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The reasons i decided to further study software engineering in england

In addition, I was given the responsibility to lead a team and create a system in which the university would put its bank of questions and use it in different student competitions in university. I will be able to use the newly acquired skills and Chevening is one of the prestigious scholarships in the world.

Wwi: president wilsons stake for world peace essay

In January of 1918, he made a speech addressing the issues of his time by way of fourteen chief statements that sought amity between the opposing nations; it was called as ' Wilson's 14 points.' The points advocated peace and pursued a more diplomatic route in settling and avoiding disputes surrounding the ' The Great →

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How the west came to dominate the world after 1700 essay example

His answers are not exactly new or unexpected, since science, technology and industry gave the West an economic and military advantage over the older empires in Asia and the Americas that it exploited fully and ruthlessly, leading to the great gap between the wealthy and poor nations that still exists →

“to build a fire” between formalism and naturalism thesis sample

The man is losing his mind and starting to rave, thinks of killing his own dog, his husky, in order to put his hands in the dog's warm interior and the only thing that escapes the dog from his master's tentative to kill him is his physical inability to act on its purpose, as the →

Increasing power in the 17th century essay sample

Louis has been hailed as the extreme absolutist; he epitomized the ideal of kingship." Seventeenth-century France, in contrast to England, saw both discontent among the nobility and religious pluralism smothered by the absolute monarchy and the closed Catholic state of Louis XIV. France and England were destined to have contrasting forms of government in the →

Explain why henry vii promoted overseas trade essay sample

Henry VII developed on the export of raw wool to the export of broad cloth; he also used the Merchants adventurer to limit the trading rights enjoyed by foreign traders in England this was used to undermine the Hanseatic League enabling England to prosper. In conclusion Henry VII promoted overseas trade to use to his →

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Example of report on statement of originality

Coming up with effective decisions that reflect on the organization's mission and vision statements will go a long way in marking the reputation of UNICEF UK as one of the leading humanitarian organizations. Analysis of the Comparator Organizations: World Vision International and American Red Cross World Vision International is a humanitarian organization with a →

Good essay about social inequalities

Examples of Inequality and Stratification Social inequality describes the extent of the differences between various groups in the society. In the UK, for example, social stratification is observed in the class system where individuals with similar characteristics belong to a particular social class. A typical example of social inequality in the UK is →

Example of population-based and longitudinal studies suggest that social and material creative writing

Report of a Research Article on Social Marginalization Report of a Research Article on Social Marginalization This paper is a brief report of the research article by Lynam and Cowley entitled " Understanding marginalization as a social determinant of health". This will ensure that the groups are not disadvantaged in →

Matthew dziuban

In the first part of the book, he learns of a new resident of the village, named Mustafa Sa'eed and the narrator eventually learns his life story. In the second part of the book, the reader learns that the narrator has been made the protector of Mustafa's estate and his wife, Hosna bint Mahmoud, and →

Creative writing on social justice leader

After all, I agree that the most successful, influential and transformational leaders in the history of the world and thus my time depict a myriad of these attributes. I am humbled that most people regard me as one of the most renowned leaders of the world. In spite of the use of excessive use of →

Characters in the play ‘translations’ essay sample

It is a play about alienation, relationships and a small community and its limitations, it is about love and the political problems between the English and the Irish. Sarah is aware of Manus's feelings for Maire. Humour is important in every play, this is particularly noticeable in the characterisation of Jimmy Jack and Doalty.

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Homelessness among the black and ethnic minority in the uk literature review

The literature review will focus on the experiences of the homeless blacks and ethnic minority in the UK, in the twenty first century. Homelessness among blacks and ethnic minority has increased disproportionately through the years as from 1996 in England. Causes of Black and Ethnic Minority Homelessness Social Exclusion and Overcrowding Causes of →

Good example of how did religion influence early u.s. history term paper

On evaluating the elements of state and the oldest monuments of American history, one can discover the prejudices, the habits and the ruling, which constitute the national character. Therefore, this formed the basis of American religion, the foundation for knowledge, and the ceremony of the divine laws, which led the Americans to civil freedom. Likewise, →

Compare and contrast the political, economic, religious, social, intellectual and artistic elements of colonial virginia and massachusetts essay sample

In this essay, I will compare and contrast the differences in government, religion, economies and the purpose of each of the two colonies. Government. In Massachusetts, the government is a corporate government, and in this colony, they had town meetings. Next is religion, Massachusetts.

