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Project management & strategic planning – case study — [s6]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of communicating a major project in advance? Effective communication prior to a project initiation determines the information and communication needs of the stakeholders resulting in better understanding of responsibilities and tasks distribution as well as clarifying the expectations from them. Beyond not being the first firm to implement a →

Risk management table

Risk Management The team applied a significant set of risk management considerations in the process of ranking the probability and impact of the different types of information security threats to an organization. It is vital to note that, in the final ranking, major emphasis was laid on the impact of a threat to an organization →

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What price ergonomics

The form of advice entails the nature of interface to be taken, how to relate the functions and the elements of the device to the user goals, prediction of the satisfaction of user and estimation of the device's error potential and its time performance. In spite of ergonomic methods proliferation into teaching, research and industrial →

Avg privacyfix

It is therefore, important to understand the current privacy settings and know how to effectively change them. The AVG privacy Fix makes Facebook as private as one wants it to be. The AVG privacy fix is also instrumental when it comes to websites that might share one's email as well as other personal information.

Requirements and specifications

The idea of this project is to provide users a platform where they can look for partner under different incentives like business partner, romantic and friendship matching, academic partnering and collaborative consumption. MySQL would be used as a primary tool to build the database of this web portal and the web interface would be designed →

Cis206 linux question

That will ensure that they spend less time doing the same thing with scripts that have been put to test in the past. The scripts are also easier to use thus saves the administrator a lot of time. These are typical symptoms of attempted attacks. Administrators also create scripts for alerts on the usage of →

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Free for all by art blakely & the jazz messengers: an album review

This album is arguably one of Art Blakey's greatest albums, and this is the first album I am reviewing in which the drummer is the feature artist. Now that I am comfortable with Jazz music, I decided to pick an album that focused on the drummer because it's very interesting to observe the style of →

Data warehousing and storage systems

Data Warehousing and Storage System Introduction Data warehousing is the process of collection of integrated, oriented, non-volatile and time-variant data to support decision making for a management. The application and benefits of Data warehousing and storage system is further illustrated in the discussion. Discussion The types of Data warehousing are Online Analytical Processing, Data →

Operating system new and old one

Operating System New and Old One In computer and information technology, an operating system refers to a software that bears the responsibility of managing software and hardware resources and offering universal services for reference computer and mobile programs. The Michigan Terminal System and MUSIC/SP are also examples of old OS developed →

Internet and criminal activity

A new user of the internet is the target of the phishing. In the next, the hacker sends the link of the webpage to random users via emails.

Java programing

of the of the of the Object Oriented Programming Object oriented programming is a programming methodology, where data and its interactions are of central focus rather than processes. Finally, the system behavior is modeled after the interactions of these data items. When confronted with a complex programming task, the programmer can make use of object →


Their products have been admired the world over, the Fortune magazine has ranked it the most admired company in the world from 2008 to 2012. The success of Apple Inc.is characterized by innovativeness, acquisitions, and product diversification. Apple Inc.is a company that has grown to a multinational with a great reputation across the world.

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The media types differ in terms of performance, bandwidth, distance between repeaters, susceptibility to noise, their costs and their security needs. Their differences are highlighted in the table below. Media Type Bandwidth Performance Distance between Repeaters Twisted Pair Cable 1MHz Poor Very short Coaxial Cable 1 →

Assignment example

With respect to ERP system implementation in Nike, it was observed that the system failed to deliver the expected outcome (Nicolo, 2012; Wong et al., 2005) It was later observed that various factors contributed towards the failure and the degraded quality of the overall ERP system. In order to describe the quality issue pertaining to →


In general, the organization has an effective approach in management of content. Did the information flow well? As seen in the document information flow in the article has been very precise. The paper has began by outlining the research subject followed by a deep analysis of the necessity information security in an organization.

