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Violence college essay

Starting TVs popularity, the violence in children and teens with access to television has increased significantly. Some researchers of the topic shown that watching television plays a huge role on youth violence, while research has proved other risk factors that do have a part in such violent behavior; like video games, bad parenting, and the communities these children grow up in.

But, research has found that the effects of exposure to media violence can be reduced with parental supervision. (Ledingham/Richardson, 1993)While children watch an average of 28 hours of television a week, studies show that same aggressive behavior after playing video games, watching movies and cartoons. Even now the internet will encourage these same behaviors. Around two-thirds of kids have a TV in their bedrooms and almost one-third have Internet access or a computer. This is making monitoring media use difficult.

“ Children learn by observation and are especially vulnerable to fictionalized violent acts such as verbal and physical aggression.” Parents have the opportunity to control physical violence among children and young adults. Parents can easily walk away from and issue. Also, they can monitor children’s media by watching what video games are being played and television shows are being viewed. This helps parents decide on what children watch and play. Parents can take into consideration by doing the following: set limits by reducing media time to 1-2 hours a day, discuss the program-by asking questions about the show, use screening options such as V-chip, and plan a viewing time to watch television and to play video games together.

Researchers television viewing and playing video games lead to the aggressive behavior. (Ledingham, Richardson, 1993)Over the years research has shown a strong relationship between viewing violence in television and playing video games have made children and young adults to become more aggressive in behavior. Research has shown that playing…

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