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In every person’s life, there is a severe choice. What will be their future profession is a significant decision. Currently, there are many jobs in spheres of human activity. Many people make a mistake and do not work where they want. That is why, a person should consider many things. First of all, people should listen to their interests. This is done to achieve great success in the future. Secondly, they should weigh advantages and disadvantages of the job. It is important to listen yourself, and not to someone else’s opinion. This can become an obstacle to the desired profession.

Choosing Future Profession

When deciding, people should examine their preferences for a particular area. For example, there are many medical professions:

  • Nursing profession
  • Doctor’s job
  • Veterinarian

They are chosen by those who want to help others. These jobs require great care, responsibility, and goodwill. Some choose dangerous professions, such as the profession of arms. This choice may also be caused by a desire to help people. Moreover, the will to protect everyone plays a role.

The best profession to choose opinion is fashion designing or writing. Therefore, in the profession of a writer, people can:

  • express their opinion through their works and heroes
  • become some kind of opinion leader, broadcasting their views to a broad audience.

In the fashion industry, it can be done through fashion collections. Furthermore, it can be done through descriptive essays in magazines. People can become fashion editors and review the trends. Of course, there are other works for expressing an opinion. This can be a politician, a critic or a journalist.

Dissatisfaction with the occupied place can become a problem. However, professionals should not be critical of such thoughts. The change of activity has no time limits. If people are not satisfied, they can change it. Besides, there may be some occurring prejudices in this decision. Some professions and occupations are considered unworthy or poorly paid. However, people can achieve heights, starting with a small salary. Nevertheless, people need to focus on their opinion. The views and interests of others will always be different.

People need to ask themselves β€œWhy I chose this profession?” An exact answer to it will help them further. The choice of a profession is the personal choice. It is based on capabilities, hobbies, and abilities. There are jobs that have great contribution to society:

  • Lawyers
  • Engineering
  • Stewards
  • Teaching

They are characterized by patience, perseverance and stability of interests. Writing out specific career goals is also helpful. It is necessary to know the attitude to the job. General emotions, person’s concept of a career are also essential. This can be done in the format of a small list. People may find essays about profession on the internet. Seeing every negative and positive aspect will help significantly.

Therefore, the choice of a future profession is a hard decision. People need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. Profession essay can assist with this complicated task. Moreover, taking into account qualities and interests play a vital role. After doing this people can make the right step. Many may be afraid of problems that may arise. Nevertheless, future professionals need to believe in their strength. It will assist them in achieving their dream job. People for whom profession is a hobby are the happiest. They do what they like and get paid for it.

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Aerofoil design xflr5

Airfoil is the main part of the airplane which contributes the lift required by the airplane to fly in the air. In this 4 digit series, 1st digit denotes the maximum camber as percentage of the chord, 2nd digit denotes the distance of maximum camber from the airfoil leading edge in tens of percent's of β†’

Sigmund freud ideology

His other works, including The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, and Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, do not compel Freud to look into himself like in The Interpretation of Dreams, for " The Interpretation of Dreams is the primary documentation of Freud's self-analysis". As for the science within Freud's groundbreaking discoveries, " There was β†’

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Essay on child’s healthcare program

In the our program parents are given the best measures to improve on child health hence a decreased infant mortality in the county that in turn translates to the high productivity of the nation. The professional Care in Health Care plus program in Houston, TX, provides convenient, easy access to Children.

Examples of evaluation method

Direct-objective evaluation can be in the form of test result which connected the object with the objective of the test directly through the test result Examples: 1. 5 1 Based on the weight of each criterion, price is the most important, economical is the second important and design is the least important.

Spin doctors of ancient greece

Since the first principles Tory was all about the motives and interests of intellectual of the 6th and 5th centuries BC, Sophists were positively included as part of the intellectual position of the 5th century. These Plat's imaginary conversations make a range of valid uncertainties about the political and moral principle implication of the activities β†’

Using the practicum experience for professional growth literature reviews example

In order to impact change in the nursing profession, it is necessary to provide the necessary facilities that nursing faculty requires in order sustain it. One of the key ways in approaching influence over faculty shortage is using high ranking officials in the nursing profession to push for labor concerns as well as the concerns β†’

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The au students are the future leaders essays examples

The AU is a place for the students where they do not just seek education and acquaint themselves with knowledge but also learn how to cope up with the challenges of future and practical life. In this century where not just the morals are degenerating and parents are busy in coping up with the ever β†’

Chemical kinetics lab raport paper

The rate law indicates the affect that the concentration of the reactants has on the reaction rate. The differential rate law relates the rate of the reaction to the concentrations of the various species in the system.

