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A technology essay is a form of writing that aims to define the role of inventions in people’s lives. Aside from college students, writing essays may be required for those taking the IELTS exam. Mainly it occurs with the onset of the exam period when teachers need writing assignments of a particular format. The amount of the scholarship depends on the student’s academic performance.

This site contains a database of ready-made examples of student work, including on the topic of technology. Your teacher will not even notice that the essay was not written independently. High-quality work and the use of academic sources are guaranteed.

Features and Technology Essay Topics

Throughout evolution, humans have created adaptations to cope with harsh environmental conditions. The modern world was not the way we always know it. It took society a long time to develop. In recent years, people’s dependence on advanced technologies has become especially strong. The development of science made possible the emergence of agriculture. Then we managed to create computers and carry out the conquest of space. Technology essays span an extended time frame. In them, the student needs both the benefits of the created inventions and their negative effects. Such an essay should have the following features:

  1. It must contain a thesis statement;
  2. The research done must be free of errors;
  3. It needs to be persuasive and expository.

Essay topics can be very different. You may need to talk about technological innovations in the medical field, such as creating 3D designs of organs. Either, your task will be to talk about the role of neural networks in banking. Studying the lecture materials may not be enough to understand the topic of the assignment. In this case, you can always familiarize yourself with student work samples on the site in docx and pdf format.

General Essay Tips

Education is difficult and time-consuming, so do not be upset that you do not know how an essay is written. Essay titles are an essential component. They should demonstrate a new perspective on the problem being analyzed. A good heading will interest a potential reader. The titles of the works posted on the website can serve as prompts for you.

Only relevant and correct information can be used in the essay. Science always looks back at the past but focuses on the future. Likewise, it would be best if you wrote assignments considering previous developments and citing all borrowings. Your essay should be a synthesis of the accumulated findings.

A strong introduction and a conclusion that summarizes the main points are also important. However, the writing’s body is still the most important. Even in a short essay, it is essential to follow a particular style of narrative. Distraction from the topic can affect the assessment of the work, so it is crucial to remain attentive. You may need to write an argumentative essay. In this case, you must follow the rules provided for this writing format. Communication with the teacher is equally important if some aspects of the writing are not clear.

In life, eventually, there comes a time when it is necessary to write a written assignment. Keep in mind that there are specific rules for composing an essay. In particular, it is required to indicate both the advantages and negative impacts of the technology in the paper. If you feel you cannot write a technology-related essay, you can turn to our site for help. We guarantee the absence of plagiarism and adherence to the required format of the assignment.

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5364 Informative Technology Paper Examples to Help You Improve Your Performance

Lucent technologies case task

According to the information provided in the case revealing, the current assets in 2003 was 49. Some additional financial information that investors and creditors would need in order to make investing and lending decisions for Lucent Technologies would be the company's financial statements.

Books vs technology

Although most everything can be found on the Internet, even thinking about getting rid of the paper book would be preposterous." A booklets world in which people learn to read and research by virtue of snippets and tags and annotations and wick- research will be a world of people who not only will not be β†’

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New functions of social networking sites

The Facebook system can identify the person in any photo with help from information saved in the database and tag the person immediately. However, compared to giving your facial features and information to the Facebook system, the latter is more destructive.

Modern concrete technology

The new opportunities this material offers have been subject to research for a number of years at the Chair of Building Construction and Design at the ROTH Aachen's within the framework of a special research area. Textile framework for concrete constructions Innovative types of concrete framework made of textile are part of a research focus β†’

The advantages and disadvantages of technology

We cannot escape from the absolute need of technology in our daily life. The use of technology has made our life comfortable.

Technology and strategy

They must also be prepared to use creativity and innovation to develop and offer new products to meet the needs of the ever-changing demands and technology-driven consumer base. Perez also states that business need to create new avenues that have the potential to grow quickly and replace lost revenues when they find themselves in a β†’

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In the last few days, I have noticed that the majority of students I cross on my way to class show absolutely no attention to the beautiful environment we have present on campus. Gilbert White said, " The most insignificant insects and reptiles are of much more consequence, and have much more influence in the β†’

Technology in motion picture

All those changes are the contributions of the development of the technology. Filmmakers also need to be cautious that the zoom, track, move and the speed of the cameras are exactly same that the pictures of both do not result different from each other.

