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Mamoni raisom goswami essay sample

She was encouraged by Kirti Nath Hazarika who published her first short stories Chinaki Morom in 1968 in a literary journal he edited where she authored a number of short stories when she was only thirteen years of age and a student of 8th standard in the school.she was encouraged by Kirti Nath Hazarika who →

Problems and solutions with offshoring in india

However, in case of low volumes, the cost of shifting to India vis-a-vis the effort and risks involved might not make outsourcing to India a sound decision. There are certain companies in India that have tried to make outsourcing an onshore-offshore model with a higher percentage of onshore activity than the traditional BPO model.

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globalization in china and india essay sample

Economic reforms in China that opened up its society to globalization began in 1978 with the process of Reform and Opening up. Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world.

Role of political parties in india

Bryce The origin, of party-system in its actual sense and spirit is to be traced in the origin of parliamentary forms of democracy. The Congress party which is the predomi nant political organization in the country is the ruling party is fundamental as well as ultimate aim is to make India an ideally democratic state →

Jewish emigration in post-independence period

The reason that they came to India was basically to create awareness amongst the community about the Zionist movement for the establishment of the state of Israel or a state for the Jews, irrespective of which part of the world they came from, because as you know the kind of persecution the Jews have faced →

The stereotypical portrayal of women

On the basis of the percentage of films generated, " the four South Indian film industries, that account for almost 60% of the films made since 1971 together represent the largest section of the Indian film industry", followed by Hindi cinema or Bombay cinema, popularly termed " Bollywood" which produces " about 150 to 200 →

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Laws and politics of india

YET, all hell broke loose when the State Assembly adopted, on June 26, a resolution recording its acceptance of the report of the State Autonomy Committee and asked " the Union Government and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to take positi ve and effective steps for the implementation of the same." On July 4, →

Women education in india essay sample

Importance of Women Education Women education in India plays a very important role in the overall development of the country. Education is milestone of women empowerment because it enables them to responds to the challenges, to confront their traditional role and change their life.

Cultural differences between indian and western civilizations essay sample

The topic of this essay is to explain the cultural differences that can exist between the Indian society and the Western society. These principles are closely bound to the doctrine of the reincarnation of the souls, which is the continuity of the individual through a set of different lives.

Land acquisition policy for india, as a review

The Bill of 2007 seeking to amendment Acquisition Act and the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill 2007 are the Government's initiatives to address the issues. For that reason, not only the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 should be amended, but further legislation could frame and encourage the use of these schemes.

Achivements of india in science

In 1972 the Department of Space and the Space Commission were established as the executive and policy wings of the program. The major achievements of the space program have been in the area of the domestic design, production, and launching of remote sensing and communications satellites.

Women education in india critical essay

Introduction: The men and the women are the two wheels of the society. They are the first teachers of the future citizens of the country.

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Bhagat singh essay sample

Singh joined the Young Revolutionary Movement and began to advocate for the violent overthrow of the British in India. He became a symbol, the act was forgotten, the symbol remained, and within a few months each town and village of the Punjab, and to a lesser extent in the rest of northern India, resounded with →

Pest analysis of india essay sample

Political Factors Since 1991, India market become a free-market system and open to foreign investors; The political of India is relatively more stable than before, The stability of the regime affecting the development of the national economy; There are different legal systems in different regions; The Indian Constitution guarantees justice, equality and freedom of its →

Teugu geevitam essay sample

The effect is also felt in the prose of the early 19th century, as in the Kaifiyats.[15] Colonial period[edit source editbeta] 16th century Italian explorer Niccol Da Conti who visited the Vijayanagara Empire described it as Italian of the east; a saying which has been widely repeated.[17] In the period of the late 19th and →

Woman unknown-

Features Prologue Flash back Epilogue Understatement Prologue-The opening section of a work; a kind of introduction which is part of the work and not was common in drama in the 17th and 18th century. Tagore made a social criticism on the institution of marriage and dowry system in Indian society.

