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Being an effective leader: literature review

Leadership is the ability to inspire or influence others towards the leader's goal and a real leader have followers. Next, for businesspeople, one of the important things have to worry about is to inspire people or influence others towards the leader's goal.

Managing and organizing for innovation in service firms a literature review with annotated bibliography

Schilling andWerr identified and elaborate the following knowledge gaps and needs for further research: Understanding the dynamics of the service innovation process Using contextualized models of service innovation Exploring and comparing different types of service firms Service innovation in business networks Knowledge and knowledge processes in service innovation Innovative climate and HRM practices Communication and β†’

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Book : ian kershaw – the end (hitlers germany 1944-1945)

In an attempt to do this, the writer takes a new dimension of the World War II and the role played by Hitler and the Nazis. In the estimation of Ian Kershaw, the reason was that there were strong structures instituted by the German government and for that matter Hitler that rules on the states β†’

Literature review on compensation and benefits

Here, the overview of the relationship between the compensation and benefits and the job satisfaction among the university staff will be discussed in the well-manner. The objectives of this study are as following: To explore the influence of compensation and benefits towards job satisfaction among University staff To examines the awareness of the importance of β†’

Chapter 2 literature review 2.1 environmental quality in malaysia

Concern for the environment is perceived to be important in encouraging consumer to participate in green program and also buying a green product. Furthermore, if ordinary product is more expensive compared to a green product, consumers might have intention to buy green products because of the benefit and the cost.

Cultural partial influences

According to the Confucian work dynamism dimension: the relationship existing between the societal members determines the community's stability and the major prototype of all the social institution is the household. Character creation will help the learner to get in a position of expressing the social, political autonomy of the community and creating a good relationship β†’

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Improving student engagement | literature review

The authors clearly state that they wanted to conduct their study because " Given the pervasiveness of IWB's in the UK, we wished to explore the development of its uses in the classroom where there was a dialogic pedagogy".. However, the main focus of the authors writing this article was to conclude whether or not β†’

Literature review of supply chain design

Configure-to-Order supply concatenation offers the client purchase in pick in the constellation and specifications of the merchandise. Construct to Order supply concatenation is similar to Configure-to-Order; with a little difference that here in Build-to-Order even the natural stuff is of client ' s pick.

Example of historic living city literature review

Hence, it also involves a monitoring of urban development or the evolution of urban areas to In response to this problem, the International Charter for the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites, also known as The Venice Charter, constitutes a set of objectives and practices for the protection, conservation, and restoration of historic urban β†’

Communication: a literature review

However, the politeness theory by Brown and Levinson is widely accepted and utilized as the basis for research by the researchers in the field of not only sociolinguistics but of psychology, business, and so on. 1 Politeness Theory/Principle Politeness theory is the theory that accounts for the redressing of the insults to face posed by β†’

The uk budget hotel sector literature review tourism essay

However, the competition keeps on to fly high in the general hotel industry as the budget hotels take over the mid-market hotels and boardinghouses. This must be a wanted shift from the 1960s the time at which fewer than 5% of the population in the UK stayed in UK hotels, to the rates experienced today β†’

Child abuse types and features: literature review

This is commonly seen in marital relationships, but it is interesting to note that it is applicable to a parent-child relationship, because there is a cycle, and it's referred as the cycle of abuse. Sexual abuse appears to be the one form of abuse that is least reported.

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Is beauty in the hand of the writer? influences of aesthetic preferences through script directions, cultural, and neurological factors: a literature review

This paper is a review of the literature dealing with the impact of directionality on aesthetics, the degree to which this is a result of cerebral processing, and the degree to which it results from habit or cultural variation. Such a definition embraces rather than resolves the diffuse nature of perception, as it is based β†’

Literature review job design and workforce diversity

" In the current business environment, what role do Job design and workforce diversity play In attempts to Improve Individual and organizational performance? " Literature Review A significant number of Ideas have been offered to explain Job design and workforce diversity which impacts on individual and organizational performance in business environment at the present time. β†’

Deforestation in the amazon rainforest: literature review

In turn this causes a reduction in diversity of the remaining species and a disruption in the ecosystem of the rainforest. The deforestation of the Amazon rainforest not only decreases the quantity of carbon able to be stored, it also causes a dramatic increase in the levels of carbon being released into the atmosphere by β†’

Literature review on stress and stressors in bangladesh

The aim of this critical review is to understand the stress scenario in Bangladesh, their strengths and weakness in general. Method of Review A critical review was applied to explore the stress scenario in Bangladesh.

