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The Essence of The Essay about Philosophy

The philosophical essay is written in an expository manner. This type of assignment should be an argumentative study. The topics of the paper can be completely different. It can be like reflections on the thoughts of philosophers. Also, it can be a criticism of some philosophical concepts. Or even a personal statement and a proposal of your own idea.

Structure and Format Tips

Following our tips, you will be able to achieve success in writing this type of essay. Here are a few techniques that you need to learn:

  1. First of all, you need to read the text carefully. Using various notes, you can find the necessary information.
  2. Study the various sources on the topic of your essay. This will help to expand your knowledge. Also, it will be helpful when proving thoughts.
  3. Study the essay format and follow it.
  4. If you are writing an essay for college, pay attention to the type of citation (APA, MLE). This will also help to avoid plagiarism.
  5. Your introduction should be short and concise. You should reflect your personal main idea.

Philosophy Essay Examples

Philosophical essays can cover absolutely any topic. Students can write about death, ethics, suffering or even depression. Unlike exact science, Philosophy does not constrain the framework. However, you should follow some rules. It also depends on the purpose for which you are writing an essay. This can be an IB extended essay or contest paper.

Our writing prompts and templates will help you understand the structure without regard to whether you are an undergraduate or a researcher. In addition, the structure of philosophical essays will help you with the Common App.

Ancient Greek Philosophy

One of the most frequently encountered are essays on Socrates, Aristotle, Plato. These philosophers are the most famous and often mentioned. Their works are still appreciated and are of particular value. It is necessary to know and understand the essence of ancient Greek philosophy. Here you can write essays on such topics as:

  1. comparison of the ideas of Plato and Aristoteles,
  2. the influence of Socrates on philosophy,
  3. ancient Greek methods of study.

Important Philosophy Topics

One of the most important topics is transcendental philosophy. Kant had an important influence on the development of this topic. Many philosophers have dealt with the question of emotional intelligence. There is also a question about Free Will, which explains human behavior. Chinese philosophy is of particular interest because it is very different from the other ones.

The presented examples of essays will help in writing papers on various topics. These can be questions of leadership or even health education. Following the standards, your work will become analytical and critical. In addition, you can use samples in teaching. Thank you for choosing our website! Below you can find examples of philosophy essays.

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1513 Informative Philosophy Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Estimating the ebola epidemic by kai kupferschmidt

Because of this, society should be open to multiple points of view and cultures, that is, have the characteristics of pluralism and multiculturalism. In the case of Ebola disease, here we can say that critical and much broader view on this case could help.

Dennett’s darwinian theory of human creativity

Dennett's Darwinian Theory of Human Creativity Spakesheare is an example of a monster/robot, that was designed by Dr. Dennetts Darwinian Theory of human creativity disputes this theory by stating that it is requisite to know how to make a machine in order to make a perfect and beautiful machine.

Finding darwin’s god

He says that this is because at the center of the schism is the issue of creationism. First of all, he shows that creation, at the heart of Western religion, feels the danger from the belief in evolution as it has the potential to undermine the basis of the Bible.

Enlightenment essay

The Age of Enlightenment took place in the 18th century and it was preceded by the Age of Reason that was in the 17th century. Historically, enlightenment was a philosophical movement in Europe that was taking place in the 18th century and brought about many reforms through the use of reason to scrutinize what was β†’

Human research precis

Therefore, the ethical dilemma that arises when considering treatment options can be resolved by obtaining the patient's consent when recommending a treatment and allowing them to participate in a randomized clinical test. Therefore, the ethical dilemma that arises when considering whether to involve patients in a randomized clinical test can be resolved by obtaining the β†’

Argumentitive essay on β€˜the case for breaking up with your parents – prof terry castle

First of all, the high involvement of parents is not advantageous at all by thinking that students are not even able to make their own choices - sometimes they would even do something just to make their parents feel satisfied. Of course, one has to overcome a few difficult steps in order to be able β†’

Philosophy of love

The book tackles different scenarios of love presented through series of stories which produces linkage to the meaning of the word love in the end. It is indeed a story that is made for readers to value the meaning and live the feeling of love.

Five advertisements

The major companies that are involved or seek this form of advertisement are innovating companies who are ever forced to show the customer the evolution the company's product. Institution Advertising This form of advertisement usually tries to develop a good will as opposed to selling any of the company's specific products.