Case study of fdi in india vs china

Objective of the Study:- a) To analyze the pattern and direction of FDI flow in India.b) To identify factors those are responsible for comparatively lesser flow of FDI to India c) To identify reasons for regional imbalances in terms of flow of FDI.d) To review FDI policy of India e) To address various issue and →

Free logicians of ancient china essay sample

Therefore, some of the Chinese men had to specialize in mathematical, as well as logical paradoxes, following the Greek manner in the ancient time. The World of Thought in Ancient China.

A new supporter for narendra modi’s digital india initiative

With the aim to promote and encourage innovation from the local level, Intel India launched three projects on Thursday designed to accelerate digital literacy at the grassroots level by reaching out to the population in non-urban India, upskill citizens in tier two cities and beyond". Intel India is fully committed to achieving the realization of →

Mathematical in india past, present, future

Mathematicsin India Past, Present and Future What is mathematics? " mathematics is ascienceof space, numbers and quantity" Past: Indian mathematics emerged in the Indian subcontinent from 1200 BC until the end of the 18th century. These mathematical concepts were transmitted to the Middle East, China, and Europe and led to further developments that now form →

Indian modern problems related to globalization

The Rush for MBA is really a rush for big money Ethics in Business are Just a passing fashion The objective of Management is to maximize profits Do professional managers have a chance in ourfamilyrun businesses? Quality is a myth in India.

Notes on the parliamentary form of government in india

The President in India or the king in England are the symbols of nominal head of the executive where as the Prime Minister is the real head of the executive. The members of the Council of Minister are also members of the legislature.

2012 siachen glacier avalanche

The operation was successful, and India extended its control over much of the small triangle of mountainous, icy land, up to the passes of the Saltoro Ridge, situated west of the glacier, while Pakistan retained control over the western slopes and foothills of the ridge.[3] Map of the Siachen Glacier area. Siachen Glacier Location of →

Citation and referencing essay sample

Students should avoid excessive use of direct quotations in their work, as frequent and unnecessary usage reduces the impact of the citations and weakens the tone of the paper. The relevance of each quote should be immediately apparent to the reader, for example, to support a personal viewpoint; to introduce a counter-argument; to present the →

Future of indian economy

It is to be remembered that the path that is being pursued by the India has not been adopted by another country in the world. S ambassador to India, " Human resources and intellectual capital is the greatest asset of India and as a nation, India is having great DNA".

Analyzing harry rosen expansion to india essay sample

The company may be able to outsource some of its costs occurring in Canada to India and save money, because of the lower wages in India. The size of this luxury market in India is estimated to be about $4 billion, and expected to grow to $30 billion by 2015.

Manas wildlife sanctuary essay sample

A favorable place with a warm and humid climate allows the appropriate distribution of plants and animals in the part of the park most convenient to them. Grassland ecosystems and faunal biodiversity add to the value of Manas Park.

The characters of a virtuous indian women

The heroine was always secondary to the hero, character which is central to the script, may be the hero, the villain, the father, the boss, an elderly male figure etc. All the movies from the 50s up to the late 90s have maintained the status quotient of a women.

Cafs assessment 2- leadership and groups.

People may not agree whether or not he was an effective leader in this particular part of his career, but as the leader of the Indians, they hailed him for his courage and persistence with persuing his goals. These last three acts were the peak of his leadership and help the recognition of the Indians →

Mcdonald marketing mix analysis essay sample

Now the company has become a symbol of globalization and the spread of the American way of life. While McDonald's dropped the physical arches from its restaurants in the 1960s, the Golden Arches have remained in the logo, and as a commonly understood term for the company2.

Free essay on hinduism

Hinduism is regarded as one of the oldest organized religions in the world. The Hindus described the Vedas as the source of knowledge for the Hindus.

Research paper on roles of women and men in chinese and indian society

The women and men in the two societies have been assigned defined roles that are similar in some aspects while in some parts, the roles are quite different. The main question of this essay is what are the roles of women and men in the Chinese and Indian societies?

