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Good example of report on methods

It is in this regard that water quality monitoring is very essential. The most direct measure of the integrity of a water body is through the assessment of biological indicators that are present within the river system. The results of these relational studies also served as a basis for the standardization of an ideal water β†’

Clean technology for green environment

We will be finding the average brightness of the solar bottle bulb and compare the results to the regular light bulb. Our hypothesis, if we build a solar bottle bulb and compare the brightness to a regular bulb, then the solar bottle bulb will be brighter at times when the sun is out because the β†’

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Fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster essay sample

Among the biggest impact of the calamity involved the destruction of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster that resulted to the release of radioactive materials into the waters and grounds of Japan. 18) includes: - Treating the contaminated water and filters and equipment wastes. - Construction of storage and disposal facilities that could house the secondary wastes, and β†’

A on green certified leed building: the uc davis brewery, winery, and case study sample

In 1998, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was launched, a system for encouraging businesses to develop buildings that were sustainable, cost efficient, with reduced energy consumption and lowered harmful toxics to the local and global environment. It is in this endeavor that the LEED is used to encourage businesses to go ' green' β†’

Bayou farewell essay example

Tidwell's book explores the alarming losses of natural resources in the wide delta lands of the Mississippi river. An overview of the region The coast is not only vital to the region but also to other parts of the nation. The cultural process of adoption, impact as well as β†’

Hurricane sandy essay examples

As the water evaporates from the ocean, the saturated air rises leading to the condensation of water vapor. Hurricane sandy hit the coast of northeast America and was classified as a category 1 storm. To this end, this aims to look in detail the phenomenal Hurricane Katrina. In this perspective, β†’

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Global warming satirical essay

The environment warming up, the ocean levels rising, and the increase in carbon dioxide are all benefits to the environment, economy, and society in general. With the temperatures on the rise, the icebergs and polar ice caps will be melting.

Water molecule

TM Water Is Essential To Life Term paper Water is Essential to Life Water is Essential for Life Water is the most important substance in our evolution and our daily lives. Without water, life as we know it would not have been possible.... Water is Essential for Life Water is β†’

Water and bubble

You might think that it is the surface tension of the water that holds the skin of a bubble together. Actually, the surface tension of water is too strong to make a bubble. Now it can act more like the skin of a balloon, stretching out nice and thin, trapping air inside β†’

Good report on diffusion through the cell membrane

However, the cell was rigid due to movement of water molecules from the solution in the beaker through the cell membrane of the dialysis tube to the solution inside the cell. At the beginning of the experiment the solution in the beaker was yellow in color (This signified the presence of iodine). This is because β†’

Global environmental issues research paper

A lot of land is needed for cattle ranching especially because the demand for beef for export is high which means that the amount of deforestation is large to make enough room. In order to increase profits slavery is used in the slaughterhouses which prepare the cattle for meat us and processing of the leather.

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Laboratory techniques and measurements essay sample

Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water in the beaker using Celsius units. The mass of the paper will add to the mass of the object to be measured, so the mass must be eliminated by taring the scale to set the scale to zero.

New invention

One of the key elements that this machine can do, is it can cleanse and purify any amount of water, meaning, it will be able to filter masses of water such as beaches and rivers. Clearly, the invention of this machine will aid our nation in a push for a better world.

Aquifer essay

Hydrogeology is the term which is used to refer to the study and utilization of such water bodies for the purposeful use by human beings. Basing on kind of aquifer in question; whether a permeable rock, sand based aquifer or a gravel one, it is essentially necessary to evaluate them in order to determine the β†’

Acids and alkalis lab report

Hypothesis: The strongest alkali will need the smallest amount of an acid to cancel out and the weakest will need more acid. 15 minutes until rings of white salt were formed.| Analysis: The weakest acid needed the most alkali to be made into salt and the strongest needed the least.

