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In every person’s life, there is a severe choice. What will be their future profession is a significant decision. Currently, there are many jobs in spheres of human activity. Many people make a mistake and do not work where they want. That is why, a person should consider many things. First of all, people should listen to their interests. This is done to achieve great success in the future. Secondly, they should weigh advantages and disadvantages of the job. It is important to listen yourself, and not to someone else’s opinion. This can become an obstacle to the desired profession.

Choosing Future Profession

When deciding, people should examine their preferences for a particular area. For example, there are many medical professions:

  • Nursing profession
  • Doctor’s job
  • Veterinarian

They are chosen by those who want to help others. These jobs require great care, responsibility, and goodwill. Some choose dangerous professions, such as the profession of arms. This choice may also be caused by a desire to help people. Moreover, the will to protect everyone plays a role.

The best profession to choose opinion is fashion designing or writing. Therefore, in the profession of a writer, people can:

  • express their opinion through their works and heroes
  • become some kind of opinion leader, broadcasting their views to a broad audience.

In the fashion industry, it can be done through fashion collections. Furthermore, it can be done through descriptive essays in magazines. People can become fashion editors and review the trends. Of course, there are other works for expressing an opinion. This can be a politician, a critic or a journalist.

Dissatisfaction with the occupied place can become a problem. However, professionals should not be critical of such thoughts. The change of activity has no time limits. If people are not satisfied, they can change it. Besides, there may be some occurring prejudices in this decision. Some professions and occupations are considered unworthy or poorly paid. However, people can achieve heights, starting with a small salary. Nevertheless, people need to focus on their opinion. The views and interests of others will always be different.

People need to ask themselves “Why I chose this profession?” An exact answer to it will help them further. The choice of a profession is the personal choice. It is based on capabilities, hobbies, and abilities. There are jobs that have great contribution to society:

  • Lawyers
  • Engineering
  • Stewards
  • Teaching

They are characterized by patience, perseverance and stability of interests. Writing out specific career goals is also helpful. It is necessary to know the attitude to the job. General emotions, person’s concept of a career are also essential. This can be done in the format of a small list. People may find essays about profession on the internet. Seeing every negative and positive aspect will help significantly.

Therefore, the choice of a future profession is a hard decision. People need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. Profession essay can assist with this complicated task. Moreover, taking into account qualities and interests play a vital role. After doing this people can make the right step. Many may be afraid of problems that may arise. Nevertheless, future professionals need to believe in their strength. It will assist them in achieving their dream job. People for whom profession is a hobby are the happiest. They do what they like and get paid for it.

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Oten notes engineering studies aeronautical module

Refer to for original and current documents.xx Aeronautical engineering Part 1: Aeronautical engineering scope of the profession & engineering report Aeronautical engineering scope and engineering report The purpose of this part is to introduce you to the scope and nature of the aeronautical engineering profession. The materials must be suited to the operating conditions and →

Good research paper on engineering ethics

It is the duty of an engineer to uphold the well-being of the public health, safety, and the welfare during the course of execution of the professional duties. PROFESSIONAL OBLIGATIONS: It is the obligation of an engineer to hold principal the well-being of the public- health, safety, and the welfare of the people in the →

Good essay on excellent towards nursing

The main goals of the nursing profession in the delivery of excellence towards the nursing profession is to create a platform where the fraternity leads the service industry and sets standards that improve innovation and excellence in all spheres of nursing. This calls for additional education to the nurses and a realignment of the entire →

Structure–based design and synthesis of 2-benzylidene-benzofuran-3-ones as flavopiridol mimics

It is the keto and hydroxyl groups of the compound which form the same bidendate hydrogen bonds with the backbone of the CDK2 residues as the nitrogen atoms of the purine functional group of ATP. The variation of potency of the derivative shows that there was a difference in the sensitivity between the enzymes.

Example of essay on jonitha mcmillian

The nurse should give a listening ear to the patient so as to establish the desires and wishes of the client. The primary reason why I continue to be a nurse is because the field of nursing does not provide room for monotony.

