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A technology essay is a form of writing that aims to define the role of inventions in people’s lives. Aside from college students, writing essays may be required for those taking the IELTS exam. Mainly it occurs with the onset of the exam period when teachers need writing assignments of a particular format. The amount of the scholarship depends on the student’s academic performance.

This site contains a database of ready-made examples of student work, including on the topic of technology. Your teacher will not even notice that the essay was not written independently. High-quality work and the use of academic sources are guaranteed.

Features and Technology Essay Topics

Throughout evolution, humans have created adaptations to cope with harsh environmental conditions. The modern world was not the way we always know it. It took society a long time to develop. In recent years, people’s dependence on advanced technologies has become especially strong. The development of science made possible the emergence of agriculture. Then we managed to create computers and carry out the conquest of space. Technology essays span an extended time frame. In them, the student needs both the benefits of the created inventions and their negative effects. Such an essay should have the following features:

  1. It must contain a thesis statement;
  2. The research done must be free of errors;
  3. It needs to be persuasive and expository.

Essay topics can be very different. You may need to talk about technological innovations in the medical field, such as creating 3D designs of organs. Either, your task will be to talk about the role of neural networks in banking. Studying the lecture materials may not be enough to understand the topic of the assignment. In this case, you can always familiarize yourself with student work samples on the site in docx and pdf format.

General Essay Tips

Education is difficult and time-consuming, so do not be upset that you do not know how an essay is written. Essay titles are an essential component. They should demonstrate a new perspective on the problem being analyzed. A good heading will interest a potential reader. The titles of the works posted on the website can serve as prompts for you.

Only relevant and correct information can be used in the essay. Science always looks back at the past but focuses on the future. Likewise, it would be best if you wrote assignments considering previous developments and citing all borrowings. Your essay should be a synthesis of the accumulated findings.

A strong introduction and a conclusion that summarizes the main points are also important. However, the writing’s body is still the most important. Even in a short essay, it is essential to follow a particular style of narrative. Distraction from the topic can affect the assessment of the work, so it is crucial to remain attentive. You may need to write an argumentative essay. In this case, you must follow the rules provided for this writing format. Communication with the teacher is equally important if some aspects of the writing are not clear.

In life, eventually, there comes a time when it is necessary to write a written assignment. Keep in mind that there are specific rules for composing an essay. In particular, it is required to indicate both the advantages and negative impacts of the technology in the paper. If you feel you cannot write a technology-related essay, you can turn to our site for help. We guarantee the absence of plagiarism and adherence to the required format of the assignment.

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3017 Informative Technology Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Cold war technology and atomic hysteria

The Korean War is a time in which he was all in favor of using the atomic bomb. The public was taken to be the subjects in some of these secretive experiments.

Dna testing and database in the uk

The DNA sample will be recovered from a crime scene and then be profiled to find a match in the database just in 15 days! Unintentionally, the existence of DNA database warns the offenders to be more cautious in committing crime.

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Is google making us stupid by carr

According to the article, the internet is making us more and more demanding. Thus, this article has persuaded me that the use of the internet and other related media to research for information is affecting the general thinking capacity of most individuals on the global scene.

Literature review of electric vehicle technology

5 The parts of a permanent magnet motor cutaway In terms of efficiency of PM motors, it is high in operating region because the constant magnet field which eliminates many of the ERR losses of the induction motor. Compared to the combustion energy, the design and placement of electric motors is relatively flexible.

Linkedin profile

According to Kawasaki, " Most people use LinkedIn to " get to someone" in order to make a sale, form a partnership, or get a job. I found the LinkedIn website to be a lot like Facebook or MySpace as far as creating a network.

Nanotechnology in modern technology

Nanoparticles can occur as a byproduct of combustion, industrial manufacturing, and other human activities; these are known as incidental nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are bits of a material in which all three dimensions of the particle are within the nanoscale.

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Technology in satellite internet

Hardware that is needed to be installed on the computer to have this type of internet connection includes satellite dish antenna and a transceiver which works in the microwave portion of the radio spectrum. This is where the function of satellite Internet comes in.

