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The main idea on love in phaedrus’ speech and how socrates’ ideas contrast with or challenge phaedrus’

Here then brought out one of the idea of love by Phaedrus, love make people a better person, holding back shameful act, lovers and the love guiding each other, pushing each other to a higher level, that's what Phaedrus want to tell us that, love can bring improvement to a mankind, by lovers themselves guiding →

Tyrannies and tyrant in “the prince” by niccolò machiavelli

This helps in the creation of a better image of the Tyrant so the Tyrant can still be in power. Machiavelli continues to explain that the prince or the ruler needs to prioritize the aspects of his agenda in order to keep power and should ignore factors simply for the ideals.

Comparison of mary wollstonecraft’s and john mill’s ideas

The concept of Wollstonecraft and her ideas about the rights women deserve to have support from John Stuart Mill's idea of the The Greatest Happiness Principle. To him, he sees that the idea of women is really the manner in which society has them to be, which includes how the nature of them is nurtured →

Antigone aristotle

Jordan Antigen Fear/ Pity Fear and Pity Shown In Antigen The Greek Philosopher Aristotle defined tragedy as a form of drama that evokes fear and pity in the audience. This would concern a Greek audience more than modern audiences because the curse of Oedipus would cause Antigen to die anyway, and Greek audiences would acknowledge →

Descartes’ dualistic conception of human nature

The cogito basically states that we are existing to the point in which we can think; however, when looking at the body we cannot be entirely certain that this is real in the sense that the physical things around us can all be imagined with the use of our minds. The thinking aspect of our →

Divine command theory essay

The way Rachels sees it is this; God commands us to do what is right and forbids what is wrong, however he could easily say that a sinful act is ethical and it would make that sin lawful. According to Rachels' book, the Divine Command Theory suggests that if God was not existent, then criminal →

During the conception of god, whether among philosophers

Alternatively, God is ' impossible union of the for-itself with the in-itself.' 5 On the one hand, God is whole, being-in-itself, on the other hand, as theists conceive him, God is conscious, being-for-itself. Being-for-itself is in constant change because of the desire to be not what it is7.

Political thinkers

The first is that of political philosophy which was method rejected in the times before Plato such as the well being of society, the theory of the state and individual by which he prescribed certain methods through which an individual needs to live his life according to certain guidelines to maintain equilibrium in society. By →

Moral issues in the stranger by albert camus 

Morality is an essential aspect of life among individuals in the world, but the scenario is different for Albert Camus, as evident in the novel The Stranger. In the novel, The Stranger, by Albert Camus, moral issues of universal irrationality, human life meaninglessness, and obsession with the physical world are addressed to reflect on the →

Femininity in the age of now? would plato and aristotle approve?

The perception she gives through her art of women's struggles allows others to relate and vent out their emotions, that they would not be able to otherwise feel. He would see the beautiful art displayed in this woman's suffering and struggle with her menstrual cycle as something that would just bring up unnecessary emotions that →

Explain what aristotle meant by the final cause. 25 marks

The route to the final cause is as follows, the first cause is the material cause, it refers to the matter of an object, it's substance and room for change, so the material cause of a chair would be plastic and metal. This then applies to the concept of the final cause, if everything has →

Mary kay reference sheet

Preview Statement: In the modern society, one of the major social constrains to this particular issue has to do with liberty-I am going to discuss this 'V. Our society is suffering from the condition of anomie, which is a situation in which society doles out very little ethical guidance to individuals, and allows a great →

Taking care of one’s soul according to socrates

This argument is one that I agree with, because I believe that the quality of one's soul surpasses importance of wealth or one's body. I believe in the benefits of meditation, and thus I support the idea that taking care of the soul is most important task of a human.