The nightingale pledge: past, present and possible future research paper samples

The Nightingale Pledge: Past, Present and Possible Future Florence Nightingale is the most famous nurse in the history of the nursing profession. It perhaps was inevitable that a Nurse's Pledge, written in 1893 by a Detriot committee of the Farrand Training School for Nurses, would be named the Nightingale Pledge:" I solemnly pledge myself before →


Since there were an increasing number of people going to Scrofula to use the sand dunes, the council, state and commonwealth had the act quick to save the sand dunes. Dune Reverberation has been used in the Scrofula/Wanda area for the management of sand dunes because it removes weeds and harmful materials which may affect →

Network design project

The client desires to have a mobile network with the ability to work virtually anywhere in the house. The two laptops and the wireless printer will all be assigned a static IP address.

Example of nba players should not earn a lot of money argumentative essay

If anyone is aware of a NBA player who can perform a surgery to inform me to prove me wrong, but I am of the idea that the millions of dollars earned by NBA players should be directed to something more constructive like doctors and teachers. The club owners should donate the excess salaries earned →

Electrical sector and chemical engineer

In both the application of basic chemical knowledge and in the electrical design, the use of the chemical engineer principles and the solving skills in electrical manufacturing problems helped to supplement the specialized knowledge of the electric engineer in the processes involving physical and chemical changes. Chemical engineer is a professional skilled in the manufacture →

Free essay about medical mission project: red cross organization

I was fortunate to participate in a medical mission project of the Red Cross where I was able to apply the theoretical learning I have learned from the classroom discussions that we had prior to the experience. Given both my educational background and my professional skills and expertise I was able to participate actively in →

Reflective journal 3

Firstly I would try to find work in Astana, because I want to get some initial experience. Then, after coming to Kazakhstan I would try to implement the good things that I had learned in other countries.

Financial engineering

Financial innovation is a process to adapt existing financial instruments and processes and to develop new one so as to enable financial market participants to cope more effectively with the changing world. Financial Engineering refers to the bundling and unbundling of securities.

Sample research paper on florence nightingale: to pledge or not to pledge

The nurturing of children by mothers gave people the supposition that the women can provide the same care to the ailing and wounded in the society. The nine provisions from the code of ethics are in the strategy and procedures to administer the nursing institution.

The value of professional athletes versus the value of professional teachers term paper example

Clearly, the professional athlete is more valuable to the society than the professional teacher who molds the lives of the nation. The fact is that the balance between the salaries of the professional athlete and the professional teacher is not a moral or ethical issue, but instead, it is a matter of supply and demand.

Nursing leaderships ethics research paper

In all my nursing endeavors, I have tried to indeed incorporate ethical practices and leadership behaviors but I have found that they are five sources of shadow when it comes to the assumption of leadership roles in this profession. Finally, I have found that in my personal attempt to assume ethical practices and leadership behaviors →

Miss minnie pennypincher essay

Add the GE Millennium MG imaging machine to the list of resources at the hospital. Assistance in making a strategy for the implementation of the GE Millennium MG imaging machine.B.

Example of admissions essay admission essay

As a field linked to serving patients, I would like to extend my expertise to the people who need my aid. In line with my desire to be part of the program, I asked my cousin who as in the program if I can volunteer.

Good example of combining nurse leader with advocacy term paper

Combining nurse leader with advocacy refers to the process of using a nurse leadership role to change the settings of a work place to suit the current employment needs and the needs of the organization. Identifying the weaknesses of fellow nurses gives a leader an edge on ways to improve their skills and behavior in →

Rev.: 0 date : 9.8.2005 bem/rd/ppc/12

5 An engineer should not be the Submitting Person for designs beyond his/her area of competency An engineer should not endorse his PE Stamp and sign on reports or plans not prepared by him.t An engineer should not enter into partnership with any party not permitted under the Engineers Act. 3 An engineer must be →

Compare and contrast paper: abraham maslow and b.f. skinner

The two theories are unlike in that they differ in the method in which the people meet their needs. In conclusion although Maslow and Skinner both has influences positive impact in the classroom and positive outcome on student's progress, but we as educators must continue to research ways and use different instructions to reach the →

Medical claims examiner or claims officer training and development needs

This document therefore aims to use a scientific management approach to determine the training and development needs of claims officers, which can further enhance the effective and efficient management of claims. The research aims to determine the training and development needs of claims officers by examining levels ofeducation, professional background and prior knowledge of claims →

Analytics exercise ii: designing a manufacturing process essay sample

What is the daily capacity of the assembly line designed by the engineers? Assuming the assembly line has a computer at every position when it started at the beginning of the day, the daily capacity would be 225 units per day.