Karl marx and old major

Karl Marx believed that the policies of the government should be controlled by the lowest working class rather than the upper middle class." The first step on the path to the workers' revolution is the elevation of the proletariat to the position of ruling class." As the animals was the labor community of the farm β†’

Postmodernism- derrida, foucault and rorty

of the Philosophy of the Concerned 4 December Postmodernism- Derrida, Foucault and Rorty Though Derrida, Foucault and Rorty tend to differ in an array of ways, still their postmodern views do evince a similarity in the sense that their philosophies do starkly come out as being a potent reaction against the salient philosophical values and β†’

Thucydide vs plato on the good life essay sample

But, why is the Athenian conquest of Melos important to a discussion of what constitutes the Good Life? For example, in the Biblical New Testament, in The Gospel According to Matthew, a recounting of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount mentions that God's disciples who are mourning or in need will be " comforted" and " β†’

Analysis n.sparks true believer

He draws the reader's attention to the fact that in her thirties Lexie " has not yet settled down" and is still in search of her knight in shining armor. The author's objectivity in using antithesis is quite obvious, as he uses this stylistic device to enhance the desired effect.

Philosophy: overview

Philosophyof Teaching Philosophy is described as " one of the various established or traditional way of looking at the world that have been defined and indentified by those who practice the discipline whether in the academy or not." With any profession there are responsibilities that come with thecareer, in my chosen career path there are β†’

What is indian philosophy is there indian philosophy

In Indian philosophy, the main schools of thought are divided into two: the orthodox and non-orthodox schools. Further, Indian philosophy also incorporates the sceptical and materialist philosophies of Carvaka in addition to the religious schools of Jainism.

Analysis of folk psychology philosophy essay

Lead by Churchland, the counter argument of the eliminative materialist is that folk psychology is useless to today's world and should be eliminated because it only gets in the way. This argument and others like it is the core of its relation to the philosophy of mind.

Midterm two

He believed that politics and ethics are closely related that the virtuous and ethical life is only available to people who take part in politics and that the main purpose of political community is moral education. Plato on the other side argues that the best rational political order leads to harmony and unity in a β†’

Explain a paragraph from ciceros invention

In the exordium, Cicero manages to capture the audiences attention through introducing the plight of the under age defendant in court. In confirming the case, Cicero indicates the importance of his arguments when he highlights the need of protecting innocent men fort the good of the society.

Augustine and skepticism thesis example

Augustine and Skepticism Augustine and Skepticism While philosophical skepticism had many adherents during the ancient and Hellenistic periods, Augustine's three refutations of total skepticism made it a less common topic of intellectual interest during the dark ages. For instance, the proposal a stick is straight and the notion the stick is not straight cannot both β†’

Work and reward

Work and Reward Work and Reward Adam Smiths opinion about the nature of people in relation to work and pay/reward in his 1776s " The Wealth of Nations" was just right in its context. Besides, no matter how one would want to work voluntarily, by the end of the day, the same person will need β†’

How souls move bodies

In responding to Elisabeth's prompt, he attributes the existing confusion to the use of notions that differentiate the mind and the body to explain the interaction between the two aspects. He continues to argue that she will conceive of the union of the body and the mind if she does so.

Share your critical response

Critical response Gary Guttin in his You Say You Want a Revolution suggests that the majority of the people who wouldlike to overthrow the rule of the current President administration do not understand what they are willing to do. In spite of the fact that the American nation praises its past in which the theme β†’

Defence, pride and prejudice

Res Gestae states that Augustus, after the civil wars, transferred the republic ' from his power to the power of the senate and the people'. It is an irony that a man like Socrates had to face charges of impiety and that his logical argument did not find favor with the judges.

Underdetermination and holism

Undeterminism and Holism A critical look at the problem of undeterminism shows that it is not right to dismiss the problem of undeterminism as a mere case of philosophical doubt. This fact from the history of the growth of science shows us that the issue that the problem of undeterminism of scientific theories raises is β†’


On a broad analysis, Eva Kittay describes cognitive disability in relation to surrogacy descriptive meaning and significance as a growing awareness that incorporates moral status and the theories of justice directly to address the mental disabled individuals and their caregiver related issues. According to Kittay and Levine's arguments supported by facts and evidence, a good β†’

Reflection paper: asian philosophy

The author argues that the success in yoga cannot only come about by practice of austerities, but it depends on the amount of effort being put into the practice. The author says advises people who practice yoga that if they fail to understand the nature than most they will not understand yoga because it will β†’

Related to philosophy of the mind/theology

In essence, it is wrong for an individual to prioritize the conditions of others from the condition of oneself. Since Kant tends to focus on the fact that rather than improving the condition of others, one should focus on oneself it is not surprising to realize that we should be morally obligated to serve ourselves.