Hydracoach: the intelligent water bottle essay sample

The results are often catastrophic. In the case of proper hydration a man or woman relies on that subtle feeling of discomfort that is usually felt in the mouth and throat a signal that is interpreted as thirst and therefore the need to rehydrate. In simpler terms this bottle is equipped with a computer β†’

Good example of research paper on a possible new way to satisfy both sides

Like any other use of technology or technological enhancement, sonar testing has its advantages and drawbacks as will be seen in the ensuing discussion. Thesis statement The use of navy sonar testing is very sacrosanct because of the gains accrued from it, despite the staggering pitfalls that accompany it; β†’

Free essay on karl marx

The film depicts a director and an executive producer who embark on a journey to shoot a film about Columbus's conquest of the Americas, upon choosing the film location in Bolivia. Marx predicted that the presence of a gap between the rich and poor in society ultimately leads to a revolution.

Quest for infinite love argumentative essay

What follows are uniquely intimate and personal experiences that bring them to an understanding of salvation and the healing love of God. Seeking Salvation in ' The River' and ' Danny Gospel' For Christians, salvation is a product of constant striving for a boundless and divine source of love. For him, β†’

Groundwater recharge in urban areas

To get rid of water scarcity evaluation of artificial potential groundwater recharge zone could aid in proper advancement and implementation of groundwater and surface water resources. Moreover, the main advantages of the RWA include adequate utilization of available natural resources, increasing current supply acceptability, reducing contaminated loads of water body, reducing load of sewage network, β†’

Omar amirallays flood in baath land movie review examples

The film opens with the scene of a boat on Lake Assad, and a man speaks about how the houses of the people he knew since childhood are now drowned under the water, but that they still recall where their old homes are located. In contrast to this man's reflections, much of the film focuses β†’

Wind river hotel and casino research paper

Additionally, the casino has bus tours that bring the guests to the casino and return their homes, a service that other casinos do not have. The amenities offered at the casino include the following: Fitness center guests have the opportunity to enroll at the casino's fitness center for fitness exercises under the guidance of experienced β†’

Free essay on history of yoga

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the history of Yoga. A history of yoga.

Water level indicator

This circuit produces alarm when water level is below the lowest level L1 and also when water just touches the highest level L12. When water in the tank just touches the highest level detector strip L12, the DC voltage is developed across capacitor C2.

Dbq: what caused the dust bowl?

In the fiction book Out of the Dust, an Oklahoma girl named Billie Jo tells her story on how she survives the Dust Bowl with the loss of her mother. Lots of people think differently on how the Dust Bowl was caused but I believe it was caused by overproduction, lack of rainfall, and dust β†’

Good essay on natural disaster: flooding

Consequently, there is a need to adopt various mitigation strategies to minimize the effects of flooding on the environment, as well as on the economy and community at large. Few described flooding as a term that can be used to refer to different events in which land is β†’

Good cities of salt essay example

There is the flow, of the clashes and the disorientations, and of the resistance and the death of that Arab city from the start to the end. The fatalism throughout the story ends with a lot of unrest in the region. The picturesque beauty of the oasis in that unnamed city of the Arab world β†’


Rationale The researchers chose this issue because of the increasing incidents of dengue fever cases in the region & in the country. Significance Of The Study The researchers believe that this study is greatly significant in the lives of the Filipinos especially those who belong to the middle and lower classes.

Lake wobegon effect research paper examples

An illustration of the Lake Wobegon effect is in the salaries of CEOs. CEO pay and the Lake Wobegon effect.

Effects of computer games essay sample

Although aluminum is the most commonly used coagulant in the developing countries, studies have linked it to the development of neurological diseases (e.g.pre-senile dementia or Alzheimer's disease) due to the presence of aluminium ions in the drinking water. As a consequence of the above mentioned drawbacks, there was a need to develop alternative, cost β†’

Free research paper on evidence based practice on the effects of hand

In nursing the principle is based upon the fundamental notion that all decisions that are made should be based on studies that are research based, the research studies based on a set of specific norms as well as their interpretation. This essay paper considers the evidence based practices that are fundamental in hand washing as β†’


0 cm3 of the standard solution of sodium carbonate into a conical flask. Calculate the concentration of sodium carbonate.4.