Iom future nursing recommendations essay examples

The Institute of Medicine deals with leading change, advancing healthcare and the future of nursing in general. Thus, the future of the American healthcare greatly depends on IOM's leading mandate to improve not only the lives of nurses, but also the greater health care unit.


With the tools it is possible to determine and strategies the optimal peak operation for the plant in the next hour of operation and for the 24 hour of operation. Engineers need to know the consequences to employees, members of the public, plant and profits, now and in the long term.

Example of essay on history of western medicine

In the Preface to his Books on the Fabric of the Human Body, Andreas Vesalius discusses the problem of surgery in the medical science of his time Late Renaissance. Even though the manual work in medicine was developed by physicians, the physicians foolishly discarded this work into the hands of others which eventually ruined the →

Nurses motivation essay sample

In the field of nursing, workload and burnout can result in stress that can decrease the efficiency of nurses. Support of colleagues in the nursing environment can also help in achieving a good level of efficiency and motivation.

Web design report

Below I will briefly outline the information included in the report: Introduction In the introduction section of the report I will explain the purpose of the website I created, the organisation and the function of the website which basically means how the website works. To achieve this using proper indenting and comments on the code →

The statement of research research proposal

The field I have developed an interest in is education at the Graduate level in an effort to achieve my goal of becoming a successful and motivated teacher. However, it is a teacher's goal to respond to different learning needs in order to understand the students and make the learning process rewarding for all of →

E-yantra gear design software

White Paper on E-Yantra Gear Overview: E-Yantra Gear E-Yantra Gear is a software for the design and optimization of gears. E-Yantra Gear includes design and analysis of the following gear types.

Chem 130 chp. 15

15 Chemical equilibrium: Occurs when a reaction and its reverse reaction proceed at the same rate At equilibrium the rate at which products are produced from reactants equals the rate at which reactants are produced from products At equilibrium a particular ratio of concentration terms equals a constant The composition of an equilibrium mixture does →

Principles of professional development

Part of the paper was focused again on the skills and status of the workforce in social care and how improvements to the training and development of the staff can lead to improvements in the social care sector as a whole. When working in social care, to be effective and to provide the best possible →

Free reflections on the teaching of a second language term paper example

In this paper, the writer will outline the main approaches and methods that he has adapted to and finds to be the most appropriate for the teaching of English to people who are learning English as a second language. General Framework of Teaching a Foreign Language Shrum and Glisa identify in their opening discussions that →

Cpas professions

The role of CPA can not be underestimated in both the corporate and in the rest of the business world. Consequently, there is need to advocate on the roles of CPA in business organizations and companies.

Good essay on written statement of academic and professional goals

I am a mother, and I have both the pleasure and challenge of working with special needs children. I feel that my academic training in the behavioral sciences has crafted an excellent foundation from which to advance forward in a career, which is well suited for me.

Mid-term notes

It's the placement of the pages so when I fold the press sheet it creates a book with the least amount of work.* Minimize waste, maximize press sheet.* Passes: Can we do it in one job? High folio refers to the pages in the back half of the signature.* The dividing line is the center →

Chief executive officer of panasonic

The human resources of an organization represent one of the largest investments, and the management of human resource is fundamental to effective operation of organizations, consequently sufficient attention must be given to managerial performance and effectiveness. Konosuke Matsushita is faithful to the principle, " The basis of management is people", and in his essential managerial →

Designing a reward system

I have to follow the basic functions of a human service organization to meet the expectations of the organizations mission. It evaluates the employee's levels of performance and is a good tool to use, especially for designing a reward system for a human service organization.

Technology and its importance to human life essay sample

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things he did was the use of a visual aid in the form of a power point. He was reading instead of talking to the audience.

Dr. doctor

Is there a higher chance that you will be infected by a sexually transmitted disease if you are in your teen years? And lastly, once you have a sexually transmitted disease, there's no chance of becoming infected again, right?

Example of multicultural competence research paper

The scales used in the measurement include that of emotional self-control on Asian and American values and the scale of European American values using the scale of Asian Americans. Multicultural competence is part of professional competence because the therapist has to put in efforts towards professional practice.

Admission essay on why i should be accepted into the mba program

However, since its introduction I want to be part of the institute and become a pioneer in the MBA course. I have done so in the past and would be able to achieve it in my course work.