Critical thinking on what arguments did the british use to justify taxing the american colonists

British came up with numerous reasons on to why they were justified in taxing American colonists. The British argued that the need for defense in the British colonies was a major reason why American colonies were taxed. As a matter of fact the colonists did not have a representative in the British government; this meant →

Speakers of english

With the language spoken widely across the world, it is impossible to decide who can count as a speaker of English. Bibliography Crystal, D 2003.

The analysis report example

It also depicts the outcomes of the breakup of the people of the Middle East. The popular opinion is that although the book is not an academic historical source, it is helpful for the average reader to understand the matters of the Middle East conflicts at the beginning of the 20th century. The objective of →

Good the presents an in-depth analysis of the ad and the entire campaign that report example

Using a series of shots showcasing three well-known British actors who have played villains Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor and The Avengers), Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong , the clip expands on the theme and relates it to the product. Tom Hiddleston in the ad Ben →

The journal essay

Introduction Shunga secrets bared between the covers by Victoria James, Japan times. " Shunga: sex and pleasure in pleasure in Japanese art" is a very famous book in japan that entails some of the sex stimulus, the main being known locally as shunga.it is more detailed than a catalogue in a museum.it is more →

Advantage and disadvantages essay sample

The English is one of the most widely spoken language in the world. Education The English language is the predominant language of academics all over the world, with a large amount of research conducted, written and presented in English.

Essay on impacts of sir robert peel in american policy and history

The British Parliament's objective in a police force is to address the rising number of crime incidents in the area and around the capital. Among of the principles he developed was measuring crime rates which will determine how effective the police force was to the community.. Several miles away the United States of America is →

Evolution of english

The settling of British in North America has led to the freezing of certain words used in the Shakespearean era and thus forming a new variety called American English. It's not just migration and conquest that has led to the changes in this language.

Good example of research paper on airline analysis: british airways

It is currently the largest airline in operation in the United Kingdom, although there are a number of smaller operations that are currently threatening the larger company, especially in the national and European travel markets. British Airlines is still the leader in the number of international flights booked on a yearly basis,

Boston light essay sample

It consisted of the lighthouse becoming inactive during the Second World War for security measures only because it suffered severe demolition twice due to which it was on the verge of diminishing entirely. However built back from the ruins under a generous donation by the Massachusetts legislature, Boston lighthouse is an honourable milestone for the →

Book analysis on the book the intended by david dabydeen creative writing sample

Living in a foreign land while observing one's cultural beliefs is one of the biggest challenge that the narrator of the intended had to face. Being Asian and staying in London was considered a nightmare especially in the mid 80's.

Book review on unveiling the cultural differences between americans and britons

Introduction The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British is a book that takes us through the life of a journalist who travelled to Britain for love. It was even strange to say hi to a neighbor in the morning, this in Britain is considered an invasion and interference of privacy.

The meaning of rip van winkle biography examples

In the instance of Rip's village, the people had remained the same, although they had aged significantly, and the land was the same. Changing regimes: The case of Rip Van Winkle.

The financial crisis in the uk essay example

Later, in a year or half, the rest of the developing countries started to suffer from the financial crisis that became global. The term of the housing bubble is usually used to describe the cause of the crisis. Finally, the last 8 percent went to the business outside the financial →

Sample essay on revenge as a driver of plot in hamlet

Hamlet is as much the product of Shakespeare's understanding of psychology and culture as Shakespeare was a product of Elizabethan England's renaissance. Hamlet is not just haunted by the memory of his father; a ghost haunts him with a real presence in the play and in hamlet's mind.

Free research proposal about pid controller design: statement of need

The first advantage of building a demo platform is that it serves as a prototype, which implies that it will help in the identification of any design flaws and errors. This is crucial since the overall design specifications require a low-cost design. The demo platform will mainly be utilized in demonstrating the functionality of the →

The ideas of thomas hobbes and john locke

They expressed their ideas in their works, Hobbes's Leviathan and Locke's Two Treatises of Government. Both Hobbes and Locke had seen the English Civil War with their own eyes, and yet had unlike opinions of the nature of humans and the function of the government.

