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Wi-Fi With the world developing newer technologies are evolving every day. These technologies are being introduced in the society so that the society can progress and develop. Things which were difficult previously have been made easier by these technologies. To make things easier for the society, computers and information technology had been developed. Now with more modern and complex inventions computers and information technology are further developing. One such development in the field of information technology has been the introduction of wireless fidelity. This wireless fidelity has progressed in the world now and has made things easier for computer users which previously were impossible (Aime et al 2007 & Korzeniowski 2008)
By first viewing the Wireless fidelity the user comes to the conclusion that the device can be very useful in connecting computers or mobiles to a Ethernet connection without the use of wires. The device is although a bit expensive but it can relieve the user of using wires to connect computers and mobiles to a network. However on the other hand it can also be seen that the usage of the device may be a bit complicated as it may use different soft wares which would be difficult to manage. Moreover the radiations given off by the device may also concern the user. The users can use the wireless fidelity to connect different computers to other devices without the usage of wires. With the help of this sole device users do not have to go through the hassles of putting up a network connection which needs wires. The users can simply put a WIFI device and connect it to an Ethernet connection. This way the device would be providing signals to computers and other devices over a specific range and the users would be able to connect to it from within the specified range. Firstly if an individual is using WIFI he/she would like to be able to connect to the Ethernet connection easily without the complicated uses of soft wares. The user would like an easy set up of the device. The range of the device to provide signals should be long enough so that the user can use it effectively. The signals are not distorted so that the user does not undergo problems while connecting to it. All these user experience goals are important because they ensure that the user is being provided with what he wants and so that he can use the device effectively (Aime et al 2007, Kwan 2009 & Korzeniowski 2008)
Is Wireless Fidelity providing with a long range ?
Is Wireless Fidelity providing with uninterrupted signals ?
Is Wireless Fidelity affected by impediments ?
Wireless Fidelity is a device which provides a 300 feet long range so that the users can experience the freedom of using the device over a long distance. The signals of WIFI are also uninterrupted and because of this the user experience with the device is pleasant. However impediments do affect the Wireless Fidelity if the impediments are large enough. All these factors help to determine that WIFI is a device which is making the network experience of an individual easy, however impediments do make the WIFI a bit ineffective when it comes to using the device in an area which has huge impediments. But altogether it can be said that WIFI is a new generation device which eases network connections (Health Care Strategic Management 2006).
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