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Cold warassignment assignment

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America was afraid hat other poor countries would follow suit. To deal with this situation, they put the Containment Policy and the Marshall Plan into place, they organized the Berlin Airlift, and the United Nations was formed. The Containment policy was supported by President Truman. The purpose of it was to support any free country that wanted to fight against communism. In 1947, Truman asked for $400 million dollars to support Turkey and Greece in their fight to prevent communism in their countries. That same year the Marshall Plan was established.

It was a way to rebuild Europe and as a means to win favor among other countries. It gave 12. 5 billion dollars to 16 different countries. This created tension between the United States and the USSR. The USSR perceived it as the United States bribing other countries into thinking that the U. S. Capitalism is better than communism. The USSR shut down Berlin during a period from 1948-1949 by making only one road in and out of West Berlin. Two million West Berliners became hostages. The US organized the Berlin Airlift for almost a year.

This was a way to get supplies to West Berlin for those that were being held hostage there. Finally, in May 1 949, the Soviets lifted the blockade. The North Atlantic Treaty was established, and Western Europe and North American formed an alliance. The USSR formed the Warsaw pact of all Eastern Bloc Countries. Eastern Europe became “ puppet countries” for the USSR. China became communist. During the Korean War, the USSR held Northern Korea while the U. S. Occupied the South. In 1 950, the North invaded the South, but General MacArthur led forces that pushed the

North Koreans back to China, but it did not end there. In 1950, Chinese soldiers pushed the I-JNI soldiers back to the 38th parallel which became the final boundary. In the end, it was a victory for the US, and communism was in fact contained as they had hoped. The Unites States was instrumental in containing the spread of communism in Europe. The USSR tried to influence poor countries to adapt their way of life which was communism. Some of the countries became communist because they needed food.

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