The role of the quantity surveying profession within the contemporary built environment

Therefore one person had to read the drawings of the buildings and take off the quantity of work each and every trade in the construction and at the same time he had to prepare an estimate for the total cost. History of the Quantity Surveying In early 70's there was a misunderstanding about the profession β†’

Graduate admission essays examples

The objective of this paper is to outline my perceptions on professional nursing practice, what I think the role of a nurse in advanced practice settings is, my personal and professional clinical experience in nursing, other non-nursing related experiences that I think would be relevant to my personal and professional growth, my goals and rationales β†’

Essay on pyramids of giza

The sheer height and magnificent structure of the pyramids of Giza speak volume of the hard toil of our predecessors. Polish engineer named Andrej Bochnacki in the book " Different Story about Pyramids", propagated a theory that the pyramids were built by making use of a primitive technology, i.e.taking the help of the river Nile β†’

Sigmund freud and phallic stage fixation

What evidence is there of it? Steve is fixated at the phallic stage of development.

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The accounting profession in society accounting essay

Byrne and Willis found that the chief factors to act upon secondary school pupils ' perceptual experiences of accounting were the survey of the topic in school, the factual media and their instructors. However, in the Byrne and Willis study the existent ranking of accounting as a profession varied between accounting pupils and non-accounting pupils β†’

Dmembers of the design and construction team

The architect after having obtained the instruction from the owner, design the function layout and provision of functional accommodation. The Soil Engineer: He determines the sufficient specifications to achieve safety and stability, for the structure foundation.

Mhr week asses

Answer Declarative, practical, and strategic Declarative, practical, and skill Compilation, automatic, and strategic Declarative, procedural, and strategic None of the above 4 points Question 2 1. A relatively permanent change in cognition that results from self efficacy and 1 OFF Question 4 1.

Engineers contributions

Society's standards always change and engineers contribute to society by meeting these demands. Engineers hold the key ingredient for technology innovation and they continue to cater to society's demands.

Good a mentoring program for educators critical thinking example

The frustration experienced by new teachers, led to the establishment of a mentoring system to help them adjust to the stress of the daily classroom, cope with frustration and limitations in terms of their own autonomy, and handle behavior problems and other student problems that can interfere with teaching. Mentoring in the context of educational β†’

State of california

It was not until when I learned about how important that Engineering was to the world that finally captivated me to commit my life to it. The reason why I wanted to become an Engineer was not a hard choice that I had to make at all.

Ethics of engineering essay examples

The act ensures that the environment, and in this case, the site that is to be drilled considers the future generations and how their knowledge will have been dashed. In this case, the design of the dam is in contrary to chapter II, section 2a of the NSPE code of ethics.

Electrical and electronics engineering

An imprint of the brush, signs of arcing or uneven wear indicate the need to remove the motor from service and repair or replace the rings. As long as the oil is clean and light in colour, the only requirement is to fill the cavity to the proper level with the oil recommended by the β†’

Reaction to atul gawande’s “complications: a surgeon’s notes on imperfect science” essay

He portrays the thrill of the day-to-day surgical and medical drama through his undeniable gift and power conjure up the reality of the ward. It promotes the idea that surgical procedures and diagnoses in the field of medical science are delicate processes requiring professionalism and a deep understanding of the cases.

Materials engineering

For example, if a mercury-containing item is thrown into the garbage, the mercury may be released into the atmosphere from landfill vapors or, or the mercury may vaporize if the trash is incinerated. If mercury is flushed through a wastewater system, the mercury will likely adhere to the wastewater sludge, where it has the potential β†’

Nursing reflective report example

I learned that for a nurse to exercise his knowledge and practical expertise, he has to deal with the other aspects such as the cultural, professional and ethical aspects of nursing first. Should I take the clinical path of nursing, I can surely use my knowledge about the cultural and professional aspects of nursing in β†’

Ethics, leadership and professionalism critical thinking

From this perspective, professionalism is viewed as the ability of a leader or a person in authority to handle clients or his/her juniors while adhering to the code of conduct within the set profession. This can be claimed to be a professional leadership oath since it dictates what the people expects of the leader in β†’

Example of dialogue about the grapes of wrath essay

The fruit growers in California knew that there were a ton of people in Oklahoma and the rest of the Dust Bowl area who were looking for a place to live and a job any job. They figured that there would be so many workers that they would not have to pay much at all β†’

Free my philosophy of nursing essay sample

Among key responsibilities is that nurses must endeavor to improve their work environments and to try to maximize the quality of service delivery. Care and compassion require nurses to safeguard the patients' well-being considering that patients are susceptible to infection and injury.