Child labour essay sample

The 3 articles selected for this review highlights the problems and solutions of child labour in a developed country UK and a developing country India, and the 3rd article further explores and builds on the other 2 articles in terms of causes of child labour. The 2nd article ' Child labour, the most visible type →

Character change essay

Maya, who has become an American citizen, has adapted the western culture in which she is trying to fit in and find herself within while trying to abandon her Indian culture which is a big part of her. Maya always thought that she never wanted to marry an Indian man but finally sets a date →

The link between sanitation and child life expectancy in india critical analysis

The lack of sanitation leading to deadly water-borne disease in India is the main factor contributing to these extremely high numbers. The amount of people that do not have access to toilets in India is 638 million, which is more than 10 times the entire population of Canada.

Situation analysis according o 1. customer: trademark: vitally has entered india for the first time

With the headquarters at Bangor and having a central warehouse of holding the entire range of stocks, the company intends to have the sales and technical team built to have the network spread across the country. Architects and designers can present there designs according to the peoples whish using vitally.

Notions of class, status and caste and significant throughout asia

The untouchables had the lowest position in the caste system. The Brahmanas did not provide details of the establishment of the caste system.

The communist party of india essay sample

The CPI was born in the struggle against revisionism and sectarianism in the communist movement at the international and national level, in order to defend the scientific and revolutionary tenets of Marxism-Leninism and its appropriate application in the concrete Indian conditions. The CPI combines the fine heritage of the anti-imperialist struggle and the revolutionary legacy →

The ik’ culture, ‘the pomo indians’ and the nayar society of southern india’ the ik essay sample

The three cultures I have chosen to talk about in this essay are ' The Ik' culture, ' The Pomo Indians' and The Nayar Society of Southern India' The Ik is a culture from Northern Uganda. From looking at the positive views on family, I would say that the Pomo Indians are the most caring →

Basel norms in india critical analysis

COMPUTATION OF CAPITAL REQUIREMENT Capital Requirement for Credit Risk: The New Accord provided for the following alternative methods for computing capital requirement for credit risk Credit Risk - The Standardized Approach: The standardized approach is conceptually the same as the present accord, but is more risk sensitive. The objective of the operational risk management is →

The train for india is now moving out of the station says ram charan

Ram Charan, the world-renowned business advisor, author and speaker, who first stepped into the world of entrepreneurship from hisfamilyshoe shop in a small town in northern India says 2016 is seeing a very different India. Known for cutting through the complexity of running a business in the fast-changingenvironment, he is one of the world's most →

Hawa mahal, india

The splendid Rajputana architecture of Hawa Mahal, still speaks the glory of the royal family. The literal meaning of Hawa Mahal is Palace of Winds.

Child labor in india and peru essays example

Today, bonded labor and child labor are considered modern forms of slavery and meet the definition of forced labor in the Indian constitution. It is difficult to solve the problem of child labor in the country because of the lack of coordination and sharing of information between the anti-child labor agencies and the government.

Role of students in modern society

Firstly, we will discuss the influence of the history of the economic structure of India on its economy. The policies implemented by the Government of India before the last decade were brilliant only in maintaining the power and influence of the bureaucrats.

Indian literature essay sample

Naidu was the first Indian woman to become the President of the Indian National Congress and the first woman to become the Governor of Uttar Pradesh state.was a great patriot, politician, orator and administrator.of all the famous women of India, Mrs. Not only that, but she was truly one of the jewels of the world.

dalit consciousness in limbale’s outcast

The caste system in India had made a hindrance in the socialization of the author, and then being an illegitimate child Limbale was brought up like an outcaste. The novel was originally written in Marathi, the native dialect of the Mahar community, to which the author belongs.


The festival is celebrated in Kerala and marks the end of the summer monsoons. The spirit of sacrifice in us Indians is one of the foundations of our culture.

Big bazaar essay sample

Big bazaar has total 292 stores in 93 cities, 60 rural locations, 22 central stores and over 170, 000 products under one store fulfilling the demands of consumer. Only 70 % of the product mix of big bazaar is uniform across the nation.

