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Memo Affiliation: February 15th, The President of the Board Consultant SUBJECT: Organizational Crisis Summary The organizational crisis being faced by ECO is basically as a result of lack of planning, lack of follow through with ideas, lack of enthusiasm among the board members, trustees and the staff as well as lack of commitment towards the →


The two types of shell exchanged are the mwali, which moves in a counterclockwise path through the villages, and bagi, which moves in a clockwise direction among partners. Kula path and partners are inherited by young ones, who are invited by their male kin on expeditions to observe the transactions, meet partners and learn the →

Anth 2 museum visit

They also had rituals and practices for the dead because they had believed that there was life after death hence they respected the dead. They controlled the forces of the nature and existed in various forms.

Evidence for hominid evolution

Probably one of the reasons for the humans to shift into agriculture was the fear of death. Examples of diseases that were transmitted from animals to humans include the Influenza, measles and smallpox.

Take-home final

Question 3a According to scientific discoveries concerning Homo erectus, the species had body proportions that were similar to modern humans. Question 3c Homo erectus has a connection to the beginning of stone tools, which is an adaptive trait that demonstrates innovation.

Major subfields of anthropology

Discussion Linguistic anthropology is the study of languages, how they vary, and how culture and language interrelate. Medical anthropology is the study of the interrelation between culture and health.

Explain in the space of one page why the tradition of holistic approach to culture has declined on anthropology. make it sure to tie your answer to the study of the politics of culture (one page only)

In the recent study of human beings, the holistic approach to cultural values has declined the popularity. Additionally, Change in lifestyle has reduced holistic approach to cultural practices and the study of human beings.

Discussion 1

The presence of universals is proof that there are biological similarities in human minds that force different human cultures to behave similar to each other when faced with a common issue. The large difference between human cultures across the globe lends credence to the argument that human behavior is more impacted by culture than biology.


However, if this is not enough, Mecca is also the site of the Hajj; a yearly trek that leads hundreds of thousands of Muslims to Mecca as a ritual that all Muslims are obliged to perform at least once. As the second most widely practiced religion in the world, hundreds of millions of Muslims have →

Ant 250i mod 3 slp

Dystrophin, in alliance with the associated proteins, called dystroglycan and the sarcoglycans, takes part in a mechanically powerful link which can be traced from the extracellular matrix to the cytoskeleton that underlies it. Total or partial deficiency of dystrophin ruins the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex, which means that cytoskeleton present in the muscle fibers is no longer →

Discussion forum #1 – becoming human

The core aim of the video is to answer the question; how did we become us? Scientists claim that changes in climate boosted the brain to grow.


Trekkies " Trekkies" highlighted how culture can be created as each of the performers talked about their personal experiences while playing certain role or character in the film Star Trek. Other than the use of language, it also pointed out that a star trek culture can be created as soon as people learn to accept →

Medical anthropology-project: troubling choice: exploring and explaining techniques of moral reasoning

Once people are plagued with some of these medical issues, one area that they find specifically troubled is their sense of moral reasoning. As these people master some of these basic skills, which could also involve solving moral dilemmas, they are certain to come to a stage where they will develop the needed techniques of →

The anatomy of hate: a dialogue to hope

The video Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue of Hope aims to determine the reason for the wide spread hate in society and how this is related to our culture and lifestyle and the possible approaches that can be taken in stopping this hatred. Another interesting aspect about the video is that many individuals in the →

Reviewing a link and writing about that

Pan troglodytes is the scientific name of chimpanzee, and they are only found in the African region of world. The sexual dimorphism of chimpanzee relates to the difference in their male and female species.

The anthropological view of religion

For the Christians, the bread and wine are examples of symbolism of the body and blood of Jesus. However, religion delves in to the matters which are difficult to explain and thus, difficult to understand.


Another task of the sociologist as a scientist is to clear away the misinformation and superstition which clutters so much of our social thinking. Sociologists can help to predict the effects of a policy and thus contribute to the selection of policies which achieve the intended purposes.

