Essay Samples about Countries for Student Inspiration

Different types of college and university assignments often ask students to analyze the world governments to assess the learners’ writing capabilities. A countries essay compares and contrasts specific nations, finding the main differences between two or more countries. Although these projects are typically based on available lectures and class materials, presenting a quality paper requires knowledge of writing methods. This page will offer you free samples of essays about countries, explaining how to write a perfect assignment for your courses and exams.

Beginning the Work: How to Present the Topic

Any essay should have a consistent structure and format, allowing the reader to easily understand the text’s ideas. Simply put, following writing patterns can help you demonstrate excellent analytical ability and make sure that your arguments are clear and persuasive. A good essay commonly has 5 paragraphs: introduction, 3 main paragraphs, and conclusion. So, try to start with a short introduction to the theme, explaining why this discussion is significant and what goals it attempts to achieve. You can also state your major conclusions or insights to let your audience know what to expect from the paper.

The main body of your work should be placed after the introduction. This section addresses the assignment’s requirements and thoroughly discusses your thought process. For example, in an essay on countries, you might start by describing each state’s qualities. In the next part, you can contrast the chosen countries, stating their similarities and differences. Remember to use citations to prove the credibility of your conclusions: in academic assignments, it is crucial to refer to reputable sources. Additional evidence from research articles is a statement of guaranteed quality and a method of finding inspiration for writing.

Avoiding Writer’s Block

Sometimes you might be stuck on an assignment without any ideas on what to include in your essay. But, here is the good news: writer’s block can be easily overcome. Here are several strategies you can try:

  • Clarify the task: do you understand everything it says? Do you know what type of the paper do you have to present?
  • Create specific goals for the writing process: small tasks are less challenging to approach.
  • Look at the content: some subjects are much easier to discuss than others. For instance, while writing about countries, you might assess the differences between first-world and underdeveloped nations.

Final Thoughts and Contributions

Once the introduction and the main body are complete, it is time to write the conclusion. By now, you should be knowledgeable of your essay’s major points and arguments, which are provided in this final part of the work. Try to avoid adding new information or citing literature – at this point, the reader expects to learn what has been achieved. Although repeating previous ideas is necessary for this section, do not copy phrases word-by-word; instead, use synonyms to reshape the statements. You can find good examples of rephrasing and summarizing on this page in both pdf and docx formats.

So, now you are ready to write a countries essay on your own. You can use our free samples as inspiration, finding insights or relevant perspectives on the topic. Remember the tips from this text, and you can successfully discuss any theme for your academic courses, presenting information clearly and concisely. In case you might be asking yourself what else you could learn about writing, we have lots of advice for our learners, from sentence structure to language use suggestions.

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2565 Informative Countries Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Saudi arabia, softbank aim to be world’s top tech investor with $100 billion fund

Saudi Arabia and Japan's SoftBank Group will create atechnologyinvestment fund that could grow as large as $100 billion, making it one of the world's largest private equity investors and a potential kingpin in the industry. In June, the PIF departed from Saudi Arabia's traditional strategy of low-risk investments and took a step into the tech →

The role of multinational enterprises in developing countries

The Role of Multinational Enterprises in Developing Countries According to the Oxford Dictionary, a developing country is " a poor agricultural country that is seeking to become more advanced economically and socially". MNEs support developing countries' social and economicgoalsthrough the improvement of human capital by providing enormous numbers of employment opportunities, useful skills and training →

America in comparison to other countries

If that is all that students see and hear, they will not be able to make a distinction between the correct and incorrect way to speak. Students need repeated, dally practice to get away from the high-speed lifestyle they are used to, in order to be able to utilize grammar in the right way.

Laboritorio de analysis argentina

In the following text, we have supplied you with a detailed analysis of our current demand, capacity, and the issues we are facing as a company. Processing: 2 fulltime employees and 2 part-time employees across 2 shifts.3.