Literature review of reducing barriers and reoffending in juvenile offenders

Over this period of time I have dealt with these young people with a whole range of learning and educational difficulties, and we need to look at, and to stop the huge number of them re-offending and coming back into custody. The four main risk factors for the onset and continuation of offending occur within β†’

The effects of step dance on physical self-perception

Thus, the research detailed in the article focuses on the psychological effect of exercise on male and female students. The effects of step dance on physical self-perception of female and male university students.

Literature review on break up strategies

However, any break-up solution would not work successfully unless the three factors in the relationship are identified, namely the high level of satisfaction with the relationship, the acknowledgment of both parties of the time and effort that has gone into building it, and the absence of new compensatory attachments. More recent work has suggested that β†’

Shakespeare’s othello

After Othello realizes Iago's betrayal, Shakespeare was trying to get across the point that despite the fact that reluctance is repeatedly in the mind a person cannot stop being corrupted after it has infected them. Shakespeare explained Othello's reactions to the death going from being a well-rounded person to a corrupted soul that has nowhere β†’

The image of god | literature review

Then God said, ' Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.' So, God created man β†’

The passage of the civil rights act: racial equality

It was the White European population that brought the African Americans to America as slaves which explains the origin of the Black populace. The period between 1890 and 1940 saw the passage of the Jim Crow laws of segregation of facilities like transport and schools where the Blacks and Whites were not supposed to associate β†’

Health care reform in the united states

Only the immigrants legally in the country can buy the health insurance through the exchanges, these include the refugees, people on workers and the student's visas, and the immigrants with green cards. The article provides solutions for the immigrants to avoid losing their health insurance; these include the provision of immigration and citizenship documents by β†’

Literature review on studies of john bowlby’s attachment theory

Attachment and Child Abuse Physical abuse and adult attachment Unger and Luca found that adults who had experienced physical abuse were less likely to describe supportive adult relationships. They stress that attachment is a major predictor in the quality and type of adult relationships, giving importance to the development of attachment at an early age.

Good example of literature review on observational study design

The most appropriate study design for establishing whether HIV is a risk factor for tuberculosis infection is cross-sectional study design. This is also important since it can help health program implementers to establish the severity of a problem.

Theories in relation to the sme sector literature review

SMEs are the growth engines of the economy due to their ability to create jobs, foster entrepreneurship, and provide depth to the industrial base of the economy. Most of the literature does incorporate employment statistics, while elaborating on the importance of the SME sector but most of them often fail to examine the characteristics of β†’

World literature reviewer essay

The texts are followed by commentaries called the Ten Wings 5) Chuan Chi's chronological record of chief events in the state of Lu, the native state of Confucius Taoism- seeks out the essential laws of nature that govern our lives * Founded by Ala TTS, said to be a contemporary of Confucius * Ala Tutu's β†’

Literature review

There has been a call to find out the cause of the drug abuse problem among individuals with emphasis placed on the outcome of indulging in the heinous act. The society dictates the morals of the members and with the measures it undertakes to curb the spread of drug addiction there will be a similar β†’

Research based on the literature review

Signs and Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder Eating of large quantity of food in a short span of time is one of the indicators of binge eating disorder. These include the causes, signs and consequences of binge eating disorder.

Candide’s garden

While this characterization constitutes satirical elements in itself, as the novel progresses one recognizes that they are a largely one-dimensional character. This is significant as the Pope is supposed to be celibate.