Cyber security: threats, response and improvement

As President Obama explained, the growing number of attacks on our cyber networks has become " one of the most serious economic and national security threats our nation faces." This increased threat explains the increase in the cyber security field, task force work, watchdog groups and government agencies over the past decade." Cyber security," as β†’

Information technology on society

The social Impact of the Internet brought with It new concepts of sociology, ways to research and how the knowledge can be applied. The biggest of those Is ace to face contact with the Individuals that mean the most.

Technology and innovative business

It allows companies to select the best suppliers for their needs regardless of their geographical location, and to sell to a global market. The internet, thru virtual rooms and online conferences are used to collaborate within virtual companies.3.

A look at how propellers achieve balance

With the suspension method, the propeller is hanged by a cord and the imbalance noted by the eccentricity between the disks attached firmly and the cylinder that is attached to the part under test. Whenever a propeller is balanced statically, it remains in that position as compared to the one that is not statically balanced.

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Technological innovations – the world is shrinking

The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the telecommunications industry, describing both past and future, and also to give a deeper insight in Swedish industry through a case study of Ericsson. The most important catalyst to increased and enhanced global communications was probably the development of satellite technology.

Man vs. technology

I believe the rise of Internet technology has Improved the workplace and our dally lives In very many ways. I believe the rise of Internet technology has improved the workplace and our daily lives in very many ways.

Critical thinking in animal testing

We seldom bother of how the other species think and feel because human are selfish. Majority people does not complain much as we are able to get the things we want easily.

Website verification

Whilst, the user brings in to use the semantic mark-up in the Web pages so as to formulate the rules and regulations which must hold on the data present in the site, we have proposed a system tool for the verification of Web pages which allows the user to describe rules and limitations in a β†’

What should a guide to proper cell phone use include

Cell phone usage while driving has been strictly prohibited as being too dangerous to one's safety and also those of others on the road. Also, in certain buildings for security reasons, cell phones are not allowed and the regulations in place by these buildings should be respected.

The importance of information technology auditing

IT auditing allows the auditors to provide a more effective financial audit because it provides the auditor with the processes and information that the client used to prepare the statements. An IT auditor would use this assertion to prove that the Information used in the systems Is legitimate and that there are controls In place β†’

Impact of a data classification standard: user domain

The user domain can be configured to internal use only and only the IT Department can grant access privilege for Remote Access Point. A LAN domain requires strong security and access controls, since the biggest threat to this domain is un-authorized access to anything on the network.

Piggybacking essay

The subscriber is authorized to access the web services whereas the latter is not. In such a situation, most would opt to access the network.

Green technology

Today our country and many others, even developing countries are researching and spending billions of dollars on green technology to extend the life of our planet and reduce the effects we are having on it. Now that we have defined green technology and given a basic idea of what it is and the goals of β†’

Information technology 13865

When an animal gets sick it is the duty of the veterinarian to determine the cause of the sickness and the best possible course of treatment for it. All the doctor has to do is put a drop of blood into the Idexx and it does the rest.

Technology for modern life

The XP free, import a text file containing hashes you created with podium, fudged or similar third party tools, extract the hashes from the SYSTEM ND SAM files, dump the SAM from the computer backpack is running on or dump the SAM from a remote computer. For the Local SAM and Remote SAM options, you β†’

Technological advancements 42252

The increasingly overwhelming response is that technology is positive and it aids to the students success. With so many components of the class being essential to use the internet it is critical that students have continual access to computers.

Pros and cons of technology

Companies that depend heavily on computer systems to conduct business can come to a virtual standstill If the system breaks down. Companies that employ telecommuters may face the additional expense Involved with sending a computer technician to a worker's home to Install new equipment or programs.

Information technology

In this essay, I would reveal the merits and demerits of living In a small village. Apparently, the downside of living in a small village Is people cannot even take chances to study-and-work best and have healthy life.