Technology and learning

The modernization of the times led to a startling reality that the world will be crippled without the aid oftechnology. Technology is becoming more and more of a necessity these days in all aspects of daily living and as such, educational institutions have incorporated this subject in their curriculum because the authorities acknowledged the fact β†’

Information systems

A different phase of the methodology that was used in the design of the support system has been discussed and the conditions for designing both supportive and operative systems have been discussed. Coming to the main area of the paper, the author brings up the operative and supportive information systems.

Microsoft corporate

It provides a clear and specific career path to its employees in order to remain at the sharper end of the business. The culture of visionary risk-takers is appreciated in order to appreciate dealing with failure and setbacks.

International conference on technology and business

Social Responsibility Social Responsibility is defined as, " The obligation of an organization's management awards the welfare and interest of the society which provides it the environment and resources to survive and flourish, and which is affected by the organization's actions and policies. It respects cultural differences and finds the business opportunities in building the β†’

Ancient roman technology

Amphitheaters Surrounding the culture of the ancient Romans were heir enormous venues and the events held in them. The Arch Another great technological and architectural marvel of the ancient Romans was the arch.

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Biotechnologytopics essay

When compared to biotechnology, bioengineering is defined as the process by which higher system or mechanical approaches are used to define the interface of living things with technology. Biotechnology has also been useful in the area of utilizing living things so as to produce goods and services which can be used for industrial and practical β†’

One mans experiment with the location awareness lifestyle

In reading this article, I was impressed to see all of the capabilities of technology with apps such as iWant, GasBag, and Wiki me, but I also feel like there is an overload of it right now. By the end of the piece, Matthew Honan seems to agree with this somewhat when he nearly gets β†’

Effects of technology on society

Effects of Technology On Society Technology is detrimental to society today because of the effects It has on children and teens that carry over Into their entire lives. Because the internet makes it easier for bullies to reach out and continue to harm others, more and more people fall victim to the cyber-bullying epidemic.

Science and technology advancements:enhancing

Ease 16 Choreograph is used to measure the Rate of growth of a plant 17 Galileo first scientific discovery was Pendulum 18 Microscope was invented by Eaton Van Lenten Hock 19 The scientist who is known as father of modern biology is Aristotle 20 The first person to see a cell under microscope was Robert β†’

Technological determinism: lag

Technological determinism: Lag - Technology advances but society lags - Can be technological, not just social - Social and political pressures can impose restrictions on technology - Technology is always pushing forward, while everything else drags behind - William Ogburn: "'There is often a delay or lag in the adaptive culture after the material culture β†’

How technology affects our lives

These are just a few of the positives of how technology has affected education, of course there are also negatives to such technology, such as making it easier to cheat. When it comes to healthcare there are not many negative outcomes of the growth of technology.

Biotechnology importance and application

We have also noticed the importance and potential of biotechnology towards the improvement of our environment for a better living along with its capability to meet the need of our depleting energy reserves of fossil fuels, through Bio-fuels as all these things are becoming limited for their availability to ever increasing population. Certainly we can β†’

How did government policty, technology

The Populists of course wanted the silver standard, for inflation and to flood the economy. Economic conditions for the farmers were poor and no one was there to help them.

Task dependency – critical path

Critical Path However the duration of the project is meaningless without identifying what is driving the project, why the project takes so long, what possible action is required to shorten the duration or what possible risk may extend the project. Among the set of activities interconnected on the diagram; there is always one longest duration β†’

How has technology improvements impacted on filmmaking?

For the most part of the filmmaking history the images where acquired by film cameras that used a film as a medium to store the pictures. One of the biggest issues for any production that wants to use film as their recording medium is the amount of finances required to shoot and develop the film.

Charles walton a technology trailblazer

In a quest to find what has become of the father of RFID, I came across upon a lot of literatures that mentioned the names of Walton. One document even comprehensively discussed the origin of the technology and mentioned the names of key figures in the electronic field but failed to highlight the actual maker β†’

Argumentative technology

People who think that technology is helping the world say that people who argue against technology are seniors and do not even understand the modern day equipment. While the Internet is usually very accessible, there is intensified stress and anxiety the odd time that you cannot get onto the Internet.