Possibility of extraterrestrial life essay examples

Rocket technology that provides the means to travel to space does not have the capacity to provide the necessary speed to enable the interstellar travel a reality.similarly, the rockets are another major problem. Carrying food and water sufficient to sustain the organism in spacecraft is impossible due to the long duration of travel. Brains are β†’

What is the difference between fat- and water-soluble vitamins?

Vitamins are nutrients essential to the human body because their presence in minute amounts enables the completion of important physiologically related metabolic processes. Vitamins are grouped according to the liquid or substance medium that is required for the body to be able to absorb these nutrients. Herein, water-soluble vitamins contrasts with the other β†’

The marine pollution

This shows that the problem of ocean dumping is not a small one. The ocean is deserving of muchrespect.

Report on water turbine

Abstract The proposal aims at to giving a solution to the problem of low power output by designing a power generation system that maximizes power output by mounting the turbine on a D. The pipe has a valve fitted on it that is used as a controller to control the amount of water to β†’

Free research paper about archaeology; geology and the environment of the uae

The Hajar Mountains, an important resource in Oman, emerged after the separation of the African and the Asian plates marking the onset of the Trucial Oman region. Environment in the Sultanate of Oman.

The health provision of water to our daily digestion

Do you find this fact hard to believe? Most all of our body fluids are water, and many of our organs are mostly water. Stomach acids need the water in order to properly breakdown the food as it travels through our stomach, and nutrients are absorbed by the blood. The food continues down the path β†’

How to bake a loaf of bread essay

If you are concerned about the health effects of salt or are cooking for someone who has a slat-free diet, simply omit the salt and eat the bread quickly! Equipment A mixing bowl A greased loaf tin A lightly floured surface Method Place the flour and the butter in the β†’

Titration-finding the concentration of a solution of sulphuric acid essay sample

650g of sodium carbonate Spatula White tile Methyl orange indicator Method I will make a solution where the solute will be the sodium carbonate and the solvent will be distilled water. I will first measure the weighing bottle on its own without the lid β†’

Saving water

This essay portrays a great understanding of how humans can change the water scarcity problem in remote places, such as villages in India and Africa, by just spreading their knowledge and showing methods that will decrease the effect of this ceaseless issue. Some of us do not have the capacity and resources β†’

Example of literature review on us water crisis and possible solutions

The population is expanding faster than ever and the access of clean, drinking water to the masses has not been this much of a problem to the authorities. Yu also argues that the main cause of water shortage is the violation of water laws and not being able to replenish the water supply and storage β†’

Essay on the strange case of matthew buford

In Mathew Buford's case, the response exhibited by the videographer, the rescue team and the couples is reminiscent of what happens in many emergency crises. The videographer, just like most of the bystanders at Fairmont Park, did not intervene to save Buford. The park was filled to capacity at the β†’

Essay on cholera

The term " cholera" is designed to describe a strand of gastrointestinal disease, as well as the bacterium associated with the causation of the disease. Barua and Greenough attests that the term was first used by Hippocrates who derived the term from Greek words chole and β†’

The space-time ce/se method for solving two-phase and two- dimensional shallow flow model

The model is hyperbolic and contains the non-conservative terms in the momentum equation increasing the complexity of the model. Several numerical schemes in recent years have been developed to solve the system of shallow two-phase water equations under consideration, for example, Central Scheme by J.

Zeolites are just like clay minerals because both are composed of aluminosilicates

These minerals occur in nature in sedimentary deposits and can also be artificially made in the laboratories [6], pore sizes being determined by intended purpose and application, in fact this is one of the advantages of the synthetic zeolites. The structure of the zeolite is not affected when elements and ions are removed from their β†’

The history of telugu ganga project

The scheme consists of 408 km long canal from Srisailam passing through the above said 4 districts, and up to Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu border BRIEF HISTORY OF TELUGU GANGA PROJECT Due to successive droughts and consequent acute scarcity of drinking water for the metropolitan city of Madras, the then Prime Minister of India β†’

The provides a comprehensive description of the family as well as the family report

The reactivity of the group two elements increase with the decrease in the periodic number of the element. The reactivity of Al is lower than that of sodium Na and magnesium Mg.this is because these two elements belong to a group that is lower than Al.