Learning team

The company adopted the use of ASP outsourcing model due to her limited budget in Information Technology. The table below shows a comparison of traditional and ASP outsourcing models as applied by Riordan Company Item Application Service Provider Outsourcing Traditional Outsourcing Business model One to many One to many →

Foundations of information technology assignment

IT has been used by various companies like the airport authorities to come up with metal detectors and walkthrough detectors that are used to detect metallic elements in peoples luggage and also on people especially with the walkthrough detectors that scan the whole body. Cloud storage is used by essentially all companies to store vital →

Running a business on smartphones

Through the use of eTrance, the company was able to reduce the number of hours of the accountant per week, lowering their wage bill. The use of smartphones helped reduce the amount of time needed to solve an issue and serve a customer. This translates into more transactions hence more profit for the company. The →

Basic network technology, structure, and protocols

The tutorials available on the site page also include projects done by students and some by the dean. Anyone can submit a tutorial on any topic to be added to the online directory of tutorials provided by RAD University. The tutorials are meant for computer scientists and engineers of the future. The introductory and general →

Web accessibility standards

However, the five most important accessibility considerations, which the web developer is to keep in his mind while designing and modifying any website are: Diversification of devices and configuration: The web developers should consider the diversification of devices used by the web users. Rich media content accessibility: Rich media like audio and video content is →

What is a wireless pineapple and how does it work

With its custom, purpose built hardware and software, the WiFi Pineapple enable users to quickly and easily deploy advanced attacks using the intuitive web interface from a man-in-the-middle hot-spot honey pot to an out-of-band pentest pivot box, the WiFi Pineapple is unmatched in performance, value and versatility. This will make the attackers to access the →

Management information system for zillow

The business cannot possibly run without making use of the databases. Answer 2: Zillow can then use the information collected by that to analyze its position in the market, among competitors and amongst industries. Answer 3: The marketing department can use data valuation to settle over the type of residence that is popular, has a →

Examine consulting processes and techniques

The article addresses the implications of the project shock, its affect on the careers of the team members and on the proposed design of the new IT systems. Key participants in the project include stakeholder Executives of the client , IT Directors and Store Operations Directors from the retail chains in six countries and →

What is a database

It allows for the addition of new information and the correction of the old information. A Database Management System is a program that manages the information stored in a database and takes care of the incoming queries. A family database will also allow for the addition of new data related to any family member.

Wassenaar arrangement on export controls for conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies

CHANGES TO EXPORT CONTROL ARRANGEMENT APPLY TO COMPUTER EXPLOITS AND MORE due: Changesto export control arrangement apply to computer exploits and more Wassenaar arrangement is a transparency regime that controls the key elements of military capabilities, use and for indigenous production. It is also a regime that is meant to instill restraint of exports →

Operating system

COMPUTER SCIENCES AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OPERATING SYSTEM An operating system is a program that acts as an interface between the user and the computer hardware and controls the execution of all kinds of programs.It is the most important software that runs on a computer. It also allows one to communicate with the computer without knowing →

Honeypots and firewalls

The source of the network ought to be linked to the heart of the grid by the use of an isolated router. Once an attack has been identified, the honeypot reacts by tricking and misleading the aggressor that the honeypot is a genuine or authentic grid.

Information technology management

From this aspect, the researcher anticipates to carry out research in the field of technology management while focusing the advantages of technology management, and at the same time, analyzing and scrutinizing different management principles of the field in light of environmental expectations of the business world. Finally, the researcher will focus on the →

What is sow

This statement of work will therefore outline the objectives that will be followed, the scope of the project and the deliverables of the project. Project Purpose, Objectives, and Success Criteria The purpose of this project is to implement a central scheduling system that will enable the project managers who are located in the various →

Microsoft bsa

The MBSA checks the passwords keeping in view the characteristics of the weak passwords include: the blank passwords, simple or easy to crack passwords and the password that is the same as the username. Question # 2 Part b One of the main reasons for emphasizing the strong passwords is that despite the development →

Computer science extra credit

It allows mobile payments and is considered to revolutionize the modern day e-commerce. (Below points are copied from http://www.nearfieldcommunication.org/) " Who benefits from near field communication ? Busy moms checking out at the grocery store Businessmen and women riding the subway to work Businesses looking for faster, more secure payment methods for customers →

How the terrorists watch list is identifying the local and international terrorist groups

First, the watch list returns to the pool the National Counterterrorism Center. The body enhances the security of international and domestic air travel using improved watch list matching. Enabling easier identification of terrorists by facilitating sharing of terror information between security agencies in the United States was the chief reason for the creation of the →

Proposition 8

However, the data recorded as public information is inconvenient to access and possesses the risk of privacy breach (California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, 2008). In this regard, the assignment focuses on explaining the side effects of providing donors' information in accordance with Proposition 8. Side Effects of providing Donors' Information Publicly With the →

Sew what inc

Owing to its intention to give the best of their products via the technological knowhow, clients were able to learn more regarding the business besides making contacts when they needed. iii. However, the business ought to consider the cost and effectiveness of the information technology prior applying it.