Civil war technology.

One such ship built by the confederates was the Virginia, " The Ironclad carried ten guns and an iron ram on her prow; she moved slowly and awkwardly, powered by the two old engines of the Merrimack, and it took half an hour to turn her around. In the harbor of the Hampton Roads, the β†’

Humanities-issues in science and societies proposal

Human beings complain about a certain impact on the beauty of natural landscapes, and there are suggestions that living near wind farms negatively causes an illness called " Wind Turbine Syndrome". The evidence shows that there is indeed a place for wind farms in energy planning.

Wireless technology proposal

In addition to the iPad, our team chose to incorporate the Blackberry phone as a wireless mobile device as well. Some of the latest additions to our wireless devices are such as the cell phone and I-pad.

Assessment of physical workload in boiler operations

Number] Assessment of physical workload in boiler operations The article is about the use of boilers in the Brazilian industries and the threat to workers due to these boiler operations. The aim of the article is to focus on the risks involved in boiler activities, the reasons for the failure of these boiler activities causing β†’

Middle ages

Krishna of the Valhalla family brought out Unvaried on the Vigilant of Babushka-al and elaboration of the rules of indeterminate equations of he first and second orders. The Mussels knew the technique of production of gunpowder and its use in gunnery, another application of Chemistry.

Telephone wonders

Therefore, it can probably be fairly considered to be the most important invention in technology because it resulted in a lot of possibilities in the world of communication. This combination of ideas is believed to be what made the Scottish scientist succeed in his endeavor.

5 reasons to quickly start using accelerated mobile pages

If you are unfamiliar with AMP, it's that enables pages on your site to load quickly for users on a mobile device. If you take your mobile device right now and Google a keyword related to current events, you will see that the results include a carousel of AMP pages at the very top of β†’

Assess the impact of technology on the development of cell

His discovery was important in disproving the spontaneous generation theory of cells, in which cells were created out of nothing. This microscope showed not Just the shapes in cell, but the detail also, and is the sort of microscope that is used in senior schools.

Technology and the environment

Because of the pollution of the environment, technology is also associated with degradation of human health and safety. In an optimistic view, the two primary options available for control of this adverse effect of technology on the environment include pollution control and clean production.


Of all of the important advancements three standouts that are intimately connected are the inventions of the radio, computers, and the internet. The computers that are enjoyed today hardly resemble the huge calculating machines that were created around the time of the second world war.

Goal line technology

I believe that goal line technology should not be incorporated into the game of soccer due to the facts that it would slow down the flow of the game, and take away from the history of the sport, as well as imposing more costs for teams to implement and train the use of technology. Three β†’

Understanding technology learners

Teachers/Educators generally use the traditional education program which is applicable to the learners in the past. They fail to realize that the new learners are information technology or digital learners.

Mankind a slace to technology and is technology ruining

The history of technology has seen rapid advancement in all industries from weapons to machinery and science and engineering. Gore, A, explains that, " Mankind is raising the average temperature of the Earth", with the combination of burning fossil fuels and human created green house gases.

Positive role of computers in human life

Hence computers has made it possible for everyone to acquire information and stay abreast with the occurrences across the world and reach out to a global audience. The above advantages and many more demonstrate that the invent of computers has made life simpler for human beings and has given them a platform of not only β†’

Technology impact hr practices

Trailing In virtual classrooms through keep or remote software to makes It possible for the HER professionals to train a large number of employees quickly and to assess their progress through computerized testing programs. Technology also makes it possible for human resources professionals to simply print the forms that are needed for employees.

Advance technology boon or bane essay sample

The ability of technology to adapt to hostile conditions is being strained in the face of the effect we are having on the environment. If we at all wish to quantify the cons of technology, we will end up with just our own flaws.

Technology in sports

Advances in the each one of the sports that Is held In the Olympics, Like how the tennis racket Is constructed or In 2016 when golf will debut in the Olympics they will either have to decide if the USGS ill be used, each golf brand has over twenty different specs for each ball or β†’

Technology and happiness

Many people would be angry if we get ride of is, because it is a helpful and time saving device, and the everyday mission is to be time saving. It seems, as we have become addicts to technology, and Is has become a habit, and sometimes that habit get the better of us.