English language and technology

Therefore, the non-standard spacing and punctuation simply suggests some haste in composition and it may be implied that the use of the letter/number homophones and phonetic spelling are simply signs of how language had changed our language through the use of technology? however. The use of the 'x' at the end of the messages acts β†’

Social&technology analysis of revlon

The age range of consumers is developing to both younger and elder. Since the majority of personal care products are currently sold in the United States, Japan, Canada, and European countries, the potential for sales of personal care products around the world is excellent.

Decision support system example

A web-based DSS allow for online exploration of data and other statistical activities at the right time analysis and aids in the generation of the reports required when making decisions collaboratively. Establishing Web-based DSS increases the utility of decision information and DSS in the government.

Technology report

The biggest question Is, does the quantity of technology affect the quality of relationships? It keeps you up to date with what people are doing outside of your social circle.

Technology solution provider

Technology solution provider is accepting resumes from college students for an internship as Accounting Intern By emphysema Responsibilities include Manage monthly invoices to make sure all product pricing is up to date Manage Manage the finance board' and address daily Provide quality customer service when interacting with clients about their invoices empathic to their issues. β†’

Information technology

The word 'franchise' is of Anglo-French derivation - from franc - meaning free, and is used both as a noun and as a verb. A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced.

Educational technology and other learning resources

One of the things that I learned from this chapter is that not academies use the same resources to present suitable ideas, facts, and skills that are to develop students' knowledge of the world or to enhance the inborn abilities of dents in field of education. After reading this chapter, I learned that there is β†’

Oryx and crake technology

But to date, humans do not have the capability to Implement a number of different genes to create a whole new family under the hierarchy of biological classification. She may be implying that attempting to create beings with human qualities could lead to the devastation of the world as we know it, ultimately causing humans β†’

Role of technology on behaviour of employees

Effect of technological environment on the behavior of employees The effect of development of tools and technology on the evolution of human activity has long been a major concern for researchers of social behavior. The impacts are dependent on the sector the technological environment is introduced into and the nature of work of the employee β†’

Database fault tolerance

Fault-tolerance or graceful degradation is the property that enables a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure of some of its components. After this, the internal state of the erroneous replication is assumed to be different from that of the other two, and the voting circuit can switch to a DMR β†’

Genetic biotechnology

It is form of biotechnology which involves the deliberate altering of the genetic material of living things so as to enhance or remove a particular trait of the parent organism. The DNA of the new human is often identical to that of the original individual.b) Therapeutic cloning Therapeutic cloning involves the removal of the DNA β†’

Technology and modernity

Engrossed to the trend of coolest or most hip as they say, the majority are sure to acquire from technology which people would not only buy into but would as well spend every deal of penny just to get into the hive and satisfy both curiosity and obsession. With thousands upon thousands of users tied β†’

Osha hearing conservation program

There should also be training for employees to sensitize them on the risks involved and how to curb them e.g.using the various hearing protectors and the importance of the hearing conservation program. General measurement records, on the other hand, should be kept for a minimum of 2 years.

Fire protection hydraulics and water supply

The lateral size of the ladder pipe is also a relevant information that must be known as this would help to determine if it matches with the flow capability of the pump, so if this size does not match with the flow capability, the flow rate of the pump would be controlled that is increased β†’

Communication and information technology

We mainly meet a general negative opinion to the internet, if we look at the article called " Sex, Lies and the Internet." For example he claims that, the internet destroys many people's reputations and with it many people's lives and how easy it is to lie. In his opinion it will mostly help a β†’

Technology and the changes it brings

In my opinion, the technological Innovation that has had the greatest Impact on our lives In this country today would be the mobile telecommunication technology. For the last ten to fifteen years, mobile phones have changed our lives in such a way that no other technological change has before.

Feasibility report

These are the financial model, the car park model, and the advertising of the concert. The sale of merchandise is feasible because we know exactly how much we are going to sell the merchandise for.

