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Philosophy of teaching assignment

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I graduated from Southern university with a Bachelor of Science degree in therapeutic recreation and assure studies which brought me to my love for working with kids. I feel that in order to be a successful teacher one must love working with kids, If you don’t you won’t love your Job. I am currently a teacher at the SST. Laundry Alternative school In Appaloosas, I teach all high school subjects to 9th through 12th grade students who get expelled from their home base school. I prefer this school setting because I provides me with more of a challenge to test my ability to teach the so called bad children.

Each one of these students possess his or her own challenge. Every teacher should set goals for their students and try to achieve them. I believe that they are not bad or problem kids, they just made bad choices or mistakes. I like to think that I can reach out to each of my students and accommodate their individual learning styles. To me the meaning of learning Is for one to be able to gain knowledge and retain It for later use. “ Without education, you’re not going anywhere in this world. “(Malcolm X). There are many deferent learning styles in any one class.

For me to learn the best style of learning is hands on. A good teacher can accommodate to all styles of learning. I encourage transformational learning and lifelong learning. I try to get my students to realize the mistake that they have made and try to learn from them and how to make right choices. The right choice should be to stay enrolled in their home base school and work hard. To me lifelong learning is important and I like to imply it to my students. I show them things that can possible help them in the future.

For example In my finical math class I relate everything to the real world Like how to balance a check book. The can take this skill with them after they leave my school and be able to use it in their adult life. “ Education is the ability to meet life’s tuitions. ” (Dry. John G. Hipbone) In my health and physical education class I teach my students how to be healthy and exercise properly so that they can live a long productive life. They can use these skills all throughout their life and even teach it to their kids and family. Students always want to know how what we are teaching them will benefit them.

It is best that teachers stress to their students it is not always the best Idea to just memorize the Information but yet to learn the information therefore they will not just memorize it for the test but yet always know it and it will be stored n the mind. A good example of a student memorizing information would be a student cramming for Fridays test on Thursday night. The correct thing to do would be to perhaps start studying the same day that you receive the information so therefore by Friday the Information Is second nature.

When a student memorize something that student is bound to forget it only so much can be stored in memory 1 OFF Detour something must De Cackle out or replaced. I Delve students learn Test when they have a teacher who they can understand, or should I say understand their teaching style. The teacher must also be able to keep the students attention in order for the students to learn. Once a student get bored with the teacher or lesson that student will shut down, meaning they stop paying attention, and the learning process stops.

It is up to the teacher to recognize this and quickly do something to regain that students attention without losing the other students attention or drawing attention to that students. I try to incorporate technology into my classroom on a regular base. When I first started teaching the only technology I had was an overhead projector. I thought I was the best thing since slice bread. I could work examples and put notes on the board without turning my back to my class. It allowed me to work examples and watch my kids at the same time.

I could also allow students to go to the board and work their problems on the board next to my examples that are being projected on the board from the overhead. I have improved from my first year, I currently use my computer and a 27 inch television and do power point presentations. I assign my students research papers and assignments that require a presentation and I give them the option to do an oral presentation or use the computer and do a power point reservation. If they choose to do the power point I allow them time during the class to either go to the computer lab or use the computer in the class.

I am currently trying to find a way to acquire a smart board for my class. My students could do more hands on activity with a smart board. Getting students to learn about new technology and how to use it will prepare them for the future because the world is headed to a completely technological world. If I can get smart board for my class it would be nice if the students could use their cell phones in class because there is a ay that they could sync them and txt their answers to the smart board. I use many different types of assessment in my classroom.

Some are traditional test, projects, in class activities, presentations and group projects. The assessment that brings about the most challenge is group projects. The reason why it tends to give trouble is because I have students from all the school in the parish and some don’t get along with one another, so I have to be careful in how I group them. I still do group projects because the students need to learn how to socialize with one another. The assessment that I like to use with my class is traditional testing.

With the large class size and the different classification of students all in one class, it is easier and more time sufficient. I don’t limit my teaching assessment to Just traditional testing I try to incorporate many different ones. In order to accommodate the different learning style I feel that I have to change up my assessment some time. A teacher is not Just a teacher, teachers are also sometimes mentors or even advisors. Some students actually look up to some teachers as role model or someone hat they talk when they have a problem.

Teachers should always carry themselves in a positive manner because they never know what student is not trying to model them. Teachers should always work to try to better or improve themselves. I plan on getting my masters of education. I plan on attending several workshops and in- services in my many content areas so that I can better myself and learn new things. By time I am finish my teaching career I would like to be known as a master teacher. I would also Like to De receive a teacher AT ten year award. I wall also netter myself Day continuing to take classes.

My biggest goal I have for myself is to be able to provide my students with everything that I can to help them become successful and productive young people. When I was in school I always thought teachers had the hardest Job in the world. Once I started teaching I realized that the Job was hard but yet it was one the most rewarding Job there is. Teachers really go through a lot dealing with lesson plans, grading, and setting up but it is really fun. I think that in order to be a teacher one must really love working with and teaching children. Teaching is the career that creates and teaches all other professions.

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