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Article review: system development life cycle

In the article, Angel Tate summarizes the System Development, and the purpose of the System Development Life Cycle is to identify information thattechnologyneeds from a business but also to help meet the business needs. The SDLC is an organized system that is designed to create an information system to meet specific needs of an organization.

Good article review about the roman giant: overgrowth syndrome in skeletal remains from the imperial age

synopsis of the content and rationale of the work The increased attention of anthropological and archeological research towards PalePathological studies has significantly lowered the focus and examination of various skeletal samples as well as to evaluate the presence of numerous diseases that afflicted ancient populations. The commonly known etiology of excessive growth disease results from β†’

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Conscious thought as simulation of behavior and perception article review

Hesslow suggests that there is a close connection between imaging and perception in how the brain reacts. Verschure, Voegtlin, and Douglas states that sometimes trained robots are able to perform a function blindly in an open environment if they have performed the function numerous times before.

Article review on main theme / purpose

The model that the authors proposed serves as a framework for broader and deeper study of the dynamics of sport tourism by other practitioners in the field. The authors also carried the hypothesis that Sport Tourism Quality impacts tourist satisfaction, which consequently positively affects the tourist's intention to return to the place of the sport β†’

Example of critical reflections and conclusion article review

The authors evaluated the implementation of Seguro Popular, a medical programme in Mexico seeking to provide health services to uninsured citizens. The authors used quantitative methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme within a 10-month period.

Article review

The bigger message that those in the military can provide the business humanity is that being able to adjust to a situation is what matters. The CEO is charged with the responsibility of ensuring efficiency is achieved, and the target of the business delivered in an attempt to provide a system without flaws.

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Article review exercise

The authors claim that the regime reproduced the scheme it devised following the riots of October 1988 to avert the effects of the Arab spring in 2011. Moreover, they claim that the economic concessions offered to the civilians by the Algerian government prevented the regime from the uprisings.

Statistics article review essay sample

Bayesian School of statistics promotes the idea that subjective probability should be used to quantify the degree of belief in different models. On the left-hand side the theorem represents the posterior probability the probability after seeing the outcome of the experiment or observation.

Free article review on urban society

In most developing nations, there are developments of city slums due to increase of migration of the populace from the rural to the city. City slum dwellers are at the bottom of the city population, but they are better than those living in the rural.

Product family design article review

The customer needs are translated to functional requirements and these form the front end part of the product family design. Platform based product family design Corresponding to the scalable and modular product platforms, there are two types of approaches to platform-based product family design.

Article review 1

Article Review The Minimum Wage is Truly a Bad Idea' by Donald Lambro The article d ' The Minimum Wage is Truly a Bad Idea' by Donald Lambro is a reaction to the law of minimum wage in America passed by Congress. The title serves the functional task of introducing the topic and hints at β†’


Fairchild talk about Polysubstance abuse in which they have explained Polysubstance dependence broadly and have also discussed the case history of a 23-year-old white males recovery from 12 years of alcohol and other substance abuse including the addicts personal views about their addiction, their past lifestyle and the lifestyle that is currently freed of drugs. β†’

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Article review essay

In this article, William Baker also described to us, the relationship between the ancient Olympic Games, and Greek religion, what some of the Greek philosophers thought of the Olympic Games, and the role of athletics in general, in ancient Greek Society. The textbook also states that while " at the Olympic Games, Greeks honored the β†’

Article review – “the indian view of the 1885 uprising.” essay

Though the historical account of this series of events, which led to the prosecution of many Aboriginal leaders, seems to be biased from both the official reports and Stonechild's account, the political position of the Native Peoples was set back for many years because of these historical incidents. Stonechild attempts to right the wrongful depiction β†’

Article review and analyze

This was a state that was marred with racism and many people had to disguise their looks to fit in the society. This shows that there was immense racism as the people were housed according to their origin.

