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Digital bangladesh: prospect or mere dream

2 Digital Divide in Bangladesh: A Global Comparison The ICT status of Bangladesh is not remarkable without some favorable initiatives by the Government and by private entrepreneurs. 1 Meaning of Digital Bangladesh Digital Bangladesh" is currently the most commonly used words in politics, media, among the intellectuals and the civil societies.

Critisism of the microcredit if ngos in bangladesh

Section four explains the overall condition of the microcircuit program of Nags in the study area and also in case of Bangladesh. Objective of the study: The core purpose of the study is to identify the criticism of Nags operation.

Anjon’s the fashion house essay sample

The visitation was took place in the head office of Anjan's in Malibagh Coudhuripara and Tajoan Gulshan Link Road brunch of Anjan's and we are very glad for getting the opportunity to accomplish our practical investigate on Anjan's. In the November of 2001 Anjan's established more two of the branches at Banani and the rifle's β†’

Training functions of nestle bangladesh

In this paper I discussed about the business of Nestle Bangladesh and the tasks I performed in this organization; most importantly there is a complete discussion on the training function of the Nestle Bangladesh in the project part of this paper. Main source of information about the business of the Nestle Bangladesh and for the β†’

The trends of labor market in bangladesh

Though it is one of the major responsibilities of the Government to provide job to those young generation but the Government is failed to meet the job demand among the large population. It will also cover the impact of Unemployment to our society and Economy.

Street children – bangladesh

This is my very small step to help the Street Children in Bangladesh. Some of these children carry flowers; some have a stack of books in the crook of their arms, some carry bundles of newspapers and some have candy for sale.

Agent banking for bangladesh

The use of the term 'agent' is not necessarily a reference to an agent in the traditional legal sense of a party authorised by a principal to act on the principal's behalf and for whom the principal is liable withrespectto activities taken by the agent within the scope of its agency relationship or contract. Liability β†’

Theater arts

Although the play is mainly about the two characters Nita and Yvonne, the radio announcer plays a very important role, he notifies the audience about the amount of years passed and the fate of Grenada, the radio announcer practically gives viewers an idea of what was going on during the play. The use of costume β†’

Case study of bangladesh and boscastle floods

Boscastle lies in a valley and the highland encouraged precipitation in the form of orographic rainfall.1. People were trapped in buildings by the floodwater & forced to seek refuge on the roofs of the buildings and await rescue.

Case study: an overpopulated country – bangladesh

The public sector, or mainly the government, can lay out laws and legislation, conduct research, as well as provide funds and expertise to aid sustainable tourism development and management, while the private sector can aid research in achieving sustainability, donate to funds and adopt sustainability into their tourism operations. It has been recognised that one β†’

Geography bangladesh coursework

The aim of this coursework is to investigate how Bangladesh's Physical environment is affecting the rate of thedevelopment of the country. The minority of the population of in Bangladesh are located in Dhaka, the capital city, Chittagong and Khulna; most of the population are located in rural areas.

Role of ngos in bangladesh

Role of NGOs in Bangladesh In all spheres of development, NGOs are reported to have created a landmark in the history of Bangladesh. The role of the development NGOs has been crucial in a number of primary healthcare concerns, notably immunization and diarrhea control.

Culture business etiquette in bangladesh

Bangladesh will phrase their answers and imply in a way that it is usually up to the person to read between the lines and understand the answer.Ill. Gifts In business, it is not always customary to give gifts however once a relationship is plopped, giving and receiving of gifts may be present.

Report on tourism of bangladesh

1 Beginning of tourism industry in Bangladesh Promotion of tourism in Bangladesh under the aegis of the government started in 1972, following independence of the country. Introduction to the tourism industry in Bangladesh.

Combatting terrorism and extremism in bangladesh

The concept of extremism and militant nationalism is a one which is quite well known to the world and has managed to label itself as a crucial barrier in the path of attaining global peace. The Middle East countries and Africa have witnessed the horrors of terrorism the most due to organizations such as ISIS, β†’

Globalization and bangladesh

It is not possible for a third world country like Bangladesh to keep pace with global economy, because it is conceivable that the origins of globalization lie in the political decision by merely the developed countries of the world. It is a fundamental transformation in societies because of the recent technological revolution which has led β†’

Operation of commercial banks in bangladesh

We are honored to prepare this term paper under your guidance since it gave us the opportunity to know the operations of different commercial bank in Bangladesh and also know the product and service offered by that bank. Nationalized Commercial Bank of Bangladesh: * Sonali Bank Agrani Bank * Rupali Bank * Janata Bank For β†’

Japan bangladesh economic relationship

G, the number of additions or subtractions, the number of multiplications, the number of comparisons made. There are three possible cases of interest: Best-case: by sheer, dumb luck, what is the easiest problem we might have to solve?

A close look at bangladesh

The People's Republic of Bangladesh, also known as Bangladesh, is one of the youngest nations historically. Government The politics of Bangladesh has witnessed several changes with the shifting of the forms of government from parliamentary in 1972, to presidential in 1975, tomartial lawin 1981 and back to parliamentary in 1991.

