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Graduation speech executive mba

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Excellency Chancellors, Mr. ……………………… . Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to our graduation. It is a great privilege for me to be here with you today to

extend my gratitude to . . for giving me the opportunity to speak to the talented and gifted

individuals. It is also a great honour too, to share such a joyous and memorable occasion.

Three years back, as I commence my study, this juncture was a far away dream. The thought of

graduation itself was still extremely distant – there was no light at the end of the EMBA tunnel,

only the beginning of a journey to a destination of which I was still unsure. Yet today is an

affirmation of our determination to advance our knowledge, abilities and skills, and of our

commitment to use them as productive and responsible manner to make that dream true.

We have successfully completed the CMC EMBA program for global managers in the

making. If you ask me, why did I decide to undertake an EMBA for my professional career My

reply will be bit different than usual. Some see it as a requirement for progression along the

corporate ladder, others to equip themselves to meet challenges in their own businesses. I

decided to do an EMBA as I was finding my work routine predictable and was attracted to

the intellectual stimulation. Secondly, I was thinking about changing careers. I thought an

EMBA would be the best way to obtain new skills and meet people from a range of occupations

and industries. At the conclusion of my studies I can look back and safely say my expectations of

the EMBA have been surpassed all other professional careers. The journey I commenced in three

years back has been challenging and exhilarating. It has also been transformational too in many


Now come to the point that what things EMBA infused in our mind. Firstly, intellectual

transformation. For the last two and a half years my mind hasn’t had a chance to rest. Every

subject provided me with new information and perspectives, from the ” soft skills” of staff

motivation and change management to the ” number crunching” skills of accounting and

corporate finance.

Secondly, professional transformation. The EMBA prepared me for the next step. The

skills I have learnt give me the confidence and knowledge to compete in a larger arena. The

MBA has given me frameworks and a toolset to apply to almost any management challenge. I

understand how to formulate corporate strategy, and how to implement it. I know what questions

to ask. Finally, personal transformation. One of the first principles we were taught was ” to

manage others you must first manage yourself”. The rigorous and constant self-analysis the

EMBA requires has taught me to understand my own strengths and weaknesses, to more readily

accept the fact we are human, vulnerable and imperfect.

Also if we pause for a while to find out what qualities a global manager should possess I

can now say with confidence – having a vision to see the world the way others can not see it and

the outmost willingness to learn from other people. Going global means dealing effectively with

people of varying histories, traditions and cultures. It demands not only tolerance but also respect

for diversity and differences. We are extremely fortunate that our CMC EMBA program has

encouraged and promoted this largeness of mind and spirit, by bringing together such a diverse

group and giving us a chance to observe other countries and communicate with other peoples.

We are also extremely grateful that our CMC EMBA program was developed within a

framework of global sustainable prosperity, with the goal of producing global managers who can

solve problems that block the attainment of this prosperity. We believe that what we have

learned, will support the development goals and efforts of countries, especially emerging

economies like China and India.

We are extremely happy to introduce ourselves, a new cohort of global citizens and

global managers in the making. We believe that yes, yes, it is still possible. Our children and

other children of the world can still grow up and enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life in a whole

and intact world. That is, if business plays its part, and shoulders its own corporate

responsibility, and government does its job, and all the rest of us do our share in sustaining our

world. We dare to dream and make this dream a reality.

While doing my EMBA I have met an incredible group of intelligent, ambitious, high

achievers. Many of them are now close friends, and have helped me form a strong professional

network for the future. Our pool comprises of 24 women and men, all so sweet having charming

faces, old enough to have learned some of life’s valuable lessons, and young enough to learn

even more. We are citizens of 12 countries who collectively speak 23 languages and who have

survived the challenges of combining a job, family and study in the past months.

Despite the fact we all have different cultural background yet we have found out that we

have much in common than differences, and that these differences only made us fully realize the

rich history and wonderful diversity of our world and the whole human race. It is a source of

great fulfilment to us, personally, that we are in a better position to use new and valuable

knowledge and skills to help our companies and countries accelerate their progress.

The completion of our EMBA has demanded intellectual rigor, discipline and persistence

from all of us. It has also demanded extreme patience and understanding from our families. We

went through all of this together. You know we wouldn’t have made it without your

unconditional love and support, and this EMBA are as much yours as ours.

In conclusion, while this is a happy day, it is also a slightly sad one. It marks the

conclusion of years of hard study and syndicate fights, but also the end of the camaraderie forged

by common suffering. The EMBA has been hard work, and a lot of fun. It has changed all of us.

It has been transformational and enriching. For myself and other graduates in this room,

however, the journey isn’t over. It continues, starting today…

Thank you.

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