Child abuse in various societies

The current discourse hereby aims to present information from various articles outlining the recent court cases involving Penn State and the Catholic Church in terms of the manner by which these ' agencies' responded to child abuse when they were faced with it. In this particular situation, the Catholic Church response was for the bishop β†’

Ovids stories in the metamorphosis

He promptly fell in love with the image he saw in the pool and did everything he could to reach out and connect with the figure but, since it was only a reflection, all his efforts only caused the object of his adoration to disappear. Finally realizing that the image he is seeing is a β†’

Analysis of virgils aeneid prologue

In fact, the structure of Virgil's story is very similar to Homer's epics; the parallel with Homer's works can be found in Virgil's attempt to define the two parts of the story as an odyssey and a tale of war - though in reverse of Homer's story structure. Because of the widespread use of Latin, β†’

Literature review on the research on games computer science

The main research in this chapter includes the definition of games, game genres, description of word game and adventure game, formal and dramatic elements in game and the review of existing word game and adventure game.2. Agency is the practical function of a character to serve as a representation of the player in the game.

Causes of left and right handedness

The results found reinforced her theory that left handedness was due to the absence of the right shift gene and that the hand preference of those without the gene is determined by chance and environmental factors. Antoher theory that is examined to be the cause of handedness is birth weight in boys and girls.

An introduction and conclusion for literature review in finance (preparing for my dissertation)

USA Petrochemical Industry Despite of the rise in the global demand for the petrochemical products, the USA petrochemical industry is facing increasing competition in the petrochemical export market. Social Factors With the enhancement in the life styles of the habitants in USA, the usage of the automobiles has also been increased leading to the increase β†’

Realism to virtual reality

The essay tries to hide the truth about the US during the war with their counterparts. HOW LINCOLN WON THE WAR This is an essay that talks about the approach to winning the war during his reign.

Literature review of generation x and y employees

Based on the definitions from Australian researchers, the Generation X and Y are fitted into the population who was born from 1965 to 1979 and 1980 to 1994 respectively.[1]The groups are now aged from 20 to 40. It can be conceptualized into three factors a high level of belief and acceptance of the organization's goals β†’

Gambling addiction literature review

Literature Review Chapter 2: Literature Review 2. 1 Introduction This chapter covers a review of past literatures pertaining to the topic under study. As an opening, it brings in the limelight the backbone of gambling. Several definitions about gambling and the rationale behind are put forward as described by several...

Reverse discrimination as unjustified

The writer wants to specify that the law must consider all citizens equally regardless of their wealth and talent, or ethnicity. However, the writer does not purport a specific alternative to reverse discrimination which would preserve equality and justice in their true sense.

Post traumatic growth | literature review

In this part of the journal accepting the limited resources on the research of PTG the writers changed direction to explore the traumatic events that initiate the process of growth. In the case of trauma the client needs to feel safe and secure with the therapist and that of the therapist too, the explicit dialogue β†’

Literature review on online shopping

According to Monsuwe, Delleart and Ruyter, there are five external factors to understand consumer's intention to purchase in the internet which is the consumer personality, situational factors, product characteristics, previous online shopping experiences and the trust in online shopping. In an online context, lower tangibility of a product is caused by the lack of physical β†’

An analysis of symbols in langston hughes on the road literature review sample

The story was written at the time when the civil rights movement was heating up, and the doors that prevent Sargeant from entering warmth, or on a deeper level fully into the society, are represented by actual, physical doors in the story. Despite it snowing outside, and what would seem to be the duties of β†’

The death of the hired man by robert frost

The two talking to each other in the poem give the reader an overview of their perception of the hired man. The reader can create a personal image of the individuals talking in the poem and the description of the man.

Court literature review example

On the other hand, from the point of vampire matters, Renfield's hallucinations and eating of living creatures is of much more importance than Van Helsing's discovery of vampires and knowledge of the ways of their destruction. While the whole world is in fear of Dracula and he does not care of explaining himself, he simply β†’

Literature review analysis

Leadership is either inside or outside of the person this enables him to focus on a single reality.) Essence of Leadership- Leaders brainscienceis kept tabs on examining characteristics, styles and behaviors of leaders and try to distinguish traits and qualities that are intended to catch the correct nature of initiative, independent of connection and circumstances β†’

Process and purpose of the sustainable innovation

This definition is the basis of the sustainable innovation project. The project captures the issue of sustainability through the respect of an investor.

