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Calculating correlation values for categorical data

Calculating correlation values for categorical data In order to find the correlation values for the fields in our data set, The Pearson Correlation Coefficient was used. It checks how well the relationship between the two fields can be described using a monotonic function Another method for calculating the correlation is the Chi squared Test, this →

Cisco feasibility study

The switch is the server and the peripherals are the clients Thus, the hub and leaf nodes, and the transmission lines between them, form a graph with the topology of a star. Benefits from centralization: As the central hub is the bottleneck, increasing its opacity, or connecting additional devices to it, increases the size of →

Augmented reality – the future of comics

The first being when the reader reads the initial printed page, understanding the subtleties and narrative of the story, and a second closure occurs when the reader accesses the hidden UV layer and recontextualizes what they had read previously into their new understanding of the story. This idea of layered information to create a second →

The features that ease the data storing in module

This essence of the crypto world is to make sure the ideology of class is a thing of the past but how much of such has been addressed? It is also worthy of note that the client on the system is the one that has the decryption key to whatever data may be stored by →

How our big data can save lives with health data 

The expert embodied by Bale, one day, is dedicated to look in detail and compare the behavior of mortgages in the years before the real estate crisis in the United States. Another reason to think that big data with AI will be key in the medicine of the future.

Comparative analysis of relational and non-relational databases

With the explosion in volume and variety of data due to increased mobile and web applications, the popularity of using an efficient database system to cater the needs of business has become an essential part. This Research is done to determine the best suitable technology, which caters the need to handle this large amount of →

Directory viruses

Every time a file needs to be accessed, it searches for the directory entry and the starting cluster, an index to the File Allocation Table or FAT. The location or paths to the computer's files will then be changed by the Directory Virus so that it can infect other files.

Flit app offers splendid services in transportation

The salisbury taxi is the dominant force for transportation and one can operate the services. The salisbury cab is one of the best means of transferring benefit the consumers in different ways.

The impact of digital technology on young people

This is the final and most significant impact of digital technology among young aged people. This is the impact of digital technology on young people.

Sample inventory documentation

In June 1998, a degree program " BS in Computer Science" was offered to cater the growing demand of the students to study in the field of Information Technology. Vision " A dynamic and Balanced Leader in Information and Communication Technology Innovations".http://ic-inventory.comze.com/ AMA EDUCATION SYSTEM LUCENA CAMPUS LC Pc Net Sales and Inventory System A →

A personal essay on creating a computer program

For my program, I made a flashcard program where the user can enter whatever they want and it will display it on a screen that pops up after the user finishes entering the information that they want to study with the flashcard program. The way the program works is first by initializing all of the →

Oil spill paper

We put the boats and ships in the water, we build oil rigs and drill into the bottom of the ocean, and we dump the wrong chemicals into the ocean. The oil is coming from underneath the ocean so it takes us longer to stop it from flowing into the ocean.

Comprehension of the cautionary tale in an association

They began addressing him a few riddles about PC security, and after that while tuning in to them, we came to know some huge information break has occurred and some our venture's information has been stolen by programmers which are a generous money related misfortune and which may cause an awful notoriety for the organization. →

Adobe premiere pro cc video editing software review

The dozens of features it has makes it appealing and easy to use the software. It is due to the dynamic nature of this software.

Practice test

In total, how many hammers are contained in the boxes? A.50 B.70 C.19 D. In all, how many file folders were in the boxes? A.28 B.20 C.86 D.

Zeus – the service integration platform for appliance control

With the ZEUS platform, you will see and manage the entire of your financial accounts, in a place without any issue. The firm has made a ZEUS platform token, which is referred to as the ZUC or ZEUS coin, a token that has been designed in a way it can use its smart contracts in →

The growth of virtual reality

The virtual reality is a combination of virtual and reality. In a sense the whole experience of reality is actually the combination of all sensory information and our brains ability to make sense from that information.

