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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Transitions and Trends in Professional Nursing
Personal philosophy of nursing
Nursing should not be viewed as any other job from which people should just look forward to pay day. Nursing is not only a calling but a duty that people should perform with undying passion towards improving the health sector. Of essence to note is the reality that unlike other professions, nursing takes a people-oriented approach because, fundamentally, nursing is about the lives of people (Gastmans, 2002). Apparently, nurses view the profession differently, in my view, being a nurse is the most viable decision I have ever had to make. The primary reason why I am a nurse is because I love people and helping people is something I consider the highest moral obligation. In my profession as a nurse, I endeavor to deliver services of indisputable quality to all clients, racial orientation and social class notwithstanding. This paper is an explication of my nursing philosophy.
My philosophy about nursing is that all healthcare professions, especially nurses should, at all times; endeavor to offer nonjudgmental care to all patients. A nurse should realize that a patient is human before anything else. As such, they require to be treated as human beings. The fact that patients are not in good health does not make them lesser beings. As such, I as a nurse ought to see patients as individuals and not bed numbers or room allocations. This means that all nurses should at all times endeavor to establish a rapport with the clients in the sense that they can communicate at a personal level (Kelly, 2010). This means that when a nurse is addressing a patient, they should call them by name and not bed number. This makes the patient feel that they are in safe, caring hands.
According to my philosophy, nurses have a moral responsibility to offer safe, quality and holistic care to the general public. The role of a nurse in healthcare should be patient-oriented. This means that in going about their duties, nurses should view the patients as the most important stakeholders in the health care sector. Prioritizing the will of the client is paramount. The nurse should give a listening ear to the patient so as to establish the desires and wishes of the client. It is through listening that the nurse can establish the special needs of the patient (Hudspeth, 2011). All patients have unique needs that need to be addresses differently. Such unique needs require proper communication between the patient and the nurse. As a professional nurse, I believe that patients will always feel free and at liberty to communicate with that nurse that seems listening and patient enough to understand.
My philosophy of nursing advocates for acting professionally in the work environment. This means that as a nurse, it would be immoral of me to consider establishing intimate relationships with patients, for example. This compromises the services offered to such patients. It is important to note that where professional conduct is not maintained, there is a high possibility that a nurse will start offering judgmental services (Kelly, 2010). Along with acting professionally, I believe that nurses should endeavor to employ critical thinking in making decisions and counseling the patients. Critical thinking entails analyzing the needs of the patient and attending to them in an approach that is not likely to offend them. Critical thinking requires the nurse to employ various philosophical approaches to decision making. Philosophy offers a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that enables people answer mysteries that they cannot handle in ordinary reasoning.
Nursing is one of those professions that require making decisions involving serious dilemmas. A nurse will at times find herself in a confusing situation where they have to make a choice. Ethical dilemmas are characteristic of the medical world. An ethical dilemma is a situation where a professional finds themselves at crossroads, with both alternatives appearing equally important. In an ethical dilemma, nurses should employ ethical thinking. Applying such ethicist theories as deontology and utilitarianism can help the nurse make a decision that will uphold morality (Masters, 2013). Professional ethics are standards and guidelines that an individual should use in making morally sound decisions. Ethics call for a combination of morality and critical thinking. According to my idea of nursing care, ethics should be defined by those decisions that honor the majority.
My philosophy advocates for the idea of nurses keeping abreast with the times in terms of education and professional knowledge. It is not proper to avoid change when it comes to professionalism. A nurse that is ready to further their education through updating their knowledge is deemed proficient since resisting change means that the patients will receive low class and outdated services (Hudspeth, 2011). In straightforward terms, all nurses should endeavor to further their education as a way of embracing the latest developments in the field. Self enhancement has been described as one of the most efficient ways of developing one’s career. One of the principles behind my philosophy of nursing is the actuality that learning is a never ending process.
My core values as a nurse are honesty, kindness, perseverance and patience. It is immoral for a nurse to tell a lie. As such, all nurses should be honest. Dealing with sick people is a serious affair that calls for honest answers and information. This is why honesty should be a pillar in the profession. It is unjustifiable to treat patients cruelly as this may make them undergo emotional torture in addition to the physical pain they go through (Masters, 2013). For this reason, people should be treated with utmost kindness. Apparently, the work of a nurse can be quite irritating at times. Having to handle accident casualties can be particularly disgusting. For this reason, should learn to persevere at all times as this is the only option they are left with in order to keep their career alive. Patience is of exceptional importance as it will help the nurse understand the unique needs of each patient.
The primary reason why I continue to be a nurse is because the field of nursing does not provide room for monotony. Boredom does not exist in the world of a nurse. Nurses should at all times endeavor to care for the public indiscriminately. Similarly, they should at all times seek to help their fellow nurses in various tasks that come along. The nurse has a duty to assist and nurture nursing students that go to the hospital for internship and further practical training (Gastmans, 2002). By so doing, the nurse will have played a primary role in developing the nursing profession. Developing the profession calls for combined efforts from all sectors. It is important to note that a nurse is a servant worker. Passion and freewill should guide a nurse through their career.


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