Essay on the war of 1812

The War of 1812 In the dawn of the American Revolution against the British government, many reasons have been cited for the rebellion and mini-wars that drove the British troops away from the key cities of the colonies. Although some of the Native Americans joined the British side in the midst of the →

Example of travel report

Why Brits Seek Escapism from Bad Weather Constant rain prompts Brits to head for the sun, says Tui's Long The article basically outlines the fact that in Britain it rains pretty much constantly, during all seasons and British people just want to get out of the country because that type of weather →

Example of british imperialism in india and german imperialism in africa term paper

It joined forces with the Royal navy to aid in capturing many of the key territories in the Indian sub-continent including Singapore, Hong Kong and Burma. With the fall of the Mughal Empire in the early eighteenth century, there was a power vacuum in India and it was ruled by many small dynasties and local →

The new world essay example

The first settlers were the Dutch followed by the Swedes and lastly the English. Starting with governance, the New England Colonies endured more independence from the Britons in early years. New England demonstrated a more homogeneous economy. The Southern Colonies Society was bi-racial consisting of both the white and black.

New models of poetry as reflected in the romantic works of blake, wordsworth, and coleridge

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution and the age of Romanticism, several poets such as Blake, Wordsworth, and Coleridge sought the ' sublime' within the realms of nature. The Industrial Revolution created feelings of despair within William Blake, who is considered one of the first Romantics by many." The Chimney Sweeper" in " Songs →

Because i could not stop for death by emily dickens

Syllabus: English Unit-I MODERN LITERATURE Poetry For Detailed Study Chaucer : Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Spenser : Faerie Queene - Book-I For Non-detailed Study Spenser : Prothalamion and Epithalamion Wyatt, Surrey: Selections in Peacock's English verse, Vol-I Ballads : Peacock - Vol-II Prose For Detailed Study Bacon - Essays - →

Good example of essay on president george wahingtons foreign policy

The president's approach to foreign policy was largely cautious yet it succeeded in setting the foundation for the country's future. This forced the president to sign a treaty whereby the U.

Critical thinking on recycling in uk and saudi

In the very first instance, it appears that the process of controlling recycling is done by the government and additionally an act of parliament by the name ' household waste and recycling act' of 2003 is also enforced to ensure the process follows a certain protocol. Taking a look at the way the process is →

Good hitler as war leader, 1939-1941 article review example

In 1939, the ruling circles of Britain, France and the United States endeavoured to direct Hitler's aggression against the Soviet Union. Furthermore, given the strength of the English navy and the weakness of the German fleet, Hitler decided that the only way to defeat England is to defeat the Soviet Union.

Good case study on responding to rape cases in england and wales

Responding to Rape Cases in England and Wales Background to the problem Sexual offenses cases such as rape are often the cause for debate in many countries especially when it comes to the capacity of the government to prosecute criminals and aid victims involved. The first factor that influences the reform on →

Good essay about comparison and contrasting two victorian texts

The aim of the author is to create a picture of the dualism in the society, in general, and the city of London, as well. Given the setting of both texts, Victorian era, it is evident that the evils described were a representation of the dualism in the Victorian Cities →

Good example of ryan totsch research paper

The Black Plague almost wiped out the whole of civilization and this period was one of the darkest periods in Europe's history. Keywords: Black Plague, Europe, labor, environment, upheaval, industry ECONOMIC IMPLICATION OF THE BLACK PLAGUE Abstract " The plague had large scale social and economic effects, many of which are recorded in →

Example of research paper on history of western dress

They had tight buckles at the ankle, and later on in the 1820, impoverished under the instep. . The domination of what was fashionable by the French was obvious in the 19th century. The eighteenth century was a moment in time of so much memory.

Example of opioids essay

These include its extraction, historical issues, its role in the wars between China and Great Britain, its active components, how the typical opioid user has changed over the years, how the supply of heroin has changed over the years, and laws that have been put in place to address the abuse of opium. However, it →

Free research paper on john locke

His two works the " Two Treatises of Government" and the " An Essay of Human Understanding" was met in scepticism but was accepted entirely as a position that reflects the time of the Enlightenment. The Essay was divided into four books, and included an Epistle to the Reader, and a dedication of Locke to →

History of the english language

The first was by speakers of languages in the Scandinavian branch of the Germanic family, who colonised parts of Britain in the 8th and 9th centuries. The history of the language can be traced back to the arrival of three Germanic tribes to the British Isles during the 5th Century AD.