Jeremy bentham versus john stuart mill

Third, John Stuart Mill rejects the thought of Jeremy Bentham, which states that the motivations for humans to act can all be reduced to one's own interest and to his own exploration for the utmost satisfaction. I believethat John Stuart Mill's utilitarianism is more plausible than that of Jeremy Bentham's because of the following reasons: →

Meditation 1 and the lying senses in rene descartes’ book

This thought of doubting the senses is what lead Descartes to consider the possibility that the entirety of life is a dream. The connection he placed between the two is based on the fact that dreams can convince one that something that is not true actually is true by just tricking the senses alone, similar →

Jean paul sartre vs albert camus

Camus and Sartre shared a common ground on the belief that life is full of choices, every individual had to choose for himself, " Even avoiding choosing is a choice in itself ". They also believed in freedom to choose, Sartre's philosophy was mostly about freedom of choice, he thought that for an individual the →

Aristotle, dante and the human experience

Through the trials and tribulations of the two protagonists in this novel, they come to a conclusion that even if there is a hardship in one's lives, through love, creative expression, and being able to find comfort with vulnerability rather than hiding from it, the human experience is one worth living. The secrets of the →

The life story of john locke the english philosopher and physician

In the thoughts of the contemporary advocates of Liberalism, one of the most noticeable and extensive accomplishments of the Early Modern time period is the expression, protection, and justification of civil toleration. Locke and Kant supplicated to the more ethical and religious cynicism of the time.

Is aristotle the father of logic

Plato presumed that the " ideal" form of an person or animal is the result of a " sensory" world and that every man knew and understood his place in life. Whereas Aristotle believed that the " form" consisted of several characteristics together as a whole, which eventually was proven and known as DNA as →

The philosophy theory as described by bertrand rusell

In this case, we ask about what Russell thinks the value of philosophy is, and, much more importantly, why he finds it necessary to explain it to us, in the first place. What does that mean, to enlarge the self, since it seems to be the main value of philosophy that Russell is referring to?

Pythagorean theorem: the heart of mathematics

In this part of the essay you will learn the timeline of the Pythagorean theorem and its Importance in history. This is not part of the Pythagorean theorem, but it can be used to help find all the side of the triangle.

Women discrimination as depicted in john stuart mill essay the subjection of women

He was amongst the first to see an issue with women's equality during this time, if not, these women could certainly be in similar situations as African Americans. A type of thinking that reveals, that men did not have faith in the feelings or choices that women had to offer to society.

Charlemagne’s tactics and machiavelli’s ideas

Machiavelli would also advise Notker's account of Charlemagne that a he was in the right when he decided on being a feared ruler rather than one that is loved one. While Machiavelli condemns generosity in The Prince, he would most likely advise Einhard's account of Charlemagne to become a more frugal ruler and to stop →

The charges the men of athens have formed against socrates

The purpose of this paper is to summarize and critically evaluate Socrates' reply to the charges that he is a wrongdoer who corrupts the youth. The Apology is Plato's version of the speech given by Socrates as he defended himself against the charges of corrupting the young, and by not believing in the gods in →

Philosophers, thomas hobbes and john locke views on huma nature as

He believed that people are born good, and when the time comes, everyone will unite for the needs of the many rather than the needs of the few. This proves how all humans, no matter what age are egotistical, wicked, and greedy, some people just happen to embrace the evil more than others.

The eye-opening views of immanuel kant on people lives

Enlightenment is the ability for humans to think for themselves and the reason why there is a lack of Enlightenment is not from a lack of intellect, but from the lack of courage to think for oneself. Kant addressed the issues of what causes a lack of enlightenment among people, and all the preconditions that →

Sexuality and gender politics in post-war era as depicted in judith butler, angela carter, and michel foucault’s works

Postwar prosperity, a decline in pre war collectivism, the shift of many western countries towards greater individualism from the 1970s onwards, and the growth in the influence of psychoanalysis and linguistics over most areas of academic discourse following the post 1956 and 1968 decline in the popularity and influence of Marxism, saw sweeping changes to →

Philosophy: “explain the differences between plato and aristotle’s view of reality”.

Plato further believed that our physical world and its Forms participate or imitate the real Forms in a disorderly way. So knowledge of the form or essence is in effect knowledge of the thing's causes, of what explains why it is what it is.

The philosophy of education: dewey vs. counts

Counts wants students to be critical thinkers and find the purpose of why we do things. Other than that, these are the goals Dewey and Counts aim to reach through their educational philosophies.