The centrality of forgiveness

The Centrality of Forgiveness of Affiliate The article " The importance of forgiveness in African American struggles for freedom" by Robert Gould underscores the importance of forgiveness as an approach towards freedom from oppression that is holistic in nature. In essence, Gould refers to forgiveness as a form of healing for both the oppressor and β†’

Augustine medical case

The Hosworth-Climator is a product very similar to the Bair Hugger Patient Warming System and it is predicted that this product could be distributed in the United States next year. The system is comprised of two components: the heater/blower unit, and the plastic blankets.

Definition of courage according to laches essay sample

In this regard, Laches agree that the battle field is the only place which can be used to judge the courage of a man since the more man can endure in the battle field, the more courageous he is. He agrees with Laches that courage is usually displayed in the battle field but that is β†’

Paul ehrlich’s time bomb book review

In the book " The Population Bomb" by Paul Ehrlich written in 1968 he states that he prefers theenvironmentover man-kind, to make a balance between the population, the environment and the carrying capacity through population control: " one billion is the number of humans that Ehrlich says he would find acceptable". He also argued that β†’

Ethical theories paper

It is based on the fact that individuals should believe in doing things because it is the right thing to do meaning and the duty of an individual to perform a certain act, which can be regarded as right. Individual Relativism This is a principle of truth based on the statement " if one believes β†’

Mind and consciousness

Forms of knowledge can be classified into three types, namely the intellectual knowledge, knowledge of stats, and the knowledge of reality. The form of knowledge is more concerned with the state of mind whereas the content of knowledge is what is displayed in the form of knowledge.

Lesson 4: language analysis

David Beffert, Washington The thesis of the author is that he does not believe that having a " radically centrist" third party billionaire presidential candidate is the solution to opposing the policies of President Obama or any legislation for that matter. Beffert made sense when he said that if one does not agree with the β†’

Karl marx’s theory

The theory of Karl Marx as regards society and how it should move and organize itself is contrary to the view that all the members of the community must collaborate and contribute to the greater and common good. This is due to the fact that for purposes of subsistence, one class must necessarily dominate all β†’

Descartes discourse on the method

The change of discourse from the exploration of self to a proof of God's existence through personal evaluation was indeed an ingenious thought. By deconstructing his strengths and limitations, he was able to realize a fair conclusion about the existence of a supreme being, which we refer to as God.

What is the doctrine of double effect

The doctrine of double effect was a theological concept or a principle that invokes the permissibility of a certain action while causing serious harm in the process of attaining ultimate good at the end of the intention. The principle of double effect may also mean a number of variations which also would likely include an β†’

The nature of bad faith

Thus, The Flies depicts several examples of bad and good faith, which Sartre embodies in most of the characters and situations of his play. New York: Vintage Books, 1989.

Taking a broader view abstraction and idealization philosophy essay

Unfortunately, this perspective is rather restricted and I propose to take a somewhat broader view of the generative tradition including recent variants of the generative paradigm such as Prince's and Smolensky's ' optimality theory', Jackendoff's architecture of the language faculty, and Pustejovsky's ' generative lexicon', to name only a few variants. Of course, there are β†’

Degradation in the culture of capitalism

What can be done to reduce or prevent the rising incidence of infection The globalization of capitalism has contributed to the spread of infectious diseases in a number of significant ways. To help combat these problems and control the spread of disease there needs to be an international effort towards monitoring, recognizing, vaccinating, and controlling β†’

What is the effect of the recent information deluge on our intellectual capabilities

This way, cognitive overload affects the brain in that it influences our ability to learn and understand in that it weakens the two, as the brain is unable to match the information flowing in and the one that is retained. Because of the internet and multitasking, our behavior is affected in that we lose attention β†’

The trial of socrates

The Trial of Socrates The text in ' The Trial of Socrates' is a situational reference from the history that narrates therevelations of Socrates as to how he is being accused wrongly of many things by the Athenians by stating his position about his deeds. The main characters in the text are Socrates, the audience β†’

Short response

It is a general understanding to people that philosophy is merely a study or an intense field of the academe. Philosophy is a lifestyle in the sense that it develops one to find answers to life's many profound and meaningful questions.