Free term paper on the signing of the declaration of independence

One of the newer laws that infuriated colonists was that Britain now demanded that they be sent to England to be tried for offenses that were committed in the colonies. As the more influential members of the colonies were agitated, they began to write circular letters. This proclamation of unification was an essential element of →

Jessica noles

There has not been a Government of England since 1707, when the Acts of Union 1707, putting into effect the terms of the Treaty of Union, joined England and Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain. A History of England, 1688 to the Present.

Free essay about great war

While much has been hypothesized about the fundamental causes of the Great War, it is of the essence to note that the primary cause of the war was the intense rivalry that existed between different nations on whose army and naval forces was the strongest. The other factors that also led to the start →

46 pages book review samples

Britain did not seem so threatening in that way. Chapter 6 explains the Boston Tea Party through the pamphlets published at the time and the letters written between the important figures Chapter 7 explains the success of Common Sense was partly because it was written in a language everyone could understand and →

History essay

The Russian Empire The Russian Empire was one of the most extensive empires in the history of the world. In 1912, Russia encouraged Serbia and Bulgaria to sign an alliance that was directed against the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Free this is my land research paper sample

These conflict arose of many issues including the taking of the Indians land, the destruction of the Indians crop by the Englishmen's cattle, inequality of the law with regard to the Indians, and more. The article " Pequots and Puritans: The Causes of the war of 1637" discusses the events of the Pequot War.

Example of arab nationalism an influenced ideology seeking identity essay

Finally, the research would seek to determine if Arab ideology was natural or invented. Origins and Rise of Arab nationalism According to Maalouf, the rise of Arab nationalism was first fostered by the weakening and the eventual collapse of the Ottoman Empire in early 20th century. Arab nationalism is based on ideals that seek →

Example of report on museum (natural resources canada library)author’s name:institutional affiliation

The main objective of the museum visit was to learn about the various rocks, the different minerals and the artifacts in the museum. One was to clearly understand on the History of the British Columbia in Canada. The Rock, the minerals and Interesting Artifacts in the Museum. The rock structure in the museum could be →

Free nature and the human experience in stephen cranes the open boat and jack literature review example

The entirety of human experience is, for proponents and advocates of the literary movement of naturalism, a result not of the individual's choice, but of the natural circumstances of his social and biological environment. The protagonist is stuck with three other men, in the aftermath of their ship's sinking, and in the midst of →

Good example of book review on british (and other) colonization of north america

According to Norton, Chapter two expresses the influence of the British colonizers in the North American people's religion, culture, form of governance, economy, and land ownership. In 1624, James the first revoked the Virginia Company charter making it a royal colony. The chapter also shows that the rebellion from the Puritans religious →

American perspective and british perspective of an historical event essay samples

For instance, in the year 1770, the Americans protested leading to the parliament to cancel the duties imposed to the Townshend. The reduced tea price by the British was aimed at making the Americans pay the tax.

Research paper on the u.s. indian wars

White has repeatedly incited the Indians scalp and of their opponents. For example, in June 1775, the British government, urging Indians to oppose the Americans, not only supplied the soldiers of all the tribes of the Great Lakes to the Gulf of axes, guns and ammunition, but also announced a reward →

Objectives of sentencing within england and wales

This is the acknowledgement that the behaviour of the offender is not acceptable within society and ensures a consequent punishment. This can be seen as a form of paying back the wrong doing or understanding of what is right and wrong. The purpose of this is to change the offenders' attitudes and →

Free essay on analysing edmund burkes 1775 speech on conciliation with america

He expressed the difficulty of explicating the importance of righteousness and peace in a nation such the Great Britain, which in that era was enormous in size, owing to the number of colonies it commanded, and in the scale of development. He stressed on the importance of transparency in government proceedings, and advocated that peace →

Example of explanations of terms essay

BBC A history of the world.n.d.Web. 17 Oct 2013 http://www.constitution.org/eng/magnacar.htm " William the Conqueror " BBC History.n.d..Web.

