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Compensation CHAPTER 2 The specific organization under analysis is Facebook. Facebook is an Internet search giant and is renowned for its cutting edge approach to social media technology. A review of Facebook’s compensation policies demonstrates that it implements an innovator strategy. This is a strategy that has been widely adopted in the technology industry. For instance, Microsoft also offers these compensation packages with bonuses built in for innovative design. Essentially the Facebook approach to compensation offers employees wages that are commensurate with those in the technology industry (” You are here:,” 2011). These wages are augmented by bonuses that are commensurate with the contributions the employee makes to specific projects or even their own entrepreneurial developments (“ Facebook beats google”, 2012).
The best fit and best practice approaches constitute different perspectives. The best fit approaches argues that compensation pay should be aligned with the organization’s strategy and values. The challenge these becomes finding the ‘ best-fit’ between the strategic approach and compensation. These practices are contrasted with ‘ best practice’ approach that argue there need not be a best fit between strategy and approach, but instead a universal approach to compensation in the organization.
A customer service-agent that manages issues that arise between buyers and sellers at the online marketplace Half. com. These management practices occur over the telephone and through e-mail. Notably, there are over 2, 000 emails a day to sort through. It is indicated that this information does not become tedious as the emails are of constantly different varieties. In terms of further information needed, it is necessary to consider what occurs when the issue cannot be resolved, as well as the extent that the employee is under pressure from Half. com to determine a best fit solution.
Factor 1. Score 200. Limited knowledge is required by the position as it involves following a previously established set of procedures.
Factor 2. Score 25. Limited supervisory control is necessary for the same reason as above.
Factor 3. Score 25. High amounts of guidelines are followed in the conflict resolution cases.
Factor 4. Score 150. Moderate complexity is implemented in following the previously established procedures.
Factor 5. Score 150. Work is an essential aspects of the organization.
Factor 6. Score 60. Personal contact must occur with the parties involved in the dispute.
Factor 7. Score 220. Strong purpose for the contact.
Factor 8. Score 5. Virtually no physical activity involved.
Factor 9. Score 20. Slight monotony in the forms of complaints received.
GS Grade: 4
5. The compensable factors in paying my boss more than me are that he has a higher knowledge set and deeper managerial experience. This increases his organizational value as he is able to oversee crucial aspects or operational difficulties. This is further understood in terms of organizational contributions. While it is possible for the lower tier workers to make tangible contributions to organizational value, compensation is on a best fit spectrum so that the higher the individual is on organizational spectrum, the higher their value is the organization. This results in the higher compensation levels.
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You are here: Home / amazon / facebook, amazon staffers are the most stressed. (2011). Retrieved from http://www. geekwire. com/2011/facebook-amazon-staffers-stressed-google-microsoft-workers/

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