Challenges faced by cyber security on the latest technologies

It aIso focuses on Iatest about the cyber-security techniques, ethics and the trends changing the face of cyber-security. The scope of cyber- security is not just Iimited to securing the information in IT industry but aIso to various other fieIds Iike cyber-space, etc.

The significance of cybersecurity knowledge in the modern days

The advancements in the technology has led to the rise of cybercrime related to it and social media is the most affected field related to it. Organizations should share their information in a scrambled shape with the goal that nobody can crash their information and just the individual who knows the secret phrase may have →

Developing it – software development that is!

Design and Development: This stage of the cycle is where the details of how the program will be able to complete its tasks are produced. Maintenance: This part of the cycle is where the program has been released and changes are made to the program.

Developing and evolving graphic design industry

For an ancient practice that has turned into a massive industry, it is troubling to see that according to a poll question that was conducted in 2012, about 93% of graphic designers agreed to the statement that the graphic design industry is in bad shape and do not know where the discipline is headed. The →

Big data technology: the benefits, lawful and moral issues associated with big data technology

Consequently, the use of cyber which has been prevalent to social media has enhanced easy ways to acquire illegal information and exploit to receivers. Also the use of unauthorized trademarks and copyright to protect their image of work has been a major illegal issue.

Theories/theorists in virtual reality

VPL Research was the first company to manufacture commercially available VR devices in the form of a DataGlove and Eyephone HMD. This was a new type of VR experience where, instead of using an HMD, a series of stereoscopic images were projected on the walls of a room to create the VR environment.

The youth in the journey of excellence

With the word " education", we know that this powerful word can lead us into a better future for us to excel and for us to achieve excellence in our journey in life. Our dreams and ambitions will be the hope for us to excel.

The role of computers & social media in today’s age

It allows people to share knowledge, create and communicate to people of all over the world. It decreases their interactions to other people and circumstances in real world.

Concepts answers

What is an Extension of entity type? What is degree of a Relation?

The history of computer hacking

The term hacker " was initially constructed among hackers themselves and the ways in which the image of the hacker continues to evolve in mainstream media". The Making of a Hacker in Family Computing Magazines Magazines " encouraged parents to see the value in hacking as an educational opportunity and fun for the whole family".

Comparative analysis of data transformation and data acquisition

Data examinationHere the interior consistency of the information overall is evaluated, again with the aim of guaranteeing the nature of the information for ensuing examination. In genuine practice, data transformation includes the utilization of an exceptional program that is ready to peruse the information's unique base dialect, decide the dialect into which the information that →

Adopted resolutions against big data analytics misuse in work practices

The resolutions the one would adopt in his future work practice or the measures to lower the privacy risks: Use web browsers which has a " private browsing mode" that does not save the web history on your own computer, to prevent others from accessing your computer to learn about your browsing Use an anonymous →

Pros & cons of using a computer in our daily life

Computers are everywhere nowadays, ever since the information age because, computers have become a vital source of information, in fact, it is true that the rise of computers brought with it the age of information. Although loneliness and isolation are related, they refer to distinct aspects of the social world of older people.

Cyber security of information in organizations

Cyber security is the security of information in organizations and is a great part of risk management of the assets of any organization. The idea of security break risks, the capacity to demonstrate is misfortune from a back up plan point, and the failure of safety providers to watch self-insurance has critical difficulties to cyber →

Benefits and challenges of database-as-a-service adoption

To migrate database to database on Cloud using Data Pump Export and Import, below tasks are performed: On the database host, invoke Data Pump Export and export the database. After implementation of Database as a Service the effective cloud database strategy is in place and users have easy and fast access to the database in →

Help desk support

E-mail Slow e-mail response and difficulties in reaching a customer to discuss a problem can be overcome if the remote connectivity and proactive network management tools are used they are the instruments of success for a strategic help desk. It is absolutely necessary for staff to have the ability to " takeover" and manage the →

Smart card

Advantages The benefits of smart cards are directly related to the volume of information and applications that are programmed for use on a card. Multi-factor and proximity authentication can and has been embedded into smart cards to increase the security of all services on the card.