A comparison between the hmong shamanism and num chai, the healing dance of kung san

In shamanism, drums assist the shaman depart at the start of the trip and arrive back in the ending. Shamans must acknowledge the spirits at the start of the journey and cautiously inform them the answers they seek to find.

Four forces of evolution

The introduction of new alleles from the nearby populations resulted in new genetic variation in the populations. The random mutation of the species' genetic codes led to genetic variation that resulted in the emergence of new populations.

Social sciences: geography, anthropology, sociology, eeconomics and psychology essay sample

Geography is the study of the physical parts of the earth and its atmosphere, geography can also be the study of the human activity. Anthropology is the study of various aspects of humans within the past and present societies and culture,", everyone wants to know where we all came from, where all of it started.we →

For this assignment i want you to record everything your throw away for one week. if you live in the dorms gather data on your roommates garbage as well. if you are part of a household or live off campus record what is thrown away at your residence

However, when I came to find out over the course of this week was that the vast majority of all of the ways that was produced by me and by my household was of a packaging variety. Through attempting to effect such a change, it is the hope of this particular author that the overall →


Additionally, this involves the crude nature of hunting down the animals, and the subsequent rudimentary handling of the meat. Shreeve depicts the various similarities that can be drawn from the behavior of primates and humans, and in most cases, the evidence of a culture is easily noticeable since both have one evolutionary background.

It has been said: there are, at the same time, one any many spain. discuss

The different people who have experienced the various eras of Spanish history have different experiences and practices, with the current young generation in Spain being the most powerful and an impetus to the rapid changes in the country. This portrays the sharp contrast between the first and second generations of the Spaniards in farming methods, →

Field notes 4

There is emphasis on the rights and preference of the person, but there is also the respect for the community and institutions. The interviewee is a member of the community with good standing.

Intercultural awareness report halls low and high context cultures

In a high context communication situation, the subject already knows most of the information and there is very little hidden in the subtext of the message. In a high context culture you are often expected to understand the meaning of words or social cue's through the context of the message.

2-exploring ethnographies

Select, copy, and paste that paragraph below: One can judge the severity with which the separation of the exogamic " halves" is observed, even after marriage, by the following observations by Colbacchini; " By their totemism, it is absolutely forbidden for the men of one dynasty to talk, to smile at, or merely to notice →

My culture

Stanly Jones School of Evangelism and World Mission who defined as an integrated system of learned, shared ideas that people in society carry in their heads, which in turn are expressed in the form of material artifacts and observable behavior that members of society shared in common. In my culture, we have some prehistorical events →

Five questions for a new conviction system

A second important aspect, that attracts new believers to a particular belief system, is the presence or implied presence of a charismatic leader who interprets and represents the belief system for new believers and provides a strong figure with which to merge. In what way is this belief system relevant to the times and culture →

The subject of anthropology

The term field in anthropology is used to differentiate the different aspects of the human being. Ethnology is an anthropology branch that study of the origin, explanation and distribution of human's ethnic groups.

Macaque primates

According to information from Georgia State University's Viral Immunology Center, the Macaques live in various habitats all across the globe and many of them are used in the research of the AIDS virus. While there are several species of the Macaques, the smaller species include the Javas, Longtailed and Crab-eating species.

Industrialism is maladaptive

Industrialism is maladaptive When the factory manual work turned into large industrial machines work, when the machines replaced human labours, both the human society and the environment faced gigantic changes and entered the industrial era When the factory manual work turned into large industrial machines work, when the machines replaced human labours, both the human →

The dikikka child and homo floresiensis

The fossil caused a rethinking of human evolution due to several of its features. Discoveries such as Floresiensis, Lucy's baby and A.sediba challenge the conventional notions of human evolution.

Defining my identity

I know that one day I will no longer be living under my mother's rules, and that is my motivation as to why I strive to be a better person and avoid struggling in future life. At 19, I have seen my age mates succumb to peer pressure, but I am not that kind of →

Evidence of evolution

Emergence of Early Primates Emergence of Early Primates Primate refers to the first kind of animal group that includes the Prosimians, anthropoids, hominoids, and hominids. However, the Prosimians became extinct by the end of the Eocene Epoch and gave way to the anthropoids that existed during the Oligocene.

