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Payroll system

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This chapter discusses the related literatures and studies for both local and foreign that were gathered from the internet and other published materials. 2. 1. Review of Related Literatures 2. 1. 1. Local Literatures Jeonsoft Solutions Enterprise Inventory System The aim of Jeonsoft Inventory System is to provide easier and faster way to monitor the movement of your business’ stock of goods. It is interactively designed to possibly do the common tasks done in customary way.

From item entry, releasing of items, inventory adjustment, transferring of goods from one warehouse to another and production, sure you can keep track of your inventory. JIS uses JibesXP Tools that has been especially configured with properties that would help you organize well the flow of your inventory. Local Government Unit System and Software Philippines Inventory Control System (ICS) In order to achieve the benefits and objectives on inventory, the ICS has efficient recording of inventory transactions and Monitoring of status. 2. 1. 2. Foreign Literature Just-in-time (JIT), Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

JIT and VMI can shorten lead time, improve quality and relationships if used properly, otherwise it can lead to increased inventory levels. Key factors for enabling JIT and VMI are common goals, management commitment, accurate information and suitable software systems. Suitable suppliers for JIT and VMI are companies that have equal dependency and/or have interdependency and are willing and able to contribute to the competitive advantage of the buying firm. Supplier selection criteria are price, quality, delivery, flexibility, reliability organizational culture, structure and strategy.

Implementation of JIT is not an option today at the Focal Company. Because of the good balance of power and dependence in the relationships between the Focal company and their suppliers there is a good chance of a successful outcome. The Focal Company’s rating criteria are well correlating with the literatures findings, which further support that they are ready to select suppliers for integrated relationships. Multi-Echelon Inventory Management This case is different because it is a multi-echelon inventory model.

What this means in this case is that they had the opportunity to hold inventory at two stages: the raw materials stage and the finished goods stages. 2. 2. Review of Related Studies 2. 2. 1. Local Studies Philippine Rice Research Institute Development of an SMS-Based Rice Seed Stock Inventory System for Rice Farmers, Philippines In 1994 the Philippine Rice Research Institute created a national seed network called ” SeedNet” with 100 seed centres that multiply foundation seeds from local farmers and sell them to commercial seed growers for further multiplication.

As the network has been limited by lack of connectivity and real-time exchange of information, this project aims to develop a Short Messaging Service (SMS)-based Rice Seed Stock Inventory System using mobile phones that will enable seed growers and seed centres to link together and share information using a real-time seed stock inventory system. The system will have an SMS server to handle incoming data and queries and a database to process data and generate reports. Ariel Magat In this study conducted by Ariel Magat (2002), he stated that the Inventory System of the vital to any institution, agency, or department.

The proper safekeeping, processing and disposal of records play important roles in the efficient, effective and smooth operation that eventually would lead to the success attainment of the goal and objectives of institution, agency and department concerned. Based on her recommendation there should be a central record management office that will hold data of the agency to serve as locator of the record and to control the disposal of each record. This can be possible through the use of computerized system. Computer with the appropriate software package is capable of handling records efficiently and effectively.

And locating records that are computerized is faster than finding them in the filling cabinet. 2. 2. 2Foreign Studies SG Court Group, Eastbourne, UK inFlow Inventory Software Trust inFlow to help lower your costs of operation, enable your store to run at optimal efficiency and provide customers with the service they demand. Our easy to use software is designed for all your employees to use. Effortlessly get total visibility of your inventory and enjoy automatic re-ordering of stock that reaches the minimum levels set by you.

You’ll love our business reports too! Review daily sales, discover what items sell best and determine your margin per transaction at the touch of a button. An invaluable solution for retail stores everywhere, inFlow is compatible with most bar code scanners and can be networked to multiple locations. ” Functionally it has everything we do need and nothing we don’t – very easy for our staff to understand. We found other software vendors (outside of the UK) offered products that were hard to integrate with our country specific requirements.

That wasn’t the case with inFlow, we’re very impressed. It’s utterly headache free. ” Richard Cox, IT & Systems Manager of SG Court Group, Eastbourne, UK Riordan Manufacturing Inventory System: RFID-based Tracking The primary weak-link in the value chain of Riordan Manufacturing is the manufacturing process of raw materials inventory tracking. Currently the raw materials arrive and a series of written reports are produced for the Inventory Clerk who then re-produces those reports during a data entry process into the Inventory Office PC (see Figure 1).

This system continues through the chain of manufacturing from the point the raw materials arrive until the final product has been assembled and shipped. This method yields a system that is data redundant, prone to human error on the data entry level, and presents an opportunity for the data to be misinterpreted by the Inventory Clerk for the raw materials ordering. Additionally, few to zero records are being produced that will enable analysis of inventory levels (Riordan Manufacturing).

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