What in my essay, i will take two

What is the true purpose of the religion? There is the myriad of thoughts about the true target of the religion, but the mostgeneral one is that the largest religions teach usto noble qualities such as love, peace, moral and justice.

Thomas more’s slavery in utopia

Since the beginnings of civilization, humans have searched for a just and effective way to penalize those that break the laws of society and to deter people from breaking them in the first place. The slaves of Utopia are enslaved for a just reason, they " are not people who have been capture in battle" →

Review and analysis of john stuart mill’s essay on liberty

In the first segment of Mill's monograph he explores the concept of society exerting power over an individual and the history of power itself. As a final topic in his disquisition, Mill tackles the challenge to delineate the borders between sovereignty of the individual and authority of society.

Kant, hegel and kierkegaard on free will, god, and moral laws

Philosophical freedom as a freedom of action, which Kant terms as a natural necessity will be analyzed, as well as religious freedom and freedom of belief as it concerns that which Kierkegaard considers unselfish existence, and the philosophical concept of freedom that Hegel argues can be defined as freedom →

John locke, thomas hobbes, and baron de montesquieu – their values and beliefs

Therefore, he believes in a limit of power in the government. In the Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes writes about the right of nature along with balances and transfers of power. He defines a law of nature as a rule that is decided through a process and put in place so that a man cannot destroy his →

A review of the religious divisions with miracles following

Theory allows " religion" and the " institution of religion" to stand in conflict, with religion understood as the mimetic aftereffect of a sacred cosmology , represented in/as data and in/as experience and the " institution of religion" as the undisclosed network of supplementary discourses necessary in ascertaining and perpetuating the myth and meaning →

Sophocles shows a dramatic play

However, Oedipus swears that he will not give his two sons any support because they had done nothing to he will never give his support to either of his sons, for they did nothing to prevent his exile years ago. By that time, Oedipus also called King Theseus and he arrived he →

Theory of substance against theory of forms

In order to understand the relation of primary ousia and secondary ousia to the other categories, we must first understand the difference between something being ' said of' and something being ' said in' For something to be ' said of' it means that that thing can be said of a subject. The inseparability of →

Mill’s utilitarianism theory and kant’s theory of deontology

As a result, the person driving must leave the single person to die in order to save the lives of the group of five. In order to save the party if five, the rescuers would have to drive over the individual in the path.

Niccolo machiavelli’s book, the prince: the modern politics

Although these essays from The Prince were meant to serve as advice for princes back in Machiavelli's day, he presents political ideas that are aligned with modern conservatives, and these ideas are still very much seen today. One of Machiavelli's arguments is that it is better to be stingy than to be generous. He also →

Actually, managerial, administrative and professional occupation. (muep.mau.se/, 2016)

Actually, Islamophobia is fear of Islam and Muslims. Islam religion is not tailed all over the world specifically in Westerncountries that's why Western people thinks Islam is religion whose followersare foes of non-Muslims.(en.wikipedia. org, 2018) The term islamophobia came in early 20thcentury but it is famed after CBMI description.(rahsaan.web.unc. edu, 2013) Islamophobia become a →

Descartes is a concious being? what is essential nature and why does he so respond?

He conducts a ' doubting experiment' in which he examines different types of beliefs and withholds assent to any beliefs that could be called into doubt, allowing him to find any beliefs that may be held with absolute certainty. In his second meditation, he is able to conclude that the only indubitable belief that one →

The issue of identities in plato’s republic

These identities have been engrained into the minds of the governed as stereotypes and generalizations, so much so that they are accepted as fixed by the masses even to this day. The first book of Plato's Republic begins with the characters grappling with the definition of justice, or what it means to be a just →

Torture and ethical theories of bentham, kant, and aristotle

According to Bentham this means that what is good is determined by the consequences of the action, and one component of utilitarianism is that the morality of an action should be determined by how much it contributes to the good of the majority. By virtue of this theory one can say that the use of →

Philosophy: logic and god essay

Next is the teleological argument which is based on the apparent order and design of the cosmos and the purposive nature of things in the world. For me, I believe that there is God the creator of all things. There's no need to ask about His existence.

