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Cold war policy

Cold War Policy By: JonathanH123 The policy of containment was created by the United States, During the the Cold War is when this major strategy was created. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Korean War, and the Berlin Airlift is when the strategy was executed amazingly. So many politician hope that this strategy would work and it did. The United States had created a Strategy so good that they had not just used it to win these three wars but many more. The Cuban Missile Crisis, a crisis during the Cold War which could have turned into an atomic disaster. At the time Cuba was being controlled by communism, and as communist they hated the United States.

As the U. S. rushed to try to put a stop to the crisis, it wasn’t a walk in the park. The Soviets which were the brains for the Cubans and also the creators of communism disliked the U. S. and wanted the U.

S. to get rid of the missiles that they had planted next to the Soviet Union but JFK refused the deal. It took a new leader for the Soviet Union and a couple days and the Cuban Missile Crisis ended but communism stayed in Cuba and still exist today but it was contain in Cuba. The Korean war, a war between North and South Korea which started June 25, 1950. This was the first step in the Cold War, a battle against communism.

Sometime during July of 1950 the United States decided to help South Korea and try to contain communism in North Korea. While the U. S. was backing up South Korea the Soviet Union was helping North Korea. It’s a war against North and South Korea but you could say it was also a war against the Soviet Union and the United States. As the war raged on some thought the the war between these two countries could have turned into WWIII, but during July 1953 the Korean War ended, estimated 5 million or more died during the war.

Even today the two Koreas are divided. The Policy of Containment was executed well because communism was contained in North Korea. The Berlin Airlift, shortly after WWII came to an end Germany began to be controlled by the United States, Soviet Union, France, and Great Britain. Each country controlled a section of Germany, but the Soviets had other things in mind. While having a portion of Germany the Soviets thought it was a good time to test out communism. They cut off all ties to the rest of Germany, this would cause hunger and pain in the people that lived in Berlin.

The U. S. acted quickly, sense they couldn’t stop the Soviet Union by force without causing a war the U. S. decided to foil their plans of cutting off food supplies.

The U. S. flew supplies to the city of Berlin and dropped them so the people of Berlin could survive. For a little more than a year the Berlin Airlift occurred until the Soviets gave up. In conclusion, the Policy of Containment was executed amazingly.

The Cuban Missile Crisis, Korean War, and the Berlin Airlift were all a successful battles against communism. They were all successful because the Policy of Containment was used. The fact that we kept communism in North Korea and also in Cuba are evidence to it’s success.

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