Summary for an

Murphy's article en d " Signs and Symptoms" describes the universal human experience of ageing, and the need that everyone has to come to terms with the finite nature of human life, and the limitations of the physical body. As an anthropologist the author has much to say about the social and psychological construction of →

Per capita income

Per capita income Definition The total national income divided by the number of people in the nation Another definion Per capita income means how much each individual receives, in monetary terms, of the yearly income generated in the country. Formula of per capita income per capita income= national incomepopulation Per capita income of pakistan The →

Jane goodall what separates us from the apes

Goodall probes the diverse cultures that exists between humans and apes such as the chimpanzees. According to Goodall's findings, chimpanzees can adapt to the culture of using technology similar to the tribes in Ecuador forests.

Health & healing in cross cultural perspective

In getting my associate's degree I have been exposed to many aspects and facets of civil engineering. Though I will be personally rewarded by earning a degree in civil engineering, I hope to also offer the institution my own diversity, culture, and life experience.

Paleolithic culture, drawings in chauvet cave located in the ardche, the invention of the potter’s wheel, bronze tools, the domestication of animals

In a recent discovery in Chauvet Cave located in the Ardeche region of south-central France, it was proven to be wrong to the point that it may change the dating of artworks. This can be likened today to the factorization of food today where food can now be produced in large quantity at lesser cost →

Compare the ideas of karl marx we have encounteredwhat does marx offer in the communist manifesto which durkheim does not offe

The today's capitalists are the owners of big means of production that is characterized in exploitation of the workers. Going by the provisions and views of Marx on bourgeoisie, there a number of issues and clarities that Marx failed to offer on his works.

What do we mean by navigating another culture

When people from another culture interact with that particular society, they have to understand the cultural behavior of the host society and refrain from offending them by any indication that they do not respect the other culture. When dealing with people from other culture, it is necessary to keep the open mind and learn the →

4000 year old tomb discovered in luxor, egypt

The article, authored by Zaki Menna is intended at bringing to the attention of the public the discovery of a royal tomb that dates back to the 11th dynasty in Luxor, Egypt. It may also be applied in understanding the beliefs of ancient Egyptians with respect to kingship and the afterlife.

Clifford geertz’s description of culture

In an alternative formulation, Geertz states, " Believing, with Max Weber, that man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun, I take culture to be those webs, and the analysis of it to be therefore not an experimental science in search of law but an interpretative in search of meaning" →


Providing a path to education and employment, was the goals of the Dream Act that was placed before congress in 2011, failing to get the Senate vote. This act had provisions for higher education and citizenship status and college availability for those immigrants who have been in the United States throughout school with no citizenship.

On the culture shock in the film of gua sha

On the culture shock in the film of Gua Sha Culture shock was introduced to descried the anxiety produced when a person moves to a completely new environment, especially when a person arrives in a new country where he is confronted with a new cultural environment. This results from the psychosomatic and psychological consequences of →

Short answer questions

Despite the production of a number of lower-priced goods and services, the people have been subjected to poverty due to corporate greed of the wealthy few. This canal was constructed on the river for the transportation of goods into the interior of the United States of America from the harbor.

Counseling and diversity

He was a minority who had a vision to break barriers of racism in the field of counseling and psychology." The mission of the organization, from the beginning, was to recognize human diversity and multicultural nature of our society; to enhance the development, human rights and the psychological health of all people as critical to →

Humans in biological and behavioral continuum

The basis of this view is the clear marked biological and behavioral differences between human beings and other primates. In conclusion, this paper has reflected on some proofs to show the linkage between human behavior and biology to those of other primates.

Produce a paper comparing the worldview of two societies. choose contrasting cultures

Two very ancient worldviews still have considerable influence in the modern world: the worldview of Old Testament Judaism, and that of Hindus throughout the ages, mainly residing in the large sub-continent of India. Jewish society is built around a tradition of holy scriptures containing chronicles, laws, prophecy and poetry, and a lively collection of commentaries →

Discuss the roles of power and social stratification

On the contrary, Lia's family believed in the Hmong beliefs, and in it, was confused by the medicine administered by the doctors together with the Hmong rituals they were still holding onto. On the other hand, the statuses of the Hmong were also affected by their arrival to America.

