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Reflective journal 3

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Reflective Journal 3 Konysbek Sultan ID: 201103374 It is hard to predict where I would start my career as an engineer. Firstly I would try to find work in Astana, because I want to get some initial experience. But by now, I do not know any companies in Astana where the electrical engineers are required. Then, after some years, maybe I would try to find a work in foreign English speaking country and get some work experience there. I want to learn more things from there. Learn their system, working style and other things related to my profession. Then, after coming to Kazakhstan I would try to implement the good things that I had learned in other countries. Then after settling down in Kazakhstan I would try to find a job that is interesting for me. When searching for the job where I want to stay for a long time, good relationship with colleagues is an important issue for me. If say I will work 5-10 years in an industrial company in Astana. After between 5 and 10 years employment as an engineer most engineers have the choice of either moving into management roles or of developing their technical skills further and becoming a more technical expert. Both career paths are highly valued and rewarded. Reflect on where you see your engineering career taking you and which of the two paths you might choose to follow. Explain what attracts you to your choice and consider how you might like to see your career unfold. In considering your future career you should also note that engineers might be expected to work for at least three different organizations during their career and that the engineering profession is international with opportunities to work outside your home country. This submission should be about 3 paragraphs in length.

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