Le petit chef case

At the meeting, Gagne simply needs to list the facts to the executives since there should not be too much convincing to do. LPC has a niche in the high end market and they need to stick to their guns.

Example of the ethical issues in the building of the three gorges dam research paper

The building of this dam has been controversial given the consequences it has had to the immediate society where it is located and the benefits it has accrued to the nation. There has been debate on the ethical viability of the Three Gorges Dam given the impacts it has had on the people of China.

Free research paper about usual impact of the disorder on occupational performance

As a result of muscle weakness and contractures of the Tendon Achilles, the patient loses the walking ability. The OT assessed and developed a care plan for James and arranged for a case conference inviting the parents, bank representative and funding agencies for financial assistance.

Forensic certifications term paper example

According to Wiles, the professional certification provides a form of credibility that assures the court of the quality of recommendation or explanation from the forensic specialist. Certifications and on-the-job training both assist in increasing the knowledge of a forensic specialist.

Balancing professional and private life essay sample

For organizations that require employees to dedicate long hours and extensive travel time to their careers, the ethical implications or concerns that emerge come from the perspectives of the employer and those of the employees. A manager or employer should have the obligation to inform and communicate to the employees the nature of role and →

Free critical thinking on the professional nurse

It is also the duty of the professional nurse to assist the client in a professional capacity if there is any need to assert the any of the rights of the client as the need arises. The standards of practice are a description of competency at which each nurse is expected to operate in each →

Refining solutions critical thinking examples

During the latter process of creative thinking where I engaged through a rigorous process of finding a problem through curiosity, I found that I have been prejudicial in my interactions with my surroundings. In this paper, I will refine the solutions I identified during the previous exercise with the aim of getting a working solution →

Sample admission essay on how can i contribute to the legacy of howard university

I know that I can contribute to the best of my abilities because I can offer my practical experience with other people. I know that I can contribute to the best of my abilities because I can offer my practical experience with other people.

Hydraulic design of small hydro plants

AHEC/MNRE/SHP Standards/ Civil Works - Guidelines For Hydraulic Design Of Small Hydro Plants /May 2011 2 The following site features promote favourable hydraulic conditions and should be considered during site selection: The intake should be located on the outside of a river bend to benefit from the spiral current in the river that moves clean →

Why i want to become a professional engineer? essay sample

Often the engineer is the head of a particular group, so it will need work and organizational skills. I hope very much that the high demands for self-organization, quality and results of my work will allow me to become engineer in a prestigious organization.

Engineering and metaphor

He is trying to convey to the engineers the importance of working together in order to reach a goal. A sparingly used metaphor in the engineering field is " equilibrium." Equilibrium is defined to be the steady state in a certain condition.

Gendered labor critical thinking example

It is a strategy through which the quality of labor provided can be improved, and the number of women's participation in occupational positions, in the industry increased. The size of the venture, sector in the economy and the type of industry all affect gender division of labor trends.

Website design & development proposal for netrux global concepts limited

We will design the site withGooglein mind, however a further online marketing campaign using search engine optimization is strongly recommended at some stage in the future, in order to maximize the number of visitors to the site. Budget Website design & development The budget for the design & development of the website, including integration with →

Aristotle descriptions essay examples

They include the courage of a citizen-soldier, courage of a professional soldier, courage instigated by passion, courage of the sanguine people and courage displayed by individuals ignorant of danger. For the purpose of this paper, we will discuss the courage of a professional soldier and courage displayed by individuals ignorant of danger.

Essay on nemko critique

For instance, Nemko fails to appreciate the fact that the average income that persons holding college degrees is higher than the average income earned by those who do not have college degrees. It is noteworthy that the income of students who graduate from the community colleges which the author seem to support get to earn →

Accountant admission

He respected the fact that I had the courage to take him aside and talk to him and did not hide the truth from him. Finally I worked with a budget to monitor and evaluate financial progress of the organization.

The ethylene propylene diene terpolymers engineering essay

Then a brief overview of the preparation of silanised silica-filled EPDM gum elastic compounds is given in Section 3, followed by the elaborate debut of recent plants on fillers and remedy systems for silanised silica-filled EPDM gum elastic in Sections 4, 5 and 6. Tiwari and colleagues [ 27 ] studied consequence of different interventions →

Stanley milgram experiment

When the teacher asked a question to the learner and the learner knew the answer there was to be no shock. When the learner got the question incorrect, the teacher would press the buttons in sequential order on the electroshock machine.