Social pedogogy as foundation of play

Social Pedagogy as Foundation of Preschoolers' Play for Achieving Kindergarten Readiness of the of the Department of the University Name of the Course Name of the Supervisor The Month and Year of Submission Social Pedagogy as Foundation of Preschoolers' Play for Achieving Kindergarten Readiness Introduction Early childhood education places an emphasis on developmentally appropriate pedagogy, β†’

How would the us political scenario have been changed if lincoln had not been killed and how were the unfriendly relations of the rebel states tied with the constitution

The author showcases that personalities of Lincoln and Johnson to be contrasting as the former was open-minded and the latter was stubborn and racist. The author states that the rebel states have lost connection with the government because of their illicit actions and is in a dead state.

Sample literature review on plato and aristotle: art and rhetoric

Plato, for example, believed that Art was a distraction from the need to search for real things and the ideal Form of Man, while Aristotle believed Art was a way to illustrate the view of real things. In Plato's Republic, the philosopher has a lot to espouse on the subjects of art, poetry and the β†’

Conducting a literature review data collection

Research Hypothesis Maternal Smoking during pregnancy leads to all or some of the following infant health problems and diseases such as asthma, wheezing, low birth deliveries and obesity. 32, pp.

Fedex literature review essay sample

Chem, 50: 1789 1792, 1958 = + D n 1 Fits experimental data for: lubricating greases Josef M lek a Non-Newtonian fluids Viscosity of some fluids Models with variable viscosity Differential type models Rate type models Integral type models Download Shear dependent viscosity Models with pressure dependent viscosity Models with stress dependent viscosity Models with β†’

Police crackdowns and different crackdown strategies

In fact, Karmen refers to the rise in crime and its study as the " anatomy of a crime wave" and argues that " Crime waves are the product of the interaction of a wide array of forces and conditions". The New York crime wave of the 1990s motivated the police department to begin to β†’

Free literature review about the vortex

Comment on the following sentence concerning Naturalism in The Vortex: " Human condition is put to the test in one of the fascinating physical environments in the world: Amazonia". Jose alludes that the reliability of the knowledge is its usefulness of the acquired knowledge to the perception of the external reality.

Literature review of pain assessment tools

Introduction This essay will identify the issue of poorly addressed acute pain in hospitalized patients and critically compare and discusses a range of pain assessment tools referring to contemporary research literature and practice guidelines for patients who are able to self describe their pain and who are unable to self describe their pain due to β†’

Pre k readiness

A person-centered approach considers the entire child engagement by placing children in to profiles. Howes, C." child-teacher relationships, social-emotional classroom climate in child care, and children's second grade peer relations.

Literature reviewexample essay

In the poem " The Things We Dare Not Tell," Henry Lawson's purpose is to state the two different types of secrets that people posses which are; the kind that should be external to others and the kind that should be kept internal from others. Two examples of imagery used in the reading selection are β†’

Literature review of biopsychosocial model of back pain

The study also aimed to evaluate the role of individual physiotherapist in bio psychosocial approach for treating for chronic back pain The result of the review was supporting bio psychosocial approach. The results in this study were based on self-reported outcomes from the questionnaires that were sent to the patients, which makes the data subjective β†’

Job satisfaction literature review

This affects the level of job satisfaction among the employees working in different sectors of the Australian organization. The level of job satisfaction depends on the type of employment provided to the employees of various sectors.

Literature review on preconception counseling and education

There were significant increases in scores of internal health locus of control and self-efficacy in the experimental group that is among the 109 samples in the post-intervention. In her study the secondary prevention was detection of unhygienic practices and education to correct the practices.

Mergers and acquisitions | literature review

Now at present day and from the 1990s we have seen a combination of the previous 30 years trends, with a large number of large value mergers taking place.[1] The next part of this journal then looks at the winners and losers in a merger deal both in the long and short term. In the β†’

Literature review about types of operating system computer science

The Windows 98 is the upgrade from Windows 95 and is Graphical operating system is designed for the workstations at home or business. This is evident in all level of the user experience including the appearance and functionality of the GUI, the way workflows are handled, system is configured then the stability and security features.