Sample article review on analyzing assessing realities

Frank's essay " Assessing Realities" is written to shed a light of perspective into the issue of what line of thinking went into the decision of Truman and his military advisor's to use atomic weapons on Japanese cities at the end of World War II, and whether or not this was the ethical line of β†’

The intervention mapping model article reviews example

The aim of the article is to reduce the chances of musculoskeletal conditions among individuals through reduction of impairment, occurrence, and limitation in the social participation and, and functional limitations. Chronic back conditions, osteoporosis, and arthritis affect the ability of individuals to work, the quality of life and the daily activities of human beings.

Article review

" Valuing Diversity: A Group-Value Approach to Understanding the Importance of Organizational Efforts to Support Diversity" APA Citation Triana, M.D. F; " Valuing Diversity: A Group-Value Approach to Understanding the Importance of Organizational Efforts to Support Diversity".

Article review

The body of the article comprises opinions of the Canadian researchers on the historical context and recent developments in the discipline of sociology. The main point of concern for the researchers in the field of sociology is the place of the field in the public sphere.

Review on poverty

Due to the fact that the existence of poverty has direct effects on health, life outlook, level of education, salary outlook, and the propensity to crime that an individual might be tempted, the reader can aptly see the true impact that poverty can have on every aspect of society as well as nearly every aspect β†’

Ginkgo biloba: evaluation of memory article reviews examples

The outcome of this peer-reviewed research came to the conclusion that Ginkgo Biloba is ineffective in regard to treating Alzheimer's and dementia after a study conducted over a period of four years. Reviewing the effectiveness of the study, the peer-reviewed reached the conclusion that, in neuropsychological domains of both Ginkgo Biloba and Placebo groups; memory β†’

Usefulness article review

The subject article was published in the New York Times on 4 July 2011 and was entitled: " The Bicycle Dividend", by Nancy Folbre. And the more people use bikes, the safer it becomes, as bike lanes on the roads attract greater numbers of cyclists.

Article review: effectiveness of acupuncture for lower back pain

Medications for acute and chronic low back pain: a review of the evidence for an American pain society. Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review.

Free article review about the need for alternative energy

In recent years, considerable attention has been paid to the development of alternative fuels due to the continuous depletion of non-renewable energy resources, emission of greenhouse gases and soaring costs of petroleum. Recent advances in the field of biology and applied technologies have greatly increased the possibility of the production of biofuels using this vast β†’

Article review-how collectivism affect management(international management)

Secondly, the study not only looked at the mere relationship between collectivism and propensity to trust and OC, but also explored the process that links the antecedents to OC. Besides, the role of organizational-based self-esteem as valid mediator of the effects of collectivism and propensity to trust on OC was confirmed, while organizational tenure moderated β†’

Journal article review: when i’m 64 how the boomers will change health care

Journal Article Review The report in question has been produced by the American Hospital Association and discusses how the health care will change as baby boomers come to an age where they require healthcare services to the level of today's senior citizens born during the 40s and 50s. Clogging of the health system and a β†’

Newspaper article review

On January 11th, 2012 Sabrina Tavernise reported about the conflict between the rich and the poor class in America which extends its periphery into the conflict that is subsequently noticed amid the immigrants and the native born Americans almost taking the shape of the racial faction and strain. This very fact is supported in the β†’

Article review 2

Although the study may have been limited, and not stating the exact time of which the parents had divorce, there are still important implications to the psychological behavior of children in the later life and their relationship with both parents. Analysis The article is about the impact of divorce in the later life into parents-children β†’

Article review

There may be no way for smaller fishermen to get involved in a fishery if all the stock is privately owned by companies. Nevertheless, the authors of this paper show that this method may be the only really effective way to conserve fish stocks at all.

Good urban density and the rate of invention article review example

This is done through a review of the article " Urban density and the Rate of Invention" by Carlino et al. This section will then be followed by a summary of the main findings and conclusions made by the authors of the study.

Article review on the encyclopdie

The societal institutions, which have for long influenced the lives of innumerable people, stand in opposition to the emancipation of human mind and independence.- What do they criticize? The thinkers of Enlightenment believe that it is of utmost importance to understand the links between the past and the present to weave a better future.

Professional journal review 01

Therefore, in leadership both the leader and the members must be ready to work hand in hand. General Review This article highlights the actual meaning of planning and the need to plan.

