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I usually defined during close out.”1 "most

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I select two reports,  2016-04 Berlin Brandenburg Airport group CC.

pdf  and 2016-04 Wembley Stadium group AA. pdf, to write this assignment on review and comment. Let me call the two paper “ BER” and “ WS” for short. This paper include project report expectations from professor. The similarity and difference of the two report,  and my personal comment.  Project Report Expectation   I read carefully about the course sally bus and get some key point(in blue color) relay to a good project report.   “ A team research report on an engineering or other  “ technical” project of your choice which has been completed within the last 15 years, emphasizing “ lessons learned” that we can gain from the project. Focus on management lessons, NOT technical lessons.

Focus on what to do in the future, not just analyze the past. Maybe your lessons can be categorized into the PMBOK Guide knowledge areas if you choose to do so: Scope, Cost, Time, Risk, Procurement, Communications, Human Resources, etc. “ 1  “ lessons learned’ is defined by Max Wideman’s PM Glossary as: “ The capture of what went well as well as past errors of judgment resulting in material failures, wrong timing or other mistakes, all for the purposes of improving future performance. The project team’s learning from the project. Usually defined during close out.” 1  “ Most of your reports will contain between 6 and 12 lessons.

“ 1  To Review the context of the sally bus, the component and structure of a project report are clearly defined . And a guide line How the components should be are presented.    Similarity   “ BER” and “ WS” analyzed both about construction projects, The two reports are in the similar Framework(Table of Content, Executive Summary, Introduction, Several “ Lessons Learned”, Conclusion, Bibliography/Reference and Appendix). Following an Executive Summary which present an overview of the project report. The reminder of the two reports are organized as follows.

Introduction describes the project background. Several “ Lesson Learned”(between 6 and 12) discussed in different knowledge areas in Project Management. The conclusion part provider the final project team’s learning and How to improving future performance, followed by Appendix concluding figures and tables discuss in the report.  They both contented the component needed in a project report. Shows the project team’s learning and analyzed past error in the different knowledge areas.   In the conclusion part, “ BER” and “ WS” both are analyzed the failure story of construction project management.

For example, “ BER” demonstrated ” While poor management of project management issues such as scope, cost, and time management have contributed to the delayed opening, improper communications as well as poor risk management appear to be the underlying causes.” 2. And  “ WS ” showed “ Wembley Stadium is considered to be one of the biggest managerial disasters in the past years. ” 3and “ Procurement processes need to be fair and based on just criteria.

The type of contract should be in the best interest of the project as a whole and not just transferring the risk to another party.” 3   Difference   “ BER” give clear knowledge area in each lessons learned , “ BER” present in a beautiful and impressive format which attracted reader’s interests.    My  comment The two report both choose the construction project with lots of failure experiences. This is a safe choice because it’s easy to figure out where improvements can be made from failure.

In my opinion, the successful project also should be choose to analyzed in the different project management knowledge area. Such successful project may not be copied exactly like Windows(Soft ware), Google(Search Engine), Iphone(smart cellphone), Tesla(Electric Car). But It is still have some lesson can be learned. Such Electronic equipment and consumer products holds a short product life time and the requirements usually change quickly to meet the need of market.

1 Keith Farndale, “ Syllabus Project Management aps1001h 2018 Winter ” 2 Abdullah Ba Wazir, Alexander Gasser, Ziyan(Eddie) Xing “ Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)”. 3 Wenbo Cao, Dima El Baba, Yishu Lu, Daniel Sohm, Ruoxuan Tan, “ Wembley Stadium Project Analysis”.

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