Y2k 18217

Then the last minute of the year shows up on the large clock. As the idea of the Y2K problem first appeared, these visions were more common and more often to see in the newspapers, magazines and TV shows.

Over reliance on technology

In the age of pin size microchips and artificial Intelligence the sky Is the limit to our advancement of faster and more integrated technology. It caused great confusion and landed most of the companies in hot water with there clients." The main reason for the failure was the lack of guidance for the clients and β†’

Agricultural biotechnology: evolution and impact assignment

Lack of awareness among the people, and fight against World Hunger were one of the prime reasons I chose this epic, Biotechnology plays an Important role In Improving the quality and nutrition In the food that we eat, it focuses on facilitating farmers in most parts of the world. In agriculture biotechnology, the DNA of β†’

Integer programming

The summation over the shipment variables xi j in the ith constraint of is the amount of the good shipped from warehouse i. The problem can be interpreted as a traveling salesman problem, in which the " salesman" corresponds to the machine which must " visit" or perform each of the jobs." Home" is the β†’

Drawbacks of information technology

Threat to personal privacy and hazards of high tech crime: Many people nowadays do not carry cash every time, instead they use debit cards and credit cards; these cards are easy to use as they just needed to be swiped and rest of the transaction is done by the banks. The difficulty of defining and β†’

”can science be ethical?” by freeman dyson essay sample

The gap between the needs of a particular person and cloning practice is wide, and applied ethical standards is the only way to guard researchers in cloning industry. Scientific development is described and manifested by a new line of gadgets and products that purportedly make everyday living easier than before, and ethics becomes the only β†’

Technology in the work force

It is important to be a role in the families life and I think myself anyways would help more with face to face contact which is something that computers and technology can only go so far with. I think the work force even In the future are going to need people that understand others and β†’

History of computing: alan turing, the father of computer science research paper example

Alan Turing was born in the year 1912, and he lived in a time way before the age of the domination of computers. During the investigation period it was discovered by the police that, apparently, Turing and one of the accomplices in the break-in have met before; in a homosexual encounter.

Technology is making us alienated

We do not go to the houses of our neighbors at all and not even bothered to evils people who are sick. We do not go to the houses of our neighbors at all and not even bothered to visit people who are sick.

Wireless technology paper

The price for delivery of the plates is also calculated for an expense. Technology has opened more many options for the operation of Wi-If.

Nanotechnology-implications and future

Nanotechnology is engineering, science, and technology which Is conducted on annoyance. Let Is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.

Report on web programming

HTML at a Crossroads HTML and the World Wide Web in general are currently in a stage of development similar to that of the desktop publishing revolution. The World Wide Web and Web Servers Probably the most important thing to remember about the World Wide Web and the Internet in general is that they are β†’

Limiting the use of technology

The Internet is one of the many forms of technology we use on a day-to-day basis, and it can be very helpful or very distracting. Time management is one of the biggest problems we face when technology is in our day-to-day focus and priority.

Biotechnology assignment

Two Techniques are mainly used, the first involves the use of a short strand of DNA know as a " probe" to identify mutations and the second involves the use of genes and comparing it's sequences to that of a healthy individual. Familiarization- is the application of electronics and measurement techniques to develop devices used β†’

Technological innovation

As the number of people using the internet continues to grow, businesses are beginning to use the internet in a number of new ways. People are relying less and less on the television for their entertainment and are fleeing to the internet.

Advances in information technology

Children's Internet Protection Act, 2000 Congress passed The Children's Internet Protection Act in 2000. The Internet has many tools that may be beneficial for children's education and success.

Communication devices 13823

With the invention of the printing press by Gutenburg in 1434, and subsequently the first book in print, he can be credited as the father of the information age. The problem with credit and debit cards is that they attach your personal information to every transaction, which seems an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

The manual for engineers and technicians

The Manual for Engineers and Technicians This reflective memo discus the rhetoric choices made during the preparation of the manual. The parts described in the manual are changing the camera module, the liquid crystal display, the ear piece, the mouth piece and the integrated circuit on the mobile circuit board.