Good the economic value of life: linking theory to practice article review example

In the article, the author concludes that the best approach to value human life is the Willingness to Pay Approach. The author notes that the willingness to Pay Approach accounts for the shortcomings of the Human Capital approach.

Good example of ergonomics and school library automation article review

Magazine: Emergency Librarian Article: " Ergonomics and School Library Automation" by Anne Clyde Summary of the Article: The article entitled " Ergonomics and School Library Automation" written by Clyde presented relevant issues pertaining to the safety and health conditions of personnel in the library setting. With the advent of computerization and automation, the author eventually β†’

Activity analysis #6 – newspaper article review

The case shown in the report cited from the newspaper article reads the terrific fact of 7 people loosing life in a rampage in a reportedly profitable company Edgewater. The description of what had been witnessed at the crime spot looks dramatic with its detailed narration of the position and status of objects in the β†’

Example of article review on transport and environment

Among the main factors that were, and have been considered thereby contributing to the development of the transport sector, is the environment. In the present day, almost all over the world, environmental suffering in the hands of transport has greatly reduced thanks to technology and other improvements in transport.

Review and comment

The CBO report s that, across the line, spending and policies have conspired to increase the size of the deficit. The major problem is that the whole deficit discussion is absurd on the face of it.

How should we interpret links between regional personality variables and social article review

The effect of individualistic fallacy or reverse ecological fallacy on research findings is usually very negligible and as such does not affect the research conclusions especially in a case where the parameters of measuring the findings are similar. In case of their presence, it is appropriate for the researcher to calculate or estimate the amount β†’

Literature review

Personality Literature Article Review Here Here Here Here Personality Literature Article Review Introduction A 2010 study by DeYoung and colleagues examined the relationship between personality, brain structuring, and the Big Five Personality Inventory. In response to the information shortage, this article describes an experiment that examined the connection between the Big Five personality items and β†’

Example of article review on blog posts on technology and scent

The art and design of human health and the wellbeing cluster of the society aim to offer a center to provide motivation, development, and to spread new knowledge. With the glassy illustration of the human brain, the doctors and other stakeholders in the health concept are able to find cures and solutions to brain problems.

Article reviews

The article would promote managers of the competing companies worldwide to think about coming up with better strategies to weaken the opponent collaboration at its inception and over take their opponent in the business race. The details presented in the article are such that a foreign investor for domestic companies in Zimbabwe needs to act β†’


The author attempts to compare actions of both the old and the new NAACP Hollywood bureau and cautions the new bureau against the consequences faced by the old bureau. According to the author, Walter White's attempts serve as the lessons of history to the pioneers of the new NAACP Hollywood bureau.

Article review about the core proffesssional values of nursing

CPNVs and Cultural Competencies Lutheran School of Nursing NR 105: Fundamentals of Nursing II Fall Semester Introduction According to Shaw and Degazon, there is expected to be an extreme increase in the need for nurses due to an aging workforce and the lack of students enrolling in nursing programs currently. In order to make this β†’


In the second paragraph, the writer has been justified in defining the meaning of Sarbanes Oxley act, which proved the article and writer to be professional. In the third paragraph, there is also statement about the merits of the Sarbanes Act on the financial and investment sector Further, more proceeding into the later paragraph, it β†’

Example of article review on african american gay hub

This night the club converts in the land of colored people and reflects the culture, music and life related to the blacks only. Black males are less involved in the homosexuality compared to the white males and one of the reasons is related to the religion.

Article reviews

Teacher 4 October Salem Witch Trials Article Review The article " New England Witchcraft," by John Neale was published in May of 1839 in Baltimore, Maryland and discusses a woman, Sarah Good, that was a victim of Salem Witch Trials. This article was written as a news story that appeared in the area newspaper in β†’

Article review

Therefore, the article aims to explore the different types of teams, the selection of team members, and to highlight the essential stages of team development. For team work to be realized, self regulation is the key.

Example of cognitive psychology article review

However, the researcher is not interested in the sequence of the stimulus, rather the identity of the symbols shown.3. Describe ALL the dependent variables for the designated experiment:- Provide an operational definition Mean response time: the period from the onset of the test stimulus to the period when the subject provides a response.mSec 5.