Ripple (xrp) versus stellar lumens (xlm)

The goal of the enterprise is to build a widely accessible and faster block-chain which will allow you to engage in micro-payments among people participating on the network. IBM is known to already be a dedicated and currently active rival in the block-chain division.

Mini case

The second alternative will have the C++ program running on the server, the client will use his or her browser to interact with the server.a. The first alternative will use the client-server application architecture.

Applications of community structures

Connection forecast is fundamentally used to distinguish absent and counterfeit interfaces and predicts future presence of the connections with the improvement of system [11]. For instance Ego Network Analysis is utilized to recognize the people in informal community and alternate hubs which are associated with this person hub.II.

Social and ethical issues in computing

She understands the concept of Information Technology to be broad incorporating any number of activities that include the use of Information Technology to support operations." It has been said that the purpose of Information Technology is to get information to the right people at the right time in the right amount and the right format". →

Pre-recorded videos during live streams on youtube

The expansion of Premieres likewise implies that highlights that were once constrained to live just would now be able to be utilized on pre-recorded substance, including for example, Super Chat, where clients pay gifts to have their remark featured and wait longer in a live visit. There's another Merchandise incorporation that has gone live today, →

Cyber security: the common application threats and attack types

Most of the time he/she uses an application which is linked to the web to send the malicious code which is usually in the form of a browser side script, to an end user. In a brute force attack, automated software is used to generate a large number of consecutive guesses as to the value →

Why i choose the field of cyber security for my ms program

Even though I was not quite happy about this decision and when I just thought I would regret taking this decision, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. After that when I came to the final year, I was again asked to lead the team to →

Digital economy and profits allocation

Hence, the EU Commission recognized the activities related to data and users as economically significant functions that should be considered relevant for applying the AOA to the digital PE in a consistent and effective manner. Pursuant to a number of consultants, information and data as used in the digital economy should be called " customer →

Computer education for senior and older adults

They need someone to speak out for them at times, someone to advocate their needs, and someone to take the time to listen. In community center of Brampton provide computer training to seniors to make connection with family and friends by social media and provide knowledge related to different resources of technology.

Making best use of windows server 2003

Similarly, the company ensures that there are experts available to guide people through the process of installing any one of the following: Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition; and Windows Server 2003, Web Edition. Introducing the Windows Server 2003.

The importance of edge computing

The benefits of Computing at Edge are: Improved Performance Compliance, Data Privacy and Security Reduced Operational Cost The edge is not only an approach to gather information for transmission to the cloud, it likewise forms, breaks down and follows up on the gathered information at the edge inside milliseconds and is in this way fundamental →

A black ‘dot’ that crashes your whatsapp?

We believed the black dot to be similar to this symbol but the plot twist is that this time the black dot crashes every phone and software, not just the IOS. The dot is said to contain a specific code when the user taps it, it overloads the app and crashes it.

Emerging trends in modern dentistry

Thanks to this, the tooth is of the same shape, color, and position as the natural one. Thanks to the CAD / CAM system, the procedure is extremely fast and allows the creation of a crown in 20 minutes.

Cybersecurity policies and solutions in yemen

Causes Since cybercrime is a relatively new form of attack, laws to prevent it have a certain ambiguity to them and the cybersecurity of certain nations is not up to mark. Due to this and the fact that the cost required to perform cyber warfare is low as compared to the cost of its alternative, →

Scheduling system

Scheduling is the process by which you look at the time available to you, and plan how you will use it to achieve the goals you have identified. The scheduling tool that is best for you depends on your situation, the current structure of your job, your taste and your budget: The key things are →

The advantages of wireless sensor network technology

The research paper will cover up describing the system design the node hardware architecture and also the code libraries, design of the layer two and three WSN protocol operation and some future work For the cluster network they divided the sensors in 5 groups, one for each cluster and one for the sink node. Sensor →