Sample admission essay on my philosophy of nursing

At first, I thought that nursing was just a profession in the healthcare industry that involves assisting doctors and other medical professionals in doing their job, which most of the time leads down to taking care of the patients and addressing their medical needs. With all the hardships I encountered to attain a registered medical β†’

Occupational health surveillance paper report examples

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Division of Surveillance Hazard, " occupational or public health surveillance is the ongoing systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of health data for the purpose of improving health and safety, focusing on the dissemination and use of such gathered data to improve overall health conditions in β†’

Good morning doctor bert – creative writing

Suction, no Carla do not suck on the stomach I mean get the machine to suck the blood out of the way. Now we have cleaned that up I want you to start cutting in to the stomach.

Overview of the case study an interns dilemma

During his internship, he is persistently asked to represent himself as an HBS student and researcher and omit his position as an intern for the firm which he soon thinks and recognizes to be a planned approach with an agenda of concocting information through misrepresentation. The company asked if he was interested in working on β†’

Salary surveys

A paralegal working for the US Attorney's office in Knoxville, Tennessee can expect to make the same salary as a paralegal working for a private practice attorney in San Diego, California, educating and experience being equal. The area of law that a paralegal chooses to work in has a major impact on the salary received.

Industry insider: nez gebreel, ceo, dubai design and fashion council

Being aware of what is going on in the design and fashion industry is key. It is important to get the word out on your business and your product on the best channels for it.

Stylistic devices in the things they carried novel

The passage of " The Things They Carried" with the dentist shows some of O'Brien's best use of irony. The pain in Lemon's tooth represents the removal of the fear, the overcoming of the pain of war even when imaginary.

There are two distinct ways of approaching work that can be identified from these course work

The speaker says that, the approach one undertakes in his or her design work is what that will determine the quality of work. Fast visualization- I opt choosing this method considering that envisaging new ideas into design work helps in generating new innovative ways that will help the designer meet the expectations of the clients β†’

Travel nursing is not for everybody

So, making a schedule is rather futile as the phone or pager can buzz at any time and you need to rush to the hospital. Whether to pursue a career in that field entirely depends on the determination, self-confidence and will power of the person.

Research paper – pawnshop system design

The Pawnshop System must have limitation one of the limitations is for the cashier or employee at least he/she is given an authority from the owner, and only the owner and cahier must have a right to open and use the Pawnshop System by accessing their password. And also It helps the owner to understand β†’

Stylistic analysis. doctor in the house

By means of the author's language our imagination depicts a distinct and colorful picture proving the effectiveness of the stylistic devices in Gordon's description. Also read: The Man With The Scar Analysis And to my mind this allusion is chosen nonrandom but to emphasize a meaning of the exam for candidates.

An important problem in aging that needs attention essay example

It mostly depends on the cultural aspect of the country and it is very important to supervise the old people with the essence of their culture in which they spend their entire life. The most important aspect of such centers is to address the old people in a very proper and authentic way.

The issues of the stimulation world

In some cases the scan for tickets can take a significant time, and the technique for purchasing on the web comes up short: a considerable measure of steps, data, affirmation of installment, and so forth. Ticketing for occasions utilizing tokens Because of the utilization of the square, the handling of tickets through the Slatix application β†’

System analysis and design – midterm

I would give the presentation to users, management, and IT staff. For IT staff I would focus on the technical specs and operations of the system.

Argumentative essay on biomedical ethics

In some cases, such as the ones cited by Fenton and Lomasky, as well as by Canter and Baum, healthcare professionals may even withhold care or the provision of a service on account of their conscience. Canter and Baum on the other hand, argue that the discretion of the pharmacist is just as important as β†’

Abrasive water jet cutting report engineering essay

Due to sum of energy required to transport out the operation, a physique up of unwanted heat can happen, which frequently leads to deformation of the work piece and surface snap. This characteristic arises due to a difference in the breadth of the cut at the top surface and the bottom surface and is given β†’

Gaining and maintaining airworthiness engineering essay

Therefore, for an aircraft to go operational it is indispensable to show that the building and design of the aircraft can follow with the demands applicable and such confirmation and proof grounds required to be delegated to the relevant governments. The European Aviation Safety Agency Regulation 216/2008, Article 5, 2 defines the airworthiness as;" Each β†’

The esl teaching internship program – an analysis

Monthly meeting with ESL staff and instructor was also carried out to discuss the work responsibilities and tasks. This will help to undertake the internship program with a greater flexibility and efficiency.