Duty ethics

The actions are acknowledged as wrong if the motive of the individual in acting is not in good faith regardless of the good consequence accompanying the action. Extending help to murderers is not a rational moral choice for a person with a sound judgment and doing so contradicts the concept of duty ethics.

Changes in social media, web sharing, and/or similar trends in the internet will affect social and personal behaviors better or worse how is it going to be affected

Retrieved from: http://isedj.org/2013-11/N3/ISEDJv11n3p90.pdf The article discusses the effects the social media and networking is having on the education of the adolescents. The usage and implications of social networking Sites: A survey of college students.


Philosophy is a very old discipline, ranging from the writing of the Bible, to accredited philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and the likes of desecrates. The vastness of philosophy is cannot be summarized in one book and even the best philosophy book is only limited to topics or philosophers that interested the author.

A comparison of the teachings of lao tzu and the american political philosophy

The more the government tries to control the people and oppress them, the more miserable and devious they become. The participation of U.S.in the cold war is incongruent to Lao Tzu's thoughts on display of power.

Philosophy in education

In the same way, the field of education represents the " liberal" and " conservative" views regarding whether perennialism or progressivism is the best approach towards engaging students with a given topic. Perennialism can be understood to be the " conservative" approach in that it argues that the same tried and true methods and subject β†’

Philosophy of sleep and habit

Philosophy of Sleep and Habit Philosophy of Sleep and Habit In the first article, it is clear that people do not just make all the choices consciously. The San people are hunters and gatherers and do not have that intense mental exhaustion to induce much sleep.

Belief in god

Belief in God 1) Steven Pinker According to Steven Pinker, science has indeed made the belief in God obsolete because as the varied scientific disciplines like natural sciences, biology and psychology have started furnishing answers to the many salient questions, to explain which the humanity has to earlier rely on the notion of God, β†’

The meaning and value of work

This paper will discuss the best model of work, as well as the reason as to why it is the finest replica. In conclusion, this paper has talked about the best model of work, and its benefits.

Original sin in the maltese falcon

In this fashion, the movie depicts the framing of Spade at the hands of Wonderly who is nowhere to be found. Spade provides Gutman and Cairo with the bundle that turns out to be a fake replica of the Maltese Falcon.

Dare to be yourself

Like most people, they believe that being authentic as a person has many benefits not only to the person but also to society. These people do things to themselves because they feel that this particular act or thing will make them authentic and will make them the person they believe that is in them.

The apology

This is the first time that Socrates tries to tell people the underlying facts that they are unaware of; that they have been manipulated and brainwashed by the opponents of Socrates, who hated him out of personal grudge rather than Socrates's lack of wisdom or knowledge that they have been accusing him of for decades.33. β†’

A believer of evidentialism philosophy essay

It is ironic that at the time people refused to accept a theory that was and is true due to an ingrained set of beliefs that could not be similarly proved. Yet his theory in today's day and age is considered to be true as it has substantial evidence to it thereby stating the fact β†’

Essay on i think, therefore i am. explain and assess descartes famous argument known

Therefore, Descartes concludes that for an individual to conclude that despite the burning the material, it remains the wax, it important that an individual involves the comprehension of the mind. Therefore, basing his arguments on deduction as opposed to perception, Descartes developed the statement " I think, therefore I am" to prove that thinking is β†’

Euthyphros true and false

Euthyphro's True and False 1_False_ When Euthyphro tells Socrates that " Justice is what all the gods love," Socrates disagrees with this because he believes it to be false. This is false because it is explained that only wisdom is given by gods and not that one has to possess a lot of knowledge β†’

A beautiful mind a film by ron howard (2001)

" A Beautiful Mind" a film by Ron Howard The movie has its basing in 1947, at Princeton The main character is Nash John, and his main rival, Hansen Martin. After treatment, Nash is able to deal more effectively with his hallucination, and is eventually offered a teaching position by his former rival Hansen, now β†’

Socrates discourse

In the very beginning of his apology, Socrates does away with an immediate rancor against his oppressors, by declaring the charges attributed to him as the outcome of a timeless conflict of ideas and values, thereby elevating his trial to a level much above the task of meting out justice to a common convict. In β†’