Sartre’s criticisms on human essence in the light of aristotle’s philosophy

To this end, it is necessary to point that our human intellect's preponderance to abstracting the essences is another facet of human cognition. This is because knowing, akin to seeing, affords us an immediate grasp of reality's nature and purpose; for by the mere experience of something, say a table, we almost instantly furnish ourselves →

Socrates plato maimonides and aristotle education essay

He believed that cognition or penetrations was the foundation of virtuousness and felicity. The Socratic Method is a method of look intoing jobs through duologue treatment in a schoolroom a instructor can let a pupil to believe critically and engraft the Socratic Method. He besides thought that the pedagogue needs to be knowing and moral.

The difficult journey of education in plato’s “allegory of the cave”

Although I disagree with Socrates' idea of using force to educate others, I support his view of education being more than the act of a teacher merely relaying information to a student and that it helps the individual grow as a person because education requires the individual to take time to accept his or her →

How peter abelard began individualism in his young age

Yet while both begin their lives with individualism, later in life Abelard becomes more of a religious conformist, while Heloise continues to question her place in life. Abelard starts his individualism at a very young age by choosing the life of a philosopher, and continues to question established norms throughout his schooling. I was so →

How kierkegaard and c.s lewis self and trump over despair

Though the relationship between necessity and possibility often prove to be the most basic and most easily understood portion of what Kierkegaard defines as the self, it is not the only relationship which he will choose to associate with his definition of the " self". The other examples of this relationship which Kierkegaard deems necessary →

A critique of aristotle politics

Aristotle is of the opinion that, for a polity to be viable, it has to consider the stability and security of its people. The aristocracy as Aristotle puts it is the rule of several. However, in the opinion of Aristotle this corrupt form of polity is the best form of governance in →

Utilitarianism – act and rule

This makes Utilitarianism a relativistic and consequentialist argument, as it takes into account only the outcome of events rather than the act itself as means to determine whether it is good/right. Also it holds no absolutes - it takes the best interests of the greatest number of people no matter if the →

Utilitarianism and happiness

Before we talk about the authors of this theory, we must really understand the history of utilitarianism and how it came to be. Aristippus idea of hedonism is that all people have the right to do anything to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure.

Antigone foils creon

Antigone is the foil to Creon because she brings out fear and many character trait flaws in the Kingspersonality. Creon has a major lapse in judgment when he decides to bury Antigone in a cave to die. Later he understands that he was wrong and regrets his decisions. Antigone has a big affect on this →

Exploring rita dove’s “the darker face of the earth”

For a better comprehension about where her life revolves around and to what principle does it lie, her play entitled " The Darker Face of the Earth" explains how Dove exploits the story Oedipus Rex for her own purpose. As a writer who delves into the stone of knowledge, she brings more →

Reviewing hannah arendit’s book, between past and future

It would be a grave mistake to not acknowledge the crisis we are in because this crisis in education is not really just of education but that of our economy, politics, society, and hence really our whole country. The next question to ask would then be: why us? The crisis is most acute in America →

The ptolemaic model essay

Over the course of the human history, dozens of philosophers and astronomers sought to create the most objective and the most accurate vision of the solar system and the universe. Many of them viewed the Earth as a stationary body, with planets and stars revolving around it. The Ptolemaic Model Introduction Over the course →

Biography and philosophical legacy of mikhail bakhtin

Kristeva, for instance, introduced a Bakhtinian concept of intertextuality in her essay, " Word, Dialogue and Novel" or the idea that a text exists not as a self-contained whole, but in a web of prior and potential utterances and discourses. I return later to polyglossia to compare Hill's studies of Mexicano communities to →

Foucault – power/knowledge

Foucault describes typical activities and every day life of the inmates. The point of these two presentations is to show that the changes of methods of punishment correlate with cultural and social changes in the all-time society.(Appelrouth and Edles, 2008: 648) In the second part he " draws a parallel between the aggressive mechanism used →

Analysis of aristotle’s concept of virtue ethics and joy

What is the Concept of Virtue Ethics? The focal point of Aristotle's moral framework is for mankind to understand their good and moral character. Virtue Ethics spreads out the judicious establishment of how and why practicing righteousness is morally better than practicing bad habit, and stresses that ethically acting is an ability. Aristotle And →

Comparing michelle alexander new jim crow and michel foucault’s discipline and punish

This, in a way, mirrors Foucault's ideas on power as invisible but omnipresent and inescapable. Both Alexander and Foucault discuss the evolution of punishment from emphasizing the physical body to instead the soul. Alexander's system as it is argued in The New Jim Crow is more a dichotomy than a distribution of power.