Chula vista fire department informational packet

Since the first full time firefighter was hired in 1921, the department has grown to over 140 men and women that carry on the rich traditions and highest level of service and professionalism that surround the Chula Vista Fire Department. A candidate must have a valid California Class C Driver's License, and his/her driving record β†’

My future career: a barber

I want to become a Barber because there are lots of benefits and opportunities that come with the career and I can imagine it being one of the passions I have. After doing my research I still want to pursue the career of becoming a Barber because there's so many opportunities and it is a β†’

My nursing ethic essay

According to Dossey and Keegan, cultural competence relates to the ability to deliver healthcare with knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural factors, which influence the healing, curing, dying and grieving processes of a person. As a nurse, one needs to be in a position to explain to the family members of the patient the current β†’

Software engineering – payroll system

The developers of the package follow a predefined pattern so that the user has the ease of use and can utilize the package to its fullest extent. The aim of the research is to provide a specific COMPANY, a computerized payroll system.

Understanding of my ethical obligations as an engineer

The archives of a code of morals may plot the qualities and choices of the business or affiliation, how experts should approach issues, the ethical norms in light of the affiliation's middle regard and the benchmarks to which master is held. I ought to dependably support and reinforce the augmentation of moral practice.

Oxidation reduction reactions

Ag Step 3: What is the half reaction for oxidation? NO + 2H2O Step 5: What is the net balanced equation?

Example of the importance of costumes as indicator of class in the devil wears prada essay

Given that the primary subject matter of the film is fashion, the film's costumes and settings indicate many different things about the major characters of the film, particularly Andy, Miranda and Emily, Miranda's first assistant. In essence, the film showcases the glamorous yet ultimately empty and emotionless life of the fashion world, and its costumes β†’

Letter of interest admission essay

After being placed at King Khalid University Hospital in Riyadh, which provided a valuable perspective on the challenges of the profession, I have ascertained that being a doctor is exactly what I want to do in my life. I believe that I have intellect, skills and talents necessary to succeed in your program and be β†’

What do you think is the most important emerging issue in the design of work?

In my opinion, some of the most important issues that are emerging in the design of work are the specific aspects of a job. By implementing the core values and the mission of their company, Coca-Cola seems to have a staff of professionals that have bought into thehappinessand optimism of the company.

Sample essay on professionalism

The prime objective of the paper is to look at some essential aspects as to what makes one a professional and the key behaviors that exhibit professionalism. It analyzes the competencies required for professional behaviors and the professional team behaviors and roles.

The scope of chiropractic practice in california research paper example

The state of California, the scope of chiropractic practice is outlined by the chiropractic initiative act of California a draft written and approved by the legislators. The essence of the Act is that f the chiropractor does anything in contravention of the same; they will be subjected to the disciplinary action prescribed by the law.

Software engineering

The goal of the software system was to automate the process of the ambulance service for the London Ambulance System in the city of London, United Kingdom. Some of the major reasons for the failure of the London ambulance system can be stated as: The deadline given for the completion of the project was six β†’

Architecture designer as my future career

In add-on, the A Interior Design Competition besides plays an of import portion for the uninterrupted development of architecture design. The hereafter In the hereafter, I wish to work as a junior architecture interior decorator in PAL Design Consultants Ltd of China, for the company's original construct in interior architecture design and favourable working environment.

Managing design in business

Perceived values of a good design The perceived value of a design states the sensational feeling that a person has towards a product or a service so as to be in a position to solve problems that may occur within an organization. They may have a long lasting impression to the users of the information β†’

Free thesis on critical reflective inquiry

This paper would evaluate the case based on the merits and shortcomings of the nurse practitioner under the given situation along with the implications of the nurse practitioner's action in the light of Kim's model. This is in accordance to the nature of the profession being dynamic and accountable to not only to the patients, β†’

Problematic issues nursing students encounter

The lung in to the unrevealed world of work based with a combination of conceptual and experimental learning which authorities professionalism, worth, knowledge, skill and positive attitude on the sector nursing care. Clinical learning experience is one of the main nursing education which is effective to the progress of qualifying to nursing the experience can β†’

Strain controlled triaxial test- geotechnical engineering

The dynamic triaxial test is the most effective method to arrive the static and dynamic properties of soil like cyclic deformation, damping ratio, liquefaction strength etc. HISTORY One of the first pieces of equipment designed to test cyclic triaxial loading was the pendulum loading apparatus by Casagrande and Shannon in 1949.

