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Republic act no 1425

The full name of the law is An Act to Include in the Curricula of All Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities Courses On the Life, Works and Writings of Jose Rizal, Particularly His Novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, Authorizing the Printing and Distribution Thereof, and for Other Purposes. As such, he →

Characters of the woman who had two navels

His parents were Don Leocadio Joaquin, a colonel of Philippine Revolution and a prominent lawyer during the 1920s; and Do a Salome Marques, one of the first teachers to be appointed to the public school system set up by the Americans. There, Connie Escobar, a character in the story, represents the Philippines and the characters →

The effects of filipino-chinese parenting essay sample

The objectives of this paper are to describe the Chinese-Filipino style of parenting in connection to their cultural orientation, explain why too much parental involvement can be a factor which can affect the child's development, and analyze the negative effects of cultural differences among Chinese-Filipino children. This paper encourages the parents to understand the value →

History of 2go travel essay sample

The company has been a vital link in the economy of the Philippines as it made possible a much efficient shipping of passengers and cargo between the islands. Eventhough majority of the stockholders were from Jaro, Iloilo City and the company's main office was in Iloilo, it is said that the company adopted the name →

Reaction paper in jose rizal movie

It introduced us to the life of subjugation of the Filipino people and that is the reason of the rebellions. One of the strengths of these 2 novels is the incorporation of the characters in the life of Rizal and of the Filipinos in general.

A philippine hero

And throughout his life, he had theloyaltyand devotion of the those who belonged to the League of the Veterans of the Revolution. Antonio Luna which was a great blow to the military viability of the forces of the Republic, may forever bar him from reaching the same exalted place in the affections of the Filipino →

Digital martial law in the philippines essay sample

The Philippine Government's intention in passing the bill as law maybe purely for the intention of providing adequate security to the Filipino " netizens" in the cyberspace, however, we think that those who crafted the law did not really considered the pulse of the public with regards to passing it as law, more so to →

On the concept of national community essay sample

After supper I expressed to the hero my desire to talk to him in private about a most interesting affair, and told him that the treatment of the blind man was only secondary to the purpose of my visit to Dapitan. Effect the separation of the Philippines from Spain by force of arms, the only →


Also, Jollibee is well-known to most Filipino children with it's "Be Happy" trademark. That's why, aside from the children, even teenagers, adults or I may say the whole members of a family would love to come and eat at Jollibee.


Maranan The Mercado - Rizal Family The seventh of the eleven children of Francisco Mercado and Teodora Alonzo. PACIANO RIZAL Only brother of Jose Rizal and the second child.

Resume of joe rizal

Sort and file the medical records of the new pupils.5. Classify and file the medical records of the pupils according to their sections for the next school year.


The history of Filipino fashion is made up of the mixing of cultures and the intentional separation of social classes. The History of Filipino Fashion.

Philippine literature

The May 2010 election was considered to be the cleanest and fastest elections in the Philippines since the restoration of elite democracy after the dark Martial Law years of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. This is despite the controversies looming on the automated elections, the system glitches during the elections, the failure of elections in →

Martial law and the fourth republic (1972-1986) essay sample

1081, which he signed on 17 September, the same day.[42] Marcos, who henceforth ruled by decree, curtailed press freedom and other civil liberties, abolished Congress, shut down media establishments, and ordered the arrest of opposition leaders and militant activists.[43] The first years of Martial Law saw an increase in military hardware and personnel in the →

Movie analysis of rizal

The film starts with Jose Rizal in Belgium where he was writing his Novel, but I think the most appropriate setting is the place where our National hero was born, and it was in Calamba, Laguna. He was the one sent Rizal to Spain and instructed that he should write everything to get the attention →

Reaction paper

The museum had a good props and presentation, including the sounds and lights, and in every part of the museum had a some puppets and images that portrayed the life of the Filipinos accompanied by sound system narrator. Visiting the museum was a great help in our course RZL10 because the museum main topic was →

Style of living of badjao essay sample

The group of the Sitangkai builds permanent homes on the shore whiles the group live in the houseboat called sakayan. The construction and launch of these craft are ritualized, and the vessels are believed to have a spirit.