Manufacturing sector is expected to lose more workers

In a variety of the activities mentioned, their current wage rates are ranked lowest and this reflects on the required skills as well as the labor supply size. It is estimated that 5 percent of all its activities can be automated in terms of manufacturing; however, this is dependent on a particular occupation in the β†’

Database projects in ms access

The problem will be of a substantial nature and is intended to integrate the various skills and concepts developed during the course. The solution is likely to involve the appropriate use of a range of advanced features and functionalities.

Object-oriented programming and recommendation summary

The system can be useful in computing the payroll of the employees especially to the owner it minimize their works. The system can be useful in computing the salary of the employee especially to the owner it minimize their works.

Uses of technology

Your total price will include the price of the product plus any applicable sales tax; such sales tax is based on the bill-to address and the sales tax rate In effect at the time you download the product. Apple reserves the right to close accounts and request alternative forms of payment if a Gift Certificate, β†’

Negative effects technology has on teens

Also wrote that teens become In their own world when they text or out In headphones so teens risk of getting hurt Is much higher. Roberts states that " 33% of teens are obese" This Is because teens that are obese stay Inside and eat all day, and lack physical activity to burn off the β†’

Technology and modern world

This knowledge and information gathered and interpreted from focus groups can and will be used as input for the design of a learning game that will be largely compatible with the needs and abilities of a wide range of the older Europeans. How many employers wish they could say that about even a tenth of β†’

Architectural & bim technology

A background on the history of the college edifice is carried out and from here the chief legal issues that will originate in such a undertaking will be outlined and three of these issues will be examined in more item. The chief elements of plants to the protected constructions will be the fix and renovation β†’

Comparison between cisc and risc technologies essay sample

The CPU can be thought of as the brain of the computer. This was not unique to complex instructions as the presence of these complex instructions also slowed down the execution of the simpler instructions.

Review of technology (5%)

If they were to go with a web developer tool then the company would need to bring in contractors and programmers to create and maintain the site. Secondly, it will help me enhance my knowledge of the technology, which would be an excellent addition to my skills.

The historians morton and hill

The concept of the ranters as a sect was most popular among historians such as A. The concept of Ranters as a milieu has caused a dispute among historians.

Comparison between cortex a9 and intel core series processor

Comparison between Cortex A9 and Intel Core Series processor Instruction Comparison between RISC based Cortex A-9 Processor and Intel Core Series Processor Instruction set and Architecture Introduction ARM's Cortex A9 processor and Intel Core series processors are considered top of the line of line processor. The Cortex A9 processor is a Reduced Instruction Set based β†’

The impact of the lasers technology on society

Since laser light can be focused to a very small point of light, lasers are used In CD players, In surgery, In communication, In welding, In cutting, In spectroscopy and In printing Industry. Looking at the advantage of the laser, we can find that there are four characteristic of laser light.

How has technology over the years affected society today?

It is getting bad, 37% of adults have admitted to being addicted to their smart phones while 60% of children and teens have admitted to being addicted to their smart phones. And when they do have smartphones they do not use ninety percent of the apps or things like that when that's what smartphones are β†’

Impact of technology

The technology giants of the world are enlarging their establishments here In India knowing the fact that India holds the supremacy In the field of future of technology. The enormous sum of money spent in education still is scanty due to the large population of mother India.

It companies

The high levels of cash from the IPO have resulted in this beer company having a very high Current Ratio, Based on the above analysis, I conclude that the first company is Company M, and the second company is Company N. These factors are reflected by a high profit margin The second of the steel β†’

Virtual reality

The second will deal with measuring the astronauts' perception of the effectiveness, benefit, and capability of IVR and NBS training. Since the amount of training and number of astronauts is known, we can assign a ' capital factor' to the facilities and computer costs associated with the IVR alternative.

People have become overly dependent on technology

From the Greek word techne, meaning art or artifice or craft, technology literally means the act of making or crafting, but more generally it refers to the diverse collection of processes and knowledge that people use to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. All this makes it particularly important that people β†’

“the impact of technology on humanity”

With the rapid increase of technology in today's society, it brings only good things such as increased competition with lower prices, a more efficient workplace, increased productivity, and of course a higher stand of living. It would be more expensive a to buy a newer machine with better technology that produces 2, 000 more dog β†’

Oil & gas security market by applications and technology

This report on oil & gas security focuses on such technologies and products that are needed to protect the existing and future infrastructure. 011 & gas pipeline security and the transportation security are required to ensure the smooth operation of energy Industry, and are expected to drive the 011 & gas market.

