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Research paper on homeland security: galveston hurricane documentary

The writer rightfully points out where hurricanes have a high prevalence of striking and the destructive force they hold. Thus, the writer's suggestion plus the recommended preparedness and mitigation steps, if correctly adhered to, should minimize destruction and losses from hurricanes.

Essay on define idealism and realism comprehensively according to the author’s

One might consider these two phrases as being directly in contrast with one another; however, Wright goes on to suggest that a cross-over of the two has begun to develop in the form of ' progressive realism.' Progressive realism is a phrase that has been used to capture the essence of new foreign policy which →

Earthquakes and volcanoes essay sample

Magnitude would mean a lot on the recovery process but I think the country's GDP is a huge factor to helping the recovery of the country and bringing it back to where it was before the earthquake occurred. Method: The method I plan on using to interpret my data and check the validity of my →

Drought and the conflict in syria

This study of the climate change in the Fertile Crescent and implications of the recent Syrian drought was carried out through a 6-month period, the winter and summer seasons. Kelly starts by quickly distinguishing a significant reason for Syria's vulnerability to drought, an administration agricultural strategy that over utilized and abused the country's constrained water →

Example of nuclear weapon in north korea and its influence on its international relationship research proposal

This proposal will look at nuclear weapons in North Korea and its effect on its relationship with the United States and South Korea. The purpose of this academic study is examining North Korea's atomic weapons program influence on its relationship with the United States and North Korea.

Example of term paper on production of nuclear energy

The terms alpha, beta and gamma decay, came into existence; that is, the release of energy when the nucleus releases neutrons and electrons in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Science has documented that the ultimate source of the bulk of terrestrial energy is nuclear, either from the sun's radiation resulting from the stellar thermonuclear reactions →

Electroretinography thesis example

Since all the cells in the inner and outer nuclear layer of the retina contribute to ERG, it can be used as a function of these cells. The size and the shape of ERG depend upon the amount of light reaching the retina.

911 and hurricane katrina disaster psychological evaluation

But the most damage outside the loss of life was the psychological effects of the attacks. Knowing the resources available and how to receive will help in the recovery process for all of those involved.

Critique of 3 related research article topics research paper

The study published in this article used the mPER1 and the mPER2 proteins, the BMAL1 and the CLOCK proteins to show their significance in the stabilization of phosphorylated mPER2 proteins by the mCRYs. The study first used the RNase protection assay to evaluate the levels of the clock genes in the liver of the mouse.

Answers and responses essay

Psychodynamic deals with the idea that people are out of control of their actions and behavior, and that there is an underlying reason behind what people do. Cognitive psychology is a subgenre that talks about the higher functions of the conscious mind, describing how people think and why they think that way.

Good natural disaster – flooding research proposal example

The purpose of writing this paper is mainly to acquaint the reader with the consequences of flooding and the steps one could take to save lives as well as protect oneself from harm. As a writer of this paper, my position on the subject is that of prevention and care ahead of the actual flood →

Summary of the sona 2k14 essay sample

9 percent in the same period in 2013- equivalent to 2. Lessening poverty in the country is very rare to happen in a country like Philippines.

It resource contingency planning critical thinking example

A business contingency and recovery plan is a user's manual that outlines the preparations, responses and undertakings at the time of the disaster, mitigation strategies and adverse effects prevention. BIA seeks to develop a correlation between the system critical business processes and the services offered and based on that information evaluate the consequences of the →

Eyewitness testimony research paper sample

The first five questions that were asked in the questionnaires included describing the accident in the participants own words, the number of cars involved in the accident with specific answer choices, and the time of the occurrence of the accident. The verbs hit and smashed were used differently in order to identify the magnitude of →

Hurricane sandy essay sample

The costs that were incurred from the storm were due to the storms, rain, and floods that were witnessed in the region. The storms that were present due to the hurricane meant that provision of goods and services was not possible.

Research paper on what is covenant in the hebrew bible

God in the covenant made with Abraham promised to endow him and his children with blessings and in return Abraham had to give promise to keep faith in God serving as a bridge between God and the rest of the world. He wrote down all the conditions of the covenant in a book, made a →

The bush administration essay sample

The first Bush government got involved in a conflict with Iraq, which led to the Gulf War. The United States became the front liner in the 34 nation U.N.-backed coalition force against Iraq when Iraq annexed and invaded Kuwait.