Benjamin franklin and me influences ideals and directions admission essay

Franklin praised the pursuit of knowledge, and it is something that he held very closely to his own principles he once said that " the Library afforded me the Means of Improvement by Constant Study, for which I set apart an hour or two each Day, and this repair would in some Degree the Loss →

Whythe new england and chesapeake regions developed into distinct societies by 1700 essay sample

Although the colonies in the New England and Chesapeake regions of North America were settled mainly by the English, by the 1700s both developed into two distinct societies because of their environmental surroundings, their reasons for settlement, and their way of life. The regions had somewhat similar climates, but it was their surroundings that →

Research paper on imperialism in east africa

Examples of imperialism include British colonization of India for 200 years, Japan colonization over the West Pacific before World War I and so on. Effects of Imperialism on Africa At the peak of Industrial Revolution in Europe, a string of European nations including Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Russia and France discovered Africa as →

Olaudah equiano’s experiences and the british slave trade research paper sample

Equiano could remember vividly well the slave woman who was wearing a muzzle as she dies and he was shocked and at the same time astonished. In the slavery, Equiano remembered how they starved daily as well as suffering of other fellow slaves. He concluded that in Africa, slaves were not treated so badly to →

Good example of essay on wind energy

According to Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS., wind, a form of solar energy, caused by disproportionate heating of atmosphere by the sun is used for the production of electricity and mechanical power or those same purposes they used to serve centuries ago. The number of wind turbines installed have put Germany first in the world →

The war of 1812 research paper examples

This paper intends to discuss the war of 1812 along with several related aspects and further discusses the factors which turned out to be the turning points of the war. Background On probing the reasons of this war, it becomes clear that the war of 1812 was indispensable due →

Essay on continental army soldier of the battle of cowpens

The situation in the country side was said to be deteriorating and reprisals and raids became the order of the day. The Continental Army, which took part in the battle, was under the command of Brigadier general Daniel Morgan. Green is said to have split the army that he lead where he gave different soldiers →

British identity dbq

Many members of Parliament, such as Edmund Burke, led the rest of Britain and Parliament to believe that the colonists were simply tenants in their land and were to abide by the laws of the British constitution.[Doc B] This mere thought unified the colonists and presented a situation that they could not take their eyes →

History article review sample

The main idea of the article is shown in the summary: American reaction to the abolition, shift in views of the white population and the political parties of the USA, an attitude of the Republicans to the black population freedom and black farmers. The author provides different views on the problem of the article, tries →

Example of essay on name

The Age of discovery was seen by the Catholic Church as an immense opportunity to spread Christianity around the globe and their religious aim and the European colonization went in hand by hand. In the year 1493, Pope Alexander VI, granted a bull giving Spain the right to acquire new →

Mercantilism: american revolution and colonies

One of the first efforts made by Britain to control the American colonies was the Acts of Trade and Navigation. They thought that Britain was all bad, and although they appreciated the benefits of Britain, they somehow felt that the bad part of Britain outweighed the good.

The living conditions of elizabethan england

This was common among the poor and those who had it were frowned upon, not accepted in society and usually left to die by their families. The Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre was built around 1600 AD in London and was mostly made of wood and stone reused from an older theatre where lease →

Free essay on a comparative framework of britain and americas imperial role in world politics

This paper intends to discuss the imperialism of United Kingdom of England and United States of America along with discussing how these countries shaped and influenced the politics of the world. Modern era of imperialism was pioneered by European nations like Spain, Portugal, Netherlands and France. The Second World War →

Good example of essay on common law definition

Property, torts and contracts are the basic foundation of the common law. Generally, common law is defined as a legal system created by the decisions previously made in tribunals; however, legislators and similar government officials do not impose it. The nature of the common law.

Argumentative essay on frederick douglass’ the meaning of july fourth for the negro

By placing the negative consequences in such a stark light, Douglass also makes the ending of slavery necessary to prove their honor and righteousness, not just to help enslaved blacks. In conclusion, Douglass' speech on the Fourth of July uses both humility and strong language to appeal to his audience to do something about the →

Essay on the american war of 1812

The British had fired upon and American vessel, the Chesapeake when it defied the orders of the captain of the British ship HMS Leopard. This behavior of the British was the major cause of the war.