Carrefour entry into india essay sample

The first Carrefour store concept in 1959 was aim to build a convenient market place for the citizen, the building was construct with the ground floor as the supermarket, while the floor above containing apartments, were to be sold to help financing the business. In 1996, the company first established store in Asia was Seoul, →

Self rule movement in india 1937

The growing demand for the transfer of power and the feeling of nationality in Indians compelled the British to amend the whole system of governance to ensure their interests. The Act had provided the power to vote to the Indians but it all was merely an illusion because of the elaborate and special powers were →

Yo yo honey singh essay sample

" Axis of the Faith") was a Turkic king of Northwest India who ruled from his capital in Delhi where he built theQutub Minar and the Quwwat Al Islam mosque.[1] He was of Turkic descent from central Asia, the first Sultan of Delhi and founder of the Ghulam dynasty of India. Shams-ud-din Iltutmish was the →

Yoga term paper examples

Bonura, in a research that aimed at reviewing the Psychological benefits of Yoga, contends that yoga is indeed overly useful in reducing stress and anxiety. Ideally, yoga is also helpful in the treatment of insomnia, reduction of anger, and the general betterment of sleep quality.

Case study on india china infrastructure

The most remarkable common factor behind the success of infrastructure in China was the single-minded goal of sustaining economic growth and recognition of the importance of infrastructure development in achieving this goal. The planning institutions in India at the national and state levels adopted a consultative process for the formulation of plans.

Life of pi movie by ang lee: music review essay sample

The movie " Life of Pi by Ang Lee", is a one of the most polemic movies of the year since it is a great representative of why the industries of cinema is call the 7th art, the movie relates the story of an Indian that emigrates to Canada and the journey that involved. Mychael →

Research paper on india essay sample

The Aryans entered through the mountain passes of Afghanistan from the great plains of central Asia and the Iranian plateau. Most Sikhs live in the north, are the leading wheat farmers, and form one of the largest groups in the Indian army.

Creating states in india good or bad

After the formation of the state, the centre bears the duty to give it grants and funds. Even after the formation of the state, there tends to be a state of unrest and insecurity within the state for which there is more diversion of resources.

Han vs gupta

While both were used to maintain social order and encourage good citizenship, the Chinese system was never tied into any religion, which stands as a symbol of the enduring secularism in Chinese society. Despite the military power and the strong image, the Chandragupta never managed to unite India the same way the Han was.

Inequality and india’s agrarian crisis

Sainath states that the agrarian crisis is caused by the drive towards corporate farming and the predatory commercialization of the countryside which inevitably lead to the biggest displacement in Indian history. The subsidies of Europe and the US destroyed cotton industry in other countries and Sainath even makes the point that their subsidies are killing →

Changing nature of gender relations in india essay sample

Women's " inferiority" is used to justify discrimination and abuse in the household and in society at large and power inequity is reflected and reinforced by traditional and modern laws and institutional practices. Over and over again, across countries and in India, women were identified as " homemakers," the keepers of the family, responsible for →

Indian paint industry

The current scenario prevailing in the Indian paint industry has been pictured in detail. The share of the organized and unorganized sector has been dealt with in detail, discussing the impact of recent issues and trends on the industry dynamics.

Free essay on circle of courage

The present youth needs confidence and motivation from the community and the peers to take decisions on their own. The working remedy for the challenges involved in making a child responsible is to provide an environment to the children with lot of opportunities to achieve the goals and objectives.

Good example of topics in indian philosophy critical thinking

The manner in which a person behaves and thinks is solely determined by that person's inner self. Understanding oneself is the source of knowledge and forms the drive to conclude a person's dignity.

Dowry deaths in india

Dowry in India is very common and typically a transfer of wealth from the brides family to the husband. This is indicative of a form of social class stratification and interrelationship with the Dowry Deaths.