The theoretical and conceptual readings explain political ecology, the tensions between coservation and sustainability and the importance of space and place to new mexicans

Political Ecology POLITICAL ECOLOGY The term political ecology came about in the 1970s in an attempt to conceptualize relationships between ecology and the political economy, especially in light of the expanding environmental movement. Pena, in discussing the importance of place and space to New Mexicans, notes that sacred places for New Mexicans in the cultural-ecological →

The article identifying victims after a disaster by dick gould

The article, ' Identifying Victims after a Disaster' by Gould and Brown is hugely pertinent as it raises the need for disaster anthropologists for identifying victims not only for medical and legal purposes but also for humanitarian values. Since 9/11, the field has come to the forefront of the disaster management and encourages proactive →

Response to a classmate’s post

I really loved the way you expressed your ideas in the essay. It is also good that you mention the emerging trends in the humans, such as mutations of the human race.

Integrating ethnographic and quantitative research

This need to study the cultural differences demonstrates how Psychology and Anthropology are important in the field of research since they provide data for the development of knowledge. Such studies are also needed to support their claims and recommendations regarding the importance of cultural differences in social studies.

Study guide

He was the focal point of the blues society culture thus providing a connection between the then blues and this of the 20th century. During the period of 1920, Josh White was considered the most popular blue stars and could not even be compared to Robert Johnson.

How white mountain apache people think about their lives and the landscape in which they are located

Student's perspective on the subject The understanding of the native practices and the shared norms of a community enables individuals to build strong units of engagements. This explains the need for the Apache people who had strong beliefs on social and cultural to know their place of origin, prehistoric events and the significance of their →

Skulls identification

The bones of the skull are very thick and formed a small central ridge, also called midline keel, along the top of the skull. Other than the mentioned, the mystery skull #2 has a rounded skull, a steeper face, and smaller teeth that justify that it matches those of Homo erectus.

How does dna relate to you

All the information on an individual's body cells is contained in the DNA, which is a twisted band of strings consisting of the individual genes that create cells. In addition, the wellbeing of an individual is contained in these strands of chromosomes and the caps at the end, telomeres.

Navigating another culture

I belong to the district of Gangnam that is located in the country of South Korea and the culture of Gangnam has been highly influenced through various elements. Education is given immense importance in my region mainly for the purpose of the development of the self of the people of my region.

Crazy bigfoot conspiracy theories

This strengthened the earlier theory that indeed, Bigfoot is a man. But there are also those people who claim that the male sasquatches sodomize male domestic cows.

Microevolution and macroevolution in teaching and learning

Microevolution and Macroevolution Microevolution is a process of evolution that leads to minor changes to a population's gene pool, specifically because of variation that is generated by mutation and genetic recombination. With time, genetic drift and natural selection lead to macroevolution, which, in turn, leads to significant changes to the gene pool and the evolution →

Sickness and healing – an anthropological perspective

Disease accounts; whereby the biomedicine's recognizes the body as the cause and remedy of sickness and lastly, disorder accounts; whereby the imbalances are the main source of illness and means to cure 2. 4, 5 Robert, Hahn, Sickness and healing: an anthropological perspective.

Anthropological analysis and conceptual synthesis

The article also explores the various difficulties the male saints had to go through in order to protect their identity, regardless of the norms of the society. The theme of male dominance is further shown by the linearity of mobility and recreation in which are based on social hierarchies.


The Environment of the Pleistocene The Pleistocene period was marked by a series of glaciations. It is said that there was much flooding in the area that is now Idaho, and that climate fluctuated during much of this time.

