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Persuading my parents

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Persuading my Parents Persuading My Parents In persuading my mother and father to give me more freedom, I applied Aristotle’s ethos and pathos. My specific goal for the persuasion was to convince my parents to grant me more freedom by appealing to reason and emotions. One of the major obstacles that would prevent my parents from allowing me to have the freedom that I deserved was their belief that I may be inexperienced and vulnerable to dangers. The persuasion process involved the application of credibility and ethical appeal also known as pathos. Using this means of convincing, I used credibility of my character to convince my parents. I made my parents believe that they could respect and trust me. The central point in using ethos was to make my parents that I was worth listening to, that I could understand life. I made them understand that I had the same reasoning as they did. Additionally, I used Pathos to persuade to my parent’s emotions. The language I chose to address my parents, and the diction appealed to their emotions to let me have the freedom I felt I deserved. I made them become empathetic of my situation, thus helping them grant me the freedom to do as permitted by my age.
I used emotional appeal (pathos) of my parents by appreciating the love and support they had shown me throughout my life. I told them that they were the most important people in my life. I could never have a better care. I added that I thanked God for the wonderful parents He enabled me to have. I said it was my sincere hope and daily wish that I would be able to inch close to the superior support parenting they had shown me to their grandchildren. It is their splendid upbringing that I cited to be the foundation of the strides I had so far made in my life.
While appealing to my credibility, ethos, I made them aware that I had just turned 21 years. I did not claim to be too big for their care. I told them that I knew and would always acknowledge the significant role they held in my life. I told them that they would forever be the anchor upon which my life would be secured (The English Club, 2009). I, however, requested that thy grant me a little more freedom than I got at that time. As far as I knew, the seemingly over-protection they were showing me was because of their sincere love for me. I told them I understood that they did not wish that any ugly incident would happen to me. However, at that juncture, I wished to confirm to them that I would not get into much trouble if a little more freedom would be granted by staying away from trouble as much as I have always done.
Continuing with my appeal to ethics, I asked my parents to look back at my childhood and teenage life. I totally understood and appreciated the fact that as parents, they had to care for me. I said I would do the same for my children. At vacation camps, my friends drunk themselves silly, and that was the point some began their journeys into drug addiction. I did none of that, not because I was perfect, but because the good values they taught me had taken roots. Several years after, they could be sure that I was even more mature and had developed more rationale reasoning. I told them that I trusted in my ability to keep out of trouble and impulsive, dangerous acts. If granted the opportunity to interact freely with my peers and explore the world, I would never let them or myself down for I understood the cause of my life.
The English Club. (2009). Teaching Small Classes: The Art of Persuation Persuation. Chicago: Sage

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