Summary of plato’s “protection of socrates”

The first being that he believes he is taking the necessary steps of the divine beings, and the second, that what he does advances a larger amount of thought and astuteness; changing his ways would conflict with the essentials Athens was based upon. The arguments can be raised in a well-thought manner not just bluntly, →

Analyzing the summary to friedrich nietzsche’s book twilight of the idols

Review of Text Summary: Twilight of the Idols, Pages 486-501 by Molly Frank The author of the summary covered the entirety of the assigned text. Adding this example would better illustrate Nietzsche's argument that Christian morality, and not the passions, is truly detrimental to humanity. The author did convey the main conclusion of →

Plato, aristotle, and moses

The book of Genesis to the end of the book of Kings is not only revelation in the form of a narrative, but can be seen as a work of reason, and politicalphilosophy. Adam and Eve's questioning by the Father: " Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as →

World cultures midterm: confucius analects

The main roles of a Confucian Junzi's life are that of a student, son, and a attendant to the state/society. The first job of a Junzi is to be a filial son. The Junzi works to intellectually grow with the experiences he has gained and has a never-ending appetite for knowledge." When →

Argumentative thoreau essay

If everyone in a community lived by the virtues of individualism and self-sufficiency, then there would be no community. If everyone in a community lived by the virtues of individualism and self-sufficiency, then in times of crisis or suffering, there would be no sense of community where people helped one another.

A comparison between heidegger and camus

Camus believed that the only real question in philosophy is suicide, whereas Heidegger believes in life and death, the question of being in such. Do you go from being to not being in this occurrence? Also, Camus, is concerned with the purpose of life?

Descartes notion of the mind/body problem in relation to free will

The problem is that the strong attributes of the mind/body combine tend to determine the attributes of the soul." The soul moves and feels in the body directly. After the Scholastics, Descartes takes the conception of will and affirmed that the main ability of the mind is the ability of free will.

Reflection – lessons from plato’s the republic

This analogy resonates to the contemporary world and is a key element from The Republic. Moderation One of the key lessons the contemporary society can adopt from the teachings in The Republic is moderation and self-control. The scramble to get wealth and the social stigmatization as a result of social class in the society →

Nature versus nurture : a question of behavior essay

Nature versus Nurture : A Question of Behavior The development of living things has been an area of research and scientific discussion for centuries. Originally the debate centered on how environment and genetics contribute to the physical attributes of living organisms. Nature refers to the innate abilities, personality, and patterns of behavior that a →

Sentimentalism and jean-jacques rousseau

Rousseau proclaims that it was primarily his early childhood that influenced his later self and that his sexual preferences were influenced by his early childhood spankings of an older mother figure. Rousseau's desire to be spanked, he declares, shapes his whole self. In conclusion, Rousseau's childhood events had a lasting effect that transformed how he →

Analects of confucius – analects of life

The Analects of Confucius is a book that essentially supplies the people of the west with the Chinese code of life in the words of Kong Fuzi. The book The Analects of Confucius written by Chichung Huang is a translation of the word of the words and beliefs of Confucius. The book →

Aquinas’ and st. anselm’s proofs of the existence of god

Thomas Aquinas was a believer in God, who proposed five ways to know God. The first way of proving God's existence, according to the philosopher, is by means of observing motion; that is, everything in movement throughout the universe should prove to us that there is a Prime Mover of all things. Thomas Aquinas is →

How does descartes move from concluding that he exists to concluding god exists? essay

This is when he ascertained that if it is possible for him to persuade something or himself and at the same time he can be deceived about/of something, and then he surely must exist for this to happen. This form of self validation is what is commonly referred to as the Cogito Argument. Through doubt, →