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ESSAY: ARGUMENTATIVE ANALYSIS & SPEECH In this first argument, the main aim that is portrayed in the speech to enlighten the soccer fans on the origin of FIFA World Cup, its evolution and how beneficial the game has been to the fans and the host country of the game. It illustrates how FIFA World Cup has helped bring out the talents of individuals in football. The speech therefore addresses the soccer fans. The design strategy used in this speech was mainly that of sharing the knowledge on the inception of FIFA World Cup with its accrual benefit to both the fans and the upcoming footballers. This speech also aims at changing the perception of the public on FIFA World Cup on the membership to enable participation (King Lee 2004).
The second speech talks intensively about the second largest wide celebrated international football, The Asian Cup. It explains the onset of the Asian Cup and their frequency of holding their sporting activities that happens every two years. The main aim of the speech is to address the soccer audience who are mainly the fans and the organisers of the Asian Cup football the benefit of holding their games at different times with the FIFA World Cup organisers. This in their view attracts more countries to take part in the competition thereby enhancing the football. This is noted as over the years, the number of countries participating in The Asian Cup competition increases. The strategy used in the speech is descriptive in nature. This is because the speaker clearly describes the origin of The Asian Cup competition, its expansion and the present stage and status of the competition as a unifying factor of many Asian countries which had been at wars with each other (King Lee 2004).
The third speech focuses on the Asian Football Confederation, comparing its strength with other soccer confederation of the world. The speaker here illustrates the necessary requirements of taking part in the AFC Champions league tournaments. The main objective of the speech is to give clarity on the importance and position of the AFC Champions league in the world football. This is evident from the speech when he notes that the qualifiers in the AFC Champions league take part in the FIFA World Cup competitions, which is the worldwide celebrated football. The strategy employed in this speech that helps achieve the speakers objective is explanatory mode of speech delivery. This is noted in the way the speaker explains the necessity of participating in the AFC Champions League (King Lee 2004).
The fourth speech clearly illustrates the challenges facing the administration and progress of small businesses. The speaker talks about the enactment of a new business Act that enables firms and small business obtain loans for their business expansions. He however poses a challenge on the bill on its enactment and its benefits. The objective of this speech is to address the government on the implications of the enactment of the new business bill on the businesses and the economy of the country. The strategy used is direct report form of speech delivery that addresses the government directly and the business owners on the implications of the new finance Act. This strategy helps the speaker the audience efficiently (King Lee 2004).
In the last speech on the case between Abigail N. Fisher vs. the University of Texas, the speaker who is the complainant argues on the imbalance of university admission based on gender and not one’s qualifications. The main objective of the speech is to pint out clearly the disadvantages of racial admission in the public Universities. The speaker point out the need of universal admission based on qualification to the requirements as this enables the students to share ideas and knowledge from different parts of the world. The strategy used in the speech is argumentative dialogue where both sides highlight their reasons of the practises. This helps the speaker to achieve his objective of defending himself in the courts on disadvantage of racial admissions (King Lee 2004).
From all the three speeches, the strategies used efficiently help the speakers achieve their objectives in addressing their issues to the audiences. It is therefore important to note that the strategy chosen by a speaker depends on the audience addressed and the purpose of the speech in overall setting (King Lee 2004).
King Lee, C. (2004). Language Output, Communication Strategies and Communicative Tasks, New York, University Press of America

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