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Topic: Article, Education-Behavioral Approaches to Learning. room Management of the

Topic: Article, Education-Behavioral Approaches to Learning. Classroom Management
Q. 1. Mary tried to take care of her students by structuring/selecting and arranging activities and by monitoring their behavior. She also began to reinforce positive behavior and redirect inappropriate behavior of children. Tim had special problems, he was a tough child to handle and she tried to influence his disposition by arranging the meeting with his parents, but she was not successful in her efforts initially but her persistence paid off later and Tim was on the road of reformation process.
Q. 2. Each child is different and positive reinforcement is the ideal option to handle a child. To strengthen child’s existing capability is the good choice. Planned ignoring of the naughty child will have some salutary effect on the disposition of the child. Control, coercion and bribery need to be applied in a well-proportioned manner. Parents and teachers must share the responsibility to translate the well-researched set of tools to manage classroom behavior.
Q. 3. Tim would have created unruly scenes at the party and as such Mary’s decision not to allow him to attend the party was right.
Q. 4. In the screening committee Mary owns prime responsibility. She knows about the ground realities about the day to day handling of children in the classroom environment. The counselor, with his knowledge about the psychological disposition of children should be able to give advice to identify a child having special needs and exceptionalities. The Principal, generally an individual with vast administrative experience, should be in a position to ensure that the student has the support and resources necessary to be successful and to reach his or her full potential. Parents are free to point out any shortcomings in the administration of their child and suggest modifications/improvements in the teaching technique. The final goal of the screening committee is the proper identification of the child’s learning needs.
Q. 5. The class as a whole was good and accepted her reformation methods, except five or six children, who had severe learning difficulties. Tim was a child with difficult home life and was mostly brought up at a childcare center. He was unable to change for the better and his initial response to her teaching methods was to cry and say, “ Im no good. Im stupid. I cant do this work.” But his self-pity soon turned to anger toward Mary and he yelled during a parent-teacher meeting, ” Im going to kill you, I hate you, and Im going to kill you.”
Q. 6. The responsibilities of the parents at home and the teacher at school to handle the child are different. Parents generally turn a blind eye to the discipline issue of their children as their feelings are coated with love. I will firmly advise the parents that the school will do the needful to discipline the child and their interference in this area is unwarranted and will not be accepted by the teacher/school administration.

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