Literature review on sustainable construction

The discussion and practise around sustainable construction often focus on the efficient processes of construction, use of materials, availability of technology and other technical side, which does not compromise the health of the environment or the associated health of the building occupants, builders, the general public or future generations It is important to acknowledge and β†’

A good man is hard to find journal entry literature review example

Yet, upon closer examination, I believe that this ending helps to reveal some of the themes that O'Connor was presenting in the story. One of the most interesting themes that I found within the story was the idea of what makes someone a " good man" or a " lady".

The economic relationship between the north and the south prior to the civil war

Based on the study of the causes of the Civil War, slavery is considered as one of the main factors that affected the differences in the economic state between the North and the South. But the abolition and the fight of the North for anti-slavery resulted in the clash with the South.

Theory of motivation and literature review of sales management

It has been in the centre of interest for many fields due to the fact that it is a way of finding, understanding and explaining the reasons why people choose to behave in a certain way and the possible outcomes that they expected from certain behaviors and actions. As Huczunski and Buchanan defined goal-setting theory β†’

Importance of exercise for the elderly: literature review

The subject of elderly participation in sporting activities in the United Kingdom represents one of considerable importance as the percentage of older adults increases in proportion to the UK's total population. The importance of age is impacting the population in the United Kingdom whereby the number of people over the age of 65 has increased β†’

Patients’ safety as an endemic concern

Within two weeks of the publishing of the report, the president of the United States of America ordered a study to be carried out to establish the feasibility of the implementation of the report's recommendations. To err is to human and errors will always happen despite the level of care practiced in health care facilities.

Shaken baby syndrome literature review

Similarly, the Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect provided a technical report regarding rotational cranial injuries in shaken baby syndrome. Further insight into the contribution of parents and caretakers to shaken baby syndrome as well as the involvement of the community in management becomes evident in the report.

Literature review of nurses experience of communication nursing essay

Family members are increasingly part of care-giving to seriously ill patients, whether this is informal support and care in the home or surrogate decision-making in the ICU. The aim is to describe nurses' experiences of communicating with the family members of critically-ill patients in an ICU setting.

Health disparities in new zealand: a literature review

Health Disparity and Inequality Regardless of the efforts to apply the Principles of the Treaty to health development, health inequality and disproportion among Maori and non-Maori is still evident. The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 absolves the Treaty of Waitangi and Maori health.

Palliative care for cancer patients | literature review

According to this study, Medew aimed that; the findings would change the views of both the patients and the doctors on the quality of palliative care. In addition, most cancer patients are not used to palliative care in most countries and this unfamiliarity calls for the need for providing information to patients, their family members β†’

Restorative justice

Thinking about the benefits of restorative justice to the Offender it becomes understandable that offenders returning to the community after the term of their punishment has a possibility to be successfully reintegrated to their communities and families, and continue normal life, instead of being out of the community for the whole life. Thus, we have β†’

Lon chaney and films freak possibilities

The article gives a history of Chaney's acting career in the age of freak show embodiment in movies, and his apparent liking o playing morbid and unusual characters in the movies. It is evident that Chaney attracted a lot of interest from the male population because of the unusualness of his movies and frightened away β†’

Internet’s affect on adolescents: a literature review

This proves the importance of researching how this extensive time on the Internet affects adolescents, who are its major consumers and are in a developmental stage of life." Adolescents on the Net: Internet Use and Well-Being" Kaveri Subrahmanyam and Gloria Lin This study was carried out to gain an understanding of the relationship between the β†’

Hospitality management: a literature review

Whether it is a small- or large-sized restaurant, there is a great diversity in the types of activities performed by a food and beverage department, requiring significant variety of skills on the part of its workers. The growth is proven by the rapid expansion of food outlets in key areas in Metro Manila and the β†’

Overcoming e-learning barriers

It has therefore been recommended that e-learning barriers can be eliminated if policymakers and educators consider the socio-economic backgrounds of specific learners when such technology programs are designed to aid e-learning. That is, we have rapidly evolving technologies and such changes need to be reflected in the curriculum.