The revenue of artists in the digital age

After doing some research regarding the video, I would like to emphasise on a few points which are how business model affects the revenue of artists, the impact of creator population upon this career and " creator" as a profession. Hence, the quality of creators' works and their revenues will be affected by the population →

Overview of communication technology aconex

Tenders are also sent to Aconex basically it is an online data storage which was made for the sole purpose of having high costed jobs on there and no papers ever get lost.it keeps the project team and the client in touch of the project and it makes it easier when there is any issues →


Explain all the phases of Compiler.c)Consider the following grammar. 1 Compliers, analysis of the source program, the phases of a complier, cousins of the compiler, the grouping of phases, complier-construction tools Unit No.

Picture: victim and ultrahigh spec laptops

We assumed Matt forgot to shut it down and close it but he was sure of himself that he did. He opened the notepad and there were a list of 9 names on It.

Intervalue: improving the robust generation of digital platforms

InterValue wants to build a globalized internet friendly which improves blockchain network thereby making it able to transfer data of value through which the data will be secure and safe by its protocol. Micro nodes: This is a smart internet of things device which has the property of light node; that is, it also sent →

My spreadsheet software assesment

The spreadsheet should contain the following data: Price of the chocolate bars Shelf location in the shop Sales of each chocolate bar for January Sales of each chocolate bar for February Use the information below to create the spreadsheet. Reopen SS2_chocolate_complete, and create a column chart to compare the prices of the chocolate bars.

Why skype is a better platform for audio and video conferencing in schools

The purpose of this report is to pinpoint recommendations as to why Skype is the best audio/video conferencing platform that can be adopted in the school. Audio/video conferencing tool should provide an avenue for students to network with their peers, teachers and other experts in the course of their studies.

A novel approach of reading analog multimeter based on computer vision

The reason behind this is the huge expenses required to upgrade the existing technology and to a certain extent the urge to protect legacy. Therefore, this paper intends to aid in automating the monitoring of these data values by reducing the human resource required to constantly monitor the change in the readings of the data.1.

University application

I continued to work as a technical support specialist for Apple in 2011 in Singapore. In addition, I hope to discover a potential and interesting area in computer filed through BCS.

Threats of web and cloud

The role of the security analyst while preventing web server, application and database attacks: 1) in perspective of web server and application: he will monitor the logs and he may also use log monitoring tools. Insecure Interfaces and APIs are one of the reasons for cloud server failure as the data flow occurs by these.

Ordering system

Overview of Related Literature Objectives of the Study This study aims to determine the objectives of Automated Ordering System Using Android Application with Billing and Inventory System in a Restaurant.1. In this study, restaurant refers to where the system is deployed.

Pros and cons of open source erp

Akhilesh Nair Deepesh Chatterjee Mithun Vishnu Nikhil Kumar OPEN SOURCE ERP PROS and CONS Contents Introduction3 Commercial and Open Source ERP Software6 Open Source ERP Solution Pros8 Open Source ERP Solution Cons10 Open Source ERP Success Story11 Company Overview11 Issue At Hand11 The Solution11 Results12 The Bottom Line12 Top Open Source ERP Applications to Look →

A precipitation prediction model exploitation

The multilayered fictional neural organization with analysis by back propagation rule composition is that the most typical in use, because of of its content in coaching.it's approximated the neural network strategy current use back-propagation. In back-propagation innovation, there area unit amphibious phases in its analysis cycle, one to propagate the input impression through the network →

Statement of purpose essay samples

I consider your institution to be a center of excellence in the process of imparting skill and knowledge to its students in my field of interest. I have achieved a Major in Computer Science and I hold the belief that you are one of the institutions that can provide the best platform for me to →

What sorts of computer generated imagery can currently be done: case study 2d computer graphics

The image is often on the computer screen and the material used for drawing that is used in place of a pencil is the mouse or a tablet stylus. In ideal sense, the three dimensional graphics of the computer use what the artists call virtual graphics that help create reality installations of the immersive virtual →

Peoplesoft messaging server

9 Edit History10 Introduction Introducing the PeopleSoft Messaging Server PeopleSoft Messaging Services exist on the application server and are the heart of the Integration Broker. The value you enter is the number of consecutive service failures that will cause a recycle of the server process.