Analysis of the modernist design style

And the celebrated prairie manner designer is Robie House. The design is particular and advanced.

Why i want to become a civil engineer essay sample

At times I have realized that I have the ability to see and understand how the intelligent use of nature has made our society today and possible I have the desire to want to fix the problems. I believe that I have the personal attributes and intelligence required to be a civil engineer.

Free argumentative essay on professional learning communities

Professional learning community refers to the learning organization culture set to recognize and major on the collective talents and strength of the workforce. In a general view it motivates and gives morale to the leaders of a learning organization.

Critical evaluation of continuing professional development in hrm

At present the writer is merely an affiliate member of the CIPD and by the terminal of the class she aims to derive graduate rank of the CIPD and in the long clip her aspirations is to go a chap of CIPD. However, her desire to believe in front and carry through her aspirations allows →

Free essay about causes of obtaining a good job

One of the most important elements of a qualified person lies in his or her own understanding of his or her profession. A person needs to be sub-specialised in his or her professional precision to make an exact impact on the demands of an organization and the market.

Free essay on collaborative group process

The capability of professionals in the same or other disciplines to work collaboratively to deliver effective care to patients is regarded as a crucial component of professional practice involving a definite set of proficiencies. I would suggest that more of these groups should be used to promote unity and achievement of knowledge in the nursing →

The design for manufacture engineering essay

More specially DFM is concerned with understanding how merchandise design cooperate with the other constituents of the fabrication system and in specifying merchandise design options which help do easy planetary optimisation of the fabricating systems as a whole.[ 4 ] Design for Manufacturability is a betterment plan that can minimise labour, stuffs, procedure, and production →

Oaklahoma tornado

Because of the mass amounts of people coming to help the roads were packed. In the case of a tornado everything needs to be smooth.

Determining the sample design education essay

To catch a sight about whether touristry pupils of University of Mauritius will be be aftering to foster their callings in theTourism Industryafter a 3 A? class in Tourism, Leisure and Recreation Management Assess the variables impacting pupils ' pick to incorporate the industry Analyze differences in the sentiment of two different groups of undergraduate →

Reflection on cebu pacific’s issue

When I read the article about the runway accident, I somewhat felt the grief of the passengers of the particular flight. Traveling is very fun and I hope that all people will experience it if the authorities will just put their focus on things like this.

Free engineering dissertation topics

3 An in Depth Review of the Technologies Involved in the ProposedGoogleDriverless Cars; A Descriptive Account 2.2. 6 Evaluating the Socio-Economic and Environmental Advantages of Biogas for the Rural Community of Pakistan 2.5.

Essay on leadership, ethic, and policing

Ethics ensures a good time management, good relations among the people in the society, and cohesion in the places of work. Unlike other leaders, he is a hands-on leader who demands accountability and integrity in the implementation of his country's strategic plans.

Web design and development practices

The Web design and development patterns, the reappraisal of the wed design and what are the engineerings we are used and the besides the reappraisal about the effectual web site design patterns, and the is the good pattern. The purpose of web design is to make a web site that presents content to the →

Sop for msc in electrical engineering

Department of E&C 2010 Lovely Institute of Technology, Phagwara 2 RF OPTIMIZATION AND PLANNING In the end o the end of October 2001, Cingular was the first to announce their switch to the 3G GSM network. 3 GSM-400 GSM-400 is the least popular of the bunch and is rarely used.

Sop biomedical engineering

With this cherished goal in my mind, I wish to state in the following paragraphs, my viewpoints and the rational behind my application to the graduate studies program in Bio-Medical Instrumentation at **** university. In addition I would like to take with me a network of strong and lasting relationships that I maintain with my →

Mansion of a serial killer – creative writing

Are you chicken?" He said " No of course not I will prove to you i am not chicken Said I " Fine we will both stay in the mansion on Saturday night " After lunch Kobe and I went to play basketball on the inside courts, I was still thinking of the dare. It →

How to become an engineer

Third, look for and apply to schools with strong engineering programs in the area that interest you. The seventh and final step is to join a professional engineering society or association that caters to your specific interest.