Acl in practice

In this chapter you accomplished the following tasks; Opening a project Viewing the project contents; Using Statistics and Profile commands to analyze data; Using Quick Sort to sort the data in a specified order Creating and applying filters Examine the employee list Tasks: View the employee data project. To sort the records in the table, β†’

How has amazon used technology?

This Is the way Amazon uses kiosks to improve its business.4. Which metrics could Amazon use to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of Amazon's website?

The advancement of technology in the case of health care

This would result in more impulsive action and the outcome of such behavior would certainly be very disastrous. Thus when technology is shut, the physician loses the essence and could be equated to a licensed murderer.

Controversy over biotechnology assignment

Watson shows this to hold true to biotechnology by pointing out that people are afraid of the possible outcomes of further research in the field of Genetic Engineering. No government wants to be the one that initiates the redirection of human evolution, therefore nobody has the funds to do research.

Term information

Today at the press of a button we can get any information that we want from anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second, sitting in our room. The facility of Internet and surfing opens us to the world of Information superhighway enabling us to seek the Information that we want.

E-learning technology

By understanding the drivers and barriers to technology integration, university administrators and IT professionals could provide guidance on ways to enhance the use of technology to augment face-to-face instruction. As a result, faculty members are not consistent in the use of Blackboard and mainly used to post course content.

Tempest technology 10687

TEMPEST Technology: The Next Step in the Evolution of Technology and the End of Personal Secrecy and Privacy in our Homes and Work Places Many people have no idea what TEMPEST technology is and yet, this could be the next biggest tool for espionage and spying on people since the microchip telephone bug was invented. β†’

Dbq han and roman technology

The document states things such as " cleverly Improved" or " Increasing the efficiency" which shows how they used the technology to better their society, Technology was so Important to the Hans that even their emperor was creating new forms of It. The Han empire valued technology greatly and saw it as the best way β†’

Thought and technology

Essentially, the way we are currently using computers and technology is reducing our abilities although the use of computers and modern advances of technology has rapidly increased, it has had a negative impact towards the current society and the generations to come. Wendy Boswell, the author of the article " The World Wide Web, How β†’

Technology has been at the center of changes taking place

Technology has been at the center of changes taking place that affect the supply chain." Discuss the impact of the Internet or Information Technology on Logistics Management." BY Chickenhearted Executive Summary The proliferation of information technologies and the internet technologies have provided impetus and challenges to the logistics. The IVR system allows the customer to β†’

B-52 stratofortress – legendary us air force strategic bomber

While these issues do not affect their journey through the air, the United States government and the Air Force both have to pay heavy price tags to keep the planes up-to-date on the latest technology. Converse All-Stars are the shoes that make the women and scream, and the teachers scowl they did back in the β†’

The difference and the disadvantage of the windows platform and linux

Windows 2000, OSX and Linux are all related to the popular UNIX operating system: the former and the OSX trace their roots on the OS while the latter is one of its clones. The difference and to the disadvantage of the Windows platform is in regard to the security issues.

Over-dependence on technology

This reliance is expected and necessary if the technology is to realize the potential for which it is designed. This reliance is expected and necessary if the technology is to realize the potential for which It Is designed.

Research principles and practice of cloud computing

It is in view of this, that this research would examine the present adoption state of cloud-based database technologies and their uses, analyse the issues involved in moving data from local infrastructure to different cloud-based DBMS, perform an experiment to differentiate performance prospects of the alternative cloud-based DBMS, present the findings and make recommendations on β†’

Science and technology corporation

For instance, it Is true that Sect's market share is 31%, 2nd already to Terabyte but it has the lowest Profitability among Its competitors, More so, It has the ingest recovery time in terms of earnings and has the widest range of Stock Price which makes it more vulnerable to fluctuations and most difficult to β†’

The impact of technology

As the development of modern society continues to grow, the coverage of application of technologies is gradually wider and wider. In this essay, both the positive and negative influence of technology on people's lath is illustrated and analyzed.

