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Leading by example

Leading by Example Business leaders are under constant pressure from other staff members and the public. The popularity of communication platforms such as social media has increased the pressure since people can monitor their performance actively (Hirschey, 2009). As a student, there are certain leaders that I look upon as my personal leaders. This paper gives an evaluation of the leaders based on my personal perspective.
I have various leaders in the corporate sector that I monitor constantly. Steve Jobs is the first business leader who has desirable leadership qualities. Steve Jobs has not only made Apple to become a leading company in the technology industry but he was a good decision maker. His success and the success of his company have resulted from his ability to make accurate and precise logical decision. For example, his decision to make Apple a family brand has enabled the company to become a market leader in the high-tech industry. I have also admired the leadership style and strategies of Mike Duke the president of Wall-Mart. Although his organization has the highest number of employees, Mike Duke has enabled it to become a leading retail outlet in Europe and America (Kalb, 1993). Other than his leadership strategies, Mike is a motivational leader. He acknowledges that the success of his business lies in the company’s employees. Thus, he has great interests in employee satisfaction strategies. Mike Duke considers the company employees to be his first priority. This has not only enabled him to contribute to the success of the company but it has enabled him to contribute to skill development among his employees. Mike is among the business leaders who consider company employees as assets of the company (CBS, 2009).
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