Free essay on abc

Prior to leaving the firm, the engineer did not sign or seal the construction documents for the project he was accountable for. According to these ethical codes of conduct, the engineer A has defected and needs to sign and seal the construction documents.

Design of carburetors for aircraft application

The intent was to find the fluctuation in atmospheric force per unit area and temperature at assorted highs above the earth's surface, with the alterations in public presentation ensuing from the variables within the carburetor itself and particular orientation to the variables impacting the operation of the carburetor. When the accelerator valve is to the β†’

Comparison of job and odysseus

The agency of Job and Odysseus is controlled by God and the gods. The stories of Job and Odysseus tell a similar tale of agency and the gods.

Example of literature review on renewal of radiographers certification through continuing qualifications requirement

The certificate assures the employer of the certificate-holder that the individual has required knowledge and skill to work in patient care. Technologists have to complete the process within the time-limit such that the process of requalification is completed on or before the expiry of certificate.

Advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering essay

During the latter stage stages of the 20th century, man harnessed the power of the atom, and not long after, soon realised the power of genes. Genetic engineering may be one of the greatest breakthroughs in recent istory alongside the discovery of the atom and space flight, however, with the above eventualities and facts above β†’

Value reflection as part of writing essay sample

The WRIT or writing-designated course provided me with honest and valuable feedback about my writing, and the chance to apply that feedback on not only the same writing assignments but also on those that I wrote later in the course. In conclusion, over the course of the semester of the WRIT course, I am now β†’

How to become a lawyer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics converse that now, to add in education, most states and jurisdictions " require future lawyers to complete a jurisdoctor degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association." First, of course I must graduate high school then I have to get a bachelor's degree, and I take the β†’

Case study on ethical issues citicorp case study

Firstly, the design engineer respected the rights of the church in the design of the Citicorp building. Fourthly, the corrective design of the Citicorp building was a brilliant idea and ethical.

Degree objective personal statement examples

I must admit that I had never thought of coalescing the two until I got the opportunity to serve in the US Navy. The profession, according to the nurses I interacted with while in the US Navy, requires determination in team play.

School counselor analysis

This is the analysis type that provides the nature of the tasks done on the job. Have a conference or meeting with the staff, parents, or child about the progress he or she is making and say hat kind of material is needed for the betterment of the child'slearning experience.

Free essay on service orientation

Additionally in post-evaluation of certain tragic events, empathy aids the social worker to understand the underlying sentiments of the perpetrators and of the victims so as to strategize on coming up with ways on how to help the victims and also prevent the occurrence of a similar event. Therefore the professional should be well informed β†’


Education: Without attending a top university and having had work experience at a law firm an individual will struggle to get a training contract at a top law firm and be more likely to have to fund the Legal Practice Course themselves. Those from a background in which internships are commonplace are more likely to β†’

Revise an existing case personal statement examples

Dollar Have an Affect on the Price of Crude Oil?' The academic and professional experience I bring to the campus community, along with the honor of gaining your acceptance to the doctorate program includes my accomplished experiences through the projects of my graduate and master's thesis programs. Please do not construe this as an indication β†’

My desire to study paramedic science

I started my career in a different field to which I currently work in today as I developed a caring and compassionate attitude in helping people and I have grown to help people to find solutions that meet their specific needs whilst making an impact on their lives. I would bring courage, competence, commitment and β†’

Accountant necessities

You have to strive for the best in order to be the best and you have to do perfect in whatever you do. They have a lot of paperwork to do but as long as you do what is asked of you to do then you are going to get your job done.

Unique experience for me as for physical therapist

Growing up in a small, suburban town, everything was always the same from the people I interacted with to the places I ate and shopped. In Italy, I had the opportunity of experiencing the function of a typical clinic due to many members on my program becoming sick.

No respect for teachers essay sample

Parents are another main role why teachers do not get the respect that they should. When teachers try to talk with parents about their child's behavior, some parents disagree and try to argue with the teacher.