Ripple (xrp) and sec verdict

The recent Coinbase refusal to list the coin seems to have given it the momentum to push harder into the market. The increased interest and converting adorers into adopters is what Ripple is looking for and the coin has been scoring highly.

Maintenance of normal social life and not giving in to society’s pressure

Thompson discusses that these pitfalls can put a strain on an individuals mental health but with the use of smart blogging members can maintain a balance with social media and reality while pursuing the good life. By balancing social life with social media, a person can a healthy state of mind and be able to →

Fpga based system

Tutorial 2: Introduction to Using the PicoBlaze Microcontroller 1 The Spartan-3E Tutorial 2: Introduction to using the PicoBlaze Microcontroller Version 1. 3 Tutorial 2: Introduction to Using the PicoBlaze Microcontroller 41 Figure 5.

Open science and open data – a new dimensions in openness for academic libraries

There are in fact multiple approaches to the term and definition of Open Science, that Fecher and Friesike and have synthesized and structured by proposing five Open Science schools of thought. Most of these assumptions are not new, as the tradition of openness itself is at the roots of science, but the current developments of →

The protective measures taken by net users to protect data

When a vulnerability assessment is done it is usually giving to a IT Director or a technical leader who will then assess the problem and try to fix it based off of the communication within the report [1]. The vulnerability assessment report is formatted in a way to communicate a lot of technical detail and →

Informatica paramter file

Amit Singh Yadav Target readers: All Keywords: Informatica Parameter File, $PMMergeSessParamFile, workflow, informatica, parameter file, session, merge files The Challenge: Using Parameter file The challenge is to use session level parameter file and workflow level parameter file at the same time. The problem being that when you define a workflow parameter file and a session →

A review of the biggest search engine sites

However, a brief search on some of the top search engine sites can give some inclination of which search engine's can serve a searcher best, and for what. These two search terms one specific and one vague used on these three major search engine sites serve as the basis of the critique.

Cyber security policies and solutions in the united states

Today, the USA and the world rely on the Internet for an exhaustive range of services. The factors which make Cyber Security one of the most challenging endeavors are: Geographical distances and logistical difficulties cease to exist in case of cyber-attacks.

Domain tree and forest

Windows server 2003 contains Active Directory as a mean of holding the record of all the computers, users and groups which are inter-linked within the domain, Active Directory holds the permissions any particular member or group of members are allowed by the Administrator. One of the main reasons why windows server 2003 have been used →

Report on backup android devices

On the framework level, that incorporates a considerable lot of your Android settings and inclinations, extending from affirmed Wi-Fi systems and passwords to your dialect and information settings, date and time settings and show inclinations. You can affirm the majority of that is being backs up by going in system settings and searching for Backup →

Graphical user interfaces

In this paper, we place that because of the dynamic state-based nature of GUIs, it is essential to consolidate criticism from the execution of tests into experiment age calculations. What are some of the cost-effective model-based testing methods for testing GUIs?

Line follower robot

2012 Table of Contents Appendix3 The Group Contract3 Introduction4 Literature Review4 History of mobile robots: 4 The history of the line-following robots: 5 Ongoing a most advanced projects on line-following robots or line-following based robots: 5 Aims: 6 Objectives: 6 Requirements: 6 System Decomposition7 Group Management Structure9 Name of the Robot9 Mechanical Design10 Technical Options, →

The new data warehousing technology

A few definitions of data warehouse are as follows: According to Vidette Poe, " Data warehouse is a read-only analytical database that is used as the foundation of a decision support system". Subject-Driven A data warehouse is organized around major subjects and contains only the information necessary for the decision support processing.

