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Pursuing in business administration

Pursuing in Business Administration
I am interested with pursuing a major in business administration. My interest to pursue a major in this field comes as a result of several aspects that have had an affected me. First, I have been exposed to business affairs during the whole of my life. From a tender age back in Indonesia, I grew up under the shadow of business that my parent used to run. My parent instilled in me and my younger brother business values like, customer relations, the value of employees and time management.
Secondly, I am passionate about enterprises development and I am always looking for avenues that can help me gain more knowledge regarding the various aspects of economics. I am confident that, through studying for a major in business administration, I can successfully gratify my curiosity in these fields.
The third aspect is that I am seeking for an opportunity to learn how to manage change, and find opportunities to innovate in the unpredictable technology-driven enterprise environment. I will graduate readily to reason critically, tap on my creativity and empowered to make strategic business decisions.
In addition, the structure and aspect of the University of San Francisco promote the development of relationships between student and the teaching fraternity. I foresee this enabling me to integrate my academic and professional interests, transforming me into a business expert while enhancing the development of useful values. Based on the conversations that I have had with friends, it is evident that the University of San Francisco has the full potential to support business innovation amongst its students. Its outstanding practice cannot be disputable.
In high school, I was involved in many extracurricular activities, was elected to student council and joined the college swimming team. I also had the opportunity to join the school improvement team and the entrepreneurship club. During my days at the entrepreneurship club, I gathered a lot of information and skills. It provided me with platform access entrepreneurial resources, had a chance to create networks within the entrepreneur’s community, and exchanged ideas with various aspiring business people. The club helped me to gain an in-depth understanding of new and small and micro-enterprises.
I have also attended workshop that gave young entrepreneurs guidance on; way of raising capital, the procedures of incorporating companies, strategies for winning customers, and the best practices of hiring and firing of employees. These workshops and panels run by professional who have an in-depth understanding of the business processes. While at the University, I intend to join the students’ organizations to look for opportunities to demonstrate and enhance leadership potential, and develop experience outside the lecture halls.
Studying business administrating will effectively transform me into a leader. I will get the opportunity to make a positive impact and serve my country economically. It also chance to empower me to bridge gaps between my country economy and others. As an Indonesian living abroad, I have come across many cultures. It has provided me with an opportunity to look for differences to accommodate and connections to synthesize, so as to develop the capability of balancing various aspect of business administration. In short, I believe that my experiences in life, combined with a rigorous academic education, will enable me to develop a successful career in enterprise management back in Indonesia.

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