOMIC RESENTMENTS IN GULF Iran and Iraq are the two most dominant countries in the gulf region with conflicts. In fact, the war overstated the oil production all over the Gulf area. The " Tanker War" was expanded to the extent of involving the tankers that were used to transport oil to the Gulf since →

Time to get busy vs to enjoy

I think I am getting the grip of a hectic routine. Yes, now I am getting the idea of how people become busy and why they do not have time to enjoy.

History of hologram

The laser, producing a high level of the coherent light source, was used in 1962 in Gabor's experiment, and the scientists, Emmett Leith, and Juris Upatnieks produced a transmission hologram with a bird and toy train. Benton produced a transmission hologram which could be viewed in ordinary light like that of a bulb.

Sex education in the united states

Thus, they gain diversified knowledge about the attitudes and views of society regarding sex-related issues like socially-accepted gender roles and social taboos like abortion, birth control, etc. "...cultures around the world socialize boys and girls through both, direct and indirect means, to understand their gender roles in society".Thus, children and adolescents develop their social and sexual →

Global issues

For the correct decision regarding foreign policies to be reached, the following steps should be taken; Step 1: Examining the political environment internationally and locally For the best policy, the political environments for the two should be well understood. Step 2: Goal setting The goal that affects international and local political environment is determined. Step →

Analysis of an animals place article by michael pollan

In a profound investigation of the arguments of people who plead for animal liberation, the author maintains that the most difficult animal rights challenge is posed by the killing of animals for meat and clothing. Strictly speaking, this is true of other humans, too, but since humans are all basically wired the same way, we →

Selfie and self-portrait

Selfie and Self-portrait People do not comprehend the major difference between a selfie and self-portrait because they like to misuse the term selfie to mean self-portrait. When a person takes a selfie, the eyes look bigger and shinny because of the closeness to the camera but self-portrait the artist produce every part of →

Prison overcrowding – causes and effects, reforms to reduce the issue

In the U.S.and Canada, the situation is the same and also in many other countries. This paper is a discussion and a critical evaluation of reforms that can reduce prison overcrowding. 1.

Week 12: environmental and socio-economic issues

He also discussed the socio-economic pathway to healthy impacts, the listed categories of impacts, and the concept of life cycle attribute assessment. Citing an example of non-point impacts, he explained that extracting clay from the earth has no environmental significance for the earth per se and hence will not figure in any of 18 impact →

Population and migration

Population and Migration The world's mega cities are emerging from the huge mega-regions, which have become home to the growing population. Cities that which are polycentric and well managed have invested heavily in the infrastructure are able to contain problems that may arise upon a mass of people and industry. The development of the mega-cities →

Week 4

The various versions so present differ on account of the manner in which the basic principles of this theory may be incorporated but all together the function and motive of each is the same- making the world a peaceful place to live in. While one of the version calls for absolute use of the peaceful →

The electric kool-aid acid tests by tom wolfe

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests by Tom Wolfe For people today Ken Kesey's magical journey on the Further Bus and the stories of his band of mischievous Marry Pranksters are major cultural and social turning points during the late 1960's psychedelic era. Hollywood adapts these stories to film over and over again; the →

Group membership

People from the military follow a strict discipline to the point that it is almost stereotyped. The reason is that it holds more personal use for me with regard to having a strong self-conduct.

Injustice in society: racial recognition in the us

This paper will discuss whether or not racial reconciliation has already occurred in the United States, especially in the aftermath of Obama's election as President. Body Racial reconciliation has not been achieved yet in the United States. In a survey of Americans, about 37% African Americans and 46% whites believe that some improvements in →

Justice & institution building in the uae

Justice and Building in the UAE Justice and Building in the UAE The tension between the western ideologies and the Islamic perception of the judicial systems and the nature of the legislation has been in existence since time immemorial. The paper seeks to analyze the Zayed's conception of justice with the aim of establishing whether →


The movie is a remake of remake of the 1960 Rat Pack movie of the similar name. Nevertheless $10000 was set for the widow of the electrician and the rest hidden in the coffin.