2- why might a water pipe break if left full of water during extended frigid weather essay samples

In any language, water is the most abundant compound on the surface of the Earth". - Explain the term compound and also why water is not an element. Answer: Compound is a chemical entity made from combination of two or more different elements. Whereas, MgCl2 is a polar molecule as the geometry is bent structure. 13- β†’

Groundwater: evaluation and hydrogeochemistry aspects

The pH values of 65% of the Quaternary samples and 90% of Eocene samples are of the permissible limits of the Egyptian Standards for water and World Health Organization standards guidelines for drinking water. Electrical conductivity is a measure of water's capability to pass electrical flow. According to Ragunath , 84% of β†’

Cutting down trees

Trees should not be cut down because most of the paper used is not RECYCLED so therefore it is a waste of time from God to make and plant the tree! Well it has air and oxygen and if u are cutting the trees down u re hurting the enivorment and animals that live near β†’

Vitamin b2 (riboflavin) research paper examples

In order to avoid stunted growth, it is imperative that children feed well on foods that provide the body with riboflavin because this way, one can be sure of proper growth when of course it is well balanced and used together with other food nutrients The history of riboflavin β†’

The water cycle

The water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle or H2O cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth. Although the balance of water on Earth remains fairly constant over time, individual water molecules can come and go. The water moves from one reservoir to another, β†’

Spaghetti hydration lab report essay sample

During each trial, the duration in which the spaghetti is cooked will change, and due to the change of time, we will be able to observe the changes of mass of the spaghetti. It is believed that when the water is boiled and the spaghetti is being cooked, the mass of the spaghetti will increase β†’

Giardia essay

The active trophozoite attaches to the lining of the small intestine with a " sucker" and is responsible for causing the signs and symptoms of giardiasis. On the ethical and the financial front there is the issue of the pharmaceutical companies funding research in the area.

Alternative energy research papers example

The problem of providing electrical energy to many sectors of the world economy, the ever-growing needs of the world's population is now becoming more and more essential. Our Sun is a huge glowing ball of gas, in which complex processes occur and the resulting energy is released continuously. Such systems are also classified as passive β†’

Microenvironment in australia

Manipulations are made in ways to achieve the objective of the organization. In other words, we can say that microenvironmentprovides the force with which organizations act towards customer satisfaction; any change in any of these forces would lead to the re-studying of the marketplace. Nevertheless, the issue behind this study is to check how it β†’

A day at the beach essay examples

The circular, luminous ball in the sky is not acknowledging the arrival of noon yet, and the lack of people, sunbathing on the beach feels more than good. I close my eyes, and endeavor to deafen the sounds of the music, giving emphasis to the squawking of the seagulls and the playful squealing of little β†’

Free research paper on global warming

It describes the risks and impacts that global-warming has on the environment, and the negative effects it has on the future economy. The state of global warming is at a hazardous state because of its adverse influence on climate. It is evident that the expansion of greenhouse effect is the cause of global warming on β†’

Tarun bharat sangh

But now due to these water-harvesting structures there much of the time is saved which they utilize in doing other productive works. Apart from these water table in the wells has also increased and helped in recharging of the Ground water.


There are a lot of facilities for people in the city and they have more opportunities for making money. Children living in the city can get a good education, because there are better schools in the town than in the village.

Leaf water repellency

The author's hypothesis that cloud forest zones are characterized by higher leaf water repellency failed to be proved as leaf water repellency appeared to be higher in tropical dry forests and temperate foothills- grassland zone. Water repellency is defined as adaptation on the surface of the leaf in habitants which are constantly subjected to daily β†’

Drainage systems and pipes

In the 19 century the use of water was at peak rate of 3. Cooper is mostly used in for the casual supply of both hot and cold water.