Accounting standard in bangladesh

It is the sole organisation in the Bangladesh with the right to award the Chartered Accountant designation. The ICAB updated and adapted many important and the time demanding standards in several time BAS is a set of standards which controls the system of accounting in Bangladesh. The Standard specifies: the circumstances in which β†’

The six-point movement:

But the Six-Point Movement for the first time involved raids on police stations, looting of arms, and violent confrontations with the police. The Six-Point Movement:

Unemployment problem in bangladesh

Objective The rice of unemployment, as has been reported to be case in Bangladesh under a recent study that was prepared by the planning commission for finding out the progress made by the country under the millennium Developmentgoals programme of the United Nation, is a worrisome development. The rate of unemployment β†’

A study on various fruit juice companies of bangladesh

3 Objective of the study: The main purpose of the project is to show the customer preference to select fruit juice by doing a questionnaire-based survey. 4 Scope: The main focus of this report is to discuss the customer preference about the fruit juice and the factors which β†’

Market failure: food adulteration in bangladesh

Most of the country's population, especially women and children would be the worst victim if the authorities fail to stop food adulteration. The number of people afflicted by cancer and other chronic diseases due to taking of adulterated foods has of late gone up to such an alarming level that some people β†’

Prehistory of bangladesh

Daily lifestyle, society, religion, culture, wealth of Bengal in other words how this nation gradually evolved into today's Bangladesh is the main structure of this subject. With that, land formation, agriculture system, industry, trade and commerce, religious activities, language and literature, sculpture, art architecture- in one word all sort of activities of β†’

Changes in education sector in rural bangladesh

One of the main reasons of this radical change in education level of the village is the establishment of school, colleges in the recent years. Another important change in the education system in rural Bangladesh is increased enrollments in diploma level of education.

Foreign policy in bangladesh

Foreign policies of Bangladesh would be to secure the relative frontier roles in the Asian politics. After all, foreign policy would secure the position of Bangladesh as " essential" in the regional and international forums both politically and economically.

Girl child right and its implementation in bangladesh essay sample

The new act lays down severe penalties for various kinds of violent offenses against children and women including rape, sexual harassment, acid throwing, dowry violence, kidnapping and detention for ransom. The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, as the lead Ministry of the Government, formulated 3rd National Plan of Action for Children β†’

Sop for mechatronics

I became habituated going to the shop looking how the engines were overhauled, damages of body were repaired. I was really fascinated looking how the engine's power transmit to the wheels and how the springs and shock absorbers absorb the shocks which saves passengers from shocking. As in Bangladesh there is no β†’

The role of lease financing in bangladesh

Leasing companies have registered substantial growth in lease financing during the year 1985through 1994. Since 1995 to date, growth in lease market has significantly slowed down because of sluggisheconomic activities, withdrawal of incentives by the government, imposition of cash resource requirementwith Bangladesh Bank as per Finance Act 1998, expansion of number of β†’

Frozen food business in bangladesh

Introduction Though Bangladesh is an agricultural based country, its aquaculture is developing and contributing to the export of the country. In fact, the frozen food is one of largest contributor to the foreign exchange earnings and occupies fourth position among the export items in terms of total export earnings. However, the semi-processed β†’

Changes in bangladesh

It might be a much smaller time limit for a country but still there has been a gigantic change in the life of Bangladeshi people and in Bangladesh. The changes, that took place in the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous groups of Bangladesh during the colonial period was mainly because of their conversion to β†’

Nike-high end shoe market survey in bangladesh.doc

The brand image is high because people who wear Nike shoes in general, are convinced that Nike keeps up to its standard and also after using Nike shoes, they are satisfied with the quality of the shoes and the purpose for which they bought the shoes. People think that price of Nike is high, because β†’

Factors leading to muslim separatism:

RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCE The Muslims and Hindus have different religious. SOCIAL DIFFERENCE There exist a number of social differences between the Hindus and Muslims.

Assignment on ethics in bangladesh

Bribe Taking bribe is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh, especially in the government sector. It is the most common form of corruption known to most people. Syndication in Business Syndication in the business sector is harming the public interest in Bangladesh to a great extent.

Gas crisis in bangladesh

In this paper, we will discuss the problems due to the unavailability of gas and the possible solutions to make it interruptible. The rationale of the Study This study has high rationality since household cooking are dependent on the supply of gas very much nowadays. We will try to discover the mishaps β†’

Bangladesh rmg sector

In this circumstance, the question that everyone is compelled to ask themselves is- " Will the ARM sector of Bangladesh collapse with the recent crisis it is faced with, or will it be able to hold its ground? " The Evolutionary Path of the ARM Sector Before delving further into the recent crisis and its β†’

Women empowerment in bangladesh

The women empowerment movement in Bangladesh focuses on giving women the power and authority they need to be men's equals. The structures of sub ordinance that have keep women in the dark for so long must be eliminated. This paper presents some empirical evidences of recent changes in women roles in socio-economic β†’

Is foreign debt a problem for bangladesh?

Deviation | Variance | Skewness | Kurtosis | | | Statistic | Statistic | Statistic | Statistic | Statistic | Statistic | Statistic | Statistic | Std. Error | | Foreign_Debt | 11 | 8.

Bangladesh financial reporting standards (bfrs/bas)

Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards The Financial Reporting Standards prescribed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Bangladesh are known as Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards (BFRS, including Bangaldesh Accounting Standards, BAS). BFRS and are closely modelled on International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards issued by the International β†’

Incredible india

INCREDIBLE INDIA Everyday I go to school and speak the pledge " India is my country and I love my country". The answer came as soon as the question," Yes, I love my country!