Good report on whole community approach fema

Secondly, collective development of the nation's resilience leads to greater empowerment and better integration of resources from across communities in dealing with catastrophic hazards. Furthermore, greater empowerment and integration of resources enables the entire community to develop the nation's resilience effectively.

Example of research paper on the ctv building collapse in christchurch

This essay will follow the following format.- Introduction - Discussion - Events leading to the collapse of the building and events following - Different roles involved in the design processes - Different roles involved in the approval and building process - A discussion of IPENZ's role - People who made the building collapse - Safety →

Radiation of cell phones essay sample

The main point of contention is the amount of radiation that can be considered to be safe and that one which can be considered to be harmful to the users and if there are any identified long term effects of radiation to the users of mobile phones. Ionization radiation is the type of radiation which →

Earthquakes & subduction zones lab report

The three key features associated with a subduction zone are a deep ocean trench, a volcanic arc on the overriding plate parallel to the trench, and a plane of earthquakes, shallow near the trench and descending beneath and beyond the volcanic arc. Form a hypothesis about the relative ages of the East Pacific Rise material →

Example of research paper on the bhopal disaster

The consequences of the contextual investigation depicted emphatically in numerous reports, recommends that such illnesses exist independently of the foundation of infection in the city's populace. Regardless of the possibility that it were an instance of treachery, the circumstances paving the way to the disaster underscored gross carelessness by the organization that hatched a fiasco.

Free system traffic control essay sample

It is important that traffic control system should help in the management of these accidents with enforcement, engineering and education. It is important that traffic control system should help in the management of these accidents with enforcement, engineering and education.

Example of essay on conversion of energy from one form to another

During the process of energy transformation some amount of energy may be lost because the transducers also consume energy, but the energy loss depends with the efficiency of the device used. One example of energy transformation is the use of solar panel; this device converts the solar energy into electrical energy which is used domestically →


The seismicity, seismism or seismic activity of an area refers to the frequency, type and size of earthquakes experienced over a period of time. The largest earthquakes in historic times have been of magnitude that was slightly over 9, although there is not really a limit to the possible magnitude.

Research paper on haiti research paper

In the beginning of the 20th century, while Germany was aggressively pursuing its control over the Haitian economy by integrating merchants into the internal Haitian commerce, United States approached the military occupation of Haiti, with the declared purpose of protecting its investments in the country. The effects of the American occupation of Haiti had a →

Hiroshima and nagasaki bombing research paper

The use of weapons of mass destruction has been a burner issue in most world conferences including the UN annual summits of the Security Council and even in the meeting of the G-8 and G-20 countries. The armament and even the Non- proliferation treaties have been used to cut down the usage and the →

Global warming: a man-made problem essay example

The authors of " Global Warming and Climate Change" also point out that the initial goal of limiting the rise in temperature of Earth is very close to being unreachable. Without the support of the scientific community, it will be difficult to convince people that global warming is real and caused by humans.

The atomic caf and the black humor of nuclear annihilation essay sample

Through selective editing, the film manages to showcase the filmmakers' position that the American government lied to people and misled them about the seriousness of the nuclear threat in order to keep people in the dark. One of the most frequently used editing tools used by the filmmakers in The Atomic Cafe to show their →

The american red cross essay examples

The principle aim of the Red Cross is to provide disaster relief to the citizens of the United States. The objectives of the American Red Cross are to ensure that all individuals affected by disasters in the United States receive shelter, care, and support.

Example of bob dylans masters of war essay

Among other things, this paper will highlight the influence of the nuclear arms race in the 1960s and the associated conflicts on the writing of the song. The increased manufacture of nuclear weapons in the nuclear arms race was one of the events that inspired the writing of the song.