Mun unoosa

Though the UNOOSA has published guidelines for nations to follow in hopes to reduce the amount of space junk, the UN still has many issues that need to be discussed and covered due to this growing problem. Sweden believes that space junk in Earth's atmosphere is a growing problem and is working to stop the →

Modern latin america

Though this book starts with the opening line that indicates the birth of ancient civilization by mentioning " When Europeans reached present-day Latin America they found three important civilizations: Mayan, Aztec, and Incan", it soon came to the focal point of the book that is the influence and impact of globalization and neo liberalism on →

Athens vs. sparta

Sparta was a better place because the women had more freedom, they were prized for reproduction, and they did not have to worry about raising their hildren after age eight because they had to go off to the military. I would rather live in Sparta because the women were prized for their reproduction, they stayed →

Niccolo machiavelli: about liberal countries

In Machiavelli's opinion, the best political strategy to govern such principalities or cities would be establishing the system of strict control of the ruler and making new colonies obey the laws which were already existing in the empire. However, the Roman Empire was following another tactic: in such colonies of the Romans as Numantia, Capua →

Khmer new year in cambodia

The majority of the Cambodians are still farmers and Khmer New Year marks the end of the harvest season when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labor and relax before the start of the rainy season. The history of the Khmer New Year is closely connected to the seven signs of the zodiac for the →

Eve teasing in pakistan

Purpose To highlight the alarming condition of eve teasing in the main commercial areas of Lahore, namely the gulberg Liberty market and the H and Y block markets of DHA. To study the existence of eve teasing in major commercial areas of our society To find out various kinds of eve teasing acts that the →

Myopia in asian countries health and social care essay

The cornea is the most powerful refracting surface of the optical system of the oculus, accounting for two-thirds of the oculus 's focusing power. The primary purpose of this survey is to look into the relationship between corneal curvature and grade of refractile mistake among emmetropic and myopic immature population in Malaysia and to find →

The country ecuador

The capital of Ecuador is Quito. The government of Ecuador is a unitary republic.

Analyze the indonesia petro project essay

Study Basis All the information and data obtained during the process of the field exploration and development in last 130 years are the only basis to know this field and study it by modern technology, and what's more, it is the origin of confidence on re- understanding, re-evaluation and re-determination of secondary development on the →

Media law in south africa

Under the South African Constitution, in the Bill of Rights it is stated that every person has a right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of press and the media, the freedom to receive or impart information or ideas, freedom of artistic creativity, academicfreedom and freedom of scientific research. The relationship between the government/ →


Although she tries to make others believe that she is a liberal, in fact she is traditional. She's passionately fond of her father and she has a tattoo showing her father's date of birth on her leg.

The invasion in afghanistan was consistent with the brezhnev doctrine

The invasion in Afghanistan was consistent with the Brezhnev doctrine that relied on the concept of socialist internationalism that involved help to states that have already joined the bloc of Communist states. The departure was difficult because the Soviet leaders probably felt the need to bring the war to a victory because of the enormous →

Essay summary of the city of ember

The fact that the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus, lip, tongue, mouth, pharynx or larynx.increases dramatically in people who are heavy users of alcohol and tobacco is substantiated by 30 years of collective research. In addition, the study established a high correlation between the umber of cigarettes smoked and the grams of alcohol →

Floods in south africa

Disaster management aims to reduce the occurrence of disasters and to reduce the impact of those that cannot be prevented.he government white paper and act on disaster management define the roles of local authorities as well as provincial and notional government in disaster management. It is also evident that if disaster management plans are put →

Nature swaps in latin america

In a debt for nature swap an organization buys a debtor nations foreign debt at a discount and then forgive it in exchange for a commitment by the country to invest the face value of the debt in environmental conservation. The USDA forest service says, " The debtor nation consents to the swap terms; bear →

Saudi arabia still projecting the real picture of islam

Saudi Arabia is the center of the Islam as the entire Muslim ummah ahead towards this region during the holy month of Zil Haj to perform the annual pilgrimage to the holy city of Kaaba, in Makkah and also to pay homage to the Prophet's grave in Madinah. And since then Saudi Arabia has made →

Amerindian legacies in the caribbean

The Caribs on the other hand were very aggressive people and were taller and had a bigger built han the Arawaks. The Amerindians were their own doctors as they used the leaves, roots and barks of certain herbs to heal certain illnesses and diseases.

Negative effects of fdi in host countries economics essay

The first portion of the work will be addressed to the relationship between foreign investings and the economic growing of the host states. The survey shows that although MNEs bring many benefits to host states and the authoritiess are seeking to pull more and more investings, the negative effects of FDI in the economic system →

South carolina and the caribbean connection

Peter Wood, American historian and author of Black Majority: Negroes in Colonial South Carolina from 1670 through the Stono Rebellion, concisely sums up the role slaves played in South Carolina when he states " Negroes Played a significant and often determinative part in the evolution of the colony". The link with the Caribbean islands and →

Socio-economic and political conditions in sparta and athens after 800 b.c.e.