The paper highlights both the advantages and disadvantages of fiber optic cables and coaxial cables as used in transmission. In addition, fiber optic cables are small in size and light in weight as compared to most of the transmission media such as coaxial cables.

Supporting activity

Mobile computing is " a generic term used to refer to a variety of devices that allow people to access data and information from wherever they are".. Mobile computing has resulted in a marked increase in productivity of employees because of their easy access to data which they need. Web 2.

Project management for healthcare

The financial element of project management can also be a potential risk to healthcare projects; if for some reason the organization does not have enough finances for the project then it may be brought to a complete halt. Risks coming directly from the project may include doing something for the first time, changes in crucial →

Basics of a computer system

A typical home-based computer system has a Central Processing Unit , a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, etc. The CPU is the brain of a computer which does all the computation works inside based on the inputs provided through the keyboard or mouse and will display the results on the output through the output →

The secret history of hacking

In this way, hacking these machines directly contributed to the development of the personal computer. Wozniak's computer hacking efforts would lead to the development of the Apple Computer.

The technology of the task of conquering everest

The essay sheds light upon software which can be used to calculate the height of mountains and hence making the arduous job of conquering it much easier. Going into something prepared would definitely have favorable results when compared to venturing into a challenge completely unprepared. To conclude it is fair to say that technology has →

Internet explosion – protecting our future

These gaps may include the replication of the fingerprints as well as manually recording the voices of legitimate users through devices like mobile phones. Q2. This may result in the braking of professional ethics as one tries to manage emerging challenges.

How does physical access control differ from logical access control as described in earlier chapters how is it similar

On the other hand, the control of the physical access is performed through the physical access control (Logical access, physical access, 2012). Logical Access Control and Physical Access Control: The Difference and Similarity: The primary difference between logical access control and physical access control is that physical access control is mainly involved with control of →

Lifelong learning

The broader perspective is that learning at the primary school level is important to keep in touch with the dynamic changes in technology and thus keep you relevant. It is also necessary for the good of the institution you affiliate to and to yourself. References Gordon, R., Wolfinger, A., & Wolfinger, A..

Relational data model

The database offers commands and functions that are used in the manipulation of the data and records that are stored in the database. The most basic step towards using the oracle database management system is to install the system in the computer and be able to run it and use it to carry out relational →

Information technology investments

The purpose of IT is to facilitate the exchange and management of information and has a lot of potentials for the information process. The gaining of more profits from the investment of IT depends on the performance other management practices in the organization like human capital, training, and software management (U.

How india solves the y2k problem information technology essay

The current fixes could lead to the crisis in the year 10, 000, when the programs may fail again. This paper provides the brief description of the Y10K problem and solutions to the " Y10K" problem which has also been called the " YAK" problem and the " YXK" problem. Key Words Y2K, →

Finding the middle ground in order for society to advance in year of the flood

In the novel The Year of the Flood, author Margaret Atwood illustrates the consequences of human greed by following the lives of two characters, Ren and Toby, in a dystopian society. In describing the corrupt corporations, Atwood warns against heavy reliance on technology and critiques the belief that technological progression reflects overall societal progression. On →

Computer science

Because I grew up in a small town in Vietnam, a place where computers were not introduced to the fullest at the time of its inception and were considered wholly as a luxury instead of a necessity, it was curiosity plus a self-driven need to learn about this new technology. My interest in computer sciences →


In order to gain a competitive advantage over the other organizations in the industry, it has been forced to adopt information systems on a global platform. Since the adoption of the global information systems, Walmart has increased its reach and is now operational in 27 countries with over 11, 000 stores worldwide. 2 million workers, →

