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Value alignment

Individual and Organizational Values al Affiliation Individual and Organizational Values There are value ments that could be considered distinct and unique for the individuals; and those that could be encompassing and analogous with an organization’s value systems. For Walt Disney Company, their values are emphasized, to wit: “ focus on the human element of our business — not only our guests, consumers and audiences, but also our employees and cast and crew members. Disney is committed to fostering safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces in all our locations, across the globe. We value the fact that our heritage and reputation means we are held to the highest standard of quality, ethics, and social responsibility” (The Walt Disney Company, n. d., p. 1). As such, organizational values are seen to be all encompassing for various stakeholders.
As an individual, traditional values include being accorded with opportunities for personal and professional growth; being treated equally, fairly, and justly – without discrimination or prejudice; being able to balance family life with work; and being able to adhere to ethical, moral and legal standards. The origin of individual values stem from the value system inculcated by one’s parents (family) and that which is traditionally handed and manifested in one’s culture.
From the value statements, of the individual and that of the organization, it could be deduced that when these values are congruent; meaning, they are aligned or identical, the relationship between employer and employee is perceived to be harmonious, smooth, and effective. It was emphasized that “ values and ethics are important in the workplace to help keep order, ensuring that a company runs smoothly and remains profitable” (Amico, 2013, p. 1). As such, both the individual and the organization could work hand in hand towards the accomplishment of identified goals: whether it be personal, professional, or organizational goals.
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