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The practice of bluffing

The Practice of Bluffing Bluffing may actually, after all, be a sound ethical practice in business and elsewhere. Carr’s premise suggests that it is a widely accepted practice to employ bluffing in the normal course of business practices. If you adhere to the letter of the law and operate within the context of what is accepted within the business community as far as ethical practices and honesty, as a whole, then bluffing is certainly an acceptable tactic. In the normal course of life in the areas of political diplomacy, business, and even gambling, people all employ bluffing on certain levels at certain times (Carr, 1968). Some people are better at it than others and use it more. It is certain that almost all businessmen who are successful in business will out of necessity employ bluffing as a legitimate business practice.
The mockery of such principal once discovered can lead to ruin for any business person or politician. It is easier to practice the principles involved here most of the time rather than always be trying to cover up for deception and corrupt practices. The practice of bluffing, at any rate, is an accepted practice. While it is not always wise to be deceptive in business practices, and in fact, great care should be taken to actually be honest when possible, it is necessary to employ bluffing at key times in the normal processes of the business cycle.

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