Good example of employment law essay

For such an occurrence of the mishap, with a third party company, the employees company will bear the expenses on behalf of the employee, including the fees charged by the lawyers and administration. The provisions of compensations under the NB Workers Compensation Act are an economic relief for the employees and benefits of the compensation →

Efficiency in energy conversion research paper example

Solar Energy: Solar energy is described as the energy that is generated using rays of sunlight produced deep down in the core of Sun. The principles of energy conversion can be applied to this form of energy, and hence wind energy can be converted to other forms of energy such as mechanical energy.

A comparison of flood myths of genesis 6-8 and the epic of gilgamesh essay

Skeptics are of the opinion that the account of the floods that destroyed nearly everything on earth given in Genesis is actually a modified description of the original story given in the Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet XI. Towards the end of the myths in Genesis and the Epic of Gilgamesh, both of them have it →

Good essay on physics in everyday life

A complex set of mechanics involving the brain, the lungs, the heart, and many other vital organs of the body, are responsible for keeping the body alive. When heat, a form of energy, is applied to a good conductor of heat such as iron, the energy supplied excites the atoms present in the material and →

Mitigation of earthquakes

The location of Kobe town played a great role on the magnitude of the damage caused by the earth quake that occurred in the town in 1995. The deformations were in the order of tens of centimeters and this could have been the likely cause of the damages that included tilting of the building or →

Research paper on worried-well patients

The discussion would encompass effects of worried-well patients, reasons of seeking emergency services during emergency, preparation of health institutes for an influx of these patients, and management of these patients. The theory of learning proposes that medical conditions of the patients are as a result of classical conditioning; they are signs occurring and result in →

British petroleum “bp” oil spill

The article detailed the result of the BP Oil spill of 2010. In addition, BP dedicated a section of their website to the Gulf oil spill in an effort to keep the lines ofcommunicationopen.

A comparison of the deaths caused by hurricane katrina and police cruelty in america

One of the most known incidents was the Danziger Bridge, then there was the Henry Glover incident, and finally the looters incident. Out of the 5 members that were hit one family friend had been shot to death by police.

Essay on the earthquake

It was the day when my sister was born and the day when she died. It was the day when my sister was born and died.

Evidence for human impacts on downstream flood risk

The most obvious way in which humans impact downstream flood risk is through direct adaptation of the river itself and this is also arguably also the most important way in which humans can have an impact on flood risk. We can therefore say that although humans adapting the type of vegetation in a catchment area →

Essay on emergency response

The key roles of the public health personnel including the community nurse include the assessment of the disaster, policy development, and provision of health care needs for the affected victims of Franklin County. The nurse evaluates the disaster response drills and conduct exercises and trainings to health services to the victims of the disaster.

Texting and driving research paper examples

While the authorities and government officials actively campaigned for the reduction of accidents related to texting while driving, the statistics of cases pertaining the issue continues to increase each year. Some may argue that the concern or sentiment of the authorities warrants no importance given that people tend to be capable of multitasking and still →

Good example of the effects of habitat loss term paper

All these elements endanger the welfares and sustainability of the forests, making life hard for the living diversity of the world. Deforestation is a serious issue that directly affects the habitat of the living plant and animal species.

Causes of accidents essay

The nature of human error thus varies as to the type of error and the accidents that take place. Apparently, road accidents occur due to a failure of the whole traffic system and not as a result of the errors that have been brought about the driver.

Drought in african countries: impact and solutions

Small scale farmers are different, this is due to difference in farm sizes, distribution between in food and cash crops, off-farm activities and farm animals, in the use of external help and hired labor, the crops produced and traded and house running costs patterns. The 2004 -2005 drought in the Horn of Africa has seen →

Good article review on criminal law: evaluation

Using criteria described in the Pyrczak's guide, answer the following questions: 1) Best title: Explain why: The first part of the title is a question that begs for an answer from the reader, the second part tells the reader what is the research is all about. It creates a big destruction away from the highlight, →

Haiti earthquake critical analysis

0 magnitude earthquake that changed the country and the lives of people living in Haiti. Prior to the earthquake, the people of Haiti are living eighty percent under thepovertyline.

Good example of report on radioisotopes in medicine

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine using the radiation to analyze the function of the organs. In the developed countries, the frequency of the medicine is 1.9%.