My intention to start a career in computer science

People generally boast too much like " I was one of the top students in my school and I used to win all the games in which I took part since childhood". Apart from this, I saw the profiles of the professors which created a tremendous impact on my mind to get admission in your →

An overview of blockchain technology: background, history, challenges, examples

There needs to be a high combination of financial settlements and security of junctions to obstruct the invasions and threats interrupting financial executions in Blockchain. Size and Bandwidth: Presently, the size of a blockchain in bitcoin network is greater as compared to 50, 000 MB.

The materials that create immersive virtual reality experience

For instance, the outer part of the VR is the casing where serve as a housing for all the components. Furthermore, the material used to make the inner part of the VR must be soft to ensure the comfortability for the user for a longer session of usage.

The idea of virtual reality

The primary hints of the inspiration of virtual reality in the sense we hear today go back to the mid-1930s, with Stanley G. The last has distributed a story in which he talks expressly of a couple of glasses enabling the wearer to have the impression of being transported into a virtual world in which →

My motivation to become an expert of computer science

I had an aim to continue my higher education in Germany, but due to some family commitments and inconvenience I started my undergraduate degree in one of the best universities in Pakistan with an intention of getting admission in Post Graduate program after the completion of my Bachelor's degree. I have developed such a strong →

Security challenges for software defined network deployment

The main question at the time was that how would applications interact with the network in a world where owners could add new functionality to the control plane. 2017: In an article which was published yester-year, the author elaborates that SDN is a logically centralized technology and the scalability, especially of the control plane scalability →

Based data mining approach for quality control

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Asymmetric data cryptography and asymmetric data cryptography: the meaning and application

This is possible because in asymmetric encryption, there is exchange of public keys that are used in the encryption of the data. As for the case study, it is evident that asymmetric encryption is very efficient in conveying top secret information and therefore ABC research should definitely make use of it.

How active and passive cyber reconnaissance are used to perform a cyber attack

The actor or Nation and State will find the information they need to access the network and systems connected. The user opens the email and attachment, and the bot or worm is activated and start infiltrating the facility network.

Ict department handbook/ policy

Aims To use ICT as an inclusive, effective and efficient teaching, learning and management tool To improve the ICT capability of pupils, staff and our community To promote initiative and independent learning To provide access to high quality ICT resources and support for pupils, staff and our community of users To add fun and interest →

An open source software: understanding the benefits and concepts

It is in the intent of this essay to propose an answer to a modern and relevant question: Does open source software enable development of a more secure code. It is necessary to comprehend the extensive overlap in the development of primary operating systems discussed here and expect timely identification, reporting, and fixing of the →

Three useful 3d animation softwares and it’s main options

You just need to pick your models, pick the frill you need and begin making computerized movement scenes. You need to know from the begin that you cannot make your own particular models yet there are such a significant number of highlights in transforming and enumerating models that you will not feel the contrast amongst →

Aergo – a blockchain application constructing system

Moreover, Aergo would be granting users with the essential confidentiality they need in all their operations in the system and as they use the platform Aergo. Aergo's Way Of Combatting The Challenges The approach of Aergo is to create a new protocol which will enhance its ability to allow developer to make use of →

Information technology

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Introduction: In simple words Information Technology can be described as the solutions used to manage data, information and knowledge, the Industry that provides solutions around those solutions, and the organizations, within companies, that are made up of the IT professionals that come from that industry. In actuality, information technology is the use →

Types of privilege escalation attack

It is a term which is used to describe the penetration of a network, service, system or any other resource with or without the help of using some tools to unlock a resource that has been secured with a password. In the context of network security botnet is a network of infected computers, where the →

Research on virtual association

The ICT is the foundation of virtual association. It is the ICT that arranges the exercises, joins the specialists' aptitudes and assets with a target to accomplish the shared objective set by a virtual association. It rapidly conveys items/benefits that are creative and redone. Membership and structure of a Virtual Organization change after some time. →