Swades: training and development lessons

It is about the transformation of an individual who is indifferent and cynical to the ways of society, to an individual who does not accept the status-quo and stands for the people, against people. Significance of Training to each of the Trainer: Mohan: The main objective of Mohan in coming to India and also for →

The conquest of india by alexander the great essay sample

Both Nearchus and Androsthenes of Thasos wrote accounts of the naval expedition from the mouth of the Indus to the Persian Gulf refer explicitly to the pearl of fisheries of the gulf. Alexander in fact greatly underestimated the width of India; and he was unaware of the Indian Ocean, the landmass of Arabia and the →

Political scenario in india essay sample

Politics in India takes place within the framework of a federal Westminster-style Parliamentary democratic constitutional republic, in which the President of India is head of state and the Prime Minister of India is the head of government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the two chambers of the Parliament of India, the →

Dr, abdul kalam essay sample

For his distinguished contribution in launching the missiles project in India, he is popularly known as the Missile Man of India and is considered a progressive mentor, innovator and visionary in India. Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October 1931 in a Tamil Muslim family to Jainulabdeen, a boat owner and Ashiamma, a housewife, atRameswaram, →

Oppression by men

In addition to imagery, diction that the author has used to portray the idea of forced labor, an example of diction is this quote: " She felt as if floating in that darkness, flinging out her body like a veil, until the room was flooded with electric light" These examples of diction, shows the contrast →

The absolutely true diary of a party time indian

Junior changed that by leaving the reservation school and going to Reardan with all the white people. As you see in that quote he does not seem to have much hope in the beginning of the novel, towards the end Junior as the character and us as the reader finally see the obstacles were overcame.

The india we want

A large population of India is in its youth years andI believethat if the youth of the country begin to think over the current issues, find solutions and lead other people we will very soon be able to see the perfect India we picture in our minds. We can live to see the next generation →

Subramainaya baharathi

At the age of 11, in 1893 his prowess as a poet was recognised and he was accorded the title of 'bharathi'. Bharathi's love of Tamil, both the language as it was in his own day and the rich literature left as a heritage, was no less than his love of India.

Effects of globalization and modernization essay sample

Western corporations have been acutely aware of the increasing wealth and changes in the lifestyles of the people of India. The impact of globalization has had both a positive and negative impact on the social and cultural values in India.

A.p.j abdul kalam: political views essay sample

Abdul Kalam, was the 11th President of India, serving from 2002 to 2007,[2] he was elected during the tenure of the National Democratic Alliance coalition government, under prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.[3] During his term as President, he was popularly known as the People's President.[4][5] Before his term as India's president, he worked as an →

Swachh bharat abhiyan: brand ambassadors

He is a famous personality and appointed as the brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. He has a huge fan following and that is why he is appointed the brand ambassador of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.P.

Policy and indian youth club

While Indian Youth Club demands for more transparency in the system and more accountability in governance and the question of eradicating corruption has become imperative to save the country and guarantee employment as well as basic rights to the common people. Indian Youth Club thinks that it is the responsibility and duty of every Indian →

The law and constitution of india essay sample

Bentham " A law is an assemblage of signs declarative of volition conceived or adopted by the sovereign in a state, concerning the conduct to be observed in a certain case by a certain person of class of person, who in a case are or supposed to be subject of his power". The influence of →

Impact of british rule on india during 1857-1867

The uncompromising character of Islam is obvious, and in consonance with it the Muslims in India for a considerable time resisted the impact of Westerneducation, took but little to science or industry, and hardly allowed their beliefs or their way of life to be influenced by the newcomers. The change has not been wholly for →

Detailed macroeconomic study of a country: india

However, there has always been a sharp increase in the prices of goods produces and services rendered, and hence, it is not the nominal GDP, but the real GDP that reflects the actual growth of the economy. During the year 2006, the rate of growth of money supply is more than 16 per cent and →

Brief profile of mr. atul kumar rai essay sample

Director on the Board of Directors of Vijaya Bank between 2004 and 2007. Director on the Board of Directors of Industrial Investment Bank of India between 2002 and May, 2007.

Impact of portuguese estado da india

Since, the mansabdars of the mughal empire received their pay either in cash or in the form of assignments of areas of land from which they were entitled to collect the land revenue and all other taxes sanctioned by the emperor, the mansabdar system was also an integrated part of the agrarian and the jagirdari →

Medieval indian women medieval india was considered

Naturally, this was sweet music to the ears of neo-brahmans of the period and women were subjected to all such restrictions almost religiously. Widow marriage was not encouraged and that added to the burden of the society in general.