Water provision in kuwait report examples

With the rising level of population and the rise in the level of water demanded, there has been massive and continuous deterioration of the natural water resources in Kuwait. Another 14 percent consumed by the urban expansion. Underground water In order to manage the rising demand, water authorities in Kuwait have resorted to developing β†’

De-icing essay sample

De-icing is very important in winter in places in the north and sometimes in really cold places in the autumn. The salt works by dissolving into the rain or sleet on roads and lowering the freezing point, thereby melting the ice and snow or even preventing it from forming.

Why diamonds are more expensive than water?

A) Use economics to explain why diamonds are more expensive than water when water is necessary for survival and diamonds are not. We are led to believe that water is abundant and of little value as a commodity while diamonds are treated Just the opposite.


Fluorine is the chemical element of atomic number 9, a poisonous pale yellow part from the halogen series. It is the most reactive element and is composed of diatomic molecule F2. One of the most common uses of fluorine is that it is found in toothpaste and mouthwash.

Scientific paper on a water flea

Erika Huizenga Ashley Kofahl The Effects of Alcohol and Caffeine on the Heartbeat Rate in Daphnia Magnus Abstract The projects purpose was to determine the effects of alcohol and caffeine on the heartbeat rate in Daphnia Magnus. Our hypothesis is alcohol causes a decrease in heart rate, whereas caffeine causes an accelerated heart rate, predicting β†’

Determining the percent copper and zinc in pennies essay sample

To find the volume of the pennies, subtract the final volume from the initial, record the data. To find the volume of the pennies, subtract the final volume from the initial, record the data. Repeat this procedure twice more.

Essay on plant and solar cells

On the other hand, with the advancement of technology, and rapid development of electronic gadgets, the solar energy has been harnessed and converted to electricity, which is an indispensable facet in the lives of human. The solar cell and plant cell systems have a lot of similarities in their respective β†’

Example of case study on kpl problem

Statutory issue: Do the activities of KPL fall within the meaning of Section 13 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1889 to constitute as " discharge or deposit any matter of any kind in the navigable water" holding it liable for violation? The main argument for the plaintiff is that it cannot be β†’

Carbonized template silica membranes for wetland saline water desalination

Previous study was reporting the membrane technology was capable for treating wetland water via ultrafiltration by polysulfone membrane. Hence, in this work we selected interlayer-free carbon template silica membranes by RTP method and investigate their performance for desalination of wetland saline water.

Height: width of limpets across different zones

Middle to Upper Shore My hypothesis was that there would be a significant difference in the height to length ratio of limpets found between the mid and upper shore. Found on 20.10.12.[16] - Knox G.A.The ecology of seashores.

Favorite vacation spot essay

The cuisine was once again a testament to the town's Arabic roots and orientation. The following morning we left the hotel with our tour guide ready for a big day in the town. We were treated to tales about the coastal myths and also about the history of Kenya as a whole.

Natural ice essays examples

The clear nature of natural ice can be attributed to its purity or rather the purity of the water responsible for the formation of the natural ice. This is because natural ice is derived from natural water and since natural water has absolutely no smell it thus follows that natural ice also does not have β†’

Essay on the superior roman military

From a series of existing literature including both primary and secondary sources, this study shows how the manipulation of the physical environment via massive military strength is a crucial point to reckon in understanding the Ancient Roman civilization, with the most solid manifestation of which being the success of the Romans over the Carthaginians in β†’

Research paper on the importance of water thermodynamic properties

This is the reason as to why the world would be different as there is absence of thermodynamic properties of intensive and extensive properties. This will enable us to be aware of the magnitude of water thermodynamic properties in the world as a whole.

History of troy new york water supplies research paper examples

These three reservoirs had a combined capacity of one million gallons. The amount of water supplied was insufficient; this led to the realization of the need to increase of the supply by 1838. It was called the Brunswick Reservoir. Towards the end of 1860, the Oakwood reservoir was constructed increased the supply of water to β†’

Separation of a mixture of sand and salt essay sample

Find the percentage of salt and the percentage of sand. Percentage of salt: 4. A liquid and solid is the type of mixture that can be separated by filtration.