Free essay on zeitoun

His personality and character emerges through the challenges to shape the perception of the society at the end. He experienced sorrow due to the torture and anguish in the hands of the government, which perceived him as a terrorist.

Research paper on typhoon haiyan

The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the hazard and impact of the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. This paper also opts to analyze the mitigation strategy and the recovery of the Philippines after the wreckage left by the typhoon.

Korean crisis essay samples

Since the end of the Cold War, the Korean Crisis between North Korea and South Korea remains as one of the world's longest ongoing conflicts as the region remains in conflict despite the 70 year armistice between the two countries. While the South had managed to resist the taunting from the North and succeeded in →

Global warming research papers example

This paper is going to focus on the cause as well as the effects of global warming and other fuel use in the UAE. For instance in the united states, 40% of carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere, is as a result of electricity production whereby, 93% of this emission relates to the burning of →

Systems of natural science essay

This ecosystem is known as the mangrove swamp of the Borneo Island which is a peat swap forest that is located along the coasts of two different countries which are the Indonesia and Malaysia. The soil in the region is known to be rarely flooded and associated with the building up of organic matter.

Report on electron microscopy in practice to study proteins

The Transmitting Electron Microscope transmits the electron beam through a sample whereas the SEM scans the surface of the sample for secondary electrons. Ogura described the importance and the use of SEMs for observing the " nanometer structures of proteins and viruses".

Zeitoun essay

In this context, Ahmad is talking to his brother Zeitoun who remained in Louisiana when the rest of the family members left for Arizona to escape hurricane. The two children, Laila and Lutfi have been used by the author of the book to elaborate on the theme of suffering in the context.

Research paper on functions

This implies that the period depends on the length of the string and the gravity Two variables can be used to show that the motion of simple pendulum is periodic. The displacement equation is given by = 0 Cos where w = l/g which is equal to the angular frequency of the pendulum.

Evaluating the awareness and preparedness of the students

The students' responses could be developed on the effectivity and influence of the Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction education in the senior high school curriculum because it includes the ideas of the hazards, awareness, disaster preparedness, hazard maps, prevention, mitigation and adaptation, and resiliency in the curriculum possibly affect the knowledge and understanding of students →

Analysis of muller’s physics for future presidents essay example

The author is careful to provide the definitions of the various forms of energy and power, and the economics involved in the application of these energies. There are so many incidents such as the BP oilrig explosion, the Fukushima near meltdown, the many Middle East upheavals and the global warming effects, which tell both the →

Experiment conducted on cognitive development on date report

The theoretical analysis of attention has taken several major approaches to identify the mechanisms of attention: the signal-detection approach and the similarity-choice approach. Similar to other sciences, the use of experiments is the major research tools in this field of psychology.

Research paper on first eukaryotic cells from 2 billion years ago

The main difference between the eukaryotes and the prokaryotes is the existence of a nuclear membrane surrounding the genetic material of a eukaryotic cell while it is prominently absent. The Origin Of Eukaryotic Cells. Retrieved from: http://go.hrw.com/resources/go_sc/bpe/HM9PE510.

The kashmir earthquake of oct.8.2005

October 8 Kashmir Earthquake: Impact on Geoenvironment and Structures in the Karnah and Uri Tehsils of Kashmir A relief-come-earthquake investigation team of the Centre for Disaster Studies and Research, University of Jammu, Jammu visited the Karnah Tehsil of Kupwara district for the purpose of distribution of relief goods provided by →

Disaster of a millennium – environmental issues

What are we leaving the future generations with, is it a better world that our grandparents and past generations gave us or is it a worse one for the younger lot that is yet to come. A recent survey and according to our research we have gotten to know that people are now considering more →

The effects of the chernobyl catastrophe

That Chernobyl deserter that arises during 1986 within Ukraine does recognize that the largest serious atomic blast in the world whichever had. Every effort of this article is to elaborate more on the Chernobyl effects under various aspects. Chernobyl effects -The Health Impact on Civilians Because of this accident, children under 15 years →

Methodology essay examples

They are 1) defining the research question or hypothesis clearly; determination of the studies needed to carry out the studies; location of the studies by comprehensive literature search; screening and assessment of the located studies according to the inclusionary criteria; critical appraisal of the studies to be →