To improve their economical, social, and political conditions, the Athenians and the Spartans created new political systems, introduced important reforms and stood as the role models in the Greek political development. The main aim of the Spartan men was to be trained as the best infantrymen and sacrifice their lives in the battle.

Barbados – country’s geographical notes

In the era of sailing ships, access to the island was difficult because of the prevailing winds from the northeast. More than one-third of the population is concentrated in Bridgetown and the surrounding area.

Role of urbanization in the aegean

The Aegean civilizations, the Assyrians, and the Israelites, though in the same hemisphere, were three distinct kingdoms. The creation of urban centers helped facilitate this trade, and thus, expanded the perspectives of these cultures.

The development of the village of meadowside

Show - describe Called - named Area - village Developed - the development The diagrams below present how the development of the village named Meadows into a outskirt of the Fenton city.2. The chart describes the findings of a survey conducted with an LILTS class which students were divided into two groups of males and →

Immigration, social problem

One of which is the country closest to us, Mexico, whom is believed to start controversy to the US citizens as they are believed to create alliance to theMexicandrug war. Even thought there are still immigrants in this county, there are believes that the number of immigrants coming from Mexico to the United States has →

Syed mokhtar al bukhary

As far as Syed Mokhtar is concerned, he is merely the steward of wealth that is meant to be spent in the service of mankind. As a " Philanthropist Millionaire", an honorable value which has been instilled by his parents when he was young, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar is a humble man and never acts →

Development of haiti 2010

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of the population living under thepovertyline and 54% in horrible poverty. The degree of risk in Haiti is quite high; half of the children in Haiti are unvaccinated and just 40% of the population has access to basic health care.

Managing debt and the capital budget

Decision problems facing the key players As the core of the management in township, the council was under intense pressure to allocate a manager who would ensure that the township improved and grew from the point it was at to higher levels. Having increased the taxes in the township and established new management it would →

Can brazil become a global competitor in the information

An example of a comparative advantage between the united States and Brazil would be how the US has an advantage in computers, while Brazil has an advantage in shoes. Many companies worldwide have made the decision to outsource this industry to offshore companies.

Body ritual among the nacirema

Connor Doyle Summary of Body Ritual among the Nacirema 10/20/2012 Introduction toSociologyThe Nacirema Horace Miner depicted this cultural group located in Northwest America " living in the territory between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles". The holy man, refered to in the Nacirema culture, →

Amerindians of the caribbean

1 Map of Guyana showing the location of the Arawaks History The Amerindians is said to be the first inhabitants to Guyana who entered the territory about 11, 000 years ago. The main aim of the game was to keep the ball in the air using only the thighs and never touching the hands or →

Medicine and city life

There are a lot of facilities for people in the city and they have more opportunities for making money. More and better medical facilities: In a city people get more and better medical facilities than the people of village.

Wedding in saudi arabia

A contract is based on the negotiation of the groom and a male representative from the bride's family. The goal of marriage in Saudi Arabia is to establish a family that is stable and happy.

Architectural intervention in the historic city of panipat

The purpose of this paper is to measure the function architecture plays in the individuality devising of a metropolis keeping the relationship between the yesteryear and the present. This paper tries to find the possibilities of developing ' phoenix tourism' in the signifier of a war commemoration in Panipat to reconstruct the bing commemorations and →

Today’s india essay sample

Explain what the dowry tradition is The dowry tradition, p. 56 The power of Google, p.

Dell in brazil

The cons for Sao Paulo included the mannerisms of the state government officials who seemed indifferent to Dell's specific needs and concerns. On the other hand, the main negative of the state included the amount of financial incentives that the government was offering.

General profile city of kelsey

The type of work in the City of Kelsey is a consulting firm, trucking company, organic fruits and vegetables, and a construction company. The residents of the City of Kelsey are very involved in their community and there are lots of activities for all.

Han china and classical athens dbq

Even though the two are very different, they also have some similarities like the peasants and the slaves are both the highest percentage in the population for both Han China and Classical Athens. A third of the Classical Athens' populations were slaves and 90% of the Han China's populations were peasants.