Visit museum

His role as a Senator is still remembered today, the panel of historians and Senate leaders still regard him as one of the greatest senators of all time. Mary Todd Lincoln House is a museum that was constructed to honor the wife of the wife of the 16th President of the U.S. I had the →

Choose two anthropology questions in this six questions and answer

In the Islamic religion, the hajj is considered to be of significant importance to both the person undertaking it and their religion. Hajj is also a rite of passage because it is a ritual worship that members of the Islamic faith are expected to fulfill. #4 The concept of the " one-and-the-many" can be said →

Sustainability of seafood farms

Distribution refers to the process of acquiring the fish from the production region and the various supply chain mechanisms implemented to bring the fish to market. One of the prominent affects fish farming has had on the ocean is through a process known as eutrophication.

Ju hoansi essay sample

The value of the object is not as important as the relationship built and maintained between the two of us. The mongongo is a highly nutritious fruit and nut that constitutes the main staple in the diet of the !

Chapter 1- introduction: the scope of medical anthropology

Chapter 1- Introduction: the scope of medical anthropology - Medical anthro: - How people in diff cultures explain the causes of ill health , types of treatment they believe in and whom they turn to when ill - Anthropology - " The study of man" 1) Physical Anthropology - Human biology - →

Short paper

It is evident in the commonality in the forms of discrimination manifested in institutions and across countries and even religions. Racism is dominant in the American society through social institutions such as University of Arizona.

Aqci #5

Woman is regarded as something that every culture diminishes....in this text; the author blames culture for the lower regard of women in the society. However, the text by Ortner dismisses culture for the negative presentation of the woman figure in society. Works cited Moberg, Mark.

Australopithecus sediba

What kind of information was in the supplemental material? There is a lot of information about Australopithecus sediba among other pre-humans in the scientific article while the press articles emphasized on the key features of the fossils. Compare and contrast the take home message of the scientific paper to the popular press articles. The message →

Nanook of the north (youtube)

Through the life of Nanook, we get to know how the traditional society practiced fishing, hunting, frequent migrations of the group in search of food and trading in the Northern Canada. Assumptions in culture can also be made based on the Nanook movie. There is some lack of realism in the movie like during the →

Indigenous identity

African Americans derive their social and cultural values from the religion, and with the majority of them being the followers of Abrahamic religions, African American communities are generally more conservative in their stance on homosexuality and thus condemn gay marriages. According to Jones, the most significant changes in the traditional indigenous identity of the African →

Social movement

26 November Social Movement Hundreds of supporters of gay rights marched through India's capital city to celebrate the decriminalization of homosexuality in India and the newly found freedom. To make this decision, the court demanded the actual number of gays in India which was hard to ascertain since many gays in India tend to maintain →

Hominid activity

In spite of the extent of accuracy in fossil dating methods, which in fact determines humans' origin, a number of theories exist with varied explanations on the decent of species leading to the current status of man. Below are sketches of Ian Tattersall, Bernard Wood and Donald Johansson theories of evolution to date. (Kindly sketch the →

Lenkeits cultural anthropology

Lenkeit's Cultural Anthropology: An Essay This paper will be dedicated to three main topics answered in the essay style below: first, it is strongly recommended to contrast and compare two different parts of the world concerning technology, subsistence, systems of distribution; then, we will be focused on Euro-constructs about sexual orientation; finally, our paper will →

The archival turn to carry out research

The extended case method has an extensive array of principles of science that are geared at getting the true or real picture of the main objective of the research. It is in this light that Buroway uses ethnography to explain why as well as how scientific research is needed and how it of done as →

Formative assessment

Admittedly the world we live in is the subject of our study to a certain degree, though I feel it is important to emphasize that modernity was not only an important principle of thought for those of the socially concerned mindset - which began to appear throughout its fruition - but also the artist, or →

Describing the morphology and behavior of gorilla, white-handed gibbon and bolivian grey titi monkey

The morphology and behavior of gorilla, white-handed gibbon and Bolivian grey titi monkey Gorilla The westerngorilla is short, has a slender form, weighs less and has got light colored fur. The feet and hands are white; likewise there is a ring of white hair surrounding the black face.