Bringing the jobs home

His analysis of the problem of outsourcing of jobs places the origin of the phenomenon squarely at the doorsteps of liberals, who he termed " The Left". From the analysis of Todd G.

Factors affecting teaching profession in tanzania

But soon after the introduction of universal primaryeducation in 1977 the status of teaching profession started to decline and seems to be of very low status as most people think of it as the work of those who failed or they have no alternative of life but to be rescued by the teaching profession. Therefore, →

Mass spectrometer design report

The specifications of the mass-spectrometer as designed here are given in section 2. Section 5 contains a checklist comparing the characteristics and performance of the vice against the original specifications.

Essay on individual negligence in nursing

It is, therefore, fundamental for the nurses to differentiate between negligence, gross negligence, and malpractice while maintaining the importance of documentation, especially in relation to patients' information. Malpractice in nursing is the professional negligence whereby the nurse fails to carry out his or her duty efficiently as dictated by the profession and the professional standards.

Free essay about medical profession critique in the yellow wallpaper and wit

In some situations, the health and wellbeing of a person is placed in the hands of a medical professional, and if the medical professional does not do his duties efficiently, death may result. She shows how the lack of sympathy, as well as the lack of emotional relationship between the health practitioner and the patient, →

Social psychologist amy cuddy talked about

Even if she is not singer her volume is good and she is controlling her volume perfectly. Her delivery, visual-aids and attention- getting technique is very good.

Why i chose to come back to school and what i expect to get from my education? essays example

As a nursing practitioner, I believe that staying abreast of the research studies on the new illnesses being discovered periodically and the advance treatment methods introduced to counter the same would equip me with certain essential qualities to give the best treatment to my patients. A professional nursing program like the RN from Jersey College →

Traditional capsules

Llqulds can be filled Into Dotn sort ana nara cap- out OITTerent conslaeratlons apply.cannot necessarlly Till same formulation into both types, need to think about composition of the shell itself Gelatin for Hard Capsules Main problem Liquid fill hard gel caps is; Residual moisture loss.rom the shell into the formulation Hydrogels require 13% to 6% →

The structure of the magazine: magazine designing

I used the computer to produce my magazine, this is because I thought using the computer would be the best method do design and create magazine because, it has software's which allow you to insert text and pictures on the same page. Secondly it's because it gives me the chance to meet these artists which →

Sigmund freud’s theory of psychosexual development.

They were living in a rented room in a blacksmith's house at Schlossergasse 117 As a result of the Panic of 1857, Jacob lost his business and the Freud family had to move to Leipzig before settling in Vienna in 1865. This led to the emergence of Freud's new theory of infantile sexuality and eventually →

The design argument – as level

The main basis of the Teleological argument is based on a designer commonly known as ' the classical God of theism' The outline of the design argument is that the universe has order and purpose and is regular, the complexities of the universe demonstrate some form of design, a design requires a designer, and this →

Free essay about nursing

The postmodern theory is premised on the notion that the healer is self, and the purpose of the nurse is to provide physical, psychosocial, and spiritual care to give patients the power to accomplish this. The concept is to ensure that all the medical practitioners, including the doctor and the nurse, should encourage the patient →

Pa profession essay

This essay is concerned with highlighting the reasons as to why the author chooses to pursue a career that leads to the Physician Assistant profession as well as the future goals. In particular, the author of this essay chooses PA profession to provide excellent health care services for the patients.

Sigmund freud and phobias

Freud used the case of " Little Hans," a boy who was afraid of horses to explain how phobias are related to sexual urges. According to Margarita " Phobias are irrational and persistent fears that can be triggered by all manner of sources, including objects, situations, people, or activities." The two general types of phobias →

Architectural design of religious temples

Sing these alterations in the society, there is besides a immense alteration in the manner a temple; a topographic point of worship is related to the society. For the first clip a temple was designed in the signifier of a chariot.

Code of ethics engineering

Engineers will hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and will strive to comply with the principles of sustainable development in the performance of their professional duties.2. The code of ethics for engineers is vital to their work and the safety of the public.

Providing courses fit for the new professions amidst the recession

This mission as of the presentation of this paper is now geared towards the creation of a new curriculum under the ABC Institution's College of Management and Administration that will equip its students with up to date education that will give them an edge in landing professions that proved to be in-demand amidst the economic →