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Ms.stewerts method of teaching

Reflection Journal The method that Ms. Stewert is learner, or based, instruction. She does not use the lecture method in explaining various concepts to the children, instead, she allows the students to be the masters of their learning. Her role becomes more of a guidance role. She believes that a teacher should intervene less and less as a child develops. This allows her students to become more involved than simply listening to a lecture. In making the ramp for Rebecca, she made use of the cooperative learning method where her students were allowed to work together to complete the task of making a ramp. Through this method, she was able to give importance to each kid by letting them realize that they all had a role in the success of the project.
Ms. Stewert’s method of teaching showed that she respected each child’s opinions. She gave them freedom to express whatever is on their mind, maybe interjecting only when necessary. She did not impede on the child’s self-discovery of things around his environment. Her teaching method showed that she believes that the opinion of the child should take precedence and must be nurtured and allowed to be developed. She encourages children to feel at ease even if they make mistakes.
After observing Ms. Stewert’s style of teaching with regards to people with disabilities, I think that she believes that children will learn by experiencing the world around them. By introducing Rebecca to the children, she was able to let them understand and learn about people with disabilities. Although indirectly, she somehow showed them that each one is different yet each one has rights and duties in society. She made the children realize that it is important to respect every person no matter what their stature, age or physical appearance is.

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