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Reactions to homeschooling

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“ How terrible you must be so lonely!” “ I wish I could be homeschooled.” Their reactions range from the vague, to passionate, to the occasional surprise. After having been homeschooled most of my life I have seen many reactions when I answer that question. “ Where do you go to school?” But how should I reply when my school is at the library, at home, by a creek, in short the world? I settle for the one liner “ I’m homeschooled,” most of the time but sometimes I try to explain. Somehow I can never quite explain what homeschooling is.

Homeschooling is like life, there are ups and downs, and no two journeys are the same. Poets have tried to explain life since before pens were invented and as far as I know they haven’t stopped trying yet. The word homeschooling has not even been around for very long and what was it called before? How were some of our country’s finest presidents taught? Lincoln was taught to read and then he taught himself from books. What should we call that? I think we should just call it an education no matter if in a school or the world. And all that should matter about it is if it is a good education that prepares us for the world.

What is my reaction to Homeschooling you may ask? My reaction is I love it!

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