Computer programing engineering

After spending time with those engineers, I came to realize that computer engineer are needed for various jobs all around the globe, and the work is tedious but in the end the computer engineers get paid hefty for their works. After mygraduationfrom here, I am hoping to have a job that will financially take care β†’

The reflection of continued professional development

I will discourse the subjects that I found interesting during the bringing of Research in IT faculty and which i logged during my surveies. In 4th Lecture I learnt about literature reappraisal and seeking the literature Literature Reappraisal: This is relevant of description of the literature to a peculiar field in a subject.

Why i want to become a physician

I found a career that would always fulfill my thirst for knowledge, challenge me as a diagnostician, and allow me to have strong patient relationships. During that year, I was able to hone my skills as an educator and a researcher.

Professionalism critical thinking example

There has to be compassion where the medic has to have the heart for others; the patients in this case. Similarly, there has to be integrity where the professional medic has to make the right and ethical decisions for the patient with regard to the profession.

Example of essay on research methods online discussions 4

Thus, a slight tilt in approach will add objectivity in the domain of the research by pondering light over the investigation of measures to support mothers in the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle to balance their occupational engagement with child care activities.- In order to add impact to the study, a video of an interview β†’

Parametric and algorithmic design

The design in basic signifier is similar to that of any regular theater with raked seating, unhampered screening and high-quality acoustics but it was with the usage of parametric procedures that a theater which corresponds to the single conditions of the site has been produced. The theatre sits in the underbelly of the Carpenter Centre β†’

Lev vygotsky:

Vygotsky's theoriesstressthe fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognition Vygotsky, 1978), as he believed strongly that community plays a central role in the process of " making meaning. Vygotsky believed that the internalization of these tools led to higher thinking skills." In modern day terms, Vygotsky would be a facilitator.

Nursing: the past, the present, and the futureΒ 

As I progress through life and obtain further knowledge and experiences, I realize the importance of nursing to the medical field and society as a whole. As a child, it was critical that I played a leadership role during childhood games; when it came to playing " school", I was always the first to volunteer β†’

Example of haene safavi personal statement

As a twenty-seven year old male of Pakistani-American Heritage, the field I have developed an interest in is accounting at the Graduate level in an effort to achieve my goal of becoming a CPA. I have also had a number of opportunities in the intervening years to test myself in demanding situations and to see β†’

Communication techniques used in a child health assessment including nurses responsibilities essay example

The nurse should always act professionally Cultural Competence The nurse failed to greet everyone in the room The nurse failed to introduce herself and ask for the patient and her relative's name. The nurse's relationship with the patient's relatives may contribute to the overall healing process of the patient because there are times wherein the β†’

The career of general pediatricians: duties, education, salary, history of the profession, advantages and disadvantages

Patients of all ages have been treated by traditional medical doctors in early medicine and " the first pediatric hospital in the Western world is generally accept to be the H pital des Enfants Malades," and opened in Paris in 1802 for " patients only up to the age of 15 years". D, FAAP addresses β†’

Expansion devices

In the computation part above, is there a discrepancy between the actual and the calculated length of capillary tube? Based on Table 1, there is a discrepancy between the computed and measured value of the capillary tube.

Admission essay on considering your lifetime goals, discuss how your current and future academic and

In addition to the passion in computers and business, the selections of extra-curricular activities to delve into mold other facets of my personal well-being. The academic and extra-curricular activities would be instrumental to the achievement of my lifetime goal through the holistic development of my well-being.

Analysis of howard carter’s diaries

Having such a number and range of artifacts from the same time period allows scholars to draw conclusions about everything from the religious practices of the period, to the way furniture was made, and to make guesses about the wealth of the pharaoh and of Egypt itself. These artifacts went on to be some of β†’

Free essay on history of graphic design

The above together with the history of writing form the basis of graphic design art. In the world today, a graphic designer carries with him the magic of the earliest scribe and inventors of language with keen interest in both the word and the language.

Good essay on attributes of a competence nurse

Defining Professional Competence and Attributes of a Competent Nurse Professional competence refers to the prudent use of knowledge, communication, skills, clinical critical thinking, values, emotions and reflection in all situations in the course of professional practice for the benefit of the individuals and community where an individual works. Secondly, the spirit of inquiry refers to β†’

An application of abraham maslow’s hierarchy of needs to carl rogers 10 principles of learning

An application of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Carl Rogers 10 Principles of Learning Introduction The objective of this paper is to explore the relevance of applying Maslow's hierarchy of needs to the 10 principles of learning put forward by Carl Rogers in ' Freedom to Learn'. Rogers was one of the founders of β†’