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Blue jean waste

Blue Jean Waste: Deposition of prodigious amounts of liquid waste in the form of dark blue dye by a denim jeans manufacturing plant in Africa attracted huge attention in 2009. The particular video revealing the hazardous consequences brought on by that untreated liquid waste in a region which is widely known as ‘ blue jean capital’ of the world called for immediate action (Chang, 2010). Watching the video of blue jean waste left me utterly aghast at what dangers poor people can be exposed to by irresponsible attitude of garment manufacturers. Poor adherence to strict protocols of social and environmental health rapidly leads to a chaotic situation as was seen in the case of people in Maseru. Public health should always come first because I believe that this is foremost important for betterment of a society. This personal belief propelled my reaction to the video which called for more stress to be put on social and environmental responsibility on a global level. I believe that the corporations involved in this case like Gap and Levi reacted appropriately to pandemonium created by the responsible plant. Different regulatory measures taken to prevent blue jeans waste from ruining health of local people in the future are reliable. This is because myriad inventive strategies were engineered by those corporations only days after the incident got reported (Macvicar, 2009). The most valuable action in my opinion was formation of a neutral organization to keep a check on performance of garment manufacturers in Lesotho. Such a neutral monitoring organization was bound to make most objective and unbiased observations regarding actions of the factories blamed.
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