Advancement in science and technology

Although science and technology might be able to flourish and produce benefits for man if it is allowed to violate our code of ethics, in the long run, violating our code of ethics might cause advancements in science and technology to lose its purpose and direction and might result in people misusing the technology. If β†’

Technology and plagiarism

There have been many cases of misconduct and disobedience of the Journalists code of ethics In the past and recent future. The only requirement for contributing to and taking from the gigantic world of words is Integrity.

Short essay on the role of technology in modern politics

But most importantly, it allows us to express our own opinions with the option of anonymity and a guarantee of a substantial number of audience. The only problem is here in the Philippines, only the well to do could easily access such information not the people in the slums, the people on the streets, not β†’

A graphical picture of process output

The strength of the relationship is determined by the variability of the cluster of points relative to a mathematical expression describing the association. Thus, a control chart tests the statistical stability of the process.

Capital and technology

In practice however this was not the case and our essay highlights how the new 'spivvy' banking system and its allied activities led to what today is known as the international financial crisis. Transition from traditional to modern banking: The U.S.financial-services industry was deregulated in 1999 with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which was β†’

Evaluating performance technology in drama

After viewing the production of Joy Fear & Poetry, it is evident that the use of performance technologies both live and pre-recorded, effectively enhance the space, mood and overall meaning of the play. The set of Joy Fear & Poetry consists of a plain cardboard structure positioned in the middle of the performance space.

Scope of technology

First, Winston clearly defines technology as " the organization of knowledge, people, and things to accomplish specific practical goal"; second, he states that " technology consists of not only useful artifacts and the tools and processes to produce them but also the entire organization of people and materials that permits the calculation of the knowledge β†’

Information technology in the package delivery business

The information contained in these labels allows UPS begin to create the most efficient delivery route for the package before it is even picked up. UPS also uses its years of experience in the package delivery business to branch out and create new products and services for their customers.

A day without technology

When I was In elementary school I remember the first cell phone I away was a medium grey phone that has a simple green background screen with black font. As all this technology advances we want to get the latest and ask for more.

Ancient egyptian technology

The Nile river, which runs north through the heart of the country, first runs through a forest high in the mountains to the south of Egypt. With a high rocky plateau to the east cutting off the rainspouts, a desert to the west and being close to the equator, the Nile turned into he only β†’

Business technology trends

Modern data applications In storage capacity, I / O performance, availability, reliability, efficiency, management, business continuity and other aspects of the storage system continuously put forward higher demand, based on available storage formalization solutions can help data center deal these new challenges. 2, SD solid state Drives storage Industry Is currently much attention outrage of β†’


Most of the time they just stay Inside their homes on the computer or phones. People take all of this for granted, what would they do if there was a power cut and they could not watch TV or go on the computer?

How technology transforms the private and public realms

However, although the technological advance have been and is extremely helpful to everyone around the world, people need to think about how people can be too consumed in the technology that they can isolate themselves from the outside world even. We know that we have work to finish or something we have to do and β†’

Technology convergence is all around us

Describe and find the Impact of Social news What is Social media and its impact. Define what is a Social Networking site and its impact to the user and research the five most popular Social networking sites today.

Impact of technology on communication

Ultimately, the advancement In communication technologies Is a key factor In the process of globalization. However, advocates will argue that advancement in effects of advancement in communication technology at the societal, cultural, physical presence allows members to network in the real world, as well as the virtual,

The hunger games

The girl who was on fire": the author uses this epithet as a metaphor to describe Katniss more than it appears in the designs by Cinna. Her dresses and the epithet are among the examples of figurative speeches used by the author to depict Katniss as an epic hero.

Technology vs humans

Possibly a factory that aids In the manufacturing of cars, or makes the parts for the machines that cut the small pieces that result In a larger product. After reading the surveys I was able to conclude that the majority of the subjects strongly agreed that technology will eventually replace human positions In the workplace.