West philippine sea/south china sea dispute: philippine claims over the spratly group of islands or “kalayaan group of islands” essay sample

Philippines claim the islands in west part of the Spratly Islands or the Kalayaan Group of Islands. The new law classifies the Kalayaan Island Group and the Scarborough Shoal as a " regime of islands under the Republic of the Philippines".

History channel’s coverage on the marcoses

History Channel's coverage on the Marcoses Summary When Ferdinand Marcos became the president of the Philippines, in his hands laid the full power and responsibility over the country. He tried his very best to retain his power over the Philippines, but then should not the government be afraid of its people and not the other →


It revolves around the principal metaphor of the jeepney, the Philippine's symbol of culture, which is developed all throughout the poem and analogized to the nation itself. This certain form in the poem is once again parallel to the task of driving a jeepney.

Political dynasty in the philippines

The clearest manifestation of the oligarchy in the Philippines and how it impacts politics is the existence of political dynasties. This suggests that, given other institutional and political features of the Philippines, just holding office, other things equal, is enough to help create a political dynasty.

Arts of the philippines

Weaving is popular in the northern part of the Philippines. Also in the southern part of the Philippines, there is another dance called singkil using long bamboo poles found in tinikling; however, it is primarily a dance showing off lavish Muslim royalty.

Concept paper – salvage

But in the Philippines, ' salvage' somehow became an autoantonym, which is a word that formed a definition that's the opposite of the original. In their coverage of these stories, the media used the word ' salvage' in reference to the retrieval of the bodies from the rivers and canals.


The gambling people in Madrid were angry when they learned of Rizal's moralizing. Basa, and Ponce, were horrified by Rizal's to return to the Philippines.

Travel information la trinidad essay sample

It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Tublay, on the south by Baguio, and on the west by Sablan and Tuba. The very name " Benguet" was once limited to the area of what is now the La Trinidad Valley.

17 bad habits & attitudes of filipinos that need to change bewilderedstateofself:

Thoughtless When someone celebrates birthday, graduation or winning the lotto in the neighborhood, the party lasts through deep in the night, keeping neighbors awake by the noise of an out of tune videoke singer.2. Laziness When going to the market, some Filipinos prefer to take the motorized bike and pay a premium instead of a →

Overseas filipino workers in the philippines essay sample

Violeta Bautista entitled " The Problem of Estrangement among OFW Children," OFW parents most of the time do not consider the consequences of their relationship with their children when deciding to work abroad or not. The article tackled the behavioral problems commonly seen in children of OFW parents.

The philippine society under the american rule essay sample

The Schurman Commission was given the primary task of looking into the situations in the Philippines and to recommend the kind of government that should be established in the Philippines. These laws provided for the establishment of a number of bureaus in the government, the establishment of local governments, the formation of the civil service →

Chapter 9

Petana *Pearl Of The Orient Demands Of the Filipino reformists: -representation in the Spanish Cortes -the right to vote -freedom of speech, of assembly, and of the press, -freedom of commerce -the removal of the friars from the Philippines because they were the obstacle to progress -the education of the people -reforms in the jails →

Manlongat, artemio gonzalo a.

In the film Jose Rizal by Marilou Diaz-Abaya, many facts about the life and the last days of Dr. Jose Rizal that visits him in his cell, Simoun died because of a gunshot, the writing of another ending for his novel El Filibusterismo, and the night on the eve of the last day of Dr.

The philippines and the world market

The Philippines and the World Market The Philippines is considered to be one of the most westernized countries in Asia. The United States has a very close relationship with the economy and culture of the Philippines.

General provision

It also stipulates general provisions on the benefits, pensions, assistance and care to war veterans and their dependents as to the retirees of the government and the private sectors. The aim of the foundation is to abide by Constitution of the People's Republic of China.

Lyceum of the philippines university

Lyceum of the Philippines University Cavite Campus Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Management A SWOT Analysis on " MANILA OCEAN PARK" In Partial Fulfilment of the subject Recreation Management For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Submitted by: Gorospe Erika S. Name and General Location * Manila Ocean Park * Behind →

Evils of spanish rules in the philippines

Filipinos were called brown-skinned and flat nosed IndiosLack opportunities for educated young Filipinos to rise in the service of God and Country * 11.8. FRAILOCRACY - a government by FriarsUnion of Church and stateFriars controlled the religious and educational life of the Philippines and later in the 19th century they came to acquire tremendous political →

Rizal’s retraction letter

And then the third text appeared in El Imparcial on the day after Rizal's execution; it is the short formula of the retraction. Senator Rafael Palma, a former President of the University of the Philippines and a prominent Mason, argued that a retraction is not in keeping with Rizal's character and mature beliefs.