Reflection in this connected world

They fail to manage their time effectively and the outcome is that they have nothing constructive to show at the end of the day. For example, while in college I was taught on the basics of reading and understanding poems and the different types of poems but in college I was made to understand the →

Preparing the feasibility study 2

Furthermore, it can also turn out to be non-beneficial to the organization in the long run. Cost benefit analysis is quite beneficial when assessing the proposed cost of a project as compared to the total anticipated benefits. It should be noted that maintenance fees are required to ensure that the machines are up and running →

Technology innovation

This article is about the future applications of computer-aided devices are on identifying the opportunities that business organizations have, and the demands of customers. It analyzes the impact of innovation on the aged population of Japan, and specifically innovation of mobile handsets.

How the internet has simplified the business transactions

In the today's technology, the interaction between the buyer and the seller is being narrowed through the use of the internet. E-commerce has evolved over the past several decades as discussed below in sequence; Electronic Data Interchange is the changing of the business documents in a standard electronic format among business partners through →

Information on databases

Queries are used to make searches on tables based on specific criteria and the output can be given in the form of a report that clearly shows the results of the query. Currently I use a timetable to store data about my classroom activities and I use a paper based table to store records of →

Workplace communication

So I finished the report on Saturday and immediately emailed it to my boss so that he will have a day before the meeting to review and prepare. I found out later that he does not know how to use a computer and it was an email address assigned to him by the company. What →

Report of what i did last week

I have made several contributions that have the potential to enhance project success. The fist role that I performed in this group assignment this week was communicating to the group in time to ensure timely selection of an application and a related technology. I decided to take care of opening statements and purpose of the →

A network in a laptop: rapid prototyping for software-defined networks

The article is able to shed light on the need and the gap that this prototype is meant to address and fill. A surprising aspect about prototyping is that the product of prototyping has to exceed or surpass, in terms of performance, over other similar products in the field for it qualifies as a prototype →

Supporting activity

Supporting Activity Affiliation: Why it is important to protect the information organizations use today? Information whether it is in digital form or not is important to the owner and hence protecting it from unauthorized access is the most important thing in an organization today and has been important ever since time immemorial. Unauthorized access to →

Service request sr-ta-001

This feature simplifies the management of the database. With a relational database, the company is able to make a sound decision since all the data is centralized. In addition, the maintenance and troubleshooting process will be easy since the module that has developed a problem can be attended to while the other subsystem are operational. →

It infrastructure

Journal of Information Security Technical Report , 14 , 1-6. To incorporate cloud technology in a business model, there is the need to identify the type of cloud technology to be used. The reason behind this is because as a business, there are various problems that come with embracing the cloud, hence the needs to →

Browser-specific web sites. good or bad

Browser-specific web browser Introduction According to Welling & Thomson , browser specific web-sitesare designed to use specific tags, style-sheet, and scripts for visitors who wish to use the browser. The browser specific design techniques differ and individual users' are left to choose which browsers they prefer. The development of browser specific websites has come →

Computer sciences and information technology

In fact, this internet is referred to as the fast internet due to its amazing speeds that can even reach 100mb/s.this type of internet us suitable for an organization such as Eureka that deals with a heavy website, frequent phone calls and extensive used f internet to look for information, In addition, the high numbers →

Discussion 1

Are people hesitant to use the Internet or wireless technology for purchases due to security concerns? These are potentially influenced by age, educational background and profession since those who are prolific users of the internet are mostly the young generation and those who unsuspectively divulge personal information. Discussion 2: Potential Consequences: Discuss what the consequences →

Computer software review

Windows 8 is a software package that is produced by Microsoft, and it is an upgrade of windows 8. This software package is freely available for individuals who have a retail copy of windows 8, and their intention is to upgrade it to windows 8.1.

Website evaluation

The benefits of using primary sources are that the information is more specific and according to the research question at hand. It is more authentic because it was conducted in the past and has a qualitative aspect attached to it. Review the Student Responsibilities and Policies via the Academic Research section of the classroom.

