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Reasons for low gpa

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Reasons for Low GPA Education has been an important undertaking for me as I believe it opens the door to a brighter future. In this regard, I put maximum efforts towards ensuring good academic credentials. I started my university education in USA and have struggled in making sure my aggregate points remain above average. My wish to transfer to Korea is based on the fact that I have faced several challenges in the United States that have had a negative impact on my education.
I experienced nostalgia in America since I was in a new culture, new language and with no friends. The situation affected my education and social life. The loneliness caused depression, and I had to seek medical help. In my urge to excel in education, I sought help from my professor who gave me moral and academic support. The depression cost me dearly academically such that I registered a GPA of 2. 34, which is the lowest in my university education. However, after medication and counselling, I improved notably to attain the current GPA of 2. 72.
The circumstances surrounding my studies in the United States are responsible for my poor performance. However, I demonstrated that I can perform better in a friendly environment. Transferring to Korea will eliminate the language problem and thus improve my understanding. Moreover, I prefer a Korean college life to the American life. My low GPA for last semester should not scatter my chance of transferring to Korea. Based on the above reasons, I implore you to consider the current GPA.

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