By: arjay d. macatangay bfd

It spreads out grandly from the center of the shaft and opens to a full crest divided shallowly at the ends and is known to be one of the most beautiful plant in the Philippines. It is considered one of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world and one of the worlds rarest →

Philippine literature in the spanish colonial period essay sample

The Spanish colonizers wanted to undermine the native oral tradition by substituting for it the story of the Passion of Christ. The church authorities adopted a policy of spreading the Church doctrines by communicating to the natives in their own language.

Luis dizon rizal

Luis Dizon Rizal To The Philippine Youth Today To The Philippine Youth written by Jose Rizal, I believe, was written wrote this for those innocent Filipinos who we are given below average education due to the Spaniards controlling the quality of education. With everything that is said, To The Philippine Youth can be addressed to →


Ricardo Lopez, author of " Rizal Beyond the Grave", concludes that the handwriting in the said document was not Jose Rizal's. Senator Rafael palma, the former President of the University of the Philippines and a prominent Mason, strengthened this argument and stated that the retraction is in proportion with Rizal's character and mature beliefs.


Regidor, an exile of 1872 and a practicing lawyer in London - By the end of May, he found a modest boarding house - He was a boarder of the Beckett family were Mr. Rienhold Rost, the librarian of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an authority on the Malayan languages and customs - He →

Law enforcement agency and social welfare essay sample

Mission: To be the lead agency in the enforcement of the anti-drug law; to serve as the principal implementing arm of the DDB; to exercise operational supervision over drug enforcement units of other law enforcement agencies; and to coordinate the participation of other sectors in the national anti-drug campaign. The Philippines Department of Social Welfare →

Characteristics of a national hero essay sample

1 Criteria for National Heroes The Technical Committee of the National Heroes Committee held a series of meetings on June 3, 1993, August 19, 1993, September 12, 1994 and November 15, 1995, defining, discussing and deliberating upon the merits of the various definitions and criteria of a hero. But the process of a people's internalization →

Sanaysay tungkol sa pagmamahal sa bayan at wika essay sample

Juliano contributed significantly to basic knowledge in varietal differences in grain quality of table rice and rice food products and rice nutritional quality, from his researches done at IRRI and in collaborative studies with scientists in related disciplines. He is best known for his 1970s research on the effect of heavy metals analysis on the →

Contact information

Eustace, Play First attempt at playwright 1877: Through Education Our Motherland Receives Light, Poem One of the inner motives of my life: A country achieves Progress through education 1879: To The Filipino Youth, Poem First Prize at a poetry contest organized for Filipinos by the Manila Lyceum of Art and Literature December 1880: Junto Al →

Ideological framework

Hipization became the conscious manifestation of economic struggle, of the desire to realize the potentialities offered by the period of expansion and progress. The were still in the initial phases of nationalist consciousness - a consciousness made possible by the market situation of the time.


Kingdom of Namayan The ancient Kingdom of Namayan, alternately referred to as the Kingdom of Sapa, Maysapan or Nasapan after its capital which goes by those names, was one of three major kingdoms that dominated the area around the upper portion of the Pasig River and the coast of Laguna Lake in the Philippines before →

Urban poor in philippines

The squatters in the Philippines have wreaked havoc in the country and they are out of control. Some of them clog the rivers not just with their garbage, but also with their human waste, which eventually result in the flooding of the streets and residential areas of the cities specially in times of heavy rain.