John locke provisos

His reasoning that the land becomes the person's private property is that a person has the right to the fruits of his labor, and he also has the right to the resource that bore his fruits, in this case the property. By this he means that by laboring over the land, the land is taken β†’

4 time killers you need to eliminate

I try not to schedule calls until I have got a clear outline of what we are discussing and I have been provided with a scheduled start and stop time. If your equipment is not working properly, then you need to upgrade it or you will be left with a ton of frustration and wasted β†’

The time i went to cabo san lucas mexico

The time I went to cabo San Lucas Mexico There once was a time that I went to cabo San Lucas Mexico with myfamily. I can still remember the way the pool look and felt because I got cut on one of the tiles in the pool.

Factors that influence learning assignment

TASK 3 FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE LEARNING Factors influencing the effectiveness of my learning based on Group Discussions. TASK 3 FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE LEARNING Factors influencing the effectiveness of my learning based on Group Discussions.


In both the cases, the individual and the society will be benefitted if a person decides to stay away from such activities. An enlightened civilization will never engage in such activities in the name of religion or belief.

Discuss the main issues in defining and measuring intelligence.

Proponents of uni-factor theories of intelligence draw upon the phenomenon of the positive manifold as support for the concept. Amongst the earliest challenge to Spearman's unitary concept of intelligence was Louis Thurstone's Theory of Primary Mental Abilities.

Summarize the argument of one philosopher

November 3, Timmons Argument about Divine Command Theory The Divine Command Theory is based on the assumption or the idea that everything that is wrong or right is dictated by God's commands. This is the basis of context sensitivity which explains the application or the sensitivity of an action in a given moral context.

Key points presented by philosophers in the 17th century

However, despite of all the disappointments brought about by the human government to the society through the threads of history, philosophers from the olden times up until the present era still believes that the human society could not exist in an organized manner without the existence of a concrete government in authority. To him, government β†’


What is perfection? What is culture?

Plato and the dual world essay

He insisted then that the real knowledge was in the understanding of the Forms or Ideas, or what he called the " visions of truth". The first is a pure logical world that existed for itself and had equal validity to the world of the senses.

Phil 102

The contradiction in this case is the inability to harbor freedom and remains good in pursuit of ethics. Thus, we should take the sense of ethics with a pinch of salt and not to be caged in reflecting good or freedom only.


Structuralism originated in the structural linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure and the subsequent Prague and Moscow schools of linguistics.[1] Just as structural linguistics was facing serious challenges from the likes of Noam Chomsky and thus fading in importance in linguistics, structuralism appeared in academia in the second half of the 20th century and grew to β†’

David hume’s moral philosophy analysis

I think that in such a way he wants to show that business and decision-making should natural and instinctive. David Hume concludes that there are four categories of qualities necessary for moral business running and decision-making: 1.

Pick the most suitable and easiest to you

Under Justified True Belief, knowledge and the meaning contained in sentences can be derived using the below set of conditions, which are necessary and mutually sufficient: S knows that p P is true, S believes that P, and, S is justified in believing that P. The Gettier problem refers to a philosophical reasoning that questions β†’

Analysis of love and hate philosophy essay

This attitude or perspective, which is usually unrecognized as a perspective, Edmund Husserl terms the " natural attitude" or the " natural theoretical attitude" This natural attitude is that state of affairs in which we live before we have engaged in philosophy.[2]This natural attitude is commonly known by man as the ordinary and normal way β†’

Western and eastern philosophy

The question of being and non-being is the one of the main concepts in understanding of origin of the universe. In consequence, Eastern philosophy is characterized by concepts of being and non-being, it focuses on the present moment, which is not interested in the future and the past.

What time you call this?

The repairman started fixing the elevator, he took out a few tools, a pner, screw driver and a hand drill, he tried and tried to open the jammed elevator but it would not open, Mrs Foster saw this so she offered to help, " do you need help there mister?"" Well", he said with a β†’

Sexuality at different life stages assignment

The therapist would then translate data as a simplified version of advice for the child, to be capable of using them as their own rather than something that was becoming an imposition upon them as their own rather than something imposed on the child." Laying down the law" is not likely to be s effective β†’

Personal philosophy of education essay sample

The way the teacher handles a student and the way the student get exactly what the teacher try to explain is something to be focused on and that is what creates the philosophy of the link which is created between the student and the course, books, notes without which no student can do better performance β†’

Textual analysis

The Concept of Beauty The concept of beauty is ive and variable because different individuals will interpret an object as beautiful based on their personal perspective and environmental factors. Thus, the concept of beauty is meaningless to an individual who denies there is beauty in an object or an idea of the same.