Chem 321 experiment 1

How to read the level of liquid in glassware: The " meniscus" of a liquid refers to the curvature of the liquid surface in a narrow container. If the surface of the liquid is concave , the liquid level is measured using the bottom of the meniscus.

Water fluoridation

It is besides a normal constituent of tooth enamel and bone surveies have shown that the calcified tissues of both enamel and bone are made up of a combination of hydroxyl- and fluor-apatites of changing composing depending on the copiousness of fluoride at the site of formation. The prevalence of dental cavities in a population β†’

Relaxation destination

My lake house has two screened in porches; the one on the back of the house is used for entertaining and cooking. The second porch is on the front of the house. Our porches are where I usually hangout and spend most of my time when I visit the lake house.

Lab 1: introduction to science essay examples

It appears from the data that as soon as there is 6 ppm of dissolved oxygen in the water, it supports an average of 12 fish. - Develop a hypothesis relating to the amount of dissolved oxygen measured in the water sample and the number of fish observed in the body of water? Hypothesis: A minimum β†’

Oceanic acidification argumentative essay examples

The fact is that levels of alkalinity and acidity differ naturally between sections of the ocean and at different phases of a day, month or year. This supports the notion that the concerns of ocean acidification are mere exaggerations, since the ocean is alkaline and in no risk of emerging acidic.

Importance of environment

It can be in term of for example, the way of life, on how we perceive life and how appreciate life Being part of this world, all humans should more aware of impact of the environment to our daily life. However, lack of awareness of importance of tree like excessive logging may lead to the β†’

Tantras sacred texts that show how to honor the feminine divine book review

Siva Lingams (cylindrical forms that are highly regarded in India) Shapeless nature of it is considered close connection to Siva Vishnu is considered a kinder, gentler deity than Siva The three basic tenets of Hindu related philosophy: Base their philosophies on the Vedas as well as meditation experiences that reveal β†’

Rafting in trishuli

But in the recent years the country with nature as its wealth has been exploring and promoting a variety of adventurous sports, one of them being rafting. Nepal is a country rich in water resource with studies showing its hydropower potential second to none in the world. Surrounded by magnificent mountains, an outstanding selection of β†’

Water abuse

Water is a vital to all human life, but people do not know how they should limit their use of it, how their actions affect the purity of it, or how restricted water actually is. Americans do not comprehend the actual meaning of water abuse, and how it applies to them.

Jordan boettcher research paper sample

The effects of sonar system on the marine ecosystem is largely undocumented but most of the recent studies have discovered the staggering effects of sonar systems on marine life. This review documents the existing information on the effects of sonar on marine fauna. The use of navy sonar testing is a tactical necessity for US β†’

The benefits of water fluoridation for oral health

The recognition of importance of health of folk and individual' means to reduce disease in community and increase health which is an aim of every nation. The host of Dental organisations believe that this process helps to deal with many dental problems in a safe and effective manner as it is mention in the 2003 β†’

Good research paper about chemical pollutants in the gulf of mexico

The objective of the paper is to study the background of red algae, and why the downstream red tides have only increased over the last couple of decades. The decomposition process needs huge amounts of oxygen, and this can lower the level of the dissolved oxygen than necessary. One of the major source of nutrients, β†’

Gaseous diffusion coefficient essay sample

This is called mass transfer. Description The experiment to determine the diffusivity of gaseous is based on the Winkelmann's method. By monitoring the evaporation rate, which is the rate of fall of liquid surface, and with the knowledge of concentration gradient, the diffusivity can be calculated The rate of mass β†’

Phase change lab

Hypothesis Based on prior learning, I predict that the graph of the water phase changes will not be one straight slope, but instead will plateau, or be flat, and then slope between the change of ice to water, plateau and slope once more between the change of water to steam, and then plateau once more.

Teton dam

A description of the engineeringfailureIt was on 3rd June of 1976 when it was noticed that there were small seepages in the north abutment wall of the dam. The responsible department pictured the wall and it was taken to the Bureau of Reclamation which was to take the necessary action from then. β†’