Sony: the world’s largest data breach

The Sony security breach on its online video game network may be considered as one of the cases, where companies fail to maintain the required security against such hacking threats, breaching client's security as happened in one of the largest security breaches involving Sony Corp.1. The company also could be in a case where current →

Lack of effective information systems (is) and applications at lesley stowe fine foods (lsff) to support cloud erp

Lack of effective IS and applications at LSSF to support cloud ERP Lecturer: Lack of effective IS and applications at LSSF to support cloud ERP The existing system in LSSF is unable to apply automatic technology since manual work accounts for many activities in the organization resulting in decreased efficiency. →

Green communication

The university can thus employ several methods of green data storage that are way friendly to the environment. One method of green data storage that the university can employ is virtualization both at the desktop and the server. Through the use of software, one server will mimic the work of several others, thus saving on →

Network topology design

Lastly, it is projected that in the second year, the number of employees will again rise by one hundred. As indicated in the network topology diagram below, the initial computer network configuration at the company is composed of ten user computers. This is because, as indicated in the diagram, all operations are within a network →

Introduction to networking

This method is reliable since it guarantees the transfer of data from the sender to recipient in the same order that data is sent. Connection-oriented services usually set up virtual links in between the ending systems through a network. I discovered that internet protocols utilize routing to relay data to and from computers.

Computer crimes

Additionally, the rise of computer crime is attributed to inexistence of laws related to computer crime. Computer crime is not always associated with physical damage of property. The criminal activities are a breach to the human and information privacy. Hacking is one of the most witnessed computer crimes.

Software usability

The purpose of this paper is to review the content, structure, and usefulness of Usability; and offer a personal value assessment of the site. Summary Description of Structure and Purpose of Usability Usability focuses entirely on providing information on how to design effective websites that offer better usability and accessibility to its users. →

Mastercard risk assessment

Risk management usually promotes cost cutting in terms of insurance costs and operational costs that any financial organization often deals with when it comes to identifying and curbing fraud within the MasterCard financial systems. The BRAM (Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation) program was developed by the MasterCard Company in order to minimize the industry and →

Functional organizations are described by organizational charts. explain why a temporary organization such as a project can benefit from using an organizational chart

The first of these is that an organizational chart shows a clear reporting structure and it becomes clear for everyone involved in the project where they have to report to thus reducing ambiguity and confusion. This way they do not have to miss out of opportunities that they can easily take advantage of. As above →

Itpm best practices

Implementing ITPM as a part of a large IT governance program improves the value of IT investments in an organization. The ITPM process is the same but the approach may differ depending on the type of business and the priorities set for the overall goals within the organization. It also means that a process or →

Jerry montgomery and trusty carpets

In sum, the objective of the business is to improve the use of technology for his current store, and to include the same capabilities for his new location, support a mobile sales force. Support for mobile sales force Jerry intends to have a salesforce on the field to improve his profit margin and justify the →

Job stress among help desk technicians

The simple rules to be followed by the help desk workers who are mostly it experts include; Help users help themselves One common complaint many IT support employees have is that they spend a lot of time helping clueless users fix obvious problems. Ask support staff what issues they run into most often, and →

Key challenges and pitfall to virtual team performance

Key Challenges and Pitfall to Virtual Team Performance Key Challenges and Pitfall to Virtual Team Performance Apparently, creating and maintain virtual team performance due to inconsistent communication demean virtual team performance. The inconsistent communication used by the virtual teams generates the challenge of misinterpretations that limit virtual team performance.

Assignment 1: installing the microsoft office suite

The concern that I have with the preinstalled software is whether the software is up-to-date, whether it is a full version of the software and whether it is an original or a pirated version. It will even be easy to learn this component as there is a help option along this component and by following →

Secure video transmission using open mpi information technology essay

As the two client speak to one another, their voices are carried over the network and delivered to the other's speakers, and whatever images appear in front of the video camera appear in a window on the other participant's monitor. Open MPI and Open MP for parallel and distributed approach, by considering video conferencing as →

Predictive vs. adaptive sdlc

Basically, agile software development approach is known as adaptive SDLC and the majority of software developers now adopts agile for a variety of reasons. However, the predictive SDLC approach does not provide any support for handling these changes and if it does, these changes are costly to accommodate. Some of the benefits of agile include →