Unemployment in the united states

The expansion of businesses and the direct investment by the government in the entrepreneurship programs tends to do little to eradicate the issue of unemployment. The rise in technology, particularly companies and offices is, therefore, a major issue that is contributing to the rise in unemployment in the United States. The government also faces the →

Violence in films and video games

However, this argument does not prove to be a good one when one looks at the negative impacts. I believe that violent media arrives with concerns relating to addiction, anxiety, dejection, brutality, and aggression that develop in young minds. My neighbor's son is being treated for anger management thanks to the violent films and games →

Conspiracy theory in show community

In the episode, Jeff invents a class and is caught by the dean in which he pretends that he is taking the conspiracy class. The scene about the chase precincts is priceless and makes the community episode more interesting and funny to the audience.

Talk in the intimate relationship

She incorporates verses and examples to make her article a persuasive one. WHAT THE AUTHOR PURPOSE OF WRITING THIS STORY? The purpose of the author in writing this story is to inform about the existence of communication differences between men and women that exists because of the social difference in their maturing and gaining communication →

Aristotelian and confucian virtue ethics philosophies aristotle and confucius

One of the similarities between the views of the two philosophers on virtue ethics is functional holism and perfectionism. Review of the ethics of Confucius and Aristotle: mirrors of virtue.

Communications & it technology and its impact on poverty

In addition, the shortage of skilled and qualified ICT experts and personnel affects the uptake of new technologies in developing countries. Finally, a lack of follow up to ICT projects by international NGOs prevents the scaling and replication of successful programs in other areas.

Against the patenting genes

Gene patent should not be legalized so that more knowledge can be created for the benefit of mankind. Myriad Genetics Ic.used the patents to determine the typical nucleotide sequence of the genes. It is, indeed, sad, that " some genetic tests cannot be done in Canada because U.S.companies hold patents on the tests and the →


As a result, every organization has a mandate or ensuring that part of the revenue collected through sales is taken back to the society to help in improving the living conditions of the people through supporting noble programs such as education and environmental conservation. Explore I find it absurd that a company can outsource →

Graffiti as a spatial practice

College: GRAFFITI AS A SPATIAL PRACTICE According to walking in the interesting practices such as graffiti would be used to pass across messages between members of a certain group or even belonging. Graffiti cannot be related to a given group of people because it's universally applicable across the globe.

Polsky’s “presidency at war”

Presidency at War The thesis ment of Andrew Polsky's " Presidency at War" is the role of the congress, judiciary, andpublic, in relation to presidential decision-making concerning military intervention. Polsky criticizes the " two presidency thesis" that separates presidential decisions on domestic and foreign policy. A careful scrutiny of historical wartime events shows that the →

A systemic necessity or an act of convenience

Are there systemic factors involved or the students are simply morally wicked to involve in various forms of plagiarism? Who is to be Blamed In his New York Times article " A Survival Skill", Mark Bauerlein argues that cheating has become a digital cultural practice in the age of information sharing. However, →

Visit to mission district working with latino, chicano, central, and south american immigrants

Each of us did some research online in order to find out about more about the different centers which help immigrants in the urban community. We then decide to go further with this and actually visit the centers in order to get a more personal account of life for these immigrants. Immediately we looked the →

Alternative courses of action

Finding the preferred job according to one's academic background, competencies and skills that would fit the requirements of the position is an example of a situation that necessitates gathering and evaluating different options and where ones decision would actually depend on the organizations which would relay a positive response to one's job application. After two →

The importance of identity

In fact, people of a certain race may be discriminated against by people of a different race especially where racism is prominent. Identity is also argued to be one's beliefs and personality. For example, in leadership, the belief of integrity in leadership may portray a picture of what one stands for, and this is what →

As the material in this unit reveals, there has been a constant struggle between the states and national government over the proper balance of power. based on your studies, what are 2 areas of government that should be the primary responsibility of the na

Executive branch of government oversees the function of various departments of national government to ensure that the government is functioning and that the necessary social services are delivered to the people and is therefore should be the responsibility of the national government. Given the implication of its function to the national government, the legislative department →

The life of an outsider in new york

The paradox of the situation is that while the poor people make the wealth for the rich people, the wealth is retained by a smaller part of the population. It is essential to highlight that immigrants usually provides the highest population of workers.

