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Yahoo! Inc, the Internet mogul that has been competing against Google for a whole decade has announced a reorganization plan for regrowth. Since Yahoo! Inc has struggled to gain any market share in the market, Scott Thompson, the SEO made a bold move that would force the company to go under reorganization plan. This plan will surely be detrimental from the economical standpoint as 200o jobs will be eliminated. Thompson insists that Yahoo has struggled to catch up with Google and Facebook, who continue to make revenue through advertisement. Programs such as “ AdSense” has left a huge impact in the company’s struggle to gain edge on the advertising front. Hence, this move will allow Yahoo to renovate its value and attract a solid customer base. Lastly, Yahoo will try to revamp its management strategies internationally as well in order to sustain a diverse customer base that it possesses.
Truly the moral issue is the fact that this will be detrimental to the economy. As the American economy struggles to revive growth, this will hurt the technological sector as well. Although this move can be somewhat beneficial to the company as it would all the company to invest in research and development, it would hurt the economy in the long-run. Yahoo’s motives to compete with Google and Facebook are legendary but necessary in order to compete in such a hefty market. Thompson’s own statement regarding this issue as he states, ““ There’s a lot to do and that’s why I can’t stress enough that we all need to focus on getting stuff done… Getting stuff done is short hand for eliminating bureaucracy and barriers so we can all innovate as fast as our customers and the industry require. That’s pretty fast.” Therefore, it is crucial that Yahoo eliminates any political bias that plagues its company and strives to make some necessary changes that will allow it to compete at the e-commerce realm.
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