Computers that simulate and reflect human behaviors

Computers That Simulate And Reflect Human Behaviors Summary In his article titled " Authenticity in the Age of Digital Companions", Turkle examined the nature of interactions between users and computers. Consequently, the emergent interaction with computers has established new domains of meaning to the concepts of authenticity and liveliness within →

Steve jobs

In his interview with Morrow , Jobs revealed that his experience with experimenting on electronic items began when he was about 5 years with his father's support and guidance; this experience rooted curiosity, passion and experimentation attitude in Jobs. Steve Jobs was known to have an incredibly curious nature; was a quick learner and →

Ethics and information technology

It is very unique of information technology like mobile device, computer, and so on because it is variety of used to the people directly make the people life more comfortable. But refer to the ethics of information technology professional, it can be seen that on how they used the technology, implement the →

Appendix :a pestel evaluation for intel

School/College PESTEL EVALUATION OF INTEL By Your's PESTEL EVALUATION OF INTEL Political, economical, social and technological analysis shows that how Intel Company has been affected by the external factors to manage its development. Political Factor: Major considerations in the semiconductor industry are the individual and corporate taxes. Intel is an international working company and keeps →

Research outline and references

YouTube in the modern times of digital interaction and interface is not just the of a website, rather a medium and a platform. The incorporation of cloud computing and advertisement is another domain which will progress in times ahead.

Dw – components of data warehouses

Kimball and Ross further added that data warehouse provides security to data, monitor updates from different sources, and even checks the quality of data. Reporting This component mainly ensures that data is available for all the users from the central data warehouse. Metadata According to Kimball and Ross , metadata →

Design structure of a workout website

The details of the sections are outlined and explained below: Navigation The site contains links strategically placed within the web system to facilitate the interconnection of the different web pages that offer diverse services. The selective and optional navigation to various links that represent the pages of the website is symbolized by the template →

China and the censorship of information technology

It is the best instrument to educate and enlighten one's mind due to the many views and theories it has compiled in its infinite database. Yet, this is not the reason why the Chinese Government is advocating the internet. Second, the Chinese government does not have the right to ban sites and →

Cis 375 week 8: 2: usability of ipads and websites

Usability of Websites and IPad al Affiliation Usability of IPad and Websites Introduction The following is an analysis on theusability of iPad and websites from the perspective of the users experience in using the iPad. Use of Gestures in IPad Gestures enable for the easy use of the iPad instead of routinely going to →

Reuse of software

Reuse of software is the utilization of existing assets in some kind within the process of software product development. However, currently, reuse of software involves the redeployment of components across the complete lifecycle of development beginning with domain modeling and specifications, design of software, coding, testing, to operation and maintenance, (Nazareth and Rothenberger, 2004).

Smartphones use as a mobile computing technology

This paper argues that although smartphones have a number of negative consequences, their benefits in people's social and professional lives are numerous. The paper begins by defining smartphones, it then discusses their present and potential applications, highlights other technologies that compete with smartphones, discusses their benefits in social and professional lives, and possible improvements in →

Data warehouses

Additionally, a data warehouse contains past data which is retreived from processing transaction data, however it combine data coming from a variety of sources. Another most important function of data warehouse is that it establishes a boundary between analysis workload from transaction capacity and allows a firm to combine data from different sources.

Week 1 cyb

It is through such means that the Tiger Team is able to establish that a skylight on the roof is one of the organisation's security weaknesses as it will provide them with discrete access into the car dealer's premises. They challenged the assumption that every potential buyer who walks in the showroom is genuinely interested →

Smart cars on sensible roads information technology essay

Part one gives the introduction, part two describes the various zones around a car, its detection and imaging.part3 puts all these layers and imaging in real time traffic , part four imbibes these real time zones and imaging in the car, part five explains about smart highway in short, part six describes the hardware requirement →

Input output devices of a computer

It has three buttons the left button helps in selecting the file or the folder or the icon on the desktop, a right button which when clicked displays the properties related to the file, while the middle is to scroll the page. The most prevalent output device is the monitor, it is like a TV →