Article review

He further advances that neither the present nor the past of the underdeveloped countries resembles any part of the developed countries, actually, the developed countries were never underdeveloped but just undeveloped. The hypothesis adopted is that the development of underdevelopment in the underdeveloped world is highly tied to colonialism and the economic injustices occasioned to β†’

Article review

The Purpose of the Study The primary objective of the study was to assess the effect of practice on concurrent driving and phone conversation. In real world scenario, the impact of cell phone conversation on driving performance was highly significant.

Research article review

The goal of the current research was to compare incidence of false memories resulting from suggestive interviews involving forced fabrication with those involving exposure to misleading suggestions by the interviewer. For some false event questions Pp forced to generate the response which is considered a force fabrication condition.

Article review

Article Review: Mouse Resource Browser a database of mouse databases Sharon Thompson of Phoenix HCI/520 Data Management and Design Instructor's Name Date Article Review: Mouse Resource Browser a database of mouse databases The article entitled Mouse Resource Browser a database of mouse databases was a collaborative work of 12 authors from diverse fields of sciences β†’

Article review

Drug Abuse in American Youths Drug abuse remains one of the most pervasive issues in the community today. The American community has implemented measures to ensure that teen drug abuse is dealt with.

Sample article review on gender and suicide

The article in context goes on to delve deep into the topic of gender and suicide by providing proof in the form of research work. In the course of the paper, mixed method and qualitative research work is utilized along with the emphasis on the role of societal bond across the course of life.

Good similarities and differences article review example

Summary In the research by Ferreiraa et al, the most beneficial strategy of improving the performance of muscles is through the intake of nutrients, especially carbohydrates and protein during peri-exercise. In the research by Bird et al.the blood samples were taken before and after training.

Literature article review

Article Review: Facebook Profiles and Personality Here Here Here Here Article Review: Facebook Profiles and Personality Introduction A 2010 article by Back and colleagues examines the validity of the personalities projected through personal Facebook profiles. The consequences of this mass participation include the integration of Facebook in everyday social activities, as well as changes to β†’

Good article review on scott herring’s “another country: queer anti-urbanism”

The article,' Another Country: queer anti-urbanism' by Scott herring talks about the queer culture of gays and lesbianism in most urban centers and cities of the united states with a case study of new York city. The transformation in the definition is taken to criticize the rural urban migration that sees the cultural delinquent members β†’

Good article review about biometrika: time series by howell tong

The difference of the time series, correlation difference is obtained. Estimation For a weakly stationary time series the autocorrelation is given as pt = corr a natural extension of correlation.

Human buyology 101

It first presents the arguments of those supporting the idea of the effectiveness of logos, product placement and subliminal advertising, the correlation between religion and branding, then the influence of culture and gender divide and lastly, the influence of sense. Besides that, the author of the article highlighted in the article with the opinion expressed β†’

A journal article review of children of lesbian and gay parents

There have been several research that has studied the preferences and gendered behavior of children growing with lesbian or gay parents and those with heterosexual parents and most of these studies have found no differences in the preferences of these children. It has also been argued by many that such circumstances only provide a positive β†’

Sociology health and healthcare- article review article review sample

He looked forward to a health care reform which made quality health care affordable to all in the society. His greatest contention is the disparity among groups when it comes to the quality of care they received.

Economics article review examples

In the article the author provides arguments about the impossibility of the oil price reversal in short-term perspective. Despite the fact that demand and supply do not work every time in modern economic situation, oil and gas are those products that heavily depend on amounts of production and consumption.