Women’s empowerment as a development goal

It is also done to know if a certain independent variable creates a negative or positive impact on the dependent variable. To dispute or agree with the question that empowering women has increased prejudice in men, the subject has to be divided into two different parts mainly, the experimental section where the stimulus is administered →

Extreme extent to which sports is important – report example

It has seen the change of many lives just by utilizing their sports abilities.Sports' role has been debated in the society for decades now when some think that it is a minor thing that can be done away with and attach little or no importance to it, some tend to think that it is a →

Political system

The role of oil and Islam in Arab countries Islam constitutes a source of both legitimacy and illegitimacy to some Arab regimes", discuss this statement" The established role of Islam in Middle East societies has contributed towards most regime's desire to control the religious sphere. The regimes acknowledge the probable danger of Islamists movement and →

Q (ve1) or q (ve2)

In terms of the definition of ethics, which is itself a mean, ethics (how we are trained to handle any situation) is plainly the cause of the achievement of the ' average' feeling of happiness (happiness does not have a measure but either a lack or presence of it). Some of the moral virtues that →

Preventing nuclear capacities in north korean or iran

There are a number of measures that I would have taken to this end if I were the president of the United States, these include: Possible Measures to Prevent North Korea from obtaining Nuclear Capabilities Pressure North Korea to Return to Six-Party negotiations The United States can possibly employ the use of economic →

Ethical analysis of snowdengate

Snowden took his love for technology and combined it with his family's dedication to serving the country. The Incident Snowdengate Snowden's strong family ties and dedication to the U.S.government could lead one to question why he decided to address his concerns with NSA activities outside the judicial system of the U.S.government. The relationship between →

Us intel community

Therefore, the confederate and the union leadership valued intelligence and thus established spy networks. Over the years, both the legislative as well as executive arms have devised committees and commissions that have proposed for the reorganization of the US Intelligence Community. Foreign intelligence refers to the information about foreign government's activities or the activities of →

Political science

Subordinates have the liability to determine any course of action and leaders get along with their ideas and plans. Innovative leaders are quick to change and adapt new ideas, their teams are in a constant process of progressing and changing.

Hot topic

Winning the case followed a series of unethical market based policies in the past. Topic 2 A shocking Lack of Common Sense Milligan reports the most shocking unethical practice by a Republican senator. Shock faces allegation of office abuse by the in appropriation of the public money. Topic 3 Porter →

Policy debate: secrecy and openness in the war on terrorism

It becomes a delicate balancing act for the government because on one side, access to information may be used against the people it is supposed to protect, and limited access may directly or indirectly infringe on the peoples rights. Conclusion Many people will argue that bureaucracies are necessary for ensuring quality provision of services →

Actions speaks louder words

Of the two kind of sports, I enjoy playing individual sports more than team sports because I can play it anytime compared to team sports where I have to wait for other people before I can play. 6. TOEFL is a wonderful test because it allows me to know my level of knowledge in the →

What are the effects of success

Therefore, before aspiring for success, every person has to ponder over change along with the positive and negative consequences of success. Before aspiring for success that is well-liked, every person should weigh the negative and positive effects.

United nations

Here, several countries have come together to combat and find solutions to common global world problems, for instance, preserving security and peace. Even though multilateralism has been viewed as a valuable tool in diplomacy for the US, it has faced various challenges at the UN due to divergent schools of thought derailing some of its →

Two-career family versus one-career family

In a 1-career family the earning member has to face different types of problems and challenges like taking care of the family finances, transportation, taking care of the children and other household jobs all alone. In the 2-career system both share the duties, may be not equally, while in the 1-career system the only bread →

Stuttering damage helps thousands

The device also has a way of setting it to alter the speech it hears to make the person talk more enthusiastically or more authoritatively. The entire video consists of the inventor explaining the basics of what the device does as he demonstrates it. The speech seems to be based on fact because →

Culture, technology and education

Moreover, the future of technology in education will be argued. The characteristics of culture state that culture is learned and not biologically present, it is shared and not a concept regarding the unique qualities of an individual, it is passed from one generation to another and it is based on the human ability to adapt. →

Mexico economy

Currently, monopolies markets are crippling the economy coupled with insecurity. Development: The growth of the economy has been in an ascending trend. Although the country successfully overcame the 2008 financial crisis, the emergence of monopolies and cartels are threatening to take Mexico back to the dark days.

Substance abuse in youth

It has been observed that substance abuse and other psycho-social problems have peaked within them in recent years. OUTLINE Youth gangs and substance abuse have long been identified as prejudicial to both youth and to societal progress and prosperity. In the pursuit of putting an end to these social evils, immediate steps and efforts →

International relations major

In addition, the country's relationship with other nations is at its peak due to various factors such as the terror war, oil trade, politics, and sports. The issue of Islam and terrorism, as well as the position of women in the Saudi Arabian public, is essential motivators to study International Relations. I also engaged my →