What is sensation and perception philosophy essay

The absolute threshold shows the capability of how we are barely able to see the difference in the stimuli and able to perceive it, while the difference threshold is us not being able to notice the difference and that is better known as the Just Noticeable Difference. The seeing process occurs when light reflects from β†’

Sommers philosophy

The young people also prefer going to such places as cinemas and swimming at the expense of going to church. On the other side, when I am at school I spend most of the time chatting with friends, discussing the TV programs and movies, as well as playing games.

Example of essay on nietzsches problem with socrates vulgarity

Nietzsche begins the fifth part of " The Problem of Socrates" in his book Twilight of the Idols, or How to Philosophize with a Hammer by informing the reader the important change that this Greek philosopher had introduced: dialectics." With Socrates, Greek taste takes a turn in favor of dialectic". The answer to the question β†’


Mill refers to the argument of opponents of utilitarianism that utility is opposed to pleasure as an ignorant blunder. This is the reason why he considers it a measure of ignorance to claim that utilitarianism is against pleasure.6.

Zen – past present future essay sample

It is often linked to the religion of Buddhism as the foundation of thinking and practice, however, Zen can be acquired not only through the practice of Buddhism. The higher the expectation in life, the more effort one will have to put in to achieve it and the harder it will be to find happiness.

My five categories

Considering ethics, according to philosopher Berdyaev he affirms that ethics is the backbone of philosophy since it is concerned with sin, which is the origin of moral and evil. Therefore, the basis of considering this philosopher in this evaluation is that he believes or acknowledges God.

Economic suspense

In support of this claim, the article asserts that surprise is highly valued by the audience. In addition to this, the approach provides a unified outline for human behavior.

The effects of missing letters to the reading comprehension

Specifically, the study aimed to determine if there was a difference between the scores obtained in the Pre-test and the scores obtained in the Post- Test. Specifically, the study aimed to: 1.to determine the highest rating of the scores obtained in the Pre-test by the 2nd year BS IT students of Cavite State University.2.to determine β†’

What is the relation between reason and ethics

The question that has been posed to explain the relationship between the two is whether reason contributes to ethical behavior. This is the reason why Plato highlighted that one must use the power of reason I order to exhibit ethical behavior.

It is up to you

Moral Relativism Relativism is the concept that all opinions or points of view are equally valid and is a to one's perception and consideration. Cultural relativism and moral relativism share a lot of similarities and it is widely believed that after World War II, following the popularization of the principle of cultural relativism, the term β†’

The rig veda and the aryan thinking

This fear of death reflects the Aryan view of life and death. The Aryan view of life and death is affected by " Logic Thinking" which is a characteristic of Aryan thinking.

Summary of the platos allegory of the cave

Summary of the Plato's Allegory of the Cave Introduction Plato's Allegory of the Cave is also popularly known by the of Analogy of the Cave orthe Parable of the Cave or simply Plato's Cave. Plato's Allegory of the Cave: Summary Plato's Allegory of the Cave evolves from the precognitive base that human minds can think β†’

Essay on philosophy of counseling

I allow various theoretical models to grow on me and as I applied them to clients and tested them out, I was able to make them my own. I like who I am and what I do and that gives me the confidence to be efficient to my client, I could never be a therapist β†’

Science is value neutral

The paper " The Nature and Place of Science in the World" is a great version of an essay on science. People have myriad ways of understanding and thinking about science: to some, it is a golden child which will bring truth and beauty into the world, to others, it creates devilish monstrosities which should β†’

How has the concept of free will and individual freedom

For Aristotle, the universe is a kind of life form which is commanded by a higher authority, that laws of nature preside over our world. The order of humans is now realised to be a product of human intellect.

Interview report

The man is interested in artistry and seems to enjoy his work at the pub. To me, I view him as a perfect example and a living demonstration that age is just but a number.

Rerum novarum, especially its treatment of socialism and capitalism

Treatment of Socialism and Capitalism The church has different ways through which it views the two ideologies of socialism andcapitalism. However, most of the tendencies are of socialism are not championed and agitated for by the church.