Informations technology

TTS has said that It Is expecting to beat the forecasts of 11-14% growth In revenues set by MASCOT for IFFY. But by failing to meet expectations in 3 of the 5 recent quarters, it has lost its status as the industry bellwether.

Advancement in information technology

Lift your handset and dial, and you are connected to the other side of the world. So while exposure to events and lifestyles of people in the western part of the hemisphere could be informative and intellectually stimulating, yet the gaps could be quite alarming to those in the less developed countries.

Business innovation

If a viewer is searching for a specific topic, we want the video to be easy to find. A major problem the needs to be addressed is how to market our site and create awareness.

How new technology such as facebook

Regardless matter where you are, social networking websites can update you on friends' news and exchange Ideas, photos, news and videos immediately. Many people do not realize that some people do not use social networking websites and cell phones, such as the elderly, and some people do not Like to share personal Information on the β†’

Technological advances in military robotics weaponry

TALON is equipped with a range of in-built sensors, taking audio, video and chemical search. Similarly is MATILDA, equipped with different cameras and sensors.

More technology more problems

However, there are many people who see the advantages of technology.first of all, the products of new technologies like electronic devices are very useful.technology makes the world become smaller.for instance 3G people connected at all times and in all places.ecnology put enjoable materials to our lifes like smart phones; tablets or even mp3 players.and Companies β†’

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is very cost efficient as it is very easy to maintain and use. Cloud computing has made it very easy to access Information but one of the biggest flaws Is that It does not provide with a lot of space.

Crime and technology

One of the aspects which are negatively influencing the forensic science and the level of expectations people have from forensic evidence and science is the guidance given by the popular television shows related to the crime; Conclusion - In today's progressively multifaceted world, we discover ourselves at relatively unique cultural and societal cross ways. Measuring β†’

Information technology task

You need to provide the following outputs: A report where you discuss the research/investigation done regarding the project provide a brief description of the purpose and scope of your project provide analysis of a possible solution a document outlining the system design a working Scratch program, fully documented, that implements the planned solution Phase 3) β†’

Technology growth

Virtual reality is big right now and in 20 years it could be massive especially in places like Canada and the US that have lots of technology. In the future using IVR and AR a person could actually feel like they are in the game.

Millennials vs the world essay sample

Millennials vs the World The Millennial Generation is by far the most analyzed, most marketed to and most intriguing generation to date. As a group, the Millennial Generation embodies a spirit of optimism and cooperation.


That should mean that we can use this new and beneficial technology to our advantage, to make our lives easier in many aspects, read up and fill ourselves with useful knowledge in the click of a button, right? People do not interact the same with each other because they are used to conversing more through β†’

Technology of operation

These changes will affect operations of Dunkin Donut both for the head quarters and the receiving franchises of the Richmond project. The priority of the CPF is to supply quality merchandise to the franchises on time and in proper quantity.

The effect of social network sites on adolescents

The effect has been noted in reduced grades to persistent users of these sites. On the other hand, these sites have led to cyberbullying.

Googles cloud

Impact on Companies Cloud computing is the new wave to technology that is sweeping many corporations. Cloud computing has given a platform to smaller companies in level with the multinationals.

History and evolution of drone technology

The military observe the security matters from the quadcopter. There are a lot of difference of the features of the drone between the past and today.

The process of burning in photoshop

Layers in Photoshop are used to ensure that when editing a photo the initial image from being is not tampered with and retain its image format. The filter can be applied in any part of an image; they are used to mimic traditional filters, which created painterly effects.

Technology and resource allocation

Perhaps the schools that receive the most money are the ones failing, and an increased budget is seen as the most efficient way to boost their performance. 3% of the variation in the data is explained by variations in the computer to student ratio.

Steel design

Design typical structural elements of the chosen arrangements in sufficient detail to enable a contractor to prepare a budget quotation. Sketch, to scale, fabrication details of: a principal column on the periphery of the main assembly shop; the proposal for the central support.

Electronic voice phenomenon

Similar to a dog whistle, EVP has a frequency that is too high for a human to hear, but for such things that are designed specifically for hearing higher frequencies - such as the audio recorder which uses magnets to record onto tape - it works. In the 1990 movie Ghost, another form of communication β†’