My chennai

The violent agitations of 1965 against the compulsory imposition of Hindi in the state marked a major shift in the political dynamics of the city and eventually it had a big impact on the whole state. Marina Beach runs for 6 km, spanning along the shoreline of the city between the deltas of Cooum and →

Nativism in girish karnad’s naga mandal

Originally the concept of deshivad was used in world literature, in Indian literary criticism in particular, by Bhalchandra Nemade, after realization of the perils of submitting the products of one literary culture to another culture's theories. The story in the play is not only the story of Rani and Appana.

Transit: impact on bangladesh essay sample

Prior to the partition of India in 1947, the trade and commerce of the NER with the rest of India and the outside world used to pass through the territories of what is now Bangladesh. In the corridor, a country gives some kind of rights or control on the land to the other country making →

Free creative writing on charisma

Most of the people in the list died because of illnesses and were rather old. However, Hitler means to achieve the goal were cruel and inhuman.- What were the followers like of these leaders Different people are listed here and their followers are also different.

How these 5 startups are contributing to make in india initiative

Make in India was launched by the Government of India on 25 th September 2014 to encourage companies to manufacture in India. Founded in 2011 by Samay Kohli and Akash Gupta, the startup has raised a Series A from Tiger Global and Blume Ventures.

Consumption pattern in india post 92

The ' Industrial Policy Resolution' of 1948 and the Directive Principles of the Indian Constitution reflected this outlook. Since the beginning of economic reforms and acceleration in the rate of growth since 1990, the Indian economy has followed a growth pattern, which, on the face of it, appears to be different from the one observed →

How this app tracks women’s health woes; in india & internationally

What Maya aims take advantage of the smartphone penetration in remote corners of India and equip women to manage their menstrual health using a mobile phone. John is aware of the fact that there are a bunch of apps focussing on this problem in the international market, however in the Indian context there are few →

Hiyasmin guy yoche

Free trade also allows countries to specialize in the production of goods that they have a comparative advantage and trading them for goods in which they have a comparative disadvantage. In fact according to Johan Norberg, " The reason why their workplace standards and wages are generally lower is lack of productivity, the lack of →

Kashmir conflict

Cause of the Kashmir dispute :- India's forcible occupation of the State of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 is the main cause of the dispute. India claims to have ' signed' a controversial document, the Instrument of Accession, on 26 October 1947 with the Maharaja of Kashmir, in which the Maharaja obtained →

Basel norms in india critical analysis

Reserve Bank of India introduced risk assets ratio system as a capital adequacy measure in 1992, in line with the capital measurement system introduced by the Basel Committee in 1988, which takes into account the risk element in various types of funded balance sheet items as well as non-funded off-balance sheet exposures. Capital adequacy ratio →

Laws and politics of india

The order of 1986 purported to apply to the State Article 249, which empowers Parliament to legislate even on a matter in the State List if a Rajya Sabha resolution so authorises it by a two-thirds vote. But it so amended Article 249 in its application to Kashmir as in effect to apply Article 248 →

Character change essay

Maya, who has become an American citizen, has adapted the western culture in which she is trying to fit in and find herself within while trying to abandon her Indian culture which is a big part of her. Maya always thought that she never wanted to marry an Indian man but finally sets a date →

Woman unknown-

Features Prologue Flash back Epilogue Understatement Prologue-The opening section of a work; a kind of introduction which is part of the work and not was common in drama in the 17th and 18th century. Tagore made a social criticism on the institution of marriage and dowry system in Indian society.

100 years of indian cinema…

If Phalke was the father of Indian cinema, Irani was the father of the talkie. The year also marked the beginning of the Talkie era in South Indian films.

Our indian villages

Government should take steps in order to improve the condition of Indian villages because the development in Indian villages will change the face of India villages are the backbone of INDIA. Finally my opinion is villages are backbone to the India and in India villages more number of families depends on the agriculture.