Free term paper on principles of information security

Conformity with the CIA criteria is undertaken every time a software application or a computer server is setup, or when access to information or data is provided. Since the development of mainframe, the CIA triangle had been reflective of the industrial standard with regard to computer security. The objectives of the CIA triangle may be →

Example of a critique of my week with marilyn movie review

Williams even has Monroe's voice down perfectly. When Williams, as Monroe, appears onset to film the first scenes of The Prince and the Showgirl, Williams shows viewers Monroe's insecurity as she gets scared and overwhelmed and runs off the set. During the film, Monroe sings in her role in The Prince and the Showgirl and →

Pestel analysis of derby sandiacre canal research paper

Before deciding on any given decision, the financial department of the Derby Sandiacre Canal management has ensured that the plan is well financed. Social factors The demand of the construction of the Derby Sandiacre Canal also delayed because of the social factors that surrounded the construction of Derby Sandiacre Canal. The increment of the →

Lloyds building research paper sample

This form of architecture is an art of maximizing the internal space by successfully locating and functioning the service facilities like ducts, sewerage pipelines and elevators of the building on the exterior! Some salient features of the structural masterpiece are: - The buildings architectural ideology is inspired by an earlier project, Centre Georges in Paris, of →

History of slavery argumentative essay sample

Majority of people usually think of the phenomena as the period in the history of the United States where the practice of slavery painted itself as evil by many or secluded reports in the current media of private slave ownership but fail to recognize the concise history of this phenomenon. The aim of this paper →

Example of war of 1812 essay

The 1812 war gave the US a chance to a foster a sense of nationalism in a bizarre way. Therefore, the war presented the best opportunity to foster a strong sense of nationalism. Although the British blockade of the American cost had resulted into major financial loses to the US government, it gave the government →

Free argumentative essay on european imperialism in africa

The paper argues that Africans attempted to resist European control; however, their effort was unproductive because some African communities and leaders promoted the process of colonization by welcoming, assisting and adapting to colonial regimes in various ways. Most scholars who have explored the nature of Africans resistance towards the colonial rule have confined their thoughts →

Good essay on the sugar act

The Sugar Act, also called the The American Revenue Act of 1764, extended a tax on sugar and molasses that was not being paid by American merchants to the British government. At the time the British tried to enforce the extension of The Sugar Act, the American colonies were already experiencing an economic downturn.

Example of oliver cromwell term paper

During the civil war, he was sent to provinces in order to raise the troops to ' defend the realm'. He also used force to ensure that Cambridge colleges did not send silver to the headquarters where the king lived, to support the war efforts. He was commissioned to the army where he spent four →

Free fight or flight by thomas book review example

In the case of the British, the best examples are the independence of India in 1947, and Palestine and Burma in 1948, in which the British imperial power considered to entrench and fight. The French preferred the latter in the case of the Indo-China war, the war of Madagascar, and →

Government structure of canada essays examples

With this in mind, the following paper will attempt to compare the British and Canadian Prime Ministerial Offices in order to determine whether and to what extent the Prime Minister of Canada is given too much power and authority. As mentioned earlier, the Prime Minister is, strictly speaking, not the decision maker of the State, →

Evaluate marketing environment report sample

The PESTEL analysis involves the analysis of the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, environmental and legal factor analysis of Nando's in UK. Political Factors UK has a stable political environment that is favorable for the growth of business in the country. The future prospects of the UK economy promise growth for Nando's as the purchasing →

Why did henry viii break from rome? essay sample

The most important reason is his need for a son, which would be the heir to the thrown because Henry VIII would have wanted England to be by Tudors as long as it could be, for this to happen he would need a son which would forever bare the Tudor name. In conclusion, the most →

Wound care and infection in midwifery essay examples

The signs of infection from wound sites include; fever, which could be high or low grade, increasing pain at the site of the wound, inflammation at the wound site and purulent discharge from the site. Wound healing is influenced by several factors. The roles of midwives in postnatal infection and wound healing cannot be overemphasized.

Robert borden

Robert Borden Robert Borden was the most successful Prime Minister because he led Canada through World War One, increased the war effort in World War One, and made the Wartime Business Profits Tax of 1917. Robert Borden wanted Canada to participate in the war and got several troops for the Britain empire.

Why did the spanish armada fail in 1582

An important reason for the failure of the Spanish armada was the planning. The evidence shows that the planning of the Spanish armada was an important reason for the failure.