The deepwater horizon oil spill and its political issues

Administration officials also said the government will make changes to the way it allows offshore drilling, including new measures for the permitting process, new safety requirements for offshore rigs, and what was described as " strengthened" inspections for drilling operations. Having taking at least partial ownership of the crisis, the Obama administration →

Good example of research paper on attitudes towards humanitarian aid programs

The urgency of the response to Haiti is important and the response to the appeal of donation. The first part of the questionnaires required the participants to rate the urgency of humanitarian aid in Haiti based on the information provided by a newspaper article.

Light and color essay examples

In this case, the environment of the body is in the thermodynamic equilibrium with the radiation. This is undertaken by pigment molecules. On the other hand, the structural colors of living things come about through the interactions of the light with the bodies of the living organisms. An interaction of matter →

Bp after departed horizon oil spill in the gulf of mexico

Many of these settlements were in order to enhance the safety of drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Economical - Economical Recovery Support: Many important industries in the economy were harmed by the Departed Horizontal incident in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane katrina and its effects on new orleans

Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest storms to hit the United States coast within the last 100 years. Aftermath of The Hurricane Many people helped and acted heroic in the aftermath. The main health effects of Katrina had to do with the amount of water left behind in New Orleans.

Causes and effects of the great depression essay

This paper outlines the causes, effects and the tactics used that resulted to the recovery of the shattered economy of the United States under the watch of Franklin D. From a keen observation of American history, in 1920, there was a large disparity between the haves and the have not, →

Good essay about nuclear medicine

It can be done through inhalation, swallowing or injection and the idea is ensure that the radionuclides localize to areas cellular receptors and specific organs upon which the computer systems can be used to assess the state of the desired organ or tissue using the images relayed by the gamma →

Sociology c110 / intro to marriage and family essays examples

The sociology of family looks at the structure of family as an institution that shapes a person's personality and his/her values. They offer a better understanding to practitioners in helping them understand the complete social dimensions of a particular construct. As per the Christian belief, the concept of marriage has →

A philosophical problem or topic from buddhist philosophy essay examples

The Buddhist believes that when people in the world are able to reach the state of nirvana when they are alive they would be able to be free from the negativity that is in the world thus they would be able to be happy and live peacefully. When a person has died and was in →

The calm before the storm

I switched back to the previous window and discovered he had been watching what I thought was porn and deciding to punish him, I confiscated his laptop and put him on cleaning duty for the rest of the day. I do not know how or why but I feel like I derive certain pleasure from →

The chernobyl nuclear meltdown: what happened

A partial meltdown of the core also occurred. When this originally happened the chief engineer was ignorant to the fact that the core had exploded despite a man coming and telling him that. It was right around that time that the people who are still working at the plant realized that the core was gone →

Hazard mitigation vulnerability assessment critical thinking examples

The purpose of the assessment is to help in identifying health risks that plague the region and in devising measures or solutions that will terminate the long-term risks. A mitigation and prevention measure ensures that no loss of human life occurs and protects civilians from the economic costs of dealing with such health risks in →

Life in new jersey couldn’t carry on unaffected after hurricane sandy

This resource had given input of the children who had been outraged because of the postponing of Halloween, which had fallen on the day after Sandy had rained its terror. This article had talked about the people that had been out of power due to the triumph of Hurricane Sandy.

Example of essay on red cross

The International Red Cross functions under the basic principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, universality, unity, and voluntary service. Mission of the Red Cross The core mission of the Red Cross in recent times has been to provide disaster response and humanitarian services to war victims. The →

Reflection on japanese earthquake

Like a lot of people, I was stunned by percussive images of the ruins of buildings and the bodies of casualties. Instead of being thrown into panic, the Japanese faced up to the catastrophe with dispassion and composure.