Iceland crisis and causes led to the crisis

Britain's use of anti-terrorismlaws, in an attempt to protect their economic investments in Iceland, essentially labeled Iceland as a terrorist state which only continued to stagnate the inflow of foreign capital. Although without a doubt the primary cause of the Icelandic financial crisis was economic, political factors such as the relationship and interdependence between Iceland →

Singapore english essay

Definition of sustainable development Sustainable development is a process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations. The 1980 World Conservation Strategy, which was a collaboration →

Conducting business in argentina

The most notable growth intechnologythat is accessible to the general populace has been seen in the sector ofcommunicationtechnology in the form of telephones particularly cell phones, and computers. In such cases the best approach would be for the potential contributors to notify the community of their intentions.

National government in america 1775 to 1789

One of the first unified fronts that the colonial states presented in a form of centralized governments was the formation of the Second Congress. However, the plan still rested on the confederation principle of the national government that was to be an assembly of states and not of the people.

Being young in hackney

The Hackney Library, located in the heart of Hackney, provides a place for young people to have access to computers and internet, read quietly or just to hang out with their friends. The farm is a good place for families and schools to visit.

Education for all in cambodia education essay

After 30 old ages of reforming the state, the Kampuchean authorities has been seeking to give the population higher instruction system as we can see below about the changing in the instruction system, the consequence of reforming, and the farther reforming instruction policy. Third, even though there is the development in the instruction system compare →

Nike in brazil: a host country view

Earlier on in the year, Nike had invested a record amount for the right to sponsor the Brazilian national team in the World Cup. Advantages of having Nike in Brazil from Brazil's point of view On the other hand, the fact that Nike is such a large and powerful company can have its benefits for →

The kingdom of saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country occupying the Arabian Peninsula, with the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba to the west and the Persian Gulf to the east. The leader is in command of the government and religious administrator of Saudi Arabia is the King.

North korea as a nuclear power

The government in North Korea is a dictatorship that has a terrible record in what concernshuman rightsand the persecution of political opposition and with subjects related to public freedoms. The duty of the international community is to responsibly deal with this responsibly, and to go through all the options that should stop the threat of →

Hoover dam: project risk and reward

The Hoover Dam construction project was initiated due to the flooding of the salt mines in the area. The processes of building Boulder City up to the completion of the dam were included in this phase.

Maltese village cores

The parish church The main focal point of any old village is the parish church which is mainly of the baroque style and occupies a central position. The narrow streets Another particular feature of the old part of a village is the narrow, winding streets which normally lead to the church.

India is a democratic country

The Indian Parliament is comprised of the head of the country known as the ' President' and the two Houses namely The House of the People and The Council of States which are the legislature. The President of India is indirectly elected, for a 5 year term, and theElectoral College, is used, where the Members →

Americanization in poland

It is the summary of all the photographer's work that he did in 2008 when he was traveling around Poland. It refers to the name of the exhibition, which means that the places shown on the pictures seem to people who live in the city to be far away from them but the truth is →

Long term capital management

Meriwether put together a high profile team of traders and academics in an attempt to create a fund that would profit from the combination of the academics' quantitative models and the traders' market judgment. The main problem that eventually caused the demise of LILT was the market's flight to liquidly following the Russian Financial crisis.

The formal education system of pakistan education essay

Education is the right of every kid and it is the duty of the State to supply educational installations to each and every kid. Keeping this issue in position it was the demand of the twenty-four hours to compare the quality of secondary school instruction in public and in private managed schools to the factual →


Xerxes Debate Prosecution Building Programs * Economic decline was related to his excessive building programs.* Even though his building programs were impressive he neglected other parts of the empire.* Olmstead: " Xerxes was more interested in completing the magnificent structures begun by his father than he was in testing the formidable military machine." * Josef →

Air france essay

Describe how you would assess how a row is performing and how to manage it To figure out how a row is performing, we need to do cost-benefit analysis first. Then, among those numbers with conversion rates, I only looked at the numbers of which the amount is bigger than the cost.

