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Impede international strategy implementation

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The purpose of this study is to identify and critically evaluate main issues faced by institutions while trying to implement higher education internationalization through identification of critical issues that impede international strategy implementation within an institutional context.
It is worth understanding that strategy implementation has turned out to be a vital part of business strategies in the current global competition but higher education internalization has never been accorded the attention it deserves like other businesses. Most studies focus on commercial organizations instead of learning organizations, which possess different challenges within institutional contexts. There are factors f strategy implementation, choice of international market as well as evaluation of related educational issues that must be considered in case of higher education internalization.
The writers undertook a qualitative research in a post-1992 UK University where they carried out 20 interviews from three different departments. The authors have done critical analysis of issues of strategy implementation in internalization and finally identified critical issues impeding international strategy implementation within a learning institution’s context. The writers have ensured that they contribute to rich understanding of challenges of higher education internalization and further showed different understanding of critical issues of higher education internalization as well as highlighting specific areas that they feel should be improved.
Methodology that was used is a qualitative research where 20 participants from a post-1992 university were selected from key departments. The university that was selected is among the UK universities undertaking higher education internalization but do not have established satellite overseas (Jiang & Carpenter, 2013). The participants were selected based on job responsibilities and their positions where they were divided into corporate group, the marketing group and the faculty group on 1: 1 interview conducted over a period of six months. In addition, a literature review helped in conducting the study and making conclusion.
The selected solutions for the problem that almost all interviewees agreed on included were sufficient allocation of resources, efficient communication and information sharing among various departments, operational processes within home campuses and the satellite branches should be harmonized. Moreover, there was a need of cooperation and coordination as an overall university strategy among various departments of the institution and harmonization of organizational culture to embrace change and internalization (Jiang & Carpenter, 2013). There should also be massive student support characterized by offering equal opportunities to both home and international students in terms of equal access, opportunity, and experience.
The results of the actions taken indicate that higher education internalization are mostly in relation to integration, operation communication, resource, people change and culture implying that most factors are rooted internally even though external factors are also crucial. Various departments can understand the challenges that hinder higher education internationalization and specific areas where the higher learning institutions should improve on for a successful implementation of internalization (Tellefsen, 2014). Next steps that should be taken are provision of more training and staff development that may enhance transfer of knowledge and increase interaction between various departments. Organizational culture should also be changed from top to down with a great degree of communication and understanding.
Information about the participants that is important in the study is the fact that they hold different positions within the campus. Important information that comes out of the study is that higher education internalization is hindered by internal factors (Marmolejo, 2010). This study can be generalized to other settings, such as an organization or a corporation by highlighting some aspects of expansion and growth of businesses and organizations.
Jiang, N., & Carpenter, V. (2013). A case study of issues of strategy implementation in internationalization of higher education. The International Journal of Educational Management, 27(1), 4-18. doi: http://dx. doi. org/10. 1108/09513541311289792
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Tellefsen, Robyn. (2014). Obstacles to the Internationalization of Higher Education. African Network for Internationalization of Education. Retrieved from http://www. anienetwork. org/content/obstacles-internationalization-higher-education

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