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Philippines education system

There are different perspectives in management depending on who and how things are being viewed. In the current educational system here the Philippines, the management seems to think that they are providing the best possible tasks to their subordinates/teachers however, teachers are thinking the other way around.

In my point of view, the currenteducationsystem focuses more on the Quantitative Management. It is being put all in good use as reports of budgets from MOOE are being equally distributed through the expenses of the school. Administrators also use this approach as the demands of teachers and supplies are increasing. This approach is also effective to public schools since there are huge amounts of enrollees but limited numbers of classrooms.

With the right amount of managementscience, administrators can be very cautious of scheduling classes and determining the needs of the students within a school year. The management information system is also an advantage in predicting the number of expected enrollees for the next school year and the tracking of pupils from different parts of the Philippines as Learner Information System was introduced.

Not only is quantitative management focuses on the administration of people and resources but it also allows us to examine the progress of students. The administrators are very keen in knowing the numeric value of the students’ achievement rather than the qualities of their works. The numerical interpretation is the basis for the next school years’ budget hence the results need to be exceptional.

There are plenty of assessments, interventions and remedial classes that are being conducted nationwide, however, it still seems that these are not enough to see changes in the behavior of our students. Since, the administrators are mostly looking up the results of the assessments, periodical exams or quarterly grades, we teachers are pushing for them to excel academically but their behaviors are being left aside.

It also seems that the current educational system is lost in the Administrative Management approach as the role of ateachercan now interchange to a clerk, a guidance counselor, a nurse and even a police officer. The primary role of teaching is being neglected due to tons of different workload that was expected by the administration to the teachers. The assumption of the management is not being fully met due to different circumstances.

A teacher is not only a teacher but also a clerk as s/he needs to do all the paper works required within a school year and there are tons of reports that are being asked like books and property inventories, numerical interpretation of different assessments and many more. Since a teacher is also a manager, then s/he also needs to properly plan and organize different activities for a whole day with a goal of influencing students to learn.

Though, the workload and complication of the education system is making the job difficult, learning the administrative approach can be very helpful. By this, my thought and vision of why I entered thiscareerpath was again being laid out. I have established my own principles in management as to why all things are now bearable.

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