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Case study facebook

The web and new media such as Faceable have aided organizational communication by spreading information fast and father.

In reality formal chain of command is an incomplete communication, so organizations need to develop informal communication network to better transmit information, such as grapevine. For example, the statuses on Faceable can contribute to the transmission of information. Although face-to-face interview is high in information richness, non-verbal language also has an important impact on the outcome of employment interview decision.

For example, with the pictures posed on Faceable, the clothing people wears can transmit clear signals. On the other hand, it is complicated to transmit information through new media because with not all informal communication bring benefit to organizations, such as rumors.

Therefore, organizations should focus on rumor control, and online media (Faceable) needs to enhance private information security because personal information may be misused by hostile person.

Miranda’ reaction would not the same when she heard the rumor about Rick’s activity which is not rue because interview, including face-to-face interview, telephone conversation etc. Is relatively higher in richness than rumor which Is thought belong to “ chat” type. For example, Miranda has had an interview with Rich, so Miranda has more potential information about Pick with highly non-verbal and Para-verbal cues. Yes, it reflects the “ one up, one down” of gender differences In communication because men tend to be more sensitive to power dynamics than women.

For example, men are more boastful about their competence; Instead, women are low-key In showing their ability, so women Is considered In a one down position.

Therefore, Deborah decreases the times of posing something on Faceable or even no accounts on Faceable. Miranda should hire Deborah. Pictures and statuses can show what Rick really looks like. Rick are more boastful about his capabilities than Deborah, and he minimizes his weakness In performance. Moreover, It Is easy to regular verbal behavior during Interview, so Miranda should turn attention to non-verbal cues. If Miranda hires Rick, uncertainty and risks will Increase.

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