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Philosophy 4

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Philosophy 4 QUESTION ONE The metaphysical meaning of this treatment by Descartes is an individual’s first-person mental belief. This belief is that the individual only possesses his or her own mind, it thoughts, and memories. The statement means that even obvious beliefs are not exempt from doubt. Epistemologically, Descartes’ statement attempts to account for reason the world is the way it is. The world is the way it is only because human beings think it is this way. The statement uses the word think to express different psychological activities that Descartes wanted to identify his body and mind with (Descartes 14).
Descartes’ mind-body duality is helpful to individuals who want to experience their minds explicitly and uniquely as a thing with a conscious (Descartes 32). I think this concept also secretly allows these individuals to experience their minds and bodies reversely. This means that when these people cannot distinguish their minds and bodies, they become lost. I disagree that humans are comprised of mind and body as separate entities. If human beings had two entities, they would have to illustrate this extension and prove that they cancel each other out, which they do not.
As a philosophical approach, skepticism tries to render uncertain members of a group of propositions that individuals think are within our understanding. Skepticism can be considered a strong suit through logic and empirical evidence. Skepticism allows for the coherence of logic and empirical evidence in academia today. The weak point of skepticism philosophically is distrusts towards anyone’s idea or statements without criticism or proof, even when this person is in fact correct.
Categorical imperative is the expression of ethical law as eventually implemented by logic and obedience from plain respect for logic (Kant 18). For example, I was once stuck at a red light known for remaining red for unreasonably long periods. I was late for class and there was no other vehicle or pedestrian crossing either of the roads. I wanted to run the red light, which decision into a moral law implying that I was comfortable with every driver running very red lights when they are late for work.
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