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Finding forrester review essay

“ Finding Forrester is a touching drama surrounding our protagonist, Kamala Wallace, an African American youngster who grew up in a lesser desirable social circumstance.

With the combined factor of his gift In the basketball courts, and his excellent standardized test scores, Kamala Wallace finds himself invited to a prestigious prep school in New York. During the same time frame, Kamala Wallace befriends an enigmatic old man, unknown to Kamala at the time, the old man is in fact William Forrester, a Pulitzer prize writer who authored only one book. Avon Landing.

Taking note of Jamb’s literary genius, Forrester begins editing Jamb’s written work, and even Inviting Kamala Into his residence for ‘ writing workshops’, where Forrester helped Kamala compose works of extravagant quality. As their friendship develops, Kamala eventually learns of William Forester’s real identity, but vows to keep it a secret and respect Forester’s life choice as a hermit.

In Jamb’s new New York prep school, he is quickly confronted by many obstacles. First and foremost, in an environment where the rich and prestigious thrive, Kamala finds a hard time feeling enforceable with himself there, with basketball his only getaway.

Also, Kamala Is confronted by a professor Crawford, who constantly doubts and challenges Jamb’s literary genius based solely on his upbringing. As Kamala submits a work for a annual writing competition at the school, Crawford finds that the titled used was popularized from Williams Forester’s earlier work.

Kamala is than temporary suspended from academics, but still asked to play the championship basketball game. Faced with a dilemma of self preservation and the preservation of William Forester’s identity, the elm quickly reached It’s climax. On the day when students were to read their work.

William Forrester shows up with an ambiguous Intent, and reads off a few pages of his notes.

Upon receiving praise and acknowledgment for the piece of writing, Forrester reveals that it is infant a letter addressed to him, authored by Kamala Wallace. Crossword’s challenges are finally came to a stop as he no longer has any reason to doubt Kamala. The film comes to an end during Jamb’s final months as a senior. As he was expecting another ivy league recruit, Kamala Is greeted by a lawyer Forester’s apartment and a set of files.

This movie depicted a great friendship that sprung from a common passion – writing.

It exemplifies that regardless of the race, upbringing, or age, certain distilled facets of culture can and will bring people together. The movie presented many sociological theories. Towards the beginning of the depicts a conversation between Jamb’s mother and his teacher. Movie, a scene The duo were surprised at Jamb’s excellent test score but average classroom performance, as he was primarily spending his time in the basketball courts. This exemplifies social distance, a theory suggesting that people of different social class, ace, ethnicity and sexuality do not mix well.

Another facet of this is exemplified by Kamala and Claimer’s interaction at Claimer’s upper east side house party. As Kamala and Claire are mutually signaling attraction towards each other, Claimer’s father, who Is a upper class, white male calls Claire away as an preemptive action against further zoning traditions and social interactions. Kamala, whom was raised in Harlem, an area better known for it’s poverty, is automatically labeled by Claimer’s father as someone “ ho possess undesirable traits which make Kamala fit in to the Bronx stereotype.

Claimer’s father’s mental process was seemingly completed subconsciously, exemplifying social distance at some of it’s worst. Prejudice and discrimination was heavily portrayed later in the film as Professor Crawford was introduced. On multiple occasions, Crawford outwardly accuses Kamala of plagiarism, even though he could not prove it.

This is a directly result of Jamb’s ‘ default’ attributes – From Harlem, low income, African American descent. These ‘ default’ attributes only exist due to the stereotype that resides in Crossword’s own mind.

Stereotyping is exemplified wrought the movie, notably, Forester’s grocery bringer was threatened by Jamb’s presence close to his BMW automobile, simply because of the setting and Jamb’s skin color. Kamala debunked this by lecturing him with the entire history background of the MOM company.

Opinions: Diversity can be good or bad. When we come to think of New York – a city with a ‘ ere rich cultural, ethnic and social diversity, it is evident that the interaction of people is governed by many invisible norms. Most notably, the issue with stereotyping and discrimination has two points of origin.

Externally, the distinct zoning norms of New York encourages quick and shallow Judgment. Internally, people’s tendency to be racist, or, more appropriately, to be ethnocentric, really brings discrimination and stereotyping to a whole new level. In the film, Finding Forrester, these social nuances are exemplified in many levels.

From the overtly discriminating behavior of professor Crawford, to the simple typecasting of actors based on their physical appearance. All in all, the film did a great Job of exemplifying the ongoing social issue of discrimination and stereotyping, without taking away it’s connection to reality.

However, on a more positive side, the film depicts that human are generally cultured and respecting, as long as any ambiguity between interaction is removed. Take the example of Kamala and Williams friendship for example – Before Kamala met William, he thought he was a crazy old man. One quote really talked to me in this movie. It was spoken by Jamb’s brother to William Forrester during Jamb’s most trying time.

“ They always let you get but so far before they take it away from you. ” This is an epitome of statement that highlights the hardships of people from the inner cities, mostly of African American descent.

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