Hyatt regency dubai creek heights is the newest addition to hyatt’s uae portfolio

We are the newest edition to the within the UAE, and have our own unique product and offering, as well as a location that sets the scene," Khattar explains." We are part of a destination with a buzzing city lifestyle full of shopping and entertainment options, and this translates into the hotel as well". One →

The price of indebtedness in may-lee chai’s saving sourdi

Whether stabbing a man with a paring knife or getting a friend to punch her sister's husband in the face, Nea always manages to start trouble for her and her sister, Sourdi. In May-Lee Chai's " Saving Sourdi," Nea's identity is shaped by her feeling of indebtedness to her sister Sourdi, which compromises her ability →

Life in the country verse life in the city

Life in the Country Even though amenities are more accessible when you live in a big city, it is healthier to live in the country because of the differences incultureand the surroundings. It is healthier and safer to live in the country rather than in the city for a number of reasons, one being that →

Sustainable development in the caribbean

According to the International Institute for Sustainable Development sustainable development " is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development in the Caribbean context can be viewed by looking at both the benefits and challenges it presents to the region.

How is my life compared to living in the dominican republic?

The Geographic features in Jakarta are very similar to the geographic features in the Dominican Republic. The roads in both these countries are of a poor standard.

Globalizing armenia essay

In the n present age globalization has also a great influence on Armenia, which can be seen from our cultural changes, educational changes and religious changes. Globalization allows us to experience different cultures in our country.

Inner city neighborhoods

These harmless children are forced to grow up in around people who will not make the right decisions for them at a young age which causes them to mistakenly make the same decisions that their parents made. I am sure that spending the small amount of money, around ten dollars a group, for these activities →

Bric countries

According to a thesis published by Goldman Sachs Investment Bank, the economy of these four countries is slowly improving and is likely to surpass the existing developed countries in the world by 2050. Among the BRIC countries, China and India have shown the most significant improvement in terms of their economy.

Major differences between classical athens and han china

Major Differences Between Classical Athens and Han China Classical Athens and the Han Dynasty In China were two of the most famous and successful early clvlllzatlons. According to Pericles in Document D, Classical Athen's government was the best form of government because the administration of the government is in the hands of all the people, →

Ict in class rooms in rural areas education essay

This undertaking focuses on schools in fufore that need ICT services to better pupil 's cognition and ability to larn in order for these schools to hold equal instruction as the pupils in urban schools, if pupils in the rural country are non given equal instruction as pupils in the urban country there is a →

Chiang rai thailand health and social care essay

The rubric presents the topic of the research which is the health-related quality of life in people populating with HIV/ AIDS in the northern part of Thailand. Last, the abstract of the survey suggests a recommendation for the health-care squad, together with the household and community, to advance societal support and guarantee antiretroviral intervention to →

The pros of the iraq war

Williams English 102/ Sec 022 28 February 2008 The " Good" of the Iraq War The war waging in Iraq is the biggest argument in the United States today. And the less we support the war, the less financial support we can give to the people of Iraq.2.

United kingdom – group of countries

In the United Kingdom, more than 70% of the working-age population aged 15 to 64 have a paid Job. However there is a positive to this, there will be less competition in the country.

Comaparison of crisis in congo with bangladeshi textile

But after the outcry in the name of democracy andhuman rightsall over the world and specially in the western countries, the colonialism came out in a much more evolved and concealed way. The video 'Crisis in Congou is about the exploitation of a whole nation by a host of exploiter Rwanda, Uganda, united States Government →

Malaysia a multi-cultural country

The population has consisted around 60% and the other cultural are consisted the rest of the percentage. It could be because some of the people are working far away from home, and they do not have holiday so they could not make it.

Love for your country

Being proud of being American is like being proud of being Christian: how can you be proud of that? If you want to be proud, be proud of your achievements!

An action research study of nigeria lng limited

Subsidiary Questions: Which environmental factors determine success in Nigeria LNG Limited What are the similarities and differences in critical success factors for project management in Nigeria and international standards What are the best practices of project management in Nigeria and how can project optimization be improved 2. Thus, it can result in the development and →

Countrywide financial

Moreover, while lendingmoneyto low-income and minority families justifies a higher interest rate due to the risk of debt default, lending money to families that would very unlikely be in the capacity to fully repay their mortgage is a threat to both the financial institution - who would have lost the invested money - and the →

Darden capital management

For each stock, the team had developed a financial forecast and an estimate of the fair-value of the stock in 007. Hill countered that the attractiveness of Placer Dome stock was primarily in its diversification effect.