Baseline magazine

As such, the site is structured in a formal format which can allow users of the site to gather all the information they need, perform analysis and make decisions on how to utilize the information in advancing their individual IT companies. The number of images is limited in the site and this gives the information β†’

The good effects of technology

Technology lets people improve the way of their live and help the people to preserve their energy in doing works and focus on the really important factors in life. Firms could use the help of technology to help them promote their own products and to let more people know their products deeply.


We use them to communicate, to eat, to travel, to be healthy and so on. Another reason for the impact of modern technology on creating a similar world is that it makes possible for cultures to communicate with each other.

Supporting commercialization of technology-enabled cancer solutions

Over the last few decades, the health care sector has witnessed a historic transformation characterized by the emergency of technological based tools aimed at addressing various challenges associated with cancer and to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors as well as preventing secondary recurrence. Rationale of the Study The findings of this study β†’

Relating to technology

And Just like many who claim technology to be a way of life, I acknowledge that the technology continues to embed Itself into my everyday life practices both professional and personal. Technology will continue to evolve and take over " just like dinosaurs gave way to mounds and mounds of ice" and gradually become synonymous β†’


The advancement of information technology and the implementation of user friendly computer system have transformed most processes in the accounting cycle into an automated process which improves the accuracy, speed, efficiency and the convenience of accounting procedures. Hence, the degree of accuracy using computerized accounting system is very high and make the accounting information more β†’

Evaluate the asset, debt, and equity structure of lucent technologies

The increase in inventory volume makes a significant impression over the growth and the future of the company. Lucent Technologies is not heavily dependent on equity financing which has made a positive impression on the stock prices and also there is a hint that in the years to come the management of the company might β†’

How technology has shaped society

The absence of face-to-face communication can take a toll on the development of youth and their perception of reality. One in 1 1 children are addicted to technology." Not only is technology harmful in social situations but also from a safety standpoint." In May of 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phones, and other β†’

Superhero in the cubicle

For my case, these technologies are not very applicable due to the nature of my work. These advanced communication tools are available in the modern type business environment.

Role of biotechnology in the development and improvement

Once the plant material is chosen for culture, the collection of explants begins and is dependent on the type of tissue to be used; including stem tips, anthers, petals, pollen and others plant tissues. Tissue culture commonly refers to the culture of animal cells and tissues, with the more specific term plant tissue culture being β†’

Advantage of technology in education

The increased use of technology in education has brought popularity to the concept of distance learning. The use of technology in education today has made a huge wealth of knowledge accessible to students.

Human and technology

September/26/2011 The Pros and Cons of Technology Today In this source It talks about the great things of technology and how It has come a long way and helped out the world lots and that we use it in our everyday lives, but also that with every good there comes a bad. This source is β†’

Biotechnology assignment

Biotechnology BY sepal-Aria Biotechnology and its Prospects: Past and Present situation in Nepal The word ' biotechnology itself sounds whimsical and it does have some research glamour on It but in the simplest way biotechnology Is the research oriented subject where people can do research from zero level to gene level. In context of Nepal, β†’

Gadgets that people use

Nokia is facing a sudden downturn in the cell phone industry market and to revamp its growth and profits, Nokia should redefine its Marketing strategy as per the customer needs and requirements and should develop products which have all the features that customers would like. The Headquarters of Nokia is situated in Finland and has β†’

The blair hull senatorial campaign

The best strategy would be to pick the most important overlapping issues and making them the main focus of the campaign. Also, 10% of the total Illinois population is under the age of 18, hence programs such as Better Education will make Hull a more attractive candidate to the parents of these children.

The effects of technology on relationships

People clearly have a penchant for saying things in the electronic world they would never say to people in person because the person to whom they are saying it is not physically present to display their emotional reaction. Perhaps in the heat of the moment without another's physical presence to hold us back, we Just β†’

Integrated information technology to student learning

I think my reconcile family expectations with individual ambition: " In graduate school, I was getting a lot of pressure from my parents to get married and have children since I was their eldest daughter." It was through her involvement with Asian American Women's Support Group that Ruby eventually learned " that it is okay β†’