Current issues on philippine education essay sample

Generally, there has been a decline in the quality of education, many people still cannot afford education, and the government needs to increase spending on education.http://www.answers.com/Q/Contemporary_Issues_and_Trends_of_Education_in_the_Philippines The current trends of elementary education in the Philippines have been a decline in student enrollment. The goal of universal access for elementary education worldwide by the year 2015 →

Is asean a toothless tiger? essay sample

Its purpose was to ensure the survival of its members by promoting regional stability and limiting competition between them.[1] The Bangkok Declaration gave birth to ASEAN and it states that the objectives of ASEAN are to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region.[2] There are definitely some positive and negative →

Top of form

There are no land boundaries; the country is bordered on the west by the South China Sea, on the east by the Philippine Sea, on the south by the Celebes Sea, and on the north by the Luzon Strait, which separates the country from its nearest neighbor, Taiwan. The flag is flown with the blue →

Journal of current southeast asian affairs

A Summary of the Memorandum The Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain was not the final peace agreement but a pivotal last step on the road towards it and it outlined the peace panels' consensus on the issue of territory and envisaged the creation of the BJE, thus recognising that the " right to self-governance →

History of angeles city essay sample

In 1796, the gobernadorcillo or town head of San Fernando, Don angel Pantaleon de Miranda, and his wife, Do a Rosalia de Jesus, along with some followers, staked out a new settlement, which they named Culiat because of the abundance of vines of that name in the area. Don angel built his first house with →

Class prophecy essay sample

I was in Paris when I was endorsing my product, I decided to come back in my home place in the Philippines. I entered that hotel and went to the front desk of the hotel and talked to the desk officer.

Best established product brand campaign

Client: Alaska Milk Corporation SILVER WINNERS Check the Label Agency: Publicis Manila Client: Nestle Philippines, Inc. Client: The Coca-Cola Export Corporation Dasal Agency: McCann Worldgroup Philippines, Inc.

My hopes about the philippines economy

Philippine economy as we all know is not as great as some of the countries in the world nevertheless we are not the poorest country either thanks to our not so great politician who can still manage to find solutions in terms of our economic problems. It is just a proof that Philippines has the →

Martial law reflection paper

2 I realized how blessed I am, that I can do what I want to do, when I want to, because of heroes who sacrificed their lives for that. 26 I salute to all the martial law heroes who laid down their lives to give me and every other Filipino the freedom each of us →

Rizal movie

Rizal was so intelligent but the thing that done to him is not good and not accurate for Rizal because he is the one who saved Philippines from the harshly doing of the Spaniards but the Spaniards do not want to accept their mistake but I am happy because the Philippines today have a democracy. →

Rizal in brussels

For instance, the Tagalog letters k and w should be used instead of the Spanish c and o.salacot salakot arao araw Early in September, 1886 while in Leipzig, Rizal adopted the Filipinized Tagalog orthography in his Tagalog translations of Schiller's Wilhelm Tell and Andersen's Fairy Tales and again he used it in his first novel →


When he went home in the Philippines for the second time on June 26, 1892 after passing through and staying in Hongkong from November 1891 to June 1892, he organized Liga Filipina on July 3, 1892 to nationally unify the Filipinos. The death of Jose Rizal at Bagumbayan on the said date was so remarkable →

Bayaning third world essay sample

The movie stated that Rizal is not really against in the Catholic Religion, but he is against to those who runs it. Rizal is not against the Catholicism, but to the priests who were cruel to the Filipino people.

Subject: rizal 101 life and works of rizal

Somera Reporters: Flordeliza Ancheta Elda Galleta Jenalyn Josue Julius Jaramilla Sally Jean Domenden Course/Year: BEED III THE WORLD AND THE PHILIPPINES IN RIZAL'S TIME 19th Century - Rizal was born and raised in a period of massive changes in Europe, Spain and the Philippines.- During this era, the glory and power of Spain had waned →

The setting

Mountain System Three large ranges in the mountain system of Luzon * Caraballo del Sur forms the nucleus of the system, has its highest peak at the intersection of the boundaries of Abra, Ilocos Norte, and Cagayan.* Caraballos Occidentales divide into the Cordillera Norte and Cordillera Central and traverse the region west of the Cagayan →

Research work

Jose Rizal sent letters to the Governor General for the approval of the said project. In addition to this, if the Governor approved of the plan, it would reveal to the world that people had been forced to self-exile in order to realize and obtain liberation.

Long test in philippine literature in english essay sample

If the sentence is false, underline the word or phrase that makes the sentence wrong and write the correct answer on the space provided.1. The dead poet's niece is the chieftest mourner because she.A.lost her favourite uncle B.did not have a chance to be mentored by her uncle C.is the embodiment of the double standard →

Clean kitchen

The main focus is on a pair of dancers in the field surrounded by revelers both young and old.* Harvest - The rice planting means, to remember the history/culture of every filipino human that the our farmers is the main topic. From the collection of the Museum of Philippine Art.* Balut Vendor- it was painted →

Rizal, a true hero?