Cause and effects of the dust bowl history essay

And the adult females came out of the houses to stand beside their work forces - to experience whether this clip the work forces would interrupt." - John Steinbeck, " The Grapes of Wrath " Dust has ruined lives of people, physically and mentally, it had touched the economic system every bit good. →

Tsunami in japan

The Cosmo oil refinery in Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo has exploded, sending flames dozens of metres into the air, with firefighters unable to contain the inferno. It is one of more than 40 blazes burning across Japan." An earthquake of this size has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike coastlines near →

Example of essay on does technology changes society

People of acceptable values will cause positive impacts of technology to the society, while others of uncouth vices will cause negative impacts of technology. So it's the society to choose how to use available technologies and make necessary improvements. Global economy has been enhanced by automation of production processes due to advancement

Essay on health informatics project

However, no amount of radiation is without risk of mutagenesis and it is desirable to control and limit all exposure. Various systems exist to control the radiation exposure of staff at risk of contact with ionizing radiation. To date, they do not appear to be in common use across health care setting, and a review →

Hurricane andrew in florida: the cause and aftermath

Overall, the storm had a terrible impact on the economy of many parts of Florida. Residents of Homestead, Florida were ordered to evacuate and prepare for the storm.

Science fiction essay sample

Science Fiction between 1900 and 1960s According to McGraw-Hill , " between the year 1900 and the 1960s, science fiction was greatly influenced by the hopes, fears and concerns associated with the social and political changes that took place across the world". Another example of social influence on science fiction is the →

Haiti research paper sample

The mistake of Boyer when he was the ruler in 1822 to 1843 is still being felt in Haiti today. The relationship between the US and Haiti, and the cause of the American occupation of Haiti from 1915 to 1934 The United States occupied Haiti in 1915 to 1934 due to the heavy debt →

Free research paper on mohammad reza pahlavis reign

Iran-United States Relations Abstract This paper is on the topic of relation between the global superpower the United States of America and the Islamic republic of Iran. After the start of cold war, the United States were alarmed of the attempt to be made by the Soviet Union to set-up separatist states →

Dbq – what caused the dust bowl?

After some time they have concluded that the dust storms were caused by the massive drought, the machinery, and the loss of the Shortgrass Prairie. The first cause of the Dust Bowl was the huge drought that occured it the late 1930s. This explains how much land was plowed up in the 1930s.

Free research paper on the red cross in muncie, alabama

The Red Cross in Muncie, Indiana The chapter located in Muncie, Indiana is the Hoosier Heartland Chapter located at 325 East Washington Street, Muncie, IN 47305. This chapter also provides disaster assistance which help families with emergency supplies and planning in the event of a home fire, natural disaster, etc... The Greater Indianapolis →

Example of essay on disaster management planning

Features such as power supplies and emergency lighting would be an advantage in the case that a hurricane occurs. The third step would be to clear out potentially dangerous features of the building that may prove to be dangerous in the occurrence of a hurricane. This would help in ensuring that all persons, staff and →

Free essay on learning and conditioning

Pairing these two stimuli (sitting in the back seat of the car and the accident) caused the appearance of conditioned response. In this case, it is the emotion of fear when sitting in the back seat of a car.

Disastrous hurricane katrina: risks, preparation, evacuation, surviving, recovery

The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet , was a project which could reduce the time while giving more connectivity for ocean-going vessels and machinery from travel the Coastal Gulf of Mexico to the New Orleans. Levees and Flood Walls New Orleans' essential line of resistance against the ocean and the Mississippi River has for →

Breakup of the indo-australian tectonic plate essays examples

The Figure below illustrates the movements involved in those three types of earthquake. Figure 2: Types of Movements in Earthquakes (Extracted from: " Indonesian Quake Rattles Island Nation"). Barras refers to research by French scientists on earthquakes in the area, which found that 26 of those earthquakes between December 2004 and April 2011 were of →

Example of sodium essay

The Latin name for the symbol of Sodium is Natrium hence the symbol Na while the " Sodium" in Latin is referred to as Sodanum. As one of the most reactive elements in the earth, sodium oxidizes readily in the air, is wax-like, silver colored and soft in nature and has a density of 0.

The san francisco earthquake

According to the theory of plate tectonics, the earth's crust is formed by a number of large plates that move very slowly in various directions on the earth's surface. Some earthquakes are caused by the movement of lava beneath the surface of the earth during volcanic activity.