Content analysis from malaysia and the united kingdom

B) Setting of the problem and scope of the study Though cross culturaladvertisementis a relatively new term in the advertisement realms, the aspect is highly articulated at the grassroots of many countries and communities. Notably, the connotation of the country being one of the founding members of the European Union denotes the overall consideration of →

Economy in poland

Poland's government plays an enormous role in the sustainability of the country's economy. Poland has averted these hard economic times, and their economy is doing very well compared to most of the world.

Making a mega city in bangladesh

For apartments, we selected the whole project. For commercial buildings and hospitals, we selected the center space of the whole project.

South africa gdp compared to brazil’s

Over the following decade 2000 2010, the two economies registered a considerable and equal improvement of their total production with a respective increase of 41 % for South Africa and 42% in the case of Brazil. At the end of the decade, 2010, total consumption rose by 49 % for both economies, Investment strongly incremented →

History of cuba

The country is officially known as the Republic of Cuba and consists of the island of Cuba, the Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos. The First Secretary of the Communist Party is also President of the Council of State and President of the Council of Ministers.

Greek life since the kappa alpha

The Greek system is frequently criticized for instances of members breaking the non-hazing policy of every chapter across the country, and is regularly condemned for it. Hazing again is illegal in all of these organizations and is specifically addressed in the handbook of many Greek organizations.

Variety to calculate cost of equity

Accordingly, the cost of equity should be checked against other cost of equity computational methods and a simple average of the methods may be more desirable to eliminate the inherent risks and limitations of adopting solely the CAPM model. Beta of a stock describes the relation of the stock's return with that of the financial →

Political culture of north korea

During his training period under his father's tutelage in the 1970s, he was often referred to as the " Party Center," and he launched a number of campaigns to take over the daily operations of the Party. In my point of view the personality of Kim Il Sung was a fragment and extension of Stalin.

Primary education in malaysia education essay

It starts with the Old Primary School Curriculum before 1982 so it alter into New Primary School Curriculum and now instruction in Malaysia is utilizing Standard Primary School Curriculum. New Primary School Curriculum has been made due to the alterations that had been made by the study of the cabinet commission in execution of Education →

Importance of human capital in economicdevelopment

Human capital formation: Human capital formation as described by Professor Harrison as "the process of acquiring and increasing the number of person who have the skills, education and experience which are critical for the economic and political development of a country." Human capital formation is the act of increasing the productive qualities of labor force →

Intellectual capital argumentative essay

Intellectual capital is the combined intangible assets which enable the company to function effectively Judging from the information already provided, the essay focuses on the role of intellectual capital in the new economy. Under this model, intellectual capital was divided into human capital and structural capital as in the below diagram: The components of intellectual →

The philippine cultural heritage essay sample

Early Man Very important to scientists is the evidence of the presence of living things in the form of fossils and artifacts which have survived to the present. Hence, we think of the waves of migrations as beginning with the Negritos, the Pro-Malay, the Indonesians and the Malay, and ending with the historical era.

Respryn and the cornish country-side

In the background we would hear the faint cry of an owl but the main sound was the rumbling and roaring of the cars passing by on the nearby main road. The excitement would start to generate as we got closer to Respryn and as we went through the field at the bottom of the →

Dissertation guide on accession of turkey into the eu

I have access to a vast array of legal journals and books here in Edinburgh on the subject and I have conducted some research already into the accession of Turkey into the EU and the possible implications. My hypothesis would be that the accession of Turkey to the EU, uniquely placed as it is between →

Contrasting cultures: spain and pakistan

Mostly a country has its culture, according to which the citizens of that country behave respectively." A nation's culture resides in the heart and in the soul of its people" Pakistan, which is officially known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, follows the Islamic law or Shari'aa. As the majority of Pakistanis are Muslims, and is →

Manet and paris de refuses

Edouard Manet's controversial and unexpected paintings became the biggest challenge and publicity for the salon, probably not in the way the Paris Des Salon would have chosen. The rejection of Luncheon on the Grass, the opening of the Salon des Refuses and the Avant-Garde lead the movement of art world into Impressionism.

Ross kemp in afghanistan and the 911 crash

The show was praised for the closeness and realism of the battle footage, and is believed to be the first documentary of its kind filmed in. The documentary is about the soldiers lives in the war, how they miss their families and friends, the impact on the soldier's families, the soldiers mental/physicalhealthand how they work →

The country husband

Weeds understood the tenuous nature of his standing in his community/family but he no longer wanted to be a part of it.Mr. He found himself trapped in the values of his community and his only escape was within his imagination.