Would it be fair too to a farmer to be compared by a doctor? As a man, I see Rizal with a big passion to serve and fight for the rights of his country.

Chapter 1 : advent of national hero

CHAPTER 1: ADVENT OF NATIONAL HERO JUNE 19, 1861 the day when Jose Rizal was born JOSE RIZAL - The greatest hero of the Philippines - " many splendored genius" - dowered by God superb " intellectual", - " moral" and " physical qualities" - a man of many talents - a martyr and a →

Reflection in philippine literature

In fact, the truth is that Philippine literature lies within the innermost seat of my heart. It means that I am a Filipino in thought, words and in action is the result of my experiences of Philippine literature in my life.

Region iv-b mimaropa essay sample

Its capital is Mamburao and occupies the western half of the island of Mindoro, on the west by Apo East Pass, and on the south by the Mindoro Strait; Oriental Mindoro is at the eastern half. The South China Sea is to the west of the province and Palawan is located to the southwest, across →

Its more fun in the philippines background

Last January 2012 the Department of Tourism launched the new slogan " It's morefun in the Philippines" to raise the awareness of the locals and the tourist who are still unaware of the beauty of the Philippines. To determine if the slogan help to raise the awareness of the people about the Philippines.

Ink made out of banana peel essay sample

The researchers, with great desire to help in the possibility of minimizing the waste disposal of these banana peels, looked into the capability of using these organic wastes as component for producing ink. These kinds of materials are hazardous especially to the health of the users and to the environment as well.

Factors affecting the reading interest of fourth year students of ramon magsaysay(cubao) high school

FACTORS AFFECTING THE READING INTEREST OF FOURTH YEAR STUDENTS OF RAMON MAGSAYSAY HIGH SCHOOL Statement of the Problem This study aimed to determine the factors affecting the reading interest of the Fourth Year High School students in RAMON MAGSAYSAY, QUEZON CITY. Specifically, the study aimed to answer the following: What is the Profile of Respondents →

Manila: a beautiful city

During the final years of the Spanish Occupation, Escolta Street had the reputation for being the best of the trade districts in Binondo, Manila, and the originally Chinese merchant district in the capital. The most impressive part and one that is easy to miss are the frescoes painted on the ceiling of the church.

Epifanio de los santos avenue

Who would even forget the sacrifices that former President Corazon " Cory" Cojuangco Aquino had given not only for her own good but also for the improvement of the next Filipino generations. This history had been shortened and summarize for the leaders of this nation to realize the importance of the freedom that they are →

Bangko sentral ng pilipinas essay sample

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is the independent central monetary authority of the Republic of the Philippines. The Governor of the BSP is the Chairman of the Monetary Board.

Rizal in hong kong

26 November 1891 From Hong Kong Rizal sent to Manuel Camus in Singapore 20 copies of the Fili, 6of the Morga and 4 of the Noli. 12 December 1891 In a letter sent to Maria, one of his sisters in the Philippines, Rizal broached hisplan of establishing a Filipino colony in North British Borneo.

Cooperative foccus management and history

The said Award was given by the representative of the The Secretary of Department of Trade and Industry, Hon. PMPC is a financial service, member-owned Cooperative dedicated to provide the financial needs of its members since 1965.

Ristorante delle mitre essay sample

Businesswoman Elvira Go conceived the restaurant when she and some bishop friends went on a pilgrimage to the Vatican several years ago and collaborated with the church upon their return. The concept of the restaurant is not just to serve the elite and the tourist but to bring the Church closer to the masa such →

Top ten most active corporation in the philippines essay sample

Given a wider scope of business, AGI immediately diversified into the food and beverage, real estate development and, a few years later, into the quick service restaurant business Philippine Business Bank Philippine Business Bank was incorporated on January 28, 1997 as Total Savings Bank and was granted the authority to operate as a thrift bank →

Rizal visitation essay sample

We also charge the battery of the cameras that we are going to use for the visit. And then to the Memorial Cross, then to the side of the Rajah Soliman theater, then to the towards exit of the Fort Santiago.