Chagnon’s definition of unokai in regards to the yanomami essay sample

A village can produce all of its needs from only three hours worth of work per person. One characteristic of the Yanomami is that they are accustomed to violence as a result of their values and culture and because of this, the Yanomami live in a constant state of warfare. This supposed high incidence →

Belajar rajin

Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa ISSN: 1520-5509 Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, Pennsylvania CULTURAL PLURALISM AND THE QUEST FOR NATION BUILDING IN AFRICA: THE RATIONALE FOR MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION Francis Muchenje Department of Educational Foundations, University of Zimbabwe ABSTRACT This article seeks to show how multicultural education as a form of education →

Human skin pigmentation as adaptive evolution

Anthropologists and scientists have asserted that the levels of vitamin D in the human body help in the evolution of the skin color, and hence the human skin pigmentation is a suitable example of adaptive evolution. Body Ancient researchers, scientists and philosophers associated the human skin color with the environment, in terms of the →

Domestication of plants and animals in anthropology

Domestication of plants and animals in Anthropology In anthropology domestication of plants and animals is not merely the growing of plants and rearing of cattle, but rather is the shift from gathering of food to producing food for own consumption. For domestication to be successful, man further realized that it was imperative that →

The puerto rican americans

The Puerto Ricans forms quite a significant number of the Hispanic Population in the United States where they have contributed to the development, defense and prosperity of the country since 1898. Puerto Rico and the Puerto Ricans.

Dialectical discourse journal

In economic discourse communities, economists are essential players in the sense that their contributions to the field of economics is used to examine, evaluate and formulate solutions and hypotheses regarding economic phenomena. There are a couple of notable and world renowned economists who have made immense contributions to the field of economics through the development →

Describe the difference between religion & magic, giving examples of each. (give 2 + examples each.)

In contrary to magic, a religion is usually accepted and followed devotedly and mostly act as a guidance that contains a moral code governing the conduct of a community. Religion can also be well explained through consideration of its essential characteristics; religious belief, unity of a society of the same faith and finally religious practices →

The emergence of anatomically modern humans

Therefore, the tracing of human evolution is most accurate when these two chromosomes are used for genetic reconstruction of ancient Homo sapiens. The second part of this theory discusses how the Homo sapiens travelled out of Africa and expanded to other parts of the world. According to this model, the modern Homo sapien is an →

History of world migrations-kindle chapter 3

Lecturer History of Migrations Migration started during the origin period of the human species. In the early modern duration, migrations again connected the continents by the process of colonization and also coerced migration of people or communities.


The very concept of multiculturalism was brought in by the evolution of such a social system in the USA. The Cultural Influence A general concept can be framed that the association of many cultural models in civilized communities give birth to a commonly accepted new one in the absence of specific dominance by any →

The true nature of the kung bushmen – no acts of generosity

Task: Responsive Essay This article is all about a social scientist that is out to study the behavior of the Bushmen in Kalahari Desert Community. As a matter of fact, they are a group of people in the society that enforces humility in people who do not have it at hand.

Writing an abstract

Field Methods, 14 , 190 196. Key Words Participant-observation, observer-as-participant, participant-as-observer, point of equilibrium, teamwork. Methods Hong and Duff adopted a teamwork approach in seeking to find a solution to the dilemma of balance in participant-observation in field research in social sciences. In the acceptance phase, the last phase for the observer-as-participant role →


The documentary bases on climatic changes as the main cause of change in the characteristics of different species of human beings. The last species in the species is " The Survivor" that includes Homo sapiens idaltu, Homo sapiens, Neanderthal and Homo heidelbergensis. The film has the strengths of enabling the audience to understand the evolution →

The invention of writing

The intent of the article is to paint a realistic picture of how different ancient cultures and people groups contributed to the development of writing as it is done in the modern day. For instance the writer explains that the Cuneiform writing of the Sumerians was not used to represent their linguistic sounds but to →

According to the article and answer the question

As per the article, scientists define culture as the commonality of behaviors " from bedtime rituals to eating habits to sexual practices" adopted by a group that reflects " patterns of behavior, learned from being around others in a group". 2. These behaviors are significant to show the existence of culture in animals, and specifically →