Criminology : journal article review assignment

The social theory being investigated in the paper is the development of cultural capital in children of black middle-class families through various ways through which their parents intervene in their socialization on art. The main variables in the study are concerted efforts of parents in development of their children's connection with visual art, exposure to β†’

Mark driscoll: article review

The conception of Sabbath day as the seventh day after the work of creation which was completed in six days illuminates the idea that the Genesis has to be explicating the creation in six days in a literal sense. Conclusion This paper has explicated the discussed ideas of Creation in the light of bible and β†’

Journal article review

The article tries to provide a descriptive analysis of how these terms are being taught to the younger generations in US and identify the problems that these concepts face in being included in the educational curriculum of US The author has mainly focused on providing the need and importance of multicultural education in a world β†’

Literature reviews article review

Definition of the problem In today's world of cutthroat competition it is very important to impart coaching and training to the executives in order to facilitate the overall process of learning in organization. The theme of this article is to strategically imply the process of educating executives, the role and perception of HRPs β†’

Free article review on security threat response by organizations

An example of such a response is the NetCitadel Threat Response Platform , which is responsible for providing real-time solutions to the security threats as they occur. The advantage that a solution such as the NetCitadel Threat Response Platform offers is the increased response time to security threats.

Article review on business literature

The sources will be reviewed based on the strengths and weaknesses of the contents, the theoretical focus, the methodology used, the overall analysis of the results and how the results could affect other people's practice. Understanding Yourself as an Instrument of Change Change is an important part of organizational β†’

Example of genetically modified foods article review

The use of GMFs is highly controversial; while they are accepted in countries like the United States, they cannot be sold in Australia and the European Union without labeling, and are banned in Egypt, Japan, and Ireland. Proponents of GM foods cite several reasons to advance their cause. The proponents argue that less chemical application β†’

Sample article review on mn504 quantitative critique

The study is used to check the feasibility of diabetes self-management intervention in young and older individuals with type 2 diabetes. Research Question What is the main research question? The main research question is that whether diabetes self-management education improved the overall health of an individual and whether DSME and increased quality β†’

Good example of other article review

In the event that the patient did not meet one of the criteria, and still demands to leave the hospital, a medical hold will be applied. Thus, focusing on the patients' needs instead of their wants is a good managerial practice, even if it means using adequate force just to prevent the patient from leaving β†’

Sample article review on review of 7 ways to enhance workplace relationships, motivation and productivity

Often in conversations one person is just waiting for their turn to talk instead of really focusing on the message that the other person is trying to convey and then responding to that. The second desire people have is the desire to be affirmed. This deals not just with avoiding danger, but avoiding ridicule and β†’

Example of purpose article review

The second research question is about the impact of role stressors on the turnover intentions of MIS personnel. The third research question is based on the impact of career experiences on the turnover intentions of MIS personnel.

Good example of article review on tips for dealing with behavior management issues

Students will react differently to new plans but then teachers should expect this and device mechanisms that will aid them handle the different reactions they will receive from learners. Consistency will mean that learners will be exposed to this behavior management plan and over time, they will get used to it. Physical educators of P- β†’

Example of article review on can language style matching really bring about new long-lasting romances

The other person communicates with us in a style which matches our own style of communication and hence the empathy or the ' strange attraction'. Therefore if you meet someone who, on communication with you gives you the strangest feeling that this person has met you before and yet yore confident that you have never β†’

Article review on blast off–strict liabilitys potential role in the development of the commercial

In accordance with regulations, the AST functions as a business line under the FAA, and operate with the FAA to control commercial space transportation that includes licensing and maintenance procedures, for the management of launches and re-entry sites. The AST is responsible in regulating the commercial space transportation business by ensuring it comply with the β†’

Family business article review

Article summary The article by Roberts Michael and John Davis emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship in the management of family businesses. The article provides two main reasons why families should encourage entrepreneurship in the family business in order to stay in business.

Example of article review on employee development

Managers as trainer also enjoy benefit of being well aware of the capacity as well as deficiency on behavioral as well as skill aspect and therefore, must adopt methodology depending upon the need of employees. Hence, trainer being the most important aspect of training sessions rests with increased responsibility in case the role is played β†’

Peak performance article review examples

It is upon every working individual, to shape their own place, to be aware when to go for a change, and also to keep themselves in track and fruitful in the span of their working life that may extend up to 50 years. Every person must have knowledge in developing β†’

Free voice and participation article review essay sample

Finally, the discussion around the organization of a direct representation is supported by a brief insight into the legislator base, which supports the establishment of good practices in the area of consultation and representation. The article is well structured and allows the reader following the development of the thought and ideas of the authors. The β†’

Sexual harassment article reviews example

Therefore, the resulting legal action imposed was for the errant players to pay fines, including fines charged to the New England Patriots. In sum, the difference between the two situations involving alleged sexual harassment was the immediate action implemented by management of the team. The Jets owner immediately asked for an apology; while management of β†’


Article Review: Managing cross-cultural conflict in organizations This text reviews the article whose core focus is on cross-cultural, which is quite evident in numerous organizations. This shows that much conflict is more often in international organizations where most people are from diverse cultural backgrounds as compared to local firms. The research article classifies correlation between β†’

Article review on problems of municipal administration

January 1905. Thesis: According to Jane, the problems of municipal administration, and the shame of the cities in America is a result of the reformers' persistent and over-reliance of outmoded ideas of the eighteenth century. The author views those who draft the state constitutions and municipal regulations as the kind of authority who loves the β†’

The role of fathers article review

Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families; Administration on Children, Youth and Families; Head Start Bureau, 2004) Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons a dad might be separated from his kid. A competent, caring men figure can nurture and guide a kid effectively and contribute to all areas of the β†’

What is health care administration/management article review examples

Keeping a dual perspective of both internal and external domains is necessary for the management so as to make the right decisions. The definition provided by researches is in agreement with that forwarded in this paper. For example, according to Buchanan, Parry & Gascoigne , healthcare management is the process that comprises of social β†’

Article review on high-performance work systems and occupational safety, zacharatos, barling and iverson

For study 2, the authors asserted that they expounded on study 1 and focused on including variables such as trust in management and safety incidents and used the Bass and Avolio's Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire for data analysis. The findings of study 1 clearly revealed that there is in fact a direct relationship between β†’

Free paper article review example

The author failed to give proper credit to professionally engaged women by implying that they are puppets, and males are pulling their strings. However, this is not the case because formal authority means that females are fully capable of calling the shots in divergent fields. The basic and fundamental claim of the author did not β†’

Article review

This article is about an overview of the great depression that affected United States of America in the 20th century. He also focuses on failures of the economy, and factors that might have led to this failure.

Small organizations vs large organizations article review

We expect the study sample to increase with the increase in the size of the organization; which is not true in this case. We can base our comparison according the size of the organization (i.e.small Vs large organizations), and the sector type (i.e.public sector vs.private sector). An organization with more than 1000 employees is considered β†’

Free article review on marijuana legalization

In Washington, the use of marijuana in public spaces and driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal. The aim of this paper is to explore on how the federal government is going to handle the legalization of Marijuana in the Colorado and Washington states. Accordingly, a majority of the residents in Colorado and β†’

Example of introductionwhat is the research question article review

How did the authors measure the variables in question? The authors measured the big five personality factors using the NEO Five Factor Inventory which is a 60-item revised version of the NEO-personality inventory. What did the authors find? On the correlation of the Big Five factors, the authors found that the scores for β†’

The nursing shortage effect on patient outcomes article review samples

The reasons for this nursing shortage are: A a decrease in the amount number of people entering nursing school, the decrease in the amount ofas well as nurse educators, the an increase in the population, which results in an increase in thegreater number of people in need of health care services, and the increase in β†’

Spains robin hood article review

The theme of the paper is to show how bad leadership in Spain has caused many economic problems. As these workers move along the roads, they find two people who address them. They argue that with communism, the country will be able to provide jobs for the people and the β†’

Sociology of work article review examples

The Time Famine: Toward a Sociology of Work Time. The paper gives a description of a qualitative study of the way people utilize their time in the workplace. Glenn." Male and Female: Job versus Gender Models in the Sociology of Work".

Good example of macroeconomics article review

Cutting the spending meant that people are going to lack basic commodities that have in the past been influenced by the state spending thus calling for the overall government to regulate on policies that will affect distribution of basic need for the jobless and elderly who depend on government on β†’

Finance review ( annuities: suitability changes and challenges)

Section III Main Issue of the Article Annuity sales in the United States are growing and there many different types of offering in the marketplace. Section IV Relationship to Course A concept that was taught in the course that was emphasized in the article is that the consumer is the most important stakeholder in the β†’