Philippine revolts essay sample

The Igorot Revolt was a religious revolt in 1601 against Spanish attempts to Christianize the Igorot people of northern Luzon, in the Philippines.-Flavio Maniago in Alliance with Magalat of Cagayan was the leader of this revolt. Garcia was cut to pieces and his flesh thrown to the pigs.-they compelled the Isnegs to go with →

Brgy. capaclan, romblon, romblon, 5500, philippines

I, Romblon, Romblon Computer Hardware Servicing SY 2012 * ROMBLON NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Brgy. I, Romblon, Romblon Computer Hardware Servicing SY 2012 * ROMBLON NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Brgy.

Folk games

Output Output Process Process Input Input Relevance in the Field of Education Relevance in the Field of Education Promotional Video in Promoting the Five Philippine Folk/Native Games Promotional Video in Promoting the Five Philippine Folk/Native Games Characteristics of Five Philippine Folk/Native Games 1. Malay, Armando." A Study of Games in the Philippines".

Rizal reaction paper essay sample

But we believe that it is necessary in an effort to inspire the nation of the idea of Nationalism. After studying about it for one semester, I can say that it helps us to recognize the importance of Rizal's ideals and teachings in relation to present conditions and situations in the society.

Analysis of experience on organizational changes in hewlett-packard essay sample

Riding with the outstanding growth of the outsourcing services industry in the Philippines, from less than 100 employees dealing with the sales and marketing of printers and computers, the workforce grew to 6, 000 full-time employees by the end of 2010. The first CEO lead Hewlett-Packard to excellent achievements: the company was recognized as the →

Short outline of life of fidel v ramos essay sample

Prior to his election as president, Ramos served in the Cabinet of President Corazon Aquino first as chief-of-staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and, later on, as Secretary of National Defense from 1986 to 1991. During the historic 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, Ramos upon the invitation of then Defense Minister Juan Ponce →

Rizal’s challenge to the youth

Rizal's Challenge to the Youth JOSE Rizal's famous message for the youth is that the youth is fair hope of the nation. They were forced to submit themselves and the fruits of their labor to the flag of Spain, the colonial government, and the Roman Catholic Church.


The researcher would like to express their deep sense of indebtedness to those who unselfishly contributed their valuable time, pieces of advice and knowledge to the accomplishment of this study especially to _________, our who supports and assist the researcher to his study. The study aims to know the qualifications of a man in order →

Jean lloren

He did it, he said, to save the Republic and to create what he called a " New Society." A whole generation of Filipinos now exists which only has the faintest recollection if at all of the Marcos dictatorship. And this video documentary is only one reminder, it is a chilling grim reminder to the →

Poverty in the philippines

The importance of this research is to widen the knowledge of every person and make them aware of the things that happen into our country. We, as the researchers were concern for this problem and we are sharing our knowledge to awake everyone.

Analysis of dekada’70

Dekada '70 is the story of a family caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade of the 1970's. This series of events happened after the bombing of Plaza Miranda, the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the proclamation of Martial Law and the random arrests of political prisoners.

Swot analysis of marinduque essay sample

If you have not heard or is not sure what SWOT analysis is, here's a short information from Wikipedia.*SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and →

Honda corporate social responsibilities

Thus, the Honda Group of Companies in the Philippines composed of Honda Philippines, Inc, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.and Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation has drawn and implemented not only Policies of Corporate Governance and compliance with laws but it has also established the Honda Foundation, Inc.and registered it with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December →

Essay of rizal

The Count of Monte Cristo reminded of the sufferings of his mother in prison and of his motherland. These and similar books stimulated the brilliant mind Rizal and the idea that seized upon Rizal because of reading these books was always growing in his thoughts was that he ought to do something to help his →

Jose rizal life and education

He was born on June 19, 1861 in the town of Calamba, Laguna - Family and Early life He was the seventh child in a family of 11 children. He surprised his family and relatives with his pencil drawings and sketches and with his moldings of clay.- Education In 1877, at the age of 16, →

Roots of the filipino character essay sample

Joy and Humor The Filipinos have a prospensity to cheer and laugh and have a fun- loving approach to the ups and downs of life.5. Lack of Exhaustive study and self-analysis The Filipinos have the tendency to be superficial.