The civil rights movement: emancipation from racial discrimination

The Civil Rights Movement: Emancipation from Racial Discrimination The Civil Rights Movement in the United States during the 1950s up to the 1970s was the defining moments of the death of racial inequality in the country. The history of the Civil Rights Movement traces its foundation through the establishment of the National Association for the β†’

Online dating safety tips and advice by pepper schwartz

Schwartz, an individual should not rush into online dating mainly because of the insecurity risks involved in it.Dr. Consequently, I would not recommend an online dating platform for my friend who wishes to have a partner in life mainly because of the aforementioned insecurity and risks involved.

The life circumstances of barbara ann

This part of the story makes me feel sorry for her because if I were her, I would not know what to do and where to go so that people would put their faith in my story. The life circumstances of Barbara Ann are totally complicated and tragic, but as far as there happened to β†’

Effects of creatine on resistance training literature review sample

In an experiment to find out the effects of CrS in press and bench squats, it was found that the use of creatine supplement increased the repetition during bench press and jump squats. However, the various studies that have been done fail to show the exact amount of creatine accumulation in muscle with creatine supplementation β†’

Accounting and regulation; will there ever be full comparability

Aspects of accounting and regulations that promote full comparability With reference to the writings by Benston et al, they stated that certain forms of accounting regulations provide a basis for full comparability of accounting records from different sectors and countries. For example, Penman stated that accounting records could be fully comparable on the basis that β†’

Construction safety theories and human factors theory regarding quebec bridge

The design problems and stress overloading that resulted in the failure of the bridge were part of the management faults since through proper design; the situation could have been rectified. Kranakis explains that the design drawings and the plans of the bridge were reviewed by a single engineer before the project was started.

Interventions for type 2 diabetes literature review

It concluded that the practice of clinical pharmacy is considered a crucial part of a health care team to improve the level of patients' care by increasing the quality of therapy with the least expense for a health care system 54. This was a retrospective study aimed to demonstrate the role and importance of the β†’

Young people television news and citizenship

Young People, Television News and Citizenship Literature Review: Dover conducted a research to evaluate the importance of involvement of teenagers into the pop culture and media in context of the daily routine as it follows in a multi-ethnic secondary school. He argued that it is possible to investigate the pop culture and media's significance in β†’

Jane’s reaction to rochester’s proposal

As she broods over the past and how she had treated Jane, a feeling of remorse engulfs her inner world. Reed hates Jane because she considers her as an intruder in the family circle.

Malcolm x

Although he had little formal education, Malcolm X spent his time in prison trying to educate himself using the dictionary. Malcolm X was filled with the desire to use his writing skills to educate about Allah and Islam.

Understanding the nature of migraine pain

Although the symptoms of migraine pain are easy to identify, there should be a proper clinical diagnosis of the disease in order to outlook the possibility of any other disease and proper treatment of migraine pain. It is not possible to clearly identify the specific cause behind the emergence and development of migraines.

Research paper on reasons women wear makeup: a literature review

For instance, make-up initially became popular in the United States and Europe due to the rise of the theater and ballet; the growth of these forms of art encouraged the use of make-up for performers, because the facial features needed to be able to be seen from the stage. There seems to be a correlation β†’

Literature review on the determination of housing price economics essay

It discusses the importance of the subject, the type of theory or method used in the research and as well as to provide with the background and history of a particular area. In my own point of view, I believe that the increment of a housing price is due to the price increment in the β†’

Sonnet 73 by shakespeare

Also the first line tells us about the theme of the whole sonnet as autumn is the metaphor of an old age. In the line " in me thou seest the twilight of such day" it is possible to trace the dying life and the youth as the day is the symbol of the life β†’

Literature review on dominos essay sample

The ServQual instrument utilizes a " gap [ Carman, James M." Consumer Perceptions of Service Quality]: score"] analysis methodology, wherein the user's expectations for service quality are assessed at the same time as the user's perception of the actual system performance. In the following, after a brief review of the service quality concept, the model β†’

Literature review on deterrence theory: mexico and us border

Usually, the function of such a theory is both to describe and to explain; an explanatory theory is one which not only describes but also explains the phenomena of a substantive interest"." Deterrence is the use of a threat by one party in an attempt